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US Prison Chief’s Mind Blown By Norway’s Treatment Of Inmates


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"Halden is situated in a remote forest of birch, want, as well as spruce with an understory of blueberry bushes. The jail is surrounded by a single wall surface. It has actually no barbed cable, guard towers, or electric fencings. Prisoners stay in private areas with en suite shower rooms as well as could cook for themselves in cooking areas furnished with stainless-steel dinnerware as well as porcelain dishes. Guards and also inmates mingle easily, eating as well as playing games and also sporting activities together. Violence is rare and also attacks on guards are uncommon. Solitary confinement is virtually never used.

By this factor, Bertsch had actually been in charge of North Dakota's Division of Corrections and Recovery, that includes 4 grown-up jails as well as one adolescent center, for greater than a years, and Jackson had spent seven years as director of correctional practices. They 'd left Bismarck feeling pretty good about their system, which prided itself on its humane practices as well as commitment to rehabilitation. Today, sitting in the glassed-in bar of the Radisson hotel with its view of the Oslo arm, Bertsch began to cry. "We're harming people," she stated." *.

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  1. Posted by derek mcdaniel, at Reply

    The biggest problem with our prison system is it’s filled with non violent drug offenders doin life because of the insane drug war and the real criminals like the “rapist” and childmolesters , the ones who do hurt people get released cause thier is no room.Also making prisons privately owned and operated is a huge mistake. Cause now judges get kickbacks and incentives to keep beds full at the for profit prisons. Rehabilitation would be in the disinterest of the ones running the prisons. They like that 70% plus of thier clientele come back so they get paid again. Capitalism at its greatest

  2. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Look at those failed “Socialist” governments. With their better healthcare and educational systems. I mean, just LOOK at their screwed-up prison system, with its extremely low rate of recidivism! Not in THIS country! We do things right! After all, without a lack of rehabilitation, or training to reintegrate back to society, how are you gonna get all those repeat offenders to overcrowd our prisons, and how are those private prisons we keep funding supposed to make a buck? ‘Murika!! (yes sarcasm)

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Jack Daniel
      Lmao no

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      @Jack – ah right so the system that is in place has nothing to do with it at all because it doesnt back up your narrative…..let me guess…is it because they are white europeans?

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      The system is a factor but far from the only one. Government can’t fix everything.

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      @Jack i dont think anyone suggests that government can fix anything. However – your US prison system is barbaric – much like a lot about the US. The image is put out of some nice democracy – when if fact from our point of view in western europe , you’re a bunch of savages

    • Posted by XPuppetManX, at Reply

      Norway is where they jailed a man that killed 70 children for 21 years in a luxury suite with a playstation, gym, etc…

  3. Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

    All you have to do is watch the Kaliff Browder story to see what confinement does to human beings.. He was innocent which makes his death even more heartbreaking..

  4. Posted by Fredrik Nielsen, at Reply

    And after they rethink the prison system, lets starts on the healthcare system. There is a reason Norway is ranked the best country to live in, in the world.

    • Posted by Kevin Prasad, at Reply

      Fredrik Nielsen I think it’s a tie with New Zealand

  5. Posted by ShaunieBNaturalista, at Reply

    What is the ethnic spread of the people in the prisons in Norway? The cruelty and pervasiveness of our prisons in the United States has everything to do with race.

    • Posted by Royal We, at Reply

      Nice post and very true.

    • Posted by Dorje, at Reply

      Royal We TY I was fortunate and unfortunate for a while when I was growing up. It was just about impossible for me to conform to ideas I felt was wrong in my heart. It was difficult cause it would cause me to get picked on a lot or ostracized. Sometimes I would feel like I should just comply cause it would make my life more difficult but found my self incapable. Luckily as I grew older I started gaining the respect of my peers for sticking to my guns and ethics and it would soon become an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

      It goes to show that social programming starts at an early age with repercussions if you do not comply. I think a very lucky few manage to come out of this not pre-programmed or unscathed. I consider my self lucky.

    • Posted by Canner, at Reply

      Why do black people  idolize gangster rappers, pimps, pushers, street gangs and the thug lifestyle?

  6. Posted by Toad Jiang, at Reply

    America’s population is only about 1/4 of Indian population, yet America’s prison population is about 5 times more, it’s even bigger than China’s. I guess it must be really lucrative to put people in jail.

