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US Intel Leaders: Putin Playing Trump, US “In Peril”


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Leading officials in the US intelligence area are lining up against Trump. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment area listed below. Join TYT:

" President Donald Trump tried to threaten the examinations right into Russia's political election disturbance last week by taking pot chance ats previous officials in the U.S. intelligence community. He called James Clapper and John Brennan "political hacks," implying that they were biased in their evaluation of Russia's involvement.

Clapper and Brennan reacted to the assault on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, recommending that the criticism was a factor of pride for the two of them.

" He was describing us as political hacks because he was trying to delegitimize the intelligence neighborhood assessment," Brennan said. "Taking into consideration the resource of the criticism, I take into consideration that criticism a badge of honor."

Brennan, the previous head of the CIA, stated it was apparent that Trump intended to damage the examinations into his campaign, but he might not precisely discuss the motive behind Trump's subversion." *.

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  1. Posted by Cesar Lua, at Reply

    It’s disgraceful that jimmy Dore still denies it, what a clown

    • Posted by valgeir80, at Reply

      How the fuqq exactly do you get “fubared in a war you don’t realize exists?” Lmao! How’s about this. Keep exaggerating “the problem” and end up in a war with a nuclear super power in the full realization you’re fubared.

    • Posted by Leeloo Minai, at Reply

      @valgeir80: I see that you are a great strategist and someone who is very prudent when it comes to having a realistic look at the situation. I will note your revelations for my future reference: when a bear enters your room, hide under your bed, and hope you won’t make it angry.

    • Posted by Leeloo Minai, at Reply

      @slothkingn1: It’s not “cold war” mentality – it’s “open your eyes and see the bigger picture” mentality.

  2. Posted by James Beilke VEVO, at Reply

    “Russia Russia Russia” – MSM

    • Posted by Smileyrie James, at Reply

      Lonnie Tip So all those Chump associates & Chump himself have lied repeatedly about ties & contacts with Russian Government reps just for fun? And Chump is delaying introduction of sanctions & defending Putin despite all the evidence Russia interfered with the election because he just feels like it? And Chump Jr, Papadopoulos & everyone else involved in the meetings between Russian Government reps offering to release dirt on Hilary (which coincidentally was released after these meetings), were just getting together & having a totally innocent coffee? You people who genuinely think the Russia story is a hoax are complete idiots!

    • Posted by Smileyrie James, at Reply

      tcliverpool Lonnie Tip is a perfect example that yes, a large number of Americans are really that stupid!

  3. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *After sharing some very very beautiful chocolate cake with Vladamir, I can assure you all that I am NOT getting played.*

    • Posted by cicakkibin, at Reply

      Aye 🦃👍 with some 🍊dressing lol

    • Posted by Michael Rae, at Reply

      MrSideways8 I can imagine there was some tossing off with those two 😂 Trump said I’ll need to start using my head and Vlad the Impaler said, I thought you’d never offer👍🤣

    • Posted by Dlender K, at Reply

      @Patrick McGoohan Hillary is not president. The uranium deal was agreed by over 10 different US govenment departments. If there is no proof that Trump owes Russia money then why was Trump on the brink of bankruptacy and suddenly got some money from a Russian controlled bank? Why is Trump junior on tape saying that the money came from “The Russians”? As a matter of interest what would Trump need to do for you to stop supporting him? I suspect you are a troll working on behalf of the Russian govenment. I think your Trumptard will die under house arrest……. but that was always his plan.

    • Posted by Mike Melody, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie LMAO!

    • Posted by William Freeze, at Reply

      Well Trump said it so I believe!

  4. Posted by Daniel Weimer, at Reply

    I totally believe this clapper guy, don’t think he’s ever told a lie in his life! How can anyone dispute what he’s saying!?

    • Posted by Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson, at Reply

      He’s told lies on numerous occasions but he’s not a pathological liar like Trump.

    • Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

      Other than lying about collecting your phone and internet records in front of congress.

    • Posted by Chris Buck, at Reply

      Time Lord … well, other that he doesn’t lie any more than Any other agency head

  5. Posted by Jonah K., at Reply

    Trump’s not gonna last the rest of 2017. Here’s to a brighter future without him in charge!

