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Video Of Modern Day Slave Auction In Libya


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A video clip shows up to reveal a modern servant public auction in Libya. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks, review the video. Tell us just what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) More than 200 Nigerian migrants stranded in Libya have actually been gone back to their residence nation, Nigerian officials stated.

The 242 migrants landed at Lagos airport on a Libyan Airlines trip at around 9:00 pm local time (3:00 pm ET) on Tuesday. Among them were females lugging children and also a minimum of one man in a mobility device.

Nigerian authorities state they worked on returning the travelers from Libya in partnership with the International Company for Migration (IOM).

Some of the 242 men and women that returned had actually been in Libyan detention camps while others voluntarily came close to the Nigerian consular office in Libya to return house due to hardship there, authorities said.

Abike Dabiri, senior special adviser on foreign as well as diaspora events to Nigerian Head of state Muhammadu Buhari, claimed the federal government there had actually been collaborating with the IOM, the Nigerian National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Inside Displaced Individuals (NCFRMI) as well as various other local firms to bring Nigerians back home.

Dabiri informed CNN that around 5,000 Nigerians have come back from Libya in the past year.
" The President has actually stated any kind of Nigerian who intends to return ought to be revived, so IOM has been helping out," Dabiri claimed.

The NCFRMI said it has actually been refining usually in between 8 and also 10 trips a month of Nigerians returning from Libya.

The migrant situation in Libya is once again getting global attention adhering to current reporting by CNN that revealed African migrants being offered as servants in the capital, Tripoli, and somewhere else."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    All the right wing trolls earlier today were complaining that TYT wasn’t doing a video on this topic. Well here it is. Do you think they’ll admit that they were wrong? Do you think they will give credit? Doubt it

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Optimus Fine Of course not, they’ll just shift to blaming TYT for not covering something else.

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      Hi, Lippy…  ; )

    • Posted by The Pale Sicilian, at Reply

      The young turds a lot of slave owners were jews and even some other blacks and Indians owned slaves too . Doesn’t anyone know that their was white slaves too ?

    • Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

      Genk just deflected to American Slavery. Pathetic

  2. Posted by The Progressive Atheist, at Reply

    Sam Harris is torn here. On one hand he fully agrees that blacks are better off as slaves, but on the other he could use this to demonize Islam.

    • Posted by fourdeck33, at Reply

      Also, I guess your ‘atheism’ only applies to Christianity… I’m also an atheist and it seems to me you should think about changing your name.

    • Posted by Brandon Smith, at Reply

      The Pale Sicilian He didn’t. It’s just a progressive tyt fan boy who is butthurt that Sam destroyed cenk and made him look silly. There’s no debate that Sam Harris is more intelligent.

    • Posted by злюка, at Reply

      *That BS statement in combination with your profile picture is too ironic to handle…*

    • Posted by Accelerationist, at Reply

      Stop straw manning.

    • Posted by Kevin Maddick, at Reply

      No, Sam Harris didn’t say that. This guy has to make up lies because he has no other method to beat logic

  3. Posted by sillent, at Reply

    Nothing to do with us? This is all Hillary / Obama foreign policy. Are you playing the Sam Harris gentle giant argument for the US?

    • Posted by DangerousUrNot, at Reply

      sillent I know right lol

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      sillent Jenk was happy when Obama murdered Gadaffi.

    • Posted by finchaplin, at Reply

      I heard same and how can Cenk say that?!? This has everything to do with US.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      Harris says slavery is better than what they had.

  4. Posted by The Chitlin King, at Reply

    When is Obama going to be held accountable?

    • Posted by Aleks Pilat, at Reply

      The Chitlin King chopping block/Christmas 2017? Hopefully…

  5. Posted by Desert Hawk 17, at Reply

    Thanks Hillary, Thanks Obama.

    • Posted by 1969Makaveli, at Reply

      Desert Hawk 17 Thanks Trump & Republicans for this bullshit.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      You’re morons. Desert hawk is correct. Obomber and hiltery are to blame because of the regime change.

  6. Posted by brotalnia, at Reply

    This is what happens when you overthrow governments and destroy the rule of law.

    • Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

      LOL for sure, I’m sure they’re really missing the lunatic dictator who enjoyed slaughtering his own country’s people and using the women as sex slaves.

    • Posted by Rohan Prince, at Reply

      soccerguy325 So you are telling me Libya is better now? Would you rather live in Libya now or when Gaddafi was in charge?

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      bbbut, that democracy tho.

    • Posted by MF DOOM, at Reply

      Rohan Prince lybia was not better you dont know any Lybians kek they literally think hes a jew and never liked him

  7. Posted by jmantime, at Reply

    Thanks Obama / Hillary i can’t believe i voted for him in 2008 , better than Mccain tho

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      Obama is prob better than mccain but not hillary

  8. Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

    Hey look real racism

    • Posted by JESUSCHRISTHEMESSIAH, at Reply

      And, of course, having faced racism all your life you would know.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      hey look, a moron.

    • Posted by ArchitectOfSound01, at Reply

      This isn’t racism, these slaves aren’t believers in Islam, so it’s a toxic ideology that’s at play here.

    • Posted by OnionHeadHat, at Reply

      Guy points out real racism, and immediately three retards on the Internet attack him for?!?! pointing out racism? Wow.
      The Internet and the people that are on it, ladies and gentlemen.

  9. Posted by bjlyon615, at Reply

    You say that what’s happening in Libya doesn’t have anything to do with us? How can you say that? When we took out Gaddafi we paved the way for instability in Libya. He warned us that Europe would face a refugees crisis if we did that. And now look at the nightmare that we created.

  10. Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

    We do care but we can’t save everyone. The world is a dark place. Always will be

    • Posted by Zombie Inc, at Reply

      The world is a dark place? Dumb and useless non-solution, how about cut back a bit on military spending and aid that money to these people living like rats? Make America Great Again

    • Posted by tapolna, at Reply

      don’t put limits on our imagination of a better world and on our creativity to make it so

    • Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

      Zombie Inc so what do u want to do? Let everyone with a sad story come to America and over populate us? You can’t save everyone

    • Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

      tapolna to late. We already did. Lol

    • Posted by Kevin Maddick, at Reply

      Africans need to stop popping out multiple kids. You are right. It’s not our job to save everybody.

  11. Posted by Yorosero, at Reply

    Obama destabilized Libya, never forget that.

    • Posted by Mohammad Hussain, at Reply

      Cenk supported the war in Libya.

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      Lol. There was a freaking giant civil war going on before he interevened.

    • Posted by jizburg, at Reply

      tribal que yea. A civil war. Wich has nothing to do with the USA.

      Thats like me going over and setting the neigbours house on fire just because i heard that they were fighting over something.

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      Thats a different point. I was pointing out that it was not like Libya was at peace before the NATO intervened. It was going through a bloody prolonged civil war.
      I agree that the US shouldnt have got involved because it wasnt their problem/ However it wasnt the calamity try to portray it.Had the US not intervened many more lives would probably have been lost in the stalemate that would follow.

  12. Posted by Failbot, at Reply

    See, Libya is so much better off without Gaddafi. I sure as hell know which place I’d rather live in!

    During Gaddafi: Highest literacy rate and the lowest infant mortality rate in Africa. Nice, large social benefits system and a relatively rich population.

    Without Gaddafi: Slavery and tribal wars. 👍

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply

      Failbot America arming sides you know and Saudi

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Don’t forget about the politically motivated murders of his opponents, funded foreign revolutionaries (terrorists), implemented sharia law, Lockerbie bombing, he was a dictator to his people; the list goes on.

  13. Posted by Steven Matthews T.F.I., at Reply

    I love how these two whiny bitches get all the way to the end of the video, and then they somehow managed to turn it around on Trump supporters. Trump supporters don’t have anything to do with this. You don’t need to be calling for their empathy.

