US Bombs Syria! The War Machine Hums On Under Trump! | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

US Bombs Syria! The War Machine Hums On Under Trump!


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  1. Posted by Jiu-Jitsu Disciple, at Reply

    GAs Attack 2.0

    Remember 2013? sarin gas attack against syrian civilians the day before UN inspectors show up in syria. Main stream media jump to conclusions and blame Assad, even though the senerio makes absolutely no sense strategically for Assad at all.
    and lo and behold what is the final determination after investigations?
    Head of UN declares the sarin gas attack was commited By Western backed rebels.
    MIT also investigates and comes to the very same conclusion.

    jump ahead to present day.

    Assad is winning the battle against proxy rebels and is in control of most major cities and on the eve of major peace talks to try and resolve the situation.
    what happens? GAs attack 2.0
    and here we go again…

    There is NO strategic advantage at all for Assad to have commited this attack and ZERO evidence to support the claim he is responsible. And already, airstrikes have been delivered.

    only sheep who watch TV to get their world view would believe such nonsense.
    How many countries does the US need to overthrow on the basis of false allegations before the world wakes up to see this for what it is?

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Seth Blackburn yeh but a couple of bags of cement and a few days and it will be fine!

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Scorpio70 the article is based on conjecture about the origins of the missile attacks!
      There is no way to tell who was responsible in either case! We are subject to the whims
      and claims of those on the ground in Syria and the news organizations that report!
      Who those news organizations are loyal too and how the MSM wants to push the narrative!
      Either way makes no difference! There was no attack on American interests!
      Hence there was not any reason for America to get involved!
      We should be more concerned with cleaning up the mess America has left in its wake in
      Libya and Iraq instead of creating another quagmire in the state of Syria.

    • Posted by Seth Blackburn, at Reply

      Mike C Hahahah you really think that… that just shows how much all of you don’t know. A Tomahawk middle can carry up to 1,000 lbs of nuclear war head and compositive material. That area is not going to be used for a while.

    • Posted by Seth Blackburn, at Reply

      The tip of a Tomahawk also has a separate laser guided system.

    • Posted by e james, at Reply

      if a rat farts in damsacus………….US intelligence knows about it.
      Having said that, it may be in U.S. interests to create a continuos sunni homeland from baghdad to aleppo.

  2. Posted by Chadisms, at Reply

    The Syrian war is about the Qatar pipeline. Read: Robert Kennedy Jr. says pipeline war is at the root of Syrian crisis.
    Banker’s need to protect their heavily printed Petrodollar from collapsing. We’re not killing people in wars for humanitarian reasons it’s all about the $$$. #hyperinflation #petrodollar #federalreserve #qatarpipeline #20trillionindebt

    • Posted by Derrick Minor, at Reply

      Chadisms he won’t. Storm clouds gathering discusses that

    • Posted by Psyop CoverUp, at Reply

      United States of Amnesia has enveloped Europe, thanks to confabulations by neurotic fascist Zionist shock jocks and tele-evangelists.

  3. Posted by DarksideIsTheNewBlack, at Reply

    When Obama drops bombs (thousands by the way) on Syria….. crickets
    2016 U.S bombs (all weapons Platforms)
    Syria 12,192
    Iraq 12,095
    Afghanistan 1,337
    Libya 496
    Yemen 34
    Somalia 14
    Pakistan 3
    TOTAL 26,171
    TRUMP fires 50+ tomahawk missiles and that equals WW3? If you were to say another Cold War, you’d be more accurate.

    • Posted by 1234543212244, at Reply

      MosDaring lololololololoklooloolo trumpanzees are snowflakes, thats just a fact. SAD CUCK!

  4. Posted by BlueWaterShark, at Reply

    the sick dog comes back to its vomit. America never learns from its mistakes

    • Posted by Friendly Sand Man, at Reply

      CringeVine Yeah, cause both world wars were totally for profit

    • Posted by Scorpio70, at Reply

      BlueWaterShark sick dog??? Lol…stfu goat fucker…yet you live in the US…..Yeah your an idiot

    • Posted by Damon Bastien, at Reply

      Friendly Sand Man Oil love Oil, Still though, I’m not American but I study Political Science and World History. I have a question why isn’t everyone blaming Bush?