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Yeah because a President Pence will be free from controversy. smh All he’ll do is put a nice face on the insane agenda the repugs are pushing.

    • Posted by black die%ice, at Reply

      Vinnland Forever it’s not like the shoe’s on the other foot or the script being flipped or anything logical like that🙀

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      There’s less than fifty days left in 2017, so you’ve given yourself a very small window of opportunity to be correct.

    • Posted by Vaness AntifaFan, at Reply

      shadow x, everybody in antifa is different dispshit. you can google ‘antifa checker’ on twitter or any
      of their chapters to see their popular accounts on there.

  6. Posted by A Lopez, at Reply

    Trump wants to keep his job as president, that is why he will not go against his boss Putin. We American’s will suffer for this. Sad…..

  7. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    The same intelligence agencies that did attacks and experiments on the US and lied us into almost every War?

    • Posted by One Friendly Kokujin, at Reply

      Stephen Steelhead source?

    • Posted by j jay, at Reply

      and clinton paid the russians 8 million for unfo and handed them uranium for cash for her presidential run .

    • Posted by Stephen Steelhead, at Reply

      One Friendly Kokujin BBC news and pretty much every news source except Fox, Brietbart , and Alex Jones.

    • Posted by Roberto Carlos López Delgado, at Reply

      bye comrate

  8. Posted by Maywither Dragon, at Reply

    Fake news. Trump is like a smart person and makes great deals. Putin is the one being played.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply


    • Posted by agnar150, at Reply

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL these Trumptards are getting even dumber.

    • Posted by ohsocharmd one, at Reply


    • Posted by Odysseyvoyager, at Reply

      You’re posting in the wrong section buddy. This isn’t the trumptard cuck express.

    • Posted by MovedMasterMike, at Reply

      I think he was joking guys…… it’s a joke

  9. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    anna are you getting over a cold? because you’re voice sounds shot

    • Posted by GoodMorningRatchets, at Reply

      Ethan Davidson this voice is better

    • Posted by XAMS, at Reply

      She sounds like Lindsay Lohan

    • Posted by Killer Bee, at Reply

      You spelled hot wrong.

    • Posted by Persephales, at Reply

      Typo? Cuz I think you meant to say “hot” me gusta….

  10. Posted by Yusuke Urameshi, at Reply

    Russia isn’t our friend, if they were they wouldn’t have been so indignant about Ukraine and seizing Crimea by force. They’d also stand down in Syria.

    • Posted by rutex09, at Reply

      US previously tried to smuggle Ukraine into NATO in fine print of scuttled EU agreement…

    • Posted by Next Cosmos, at Reply

      1.) Ukraine isn’t a NATO member, so you’ll have to explain to me why America is on the other side of the planet getting involved in a territorial dispute along Russia’s border for a tiny portion of land housing ethnic Russians and a Russian naval base.

      2.) The Syrian government gave Russia permission to be there. The U.S. got permission from no one, not even congress to invade Syria. ISIS and various jihadist groups are almost completely eliminated thanks to the requested Russian intervention. Meanwhile, Syria considers the U.S. to be an invading force.

    • Posted by Yusuke Urameshi, at Reply

      Next Cosmos Syria instigated this when they couldn’t quell the civil war with reasonable measures. Ukraine wanted to be a NATO member but Russia is being pissy because they don’t want NATO on their border, but NATO is a defensive alliance, so there’s zero reason to fear an invasion.

  11. Posted by Pano 360, at Reply

    Didn’t happen! The CIA, the NSA, FBI, Google, Facebook, Twitter etc are all lying, for some reason! Ignore what you see on twitter and probably these comment sections every day.

    Ignore the fact that Putin is the only world leader trump won’t attack and refuses to impose sanctions against him and has untold financial ties including multiple bail outs.

    Bury your head in the sand. It’s all fake news! FAAAAKE!

