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US – North Korea War “At Any Moment”


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Trump has sent out ships within cruise ship missile series of North Korea, apparently aiming to begin Globe War III. John Iadarola, Ryan Clayton, as well as Brian Unger, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us what you think in the remark area below.

" Foreign Minister Wang Yi claimed if war happened there might be no victor.

Mr Wang's remarks come as the US voices increasing problem at North Korea's development of nuclear weapons as well as releases a Navy carrier group off the Oriental peninsula.

China, North Korea's only backer, is afraid conflict might create the regimen to collapse as well as problems on its border.

Mr Wang stated: "One has the feeling that a dispute could break out anytime.

" I believe that pertinent events ought to be extremely alert when it come to this scenario."

" We contact all events to avoid prompting as well as threatening each other, whether in words or actions, and also not let the circumstance reach an irreversible and also unrestrainable stage."" *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ryan Clayton, Brian UngerCast: John Iadarola, Ryan Clayton, Brian Unger.


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  1. Posted by Wesley Gilmore, at Reply

    Does the U.S. Draft vegans?

    • Posted by Gus Hersey, at Reply

      Wesley Gilmore i have ms so i wont be drafted

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Will definitely draft political vegans = the “I vote with my conscience” and “I refuse to vote with my constipation” 37% voters! πŸ™‚

    • Posted by Wesley Gilmore, at Reply

      +Emily Msh +Diva Artist +Donal MacFarlane +PeaceableKingdom100 +blakeesmith84

      I’m vegan you dumbasses πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Wesley Gilmore, at Reply

      +Julia Crawford I’ve been vegan for over a year and ask yourself should check out my videos

  2. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply


    • Posted by holyfuk, at Reply

      The Libtard Cuckservative
      suprised to hear that, i thought shes ‘a communist puppet !!’ . theres little reason to believe she would, her private speakings on this is very understanding of why china is anti-unified korea

    • Posted by sandy kitty, at Reply


  3. Posted by ngombordado attay, at Reply

    Goodbye global warming, hello nuclear winter.

    • Posted by Ensenga 666, at Reply

      You dont have to worry about clean air in a apocalyptic wasteland

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply

      nukes…..meh……there’s a group of high scientist bored of this corrupted civilization with a secret lab somewhere, that ‘s creating a new supervirus, 100% lethal, 100% contagious by fluid and air (no cure can be synthesize) and targeting specifically and only homo sapiens. soon to be released upon this earth. bye bye humanity… Only a few selected best specimen of humans will be kept as a template for the new super species that will replace the old and genetically modified.

    • Posted by Aaron Morris, at Reply

      how do you know so much about this upcoming conspiracy are you apart of it .. jk

    • Posted by Bobbius Shadow, at Reply


      lol, jk but am I?

  4. Posted by tribal que, at Reply

    Trump supporters are the ones getting drafted first. They voted for it.

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      Not surprising. Many Trump voters are pro-war because they know they can chicken out of the fight. Just like what trump did in Vietnam

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      Typical! Conservatives like you vote for war but dont want to take part in it.

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      well trump has done a lot of things that dont work so we could do one more.

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      when have i heard that before? oh yeah.
      11/15/2002, Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense
      β€œFive days or five months, but it certainly isn’t going to last longer.”

  5. Posted by Luca Ruaro, at Reply

    American people should REMOVE their own baby president, not a foreign one…

    • Posted by 762 Goat, at Reply

      Luca Ruaro. . . Meh. . . Nothing will happen.

    • Posted by Lost, at Reply

      The problem is while we can probably squash them, they are still a serious imminent threat to South Korea and Japan, and you’d need a proper military mind to actually strike them without taking that collateral damage.

      Problem is the Entropy has absolutely no knowledge or military training, and a ravenous ego that would start an international nuclear war over nothing. He didn’t even know what the nuclear triad is, or why we don’t use nukes CASUALLY, much less in war. His previous military excursions also ended in nothing but disaster while being nothing but an empty show of force, between the botched Yemen raid and the Syrian bombing that hit zero targets and pissed off Russia. Now we’re going to strike against North Korea while China is staunchly AGAINST IT, pissing off yet another superpower in this proto-imperialistic culture, alienating us from the rest of the world even more, and potentially sparking off a war that we will lose because the Entropy can’t hold his attention on something real or serious for more than a few seconds.

      By the way, it’s likely that we’ll not actually do anything substantive against North Korea except bomb their shores at best, or accidentally hitting South Korea or Japan or Taiwan at worst.

    • Posted by Nethidon P, at Reply

      Substantive or not, ANY attack may very well be enough to push this guy over. I am not saying that for sure he will shoot back, but the risk is just too great. This is not Iraq, MANY millions of lives are at stake here. At a very minimum tens of thousands, mostly civilians in Seoul, will be dead within an hour of an all out war..with many more to come. I cant believe we are really even debating this!! Some things are just never worth the risk. THIS is one of them. We can not start a war with N. Korea..period.