  5. Posted by Owen Davitt, at Reply

    And the woman you voted for would have done that times 20….

    • Posted by Adrian Pimentel, at Reply

      Owen Davitt r

    • Posted by RandomGamer, at Reply

      Owen Davitt Doesn’t change the fact that this is still disgusting.

    • Posted by Random Vids Guy, at Reply

      They both suck!

    • Posted by K Lewis, at Reply

      Owen Davitt she’s done waaay worse

  6. Posted by What In Tarnation, at Reply

    Bet you weren’t crying when Obama did the same thing

    • Posted by Donny boii, at Reply

      wow im happy you spoke up!

    • Posted by The Gamer Eric, at Reply

      how old are you kid? you seem to young to understand politics.

    • Posted by Robert F, at Reply

      What In Tarnation you must be new. Tyt has been against Obama doing the same crap

    • Posted by 1234543212244, at Reply

      What In Tarnation bet you haven’t watch all the videos of cenk criticizing obama for that. bet you’re just an ignorant trumpanzee

    • Posted by What In Tarnation, at Reply

      1234543212244 actually I’m not

  7. Posted by West Asia to East Asia, at Reply

    the US doesn’t attack Russia because the US only attacks weak countries

    • Posted by MarshallJukov, at Reply

      America is total paper tiger which never won any major war. And its military force is not even designed to fight advanced enemies. Russia however has largest, strongest and most capable military on this planet.

    • Posted by juan aldaba, at Reply

      +MarshallJukov agree with you a hundred %!!!!

    • Posted by Patrick Pelayo, at Reply

      WW2 was a pretty minor war wasn’t it?

      Or are you saying the Soviets and U.S. lost that one, and we are all in a NAZI concentration camp using our bodies as slave labor, and our mind in their matrix for easy control.

    • Posted by MarshallJukov, at Reply

      “Or are you saying the Soviets and U.S. lost that one”

      I am saying that WW2 was won by the USSR, United States pretty much irrelevant to that one.

    • Posted by josepla yer21, at Reply

      So we didn’t take down Japan and assist in defeating Germany?!

  8. Posted by coolguy98, at Reply

    It’s funny seeing both Cenk and Alex Jones doing self camera shots after the attack, both against a war. I guess political enemies can find common ground.

    • Posted by phoenixwing50, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump He wasn’t insulting them, you dumbass

  9. Posted by bob jake, at Reply

    Haha this vid is in the top 20 trending at 100k? Interesting. Totally not YouTube officials trying to force their leftist agenda down our throats.

    • Posted by Don Dan, at Reply

      clearly you have no idea about the algorithm behind this. It’s not how many views the video has. It’s about how many views in a short period of time for the new videos. Didn’t git it? I know

    • Posted by Scientific Machine, at Reply

      bob jake Your brain needs to be fixed.

  10. Posted by Sam Jester, at Reply

    >mfw liberals are sympathizing with a tyrant who bombs his own people

    • Posted by Eminem's Student, at Reply

      why when I ask a neutral question I never get an answer. its like I have to say something conservative or liberal to get an answer and then when I do it just gets answered with an insult that has no substance.So I guess”humans are stupid, I’m ashamed to be human”

    • Posted by mosin nagant, at Reply

      Eminem’s Student You are right, ISIS is happy and yes, destabilization. That’s why so many of us are angry. And all over a very likely staged gas attack.

    • Posted by Shea Farritor, at Reply

      MRostendway You are a complete idiot.

    • Posted by Shea Farritor, at Reply

      Darcy Lee multiple children totally weren’t gassed. Seriously? These poor people are being controlled by a tyrant that kills his own people. This isn’t about “international law” this is about doing what’s right.

  11. Posted by Apple Fallup, at Reply

    TYT should be happy, Hillary won after all!

    • Posted by 1234543212244, at Reply

      stewy2583 Stewart lolololilolololooolokokoloolokok bernie is not irrelevant. SAD trumpanzee!

    • Posted by S1 Blademaster, at Reply

      Apple Fallup do you mean the popular vote?

    • Posted by Dae Drix, at Reply

      Yeah considering Trump “did exactly what Hillary would have done” in the words of Trumptards (even though I disagree) we still have a dumber more psychotic Hillary in the white house. WELL DONE.

    • Posted by Dae Drix, at Reply

      All the Trumptards still butthurt from Bernie lmao.

  12. Posted by Bob Nelson, at Reply

    The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is going to push Trump around like a Raggedy Ann doll. Get ready for lots of body bags and lots of body counts. Sad!

    • Posted by Lee Johnson, at Reply

      Trump is Crazy and he is very unpredictable.  What Will Trump Do Next.

  13. Posted by NiftyTheLynx, at Reply

    Of course this guy will be against it. He works for a Turkish Propaganda news outlet

    • Posted by jimmy fly, at Reply

      the turkish government are congratulating the US and want more of the similar

    • Posted by llessa, at Reply

      Turkey and Erdogan actually support Trump attacking Syria.

    • Posted by ZAK ASLAM, at Reply

      Erdogan of Turkey as congratulated Trump for the Airstrikes and praised him !!!!!! Kremlin is hijacking you tube and paying russian kids to write anti Trump comments

    • Posted by Darcy Lee, at Reply

      Zak. If you actually believe that, than you probably believe all of your politicians are giant lizards and come from outer space too. I highly recommend you do a little reading. Start with William Blum, His facts from a long career in Washington will help you see straight. Americans are the most brainwashed, ill informed people on the planet. Boy your Oligarchy did a number on you people.

  14. Posted by chris sawman, at Reply

    The young Turks are done,see ya wouldn’t want to be ya

    • Posted by Naziright humus, at Reply

      BYE! NAZI.

    • Posted by SilverWing27, at Reply

      chris sawman Nope. They’re just getting started.

    • Posted by John W, at Reply

      But, you keep supporting them…

  15. Posted by Chuck U Farley, at Reply

    “We cannot be the policemen of the world,” Trump said at the first presidential debate. “We cannot protect countries all over the world.”

    • Posted by Chuck U Farley, at Reply

      What liberals?

    • Posted by Fenrirthewolf, at Reply

      The day of the attack everysingle liberal news station was bashing trump over the chemical attack and asking what was he going to do about it. Well he did something about it which is far more then we can say about Obama.

  16. Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

    The war machine is back in full gear with that dummy puppet Trump.

    • Posted by N G, at Reply

      Darcy Lee If they had used any other type of bomb besides Sarin gas we wouldnt be having this conversation. Just because you watch a couple Bill Ayers videos doesnt make you an expert on warfare. Its against international law to use chemical weapons. He bombed a military airfield and even warned ppl in advance and u are talking about reigning death. Assads chemical bombs are being dropped on regular civilians but u defend him.

    • Posted by Jeff Bacon, at Reply

      You idiot. Leave the country. Get out now. Leave.

  17. Posted by Eric 111687, at Reply

    Modern US wars in 4 steps:

    1. Bomb
    2. Invade
    3. Drag it out
    4. Promise to leave but leave a military base just because

    • Posted by Rafa Rios, at Reply

      I am trying to start a small business of selling tacos,

    • Posted by D Saucey, at Reply

      Eric 111687

      Bush Sr.-obama us wars in 4 steps.

      fixd. you’re welcome

  18. Posted by Logan Brogniez, at Reply

    I think George Bush took over the white house again lol

    • Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

      Who is the ‘Deep Deep State’?

    • Posted by Dae Drix, at Reply

      BetaBytez Has drank too much Kool-Aid

    • Posted by dosmastrify, at Reply

      if only we were so lucky….

    • Posted by Dae Drix, at Reply

      Thought Trump supporters loved “military action”?

  19. Posted by Bruce Higgins, at Reply

    Fat Cenk can go jerk on his micro turk.