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Pano 360 how much for your goat.$$$$$

    • Posted by Sammy Sose, at Reply

      Yeah they out there. You can spot the russian bots from a mile away. I have been seeing a lot of bots lately on CNN live chats posing as black Muslim males spewing racist rhetoric about whites. Like really racist things. And it is always written in poor grammar. (but on a side note I seen your goat image and then when I read your comment my brain read your last word FAAAAKE in a goat voice. lol)

    • Posted by Pano 360, at Reply

      martinishakerxxl Bruv, I agree with this video. My post was a joke.

    • Posted by Cisco A, at Reply

      Pano 360
      These people commenting about you being a bot are looking a lot like bots since they can’t pick up on you sarcasm… 👍

    • Posted by One Friendly Kokujin, at Reply

      Pano 360 trump refuses to impose the sanctions that he signed

  12. Posted by Greg Raines, at Reply

    The only explanation is that the Russians have something on Trump and he knows it.

    • Posted by Sean Turner, at Reply


    • Posted by icecoldpierre, at Reply


    • Posted by Turey Taino, at Reply

      Oh, I think is something way more serious than that.

    • Posted by Zaprozhan, at Reply

      It might be as simple as Trump owes Billions to Russian banks. You could hold that over his ego like a Sword of Damocles.

  13. Posted by faheeta, at Reply

    Ana sounds sexy with a cold.

    • Posted by MeoithTheSecond, at Reply

      Hell yeah!

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      faheeta Ara yoo a gay boy !?

    • Posted by faheeta, at Reply


    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      +faheeta    Is it because she sounds like a thot with an incredible throat game?

  14. Posted by Radwar99, at Reply

    Russian trolls are in full force, you guys are certainly hitting a nerve, love it!

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      TYT trolls are in full force as well

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Radwar99 hello my niggah

  15. Posted by roof pizza, at Reply

    Ya dont have to be smart to manipulate Trump.

  16. Posted by Rickys philosofy, at Reply

    Haha all the triggered retrumplicans in the comments

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Yeah, it’s kinda weird how they’ll bend over backwards to defend an authoritarian leader who wants to bring back the USSR and then call themselves patriotic americans. And then call democratic socialists communists.

    • Posted by saquille Ahem, at Reply

      Rickys philosofy hello gay boy .

  17. Posted by Yvonne Pan, at Reply

    Trump is a traitor

    • Posted by Ryan Oneill, at Reply

      Yvonne Pan 99 percent of your corrupt government are traitors.

  18. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    It’s not unbelievable, it’s really quite obvious in business if you scratch my back, as Trump is concerned, “I’ll scratch your balls” at the risk of selling the US to Russia. Trump’s ego governs the country, think about it we are under the control of the worse of people a narcissistic coward and a bully. Oh, Yeah, with bone spurs!

    • Posted by njintau, at Reply

      John Frank Bigly.

  19. Posted by Nuance Bro, at Reply

    U.S “intelligence” got us involved in Vietnam and the Iraq war based on FALSE intel. James Clapper as DNI LIED under oath to congress and were spying on all Americans. C.I.A also trained the guy who killed JFK. I don’t trust Putin or the CIA

    • Posted by TheToni9234, at Reply

      Thank you

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      That’s not the point. The point is Trump, who is a notorious bully, is consistently seen as groveling at Putin’s feet, so to speak. The uncharacteristic behavior points to something more sinister, like maybe Putin does have some kind of leverage against Trump personally, be it a kompromat or a financial leash. And that’s a peril, whether you trust the CIA or not.

    • Posted by Bee Dee Bee, at Reply

      Let’s just get real about it, Brennan isn’t Islamic at all. He pretended to be Islamic to embed in Saudi Arabia. He is one of the key figures of the Middle East Destabilization efforts and he intended to do to Saudi Arabia what they did to Egypt, they want to enact socialism and destabilize the region. He is a known Communist. He voted for the Communist Party in 1976. Brennan is an Atheist Communist and a Deep State Shill.

    • Posted by Sterling Pound, at Reply

      No, the intel was not ‘false’ in either case – it was what it was, and the politicians interpreted it and ‘sexed it up’ to justify their preformed intentions. As for Brennan and Clapper, well, a couple of old Cold war spooks, but worth at least listening to.

    • Posted by Roberto Carlos López Delgado, at Reply

      bye comrate