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Venezuela Death Toll Climbing As Election Results Questioned


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Nicolas Maduro is solidifying power in Venezuela. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian break it down. Brought to you by An Inconvenient Follow up: Reality To Power

" CARACAS, Venezuela– Venezuela's primary district attorney's workplace is reporting 3 fatalities on the day of a questionable elect a component setting up that resistance leaders fear will certainly cause completion of freedom in Venezuela.

The office tweeted that 28-year-old Angelo Mendez as well as 39-year-old Eduardo Olave were killed at a protest Sunday in Merida. Thirty-year-old Ricardo Campos was killed in a separate occurrence in Sucre.

Few details were supplied on the fatalities.

Leaders with the opposition Autonomous Activity party on Twitter identified Campos as the team's young people secretary in Sucre, a state in northern Venezuela eastern of the country's resources.

The deaths bring the overall to a minimum of 122 killed in nearly four months of political upheaval."

Find out more below:

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Wew Lad, at Reply

    Not real Socialism… right?

    • Posted by Daniel Moreno, at Reply

      fl00fydragon Wrong Socialism in Germany was dismantled when the German Democratic Republic was integrated into it’s imperialist west German counterpart. I’m pretty sure the workers had it better when they possessed state power, a planned economy designed in the interest of the workers, full employment, subsidized food, free education to their highest capacity, socialized medicine, subsidized housing, and a free antifascist society. The current unified Capitalist Germany pales in comparison to the GDR

    • Posted by Mat J, at Reply

      Venezuelas economy is mostly private

    • Posted by samuelchaparro0410, at Reply

      Daniel Moreno So your just in denial that the USSR and the rest of the eastern block was a horrible place to live? They were corrupt one party systems were bureaucrats mismanaged the economy and workers suffered because they didn’t actually control the means of production the authoritarian state did.

    • Posted by ShamanMcLamie, at Reply

      It’s stops being Socialism when it runs out of other people’s money.

    • Posted by J D, at Reply

      Actually that’s not socialism, actually that’s one form of “socialism”.
      There is not posssibility of actually fullblown socialism. Neither is there the possibility of fullblown capitalism, because it would require a grey mass of people with the same interests and the same mind, basically.

      But socialism as such a direction government can take, can be mixed into a state. So, with “socialist state” or “socialist leader”, we basically mean someone who enacts socialist norms or enacts bills on the basis of socialist goals.

      As a economical project, socialism is damned to fail. in every circumstance, where almost ffullblown socialism was in reach, it all collapsed under its own weight.

      To give you advise, rather believe in compromise than in ideologies. There can be nothing but compromise and the best is to be found yet. If people do not agree with you, you’ll ither have to force them and risk instability, or you can compromise and find a way that benifits everybody.
      Equality of outcome should not bee the goal, because humans as living beings with different lives and therefore different qualities aren’t equal in any other sense but the sense of being human, which is actually not much. We can only hope on unequal society where everybody can be happy. That#s the goal, that should be the goal, and if you do not agree, you may just start your plan of building working camps, beecause the socilaists in Russia knew what’ll comee if peeople disagree.

  2. Posted by Christophe, at Reply

    For all the trolls who are going to blame the Venezuelan situation on socialism it’s a lot more complicated than that:
    The Venezuelan economy had a great reliance on oil
    The wealthy and upper middle class partook in capital flight
    And the government is extremely corrupt.

    There are other things that contribute to their situation as well but those are the main ones.

    • Posted by YouthInEyesAsian, at Reply

      You idiot! The Venezuelan economy had an over reliance on oil *BECAUSE* they had a centrally planned economy! They invested in schools rather than refineries and ended up having to sell crude.

      The wealthy and upper class took flight *BECAUSE* the system is failing.

      The government is extremely corrupt *BECAUSE* it’s a socialist dictatorship.

    • Posted by Tiberian Fiend, at Reply

      1 is the fault of socialism.
      2 is the fault of socialism.
      3 is the fault of socialism.
      Socialism has destroyed Venezuela like it does to every country.