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      Nethidon P Seoul can be saved, South Korea and the US have the most advanced and well trained military on the planet.
      Kim jong un knows very well that if he attacks Seoul it will be the end of the dprk.

  6. Posted by timothy riley, at Reply

    The world is a mental ward full of idiots and lunatics running the show

    • Posted by kevin riser, at Reply

      I remember what we japan.

    • Posted by tremer 2009, at Reply

      “Your a clown πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

    • Posted by Sarge Moose Riders, at Reply

      oh boy. It’s gotten so bad that the actual clowns are telling people to calm down. You’re probably still holding a stupid bicycle horn. Glad someone put their foot down, even if it’s size 24 footgear wearing creepy clown.

  7. Posted by SuperBizalz, at Reply

    All this because a bunch of morons voted for the king of morons. Nice!!

    • Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

      +Zaquan Grant You are deflecting and bloviating again. That tactic may work against your parents, but it doesn’t pass muster in the real world. You said that Trump was threatening a nuclear war. When did he threaten to use nukes?

    • Posted by Darrell The Artist, at Reply

      That is true. I agree but you would have to be an absolute moron for that to happen consecutively for the next decade or so. Not saying that it couldn’t happen, but highly unlikely.

    • Posted by Flay Liberals, at Reply

      +smackdowner Really liberal? How did Obama do on Libya?

  8. Posted by mus5599, at Reply

    Japan is in the neighborhood. This is gonna affect my PlayStation Network subscription. NOOO!

    • Posted by Dot Pr, at Reply


    • Posted by Mrsushi1011, at Reply

      captain bigballs yeah there hot as hell over there. i would know cause i was there and second its extremly hard to pick up a japanese girl i looked into it .

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      Trevor Freeman
      Seattle is close enough to NK on the Pacific.
      Dan Hernandez
      Nobody wants to sit at a computer for work all day and go on one to play at home. Too much loner status.

      MAYBE this has been a plot all along by Bill Gates and Microsoft for revenge because PS4 doubled the sale of Xbox One. And the PS Virtual Reality Headset is legit with no Xbox equivalent. We need a Congressional investigation!

  9. Posted by Glumo, at Reply

    Hillary might have wanted war with Russia, but Trump definitely wants war with Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran etc.

    • Posted by Xr8dACE420, at Reply

      franklin radcliff We fired missiles at Russian allies, & we have troops on the ground in Syria… ALL of which were condemned when Hillary proposed them.

    • Posted by Ron Waller, at Reply

      “We fired missiles at Russian allies” Trump worked with the Russians in Syria to avoid war when he responded to Assad’s use of chemical weapons on civilians. Hillary was talking Cold War with Russia the entire campaign attempting to win over Republican neocons after ditching her base (for which her cuck supporters were grateful: always grateful to clean up afterwards.)

    • Posted by Xr8dACE420, at Reply

      Ron Waller Hillary proposed a No Fly Zone in Syria, which would have saved innocent children from chemical weapons… trump has only responded to actions hillary knew were eminent.

    • Posted by David Benjamin, at Reply

      +RiotforPeacePlz They showed up near the end, dropped a couple of atomic bombs, then took all the credit for winning the war. The U.S. helped, but they were not alone.

  10. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    That orange daughterfucker is going to get all of us killed.

    • Posted by Jordan Carello, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer always ready little boy

    • Posted by Astrobrant2, at Reply

      Stop with the “daughterfucker” crap, okay? You make us look as bad as them when you use invectives like that.

    • Posted by Amra, at Reply

      +Jordan “doing just fine”… You mean flip flopping on every single campaign issue? That doesn’t make him human, it means he was unqualified to begin with, not what I would consider “doing fine”.

  11. Posted by mco, at Reply

    send all the uneducated people that voted for trump first we don’t need them

    • Posted by Miles Patterson, at Reply

      I’d answer your post, but it is just too stupid. You example is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen (health care?). Go read the history of how many times North Korea has threatened the USA in the last 50 years, you’ll look a little less foolish (not much, I imagine your baseline is pretty low though so any improvement would be significant).

    • Posted by jackson gann, at Reply

      ew. do. your. research.

  12. Posted by Poufkimashoula1, at Reply

    I honestly can’t tell the difference between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un anymore.

    • Posted by james kirk, at Reply

      grimeyhoob – you are the reason the rest of the planet thinks of the US like they do. stupid, bigotted, foul-mouthed. when you have no intelligent answer you stream out insults and obscenities. you’re an embarrassment to your country.

    • Posted by libeditor, at Reply

      +Grimeyhoob,,, is not a Trump supporter. Fake troll spreading the negative stereotype against conservatives.

    • Posted by shikha rai, at Reply

      We are not against of US or any US people but of course against of violation… are you blind that what is happening in Arab and recently in Syria? people will die not Kim or Asad…

    • Posted by shikha rai, at Reply

      North Korea is not as you read, you see or you understood and don’t worry about that…just don’t support any violation wherever in the world as a human…

  13. Posted by The CookieMonster, at Reply

    Can North Korea bomb trumps mar lar go resort first?

