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Vigilante Escorts Combat Aggressive Panhandlers


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A group of vigilantes is arranging to shield grocery buyers from panhandlers. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian simplify. Given you by An Inconvenient Follow up: Truth To Power

" Consumers entering a Ralphs in Chatsworth Saturday were welcomed by participants of a