    • Posted by Vote Classic Progressive Liberal and Save America, at Reply

      taking away people’s freedom by any legal means is the american way of making that moolah-

    • Posted by Michael Marable, at Reply

      Toad Jiang. Its called slavery! The economic structure is designed for an expected and predicted amount of failure all desighed to keep a portion of the population disenfranchised to serve as lowly workers, it is a class based and color based system of oppression used to generate free labor. Watch the documentary. 13Th, and you will learn the truth about the prison industrial complex of America

  7. Posted by bren106, at Reply

    But how do we make a profit out of prison if we don’t design it so people come through the revolving door. And I’ve got thousands invested in prison stock the legislators are thinking.

    • Posted by Katya Svetlana Kournikova, at Reply

      It isn’t okay to profit off of cruelty.

  8. Posted by Adeili Maya, at Reply

    Even Escobar and El Chapo were scared of being locked up in American prisons…that says something.

    • Posted by Blazed and Confused, at Reply

      Colombian and Mexican prisons aren’t exactly a walk in the park either. In American prisons they just couldn’t use their money and influence.

    • Posted by XPuppetManX, at Reply

      That’s because in Columbia, drug lords pay off the cops and prison guards and live their lives in luxury. Can’t do that if you are extradited to the U.S.

  9. Posted by mdcnitro, at Reply

    The USA doesn’t just treat those incarcerated badly: the USA treats people badly on a global scale. Profit before people is the mantra of American imperialism and corporatism.

  10. Posted by korpiz, at Reply

    This is not going to change as long as there is massive profits putting and keeping people in prison, high recidivism is also very profitable.

  11. Posted by Sharia Creeper, at Reply

    end the war on drugs and recognize that private prison s are a civil blight on American liberty.

  12. Posted by David Richland, at Reply

    You mean if you stop abusing a dog it might stop being vicious? Amazing. It sounds like some of the extremist here wouldn’t like that system here… after all, how are they going to find alt-right recruits who hate the world if we implemented a system like Norway?!

  13. Posted by Jf H, at Reply

    This is pretty much why the Americans policing the world is a bad idea: They cant tell when they are hurting people and making it worst. In fact, hurting people and making it worst is the only way they know how to operate.

  14. Posted by aboriginalman, at Reply

    The System doesn’t create opportunity the system discriminates….ITS THE MF’in SYSTEM AND THE ASSHOLES WHO MAKE A LIVING OFF IT

  15. Posted by Ron McDon, at Reply

    many people are missing the point. the majority of these people are going to come out, and when they come out, they should be corrected not worse, otherwise its a cycle, and they’re predators. they go in to be corrected so when they come out they can be decent. our system isnt doing that, thats the problem and needs eval.

    • Posted by Harmony Alexandria, at Reply

      Or we don’t let them out again, they will be locked up for the rest of their natural lives – forced to grow their own food, make their own meals, clean their cells, etc. Prison = toxic waste dump for undesirable people.

    • Posted by Zucchinna, at Reply

      Harmony Alexandria this isn’t true. Do you know how many thousands are out in prisons for non violent crimes? There is no reason to keep these people locked up forever. The criminally insane are a different story but they are a tiny percentage of inmates

  16. Posted by Johan Mahoney-Berg, at Reply

    In the UK research found that many of the non violent young prisoners had problems with reading and writing, by spending time teaching them not only to read and write but some basic maths, they found that the number of non violent young prisoners returning to prison dropped

  17. Posted by James Harris, at Reply

    Another problem with the system is the parole boards. These people are usually appointed by the Governor, yet accountable to no one. You serve your sentence and expect to be set free, but they roll you over for no specific reason, such as failure to account for your inner motivations. The result is an additional 3 years, then another 3 years and it never ends…
    I know a person in a California prison that has served 22 years and she has no idea when she will ever have a chance at parole. Yet her sentence ended at year 19. Each year they must manually put her back into the computer because the computer thinks she has finished her sentence.
    When the system is responsible for the rehabilitation of the inmate, and yet they fail to accomplish that task after 22 years, something is wrong.

  18. Posted by Ida Nr2, at Reply

    Also people mention how Norwegian prisoners aren’t being “punished”, they are! The Norwegian state takes away the most important thing for any person! Their freedom! That’s their punishment!
    It’s weird how Americans can’t see that?

    • Posted by Your Daddy, at Reply

      Ida Nr2 Most ppl that don’t understand are WHITE.

    • Posted by Faustino Ocon, at Reply

      Most Americans can’t see that because they’re a bunch of dumbed down morons that only care about celebrity gossip.

    • Posted by TMR, at Reply

      Your Daddy Most norwegians are white.

    • Posted by grytlappar, at Reply

      They’re talking about not being thrown into solitary confinement, e.g.

  19. Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

    Whaaaaaat? Helping people instead of crushing them leads to a better, healthier society???

    • Posted by browngom, at Reply

      Tychoxi U.S. lacks common sense???