    • Posted by PREPARE YOURSELF!, at Reply

      Sorry kid I’m not going to go down this rabbit hole with you. I’ve seen ignorant people like you everywhere always looking to defend socialism and communism deflecting saying, what they practice wasn’t true socialism, or the Soviet Union wasn’t a true communist country because “the people” did not own the means of production. And that they still had a class system of wealthy elites. Guess what? This is what socialism and communist create, and they have a long track record that you should be able to identify if you weren’t stuck on stupid.

  3. Posted by Joker, at Reply

    Before trolls scream “look at socialism”, progressives are not advocating government ownership of the means of production. Progressives want social programs that exist in all modern countries like universal healthcare. There is a difference.

    • Posted by ASyntheticSoul, at Reply

      I find it funny how the same progressives who want big government in the US (free college, universal healtcare) are uninformed or blissfully ignorant of government incompetence and our oligarchy system. America is already more socialist than capitalist, because cronyism and big government manipulating the free market (Cable company monopolies, small businesses hurting, middle class shrinking due to government mandates). Fix the government first before you start asking for special programs. The government can’t even manage the VA or the budget correctly; adding more programs is just going to waste more spending and hurt all citizens financially, including the poor. They really have an unrealistic view of politics and economics.

    • Posted by Stan Czyk, at Reply

      You know, except for Antifa, the anarcho-syndicalists, the anarcho-communists, the various socialist wings of various political movements, Black Lives Matter wanting community ownership of policing, etc.

      And I very rarely hear the argument end at “we just want universal healthcare”. Give an inch, they like to take the mile. Also, not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll. Thats the behaviour causing progressives to lose so hard.

  4. Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

    This is your country in socialism.

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Weimar Republic and the Ottoman Empire both were fascist and capitalist. *nuff said*

  5. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    Oh look, it’s Bernie Sanders utopia

    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      *Rayn Wolfsbane* Somali is gripped by war, it doesn’t have a free market so its not capitalist. Well done on posting the stupidest fucking comment ever!

  6. Posted by Mirquella Santos, at Reply

    Just remember that Maduro is a personal friend of Bernie Sanders and Bernie wants to create another Venezuela. Do you know that Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America?

    • Posted by Nevermind314, at Reply


    • Posted by Daniel Marin, at Reply

      As a latinamerican i believe this is true actually

    • Posted by elessal, at Reply

      just checked on google. no such thing. the guy just endorces bernie sanders for some reason. which may seem weird, but even assholes like puting and trump sure believe things which are actually correct. I honestly have no idea what on earth is wrong with your head.

    • Posted by Daniel Marin, at Reply

      “for some reason” maybe because they have the same root ideaology

    • Posted by Nevermind314, at Reply

      yea, Sanders is absolutely for all ze appropriation and state-run economy, ya!

  7. Posted by TheonlyHoneyBadger, at Reply

    When ana was listing the reasons (other than socialism) why venezuela is failing, does she not realize that every reason she mentioned, the root cause is because of socialism? Lmao

    • Posted by Dubious, at Reply

      But muh utopia.

  8. Posted by b h, at Reply

    Guys . Guys. It’s not real socialism.

    • Posted by jean valjean, at Reply


    • Posted by ludara, at Reply

      Of cooooourse!

    • Posted by bram meijboom, at Reply

      I know what it needs, some national pride, some brown shirts and a few autobahn projects.

  9. Posted by Jack Snorty, at Reply

    *Yay Socialism!* Gettin’ those death tolls. Classic socialism.

    ~SURPRISE!~ The controlling socialist party attempts to take totalitarian control of the government.

    “Imagine my shock…”

    • Posted by riverw007, at Reply

      Yep, no concrete evidence of socialism collapsing every country it takes root in at all. Venezuela was being held up as the model for the socialist utopia how long ago? lol. Who do you think you are fooling?

    • Posted by riverw007, at Reply

      If you didn’t care you would never have said anything. The lies are so ingrained in how you have to exist you can’t even help yourself at this point.

    • Posted by K Frost, at Reply

      Are you so insecure you have to have the last word?

  10. Posted by Armenian Genocide Denier, at Reply

    But everyone is equally poor, equality yaaaay!

    • Posted by bluetrilobite, at Reply

      Not true equality yet. Some people eat rotten stuff out of the trash while others are eating freshly slaughtered dogs and rats. We need to bring down these oppressors and their rat eating cis patriarchal privilege!

    • Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

      bluetrilobite We won’t have true equality til we all eat garbage!

    • Posted by Riley 'The Troll' Conway of Kek, First of his name!, at Reply

      Armenian Genocide Denier I love your name and profile picture šŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Armenian Genocide Denier, at Reply

      Cheers mate! XD

  11. Posted by Thor M, at Reply

    The problem is SOCIALISM!

    • Posted by john rordriguez, at Reply

      bigbaddawg101 Yeah and they had a reliance on oil because they siezed private property and industries, which discouraged foreign investors from investing in Venezuela. This also caused the rich to move out of Venezuela since they didn’t want the government to sieze their wealth. We can clearly see that their socialist beliefs caused these problems.

    • Posted by bluetrilobite, at Reply

      Yes that is your excuse this time around. I’m sure you have other excuses to justify why every other socialist nation to have ever existed also failed regardless of what resources they had.
      It is almost as if socialism runs against basic human nature. ie your work, your rewards.

    • Posted by Thor M, at Reply

      And what is the reason nothing is manufactured there anymore? ohh right. The goverment appropriated all means of Production.

    • Posted by Jacob Padgett, at Reply

      bluetrilobite yeah Boi centrist unite

    • Posted by Riley 'The Troll' Conway of Kek, First of his name!, at Reply

      Jacob Padgett I’m here

  12. Posted by LostLocal7, at Reply

    If you like what’s going on in Venezuela be sure to vote Bernie Sanders in 2020!

    • Posted by Kerby The Slayer, at Reply

      ZombiePlus please tell me your joking.

    • Posted by ZombiePlus, at Reply

      +Kerby The Slayer
      He’s a democratic socialist, so he wants to adopt a system similar to those found in Europe (Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, etc). These are all capitalist countries.

  13. Posted by jamesdarnel, at Reply

    remember comrades, not true socialism.

    • Posted by Shlomowitz Sixgorillionsteingodchosenallyberg, at Reply

      Oy Vey! Socialism dindu nuffin!

    • Posted by Prox lime, at Reply

      Maduro dindu nuffin

  14. Posted by Daniel, at Reply

    Ana: “There are multiple causes, not just socialism”

    Proceeds to list all problems that are symptoms of a socialist society…

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      There is such a thing as balance. Socialism on its own is bad, just as capitalism on its own is bad. You need elements of both in balance for a country to prosper.

    • Posted by Miss Dfndrp, at Reply

      Aes Sedai Capitalism is a propaganda word coined by Marx for the natural behavior of free people. It is not an economic theory but socialism is and it does not work.

  15. Posted by Mikhail Hemmings, at Reply

    “B-but it isn’t real socialism” —- Burnie supporter

    Let the shitstorm commence

    • Posted by ShamanMcLamie, at Reply

      It’s only Socialism until it fails

    • Posted by Gondwana, at Reply

      I’m Venezuelan and I tell you Chavez and Maduro have the most corrupt and incompetent government. They have socialist/communist ideas and are best friends with the Castros but a country as rich as Venezuela has no money because they stole it all…
      The Socialism that Bernie wants is the one in Canada and Scandinavia, which without THAT MUCH corruption runs much better than the US health care system and the US rampant student debt crisis.

    • Posted by Feminazi Frequency, at Reply

      +Gondwana Dude, Canada and Scandinavia are not goddam socialist. They rank higher on the market freedom index than the USA. Having publicly-funded healthcare doesn’t make you socialist, having the means of production owned by the government makes you socialist. The government doesn’t own private businesses in Canada or the Nordic countries. They just tax and spend more.

    • Posted by Amish Supercomputer, at Reply

      Ironically the US government spends more on healthcare per person then just about every single other country (last I checked we were in 4th place). In other words, by GDP spent per person, our healthcare system is one of the most socialized healthcare industries in the world. Want to see market healthcare? Go look at Singapore who has the lowest government involvement in their healthcare industry out of any modern nation.

      Student debt is largely caused by high-risk government loans being given out like candy to retards. If they didn’t not exist, we’d barely have a problem. TL;DR: Both those problems are directly caused by the US government’s policies. If the government didn’t do anything, we’d be 10000% times better off.

  16. Posted by D- Logan, at Reply

    Socialism is a religion of peace.

    • Posted by Kerby The Slayer, at Reply

      D- Logan Haven’t you heard, it treats women equal to men and is feminist friendly.

    • Posted by J D, at Reply

      But in socialism equality is if you stone everybody.

  17. Posted by Miss Dfndrp, at Reply

    How often, how OFTEN will people like you continue to defend socialism while Millions and MILLIONS of people are DYING?! 100 Million wasn’t enough, China, Cuba, Russia, Germany, North Korea, Chile, South Africa wasn’t enough, you just KEEP going.

    • Posted by Amish Supercomputer, at Reply

      All of Eastern Europe, most of Africa, Libya, etc. I’m sure there’s more examples of failed Marxism that we’re just missing.

    • Posted by Miss Dfndrp, at Reply

      Amish Supercomputer Yes, because of these liars, they shove it under the rug every single time. But the EU is next. I am going to pack my basement with food.

    • Posted by DarkSide Blues, at Reply

      Miss Dfndrp at least when the welfare state collapses, the Muslims will go home.

    • Posted by Miss Dfndrp, at Reply

      DarkSide Blues Hopefully. I don’t want to be violently subjugated.

    • Posted by DarkSide Blues, at Reply

      Miss Dfndrp I don’t want you to be violently subjugated either.

  18. Posted by SleepingGiant, at Reply

    “I’m not laughing at the fact they are killing people, I’m laughing about the fact that you can’t talk about Socialism without talking about the Death Tolls”

    – Sargon of Akkad

    • Posted by Fraz, at Reply

      SleepingGiant except the people getting killed are maduro supporters, and the people doing the killing are right wing death squads

    • Posted by Qwerty, at Reply

      do you seriously want to measure body counts? give me a source that says that at least half of the dead in the past 4 months have been chavistas. Go for it.

    • Posted by SleepingGiant, at Reply


      USSR, PRC, Cambodia, Cuba

      Why all these Socialist governments have had so much Political Violence?

      I mean if your right and it is the greedy capitalists who are the inherently violent ones

      Surely we would be witnessing thousands of Death squads in Capitalist countries like USA, UK, Norway, Australia etc.

      yet it always seems to be the Socialist countries with the widespread Political violence.. curious

    • Posted by Fraz, at Reply

      SleepingGiant We do have have death squads, theyr are called cops and military

    • Posted by SleepingGiant, at Reply

      Again, no purges of the Socialist parties in countries with the Ideology *you claim is inherently Politically violent*

      Australia, a Capitalist nation which to date has not purged the opposition party at any point in its history

      Also are you now claiming that Police shootings aren’t “Systemic Racism”, but instead Politically motivated assassinations? doesn’t that go against you nutters entire Ideology?

  19. Posted by Some Rando, at Reply

    Socialist policies are what killed Venezuela.

    • Posted by Potato, at Reply

      lol yeah thats why people celebrated when Chavez died…is thats why food is more expensive than illegal drugs? dont be an idiot

    • Posted by Daniel Asmus, at Reply

      Mauel Thomas how are they doing now? Schmuck…

    • Posted by Broken wizzard, at Reply

      Now back to reality – Venezuelan Bolivar is worth less the WOW gold. Socialism CREATE poverty, it always do. Interfering with the market make investment in work places too risky, what leads to people having no job and a stable source of income, what leads to mass poverty that leads to the current capitalist revolt.

    • Posted by Some Rando, at Reply

      The only government with the word “socialist” in it’s name to lift people out of poverty was in 1930s Germany.

    • Posted by Nick Smith, at Reply

      YES! And China’s poor was lifted out out of poverty from Communism; however, that didn’t last, did it?! It can’t last! This is what moderates and Conservatives have been telling you since you tossed on your Bernie shirt years ago! Socialism is a temporary snake oil solution. It cannot survive as a legitimate economic system.