    Perhaps seek the empathy of people that supported the warmonger that did this to Libya in the first place. Ask for their empathy.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      Zombie Inc Trump supporters dont own slaves. The comparison is ofcourse ridiculous. But yes, the left can make any and every issue on the planet about themselves

    • Posted by Jhonelle K, at Reply

      Zombie Inc Zombie Inc they weren’t even talking about racism in this video, they were using the migrants story and comparing it to mexican/other immigrants in the us. They’re speaking on the views that most trump supporters have on immigration. That’s why john says he doesn’t understand how people can watch that video and still think the things that they do about migrants.

  14. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    These are the real wars that need to be fought. I wish I had an army…I would have them march along side me where this was happening and handle the situation.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      you just say that because you are black…had these slaves been whites you would be laughing

    • Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

      Michael you couldnt be more wrong. Racism is a mental illness. We are all the same. The real war is against the oppressors.

    • Posted by Agent0004, at Reply

      bring awareness to the white African farmer deaths..

  15. Posted by Szabu, at Reply

    This is exactly the culture what we DON’T need to import to Europe.

    • Posted by fourdeck33, at Reply

      And as bad as I feel for that guy, why are Nigerians migrating to Europe?They’re economic migrants and have no standing as refugees, which is why they’re being sent back.

    • Posted by Zen To Done, at Reply

      +fourdeck33 They’re leaving those countries because they’re hellholes. People risking their lives with a lot drowning. I empathize with them but I also live in the Netherlands and there are problems here too. While the problems here are nowhere near as bad as in those country I also empathize because I understand the frustration of people having trouble getting by to see migrants coming who only add on to the problem.

  16. Posted by GRE, at Reply

    how about they stay in nigeria n try 2 build instead of fleeing 2 a shithole like libya

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      But USA has troops in Niger so there is high risk to be shot or bombed by USA in there .
      Or did you missed those 4 dead Green berets …that happened in Niger .
      Also EU and AU has a meeting about this issue and IOM from UN is flying people back to Niger .. .things are done but USA still cant explain why it has troops in Niger .

    • Posted by Sunmisola Ojo, at Reply

      Pete Lind Niger and Nigeria are different countries!

    • Posted by Pete Lind, at Reply

      USA still has troops there no matter what they call them self when USA is in war with every country or what ?

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      there are US funded terrorists like boko haram in Nigeria. They were going to Italy.

  17. Posted by Ʀicқ Ƈleeқ, at Reply

    Thanks Obama (!)

    • Posted by Ʀicқ Ƈleeқ, at Reply

      *_Aardvark’s spade-like claws allow them to dig_*
      *_through termite mounds to feast on the insects within._*
      *_Aardvark’s can eat up to around 50,000 termites in one night._*

      *_Penguins often slide on their tummies over ice and snow._*
      *_This is called tobogganing. Researchers believe they_*
      *_do this for fun and as an efficient way to travel._*

      *_Puffins shed the colourful outer parts of_*
      *_their bills after the breeding season,_*
      *_leaving a smaller and duller beak._*

      *_Pigs can sniff out truffles with their snouts._*


    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      So what, you think we would be thanking Muammar Gaddafi if he hadn’t done anything?

    • Posted by tribal que, at Reply

      If Obama did nothing the same would have happened. NATO were going in regardless.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      hillary too!

    • Posted by Ʀicқ Ƈleeқ, at Reply

      poofendorf Yes, Hillary laughed when she heard Gaddafi was murdered.

  18. Posted by Zorro455, at Reply

    Didnt tyt agree with the invasion 2011?

    • Posted by Zorro455, at Reply

      Christobal Colombo i didnt understand why he was for it when he was against the iraq war and saw the fallout from that

    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      You a big fan of Muammar Gaddafi? You thought he should stay in power by committing crimes against his own people. Bombing civilians? You into that hmm?

    • Posted by Zorro455, at Reply

      Garen Truscott no and im not a fan of Saddam or kim jong either

    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      Tell me how you would have faced the Libyan situation then. Would you have sat there if he ordered civilian massacres? Not sure I could have. Mind you… I wouldn’t have acted against Saddam or Kim.

    • Posted by Zorro455, at Reply

      You do know that the generals in the US had almost secured an agreement with GadaffI? So maybe more of that before you take an army into an unstable region and arm the rebels.