//Video: Jeb Bush to David Gregory, media: ‘Man, you guys are crack addicts’

Video: Jeb Bush to David Gregory, media: ‘Man, you guys are crack addicts’


Did Jeb Bush just call David Gregory a crack addict on Meet the Press?wth? #MTP

— DaVida (@DaVida_Michelle) March 10, 2013

Yes, he did.

Jeb Bush just called David Gregory a “crack addict” for asking if he was more popular than Marco Rubio… Lol #MTP

— ajthoe (@ajthoe) March 10, 2013

.@jebbush to @davidgregory on 2016 race: “Man, you guys are crack addicts. You’re really obsessed w all this politics.” #mtp

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) March 10, 2013

As Twitchy reported, Jeb Bush is making the rounds of every Sunday show today. On “Meet the Press,” he said, “Man, you guys are crack addicts” when David Gregory asked him who the hottest Florida politician is right now. Incisive questions!

If it’s Sunday, and Jeb Bush called David Gregory a crack addict, it’s Meet the Press. #MTP

— Schmutzie (@Schmutzie_) March 10, 2013

Heh. Twitter users got the giggles.

Jeb Bush called David Gregory a “crack addict”.Nice #MTP

— H.c.C (@ClatisC) March 10, 2013

Heh.Jeb Bush calling @davidgregory a “crack addict” may be the most unexpected moments on #MTP today.

— Dianne Gallagher (@DianneG) March 10, 2013

Jeb Bush called him a crack addict Haha #meetthepress#mtp

— Shawn Stephens (@mrshawnstephens) March 10, 2013

“@clatisc: Jeb Bush called David Gregory a “crack addict”.Nice #MTP#Hilarious

— wilson6923 (@wilson6923) March 10, 2013

Jeb Bush just called Dave Gregory a “crack-addict” on #2016presidential potentials.Good stuff. #toosoon #politics #meetthepress

— Connor Willingham (@LordofNebraska) March 10, 2013

Perhaps by “crack addict,” he meant lapdog. In which case, David Gregory totally fits that description.


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