    • Posted by Tom Mitchell, at Reply

      I’d by everyone who hates that Orange Haired basterd a drink until I’m broke if that were to ever happen.

    • Posted by Razor3105, at Reply

      The CookieMonster that would be nice.

  14. Posted by phoenixrising7777, at Reply

    “But But Hillary will cause nuclear WW3 with Russia” way to go trump supporters!!! πŸ˜­πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ #WeToldYouSo #Conned

    • Posted by abc zyx, at Reply

      How about we kidnap Kim Jong Un, make him meet with South Korean leaders in a locked room and we don’t let them out until they hug, shake hands and agree not to fight and make Korea one country again?

    • Posted by Lord Lego, at Reply

      Yea but war with loser fat Asian kid and worlds biggest country is different

  15. Posted by Free Alba, at Reply

    That guy in the middle sure speaks a lot and yet manages to say not very much of anything.

    • Posted by OperatingRain, at Reply

      Free Alba I just kept thinking that he is the Lawyer in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, lol despite this international crisis.

    • Posted by Muzzilla, at Reply

      Free Alba he is the one in the 3 who makes sense. instead of just talking trump Clinton bs

    • Posted by A Santi, at Reply

      Free Alba
      He a had few of his own shows on the history channel.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Like all liberals

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      + Dustin Zilbauer You’re generalizing just a little bit here, lol.

  16. Posted by Jack Striker, at Reply

    Its not Trumps fault NK has being pursuing nuclear missile capability for years and constantly firing test missiles in the direction of Japan.Trump has to do something as he’s president…this is not Trumps fault.NK is threatening to blow you up,what do you want to do ? stand shivering in fear forever ?.

    • Posted by Jack Striker, at Reply

      North Kore can not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons,its that simple.

    • Posted by craig Lee, at Reply

      Jack Striker – Asians should & will determine what happens in Asia, not foreign outsiders itching for a war. Unless you want Asians in the near future to tell the UK to disarm your nukes or goodbye UK. Simple.

    • Posted by Jack Striker, at Reply

      not that simple,nukes are an old technology and idea of war,the last thing that is needed are nut jobs just catching up on it seventy odd years later.

    • Posted by Chris Jonas, at Reply

      +Jack Striker – not that simple… who the bigger & more dangerous nut job in this situation is a matter of opinion. This video tells who they think is the bigger threat to starting WW3. Many people around the world think both leaders are mentally unstable.

    • Posted by abc zyx, at Reply

      If NK cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons then why should any country?
      The United States and Russia have insanely huge nuclear arsenals, enough to wipe out the surface of the earth 10 times over. Why so scared that a tiny third world country has one?

  17. Posted by Ben Bellandi, at Reply

    these people are so freaking stupid. tell north koreans to have a peaceful protest???? are you serious.

    • Posted by AR Rains, at Reply

      +leavy No, that’s exactly what they said.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      They’re liberals. What did you expect, logic?

    • Posted by Nicholas Sablan, at Reply

      So, Ben, what you’re saying is that you’re a fan of violent protests and you encourage violent protests?

      Would you say that the DAPL protests weren’t violent enough?

      I’m just trying to get a feel for what you’re implying here about protests.

    • Posted by Rachel K, at Reply

      Ben Bellandi heah i agree that is impossible in North Korea. they obviously don’t know the full picture of North Korean society. IE if you protest or even are suspected to protest you are thrown in prison camps along with the rest of all your family members.

    • Posted by randomstuff911, at Reply

      it worked in the soviet union

  18. Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

    Is it time for Millennials to get ready for the draft? There should be a new law that limits the draft to only Trump supporters. They’re the only group that deserves to die face down in some shitty corner of North Korea.

    • Posted by equanimity, at Reply

      Funny you should mention Sonar. That was my Hot Seat on fast attack submarines.

    • Posted by Jonathonccb, at Reply

      lol nice dude, most important part of the craft if you ask me

    • Posted by equanimity, at Reply

      Pretty much. Deaf, dumb, and blind without it.

    • Posted by Jonathonccb, at Reply


  19. Posted by John Salazar, at Reply

    We need to deal with North korea before they gain the technical ability to strike the United States. It’s unbelievable that people can’t understand that. This is not a situation that is going to improve as time goes by.

    • Posted by John Salazar, at Reply

      Well, since North Korea is not threatening to nuke Scotland as they do the US, than perhaps you should mind your own messed up politics.

    • Posted by DUFC321, at Reply

      A nuclear bomb going off anywhere in the world will affect me you daft tit

    • Posted by abc zyx, at Reply

      So what makes you think the US can be trusted with nuclear weapons? Or any other country for that matter.
      The US is the only country to have used them in war, which was used the threaten Japan into submission.