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VICTIM Of Charlottesville Beating Wanted For Arrest


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DeAndre Harris is encountering criminal costs. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us just what you assume in the comment section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" A video clip shows a black male surrounded by white men donning racist signs. The men struck him with tools, and he is up to the ground. He is kicked. He stands up and also tries to get away, falling down. But he lastly flees.

Yet while many of his aggressors stay uncharged, he now has an arrest warrant in his name as a result of the clash, according to the Washington Message.

The video clip, which went viral quickly after the protests where white nationalists, members of the Ku Klux Klan, and also neo-Nazis came down on Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, reveals members of those demonstration teams striking DeAndre Harris, a black 20-year-old. Inning accordance with his lawyer, Harris ended up with a concussion, a head laceration that needed staples, a fractured wrist, a knee injury, and other abrasions as well as contusions throughout his body as an outcome of the clash." *.

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  1. Posted by M A, at Reply

    Wow this country is going down the hope for this country when a white supremacists can go after the guy he beat up.

  2. Posted by jo blanco-cerda, at Reply

    21st century of Emmett Gill’s false accusation.

  3. Posted by Sasapesso, at Reply

    I’m not white, but I support white supremacists.

  4. Posted by Tony Harris, at Reply

    I’m doing everything I can save as much money as I can so I can leave this place
    are y’all gonna stay in this burning house???

  5. Posted by Dan P, at Reply

    Similar thing happened to me years ago, I was waiting tables at a little hold in the wall when I apparently said something the owner didn’t like, he asked me to come into the back to talk to him, when we get back there he sucker punches me…… I defended myself and proceeded to give him two black eyes and a broken nose before we could be broken up. I went to the Magistrate to file an assult charge against him but the little bastard beat me there and filed one on me……. so even though I acted in self defense I had to get an attorney. Two thousand dollars and four court dates later it was dropped based on failure to appear on his part. The Moral…..even acting in self defense you can still be charged…. especially when dealing with career criminals who know how to work the system.

  6. Posted by hello, at Reply

    Satanic George Soros is funding CREATING RACE WAR in compliance with Slave manuals.

  7. Posted by SEANMCAD, at Reply

    Great! so now we cant be ‘anti-facist’ (antifa) because all the SJW (alt-right’s) will get upset.

  8. Posted by Dirt Dog, at Reply

    Next time I say pick the cotton boy you pick the FCKING cotton 😂

  9. Posted by Cyclone Joe, at Reply

    White supremacy….where should I begin? So the Black kid initiates the confrontation. The white supremacists decide that telling nearby police isn’t the answer. They beat the kid half to death. THEN they go to a magistrate to get a warrant. White supremacy is about dominance. Not logic. Not justice. Not intelligence.

  10. Posted by PunchianThe3rd, at Reply

    Glad everyone see that we are not making this up and yes we need to check our own Black on Black but at least we know the black suspect will be locked up.

  11. Posted by Sudden Kancho, at Reply

    Knowing how dishonest and sloppy TYT is, I’m gonna have to go look around for the _whole story_ .
    It can’t be as simple as “neo Nazis beat up innocent black teenager”.

  12. Posted by evan brown, at Reply

    Although I agree that there should be justice for the guy who was beat I find it troubling that the Turks have never covered any of the violence Antifa has caused which has been far worse

  13. Posted by tony 'too sweet' swann, at Reply

    DeAndre needs to sue antifa for putting him in that dangerous situation, antifa went there looking for a fight and who thinks antifa is 100% innocent, answer tyt.

  14. Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

    mlk was wrong about you crakkkers and Malcolm X was right. white people should be exterminated.

  15. Posted by runepower909, at Reply

    This is why I will never go to the USA. The police will shoot me because I’ll them to suck their mum if they racially profile me.

  16. Posted by Krazy Uncle, at Reply

    Is there “outrage” over this? I only ask that question because I don’t see any YouTube videos of ppl burning Nazi flags. I see them burning NFL jerseys and season tickets over NFL players kneeling of the anthem but not one video of anybody burning the Nazi flag out of equal outrage. Am I missing something?

  17. Posted by elmateo77, at Reply

    Moral of the story: If you’re gonna go counter protest against nazis, make sure to bring lots of guys with guns. We didn’t fight WW2 with one guy with a flashlight….

  18. Posted by gracestar4all, at Reply

    No one gets it, even TYT does not get it. The reason why the white supremacist went to a Magistrate has deep historic implications. Going directly to a Magistrate is directly from the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 which gives jurisdiction to Magistrastes for whites over blacks. This is slave law lynching justice! Now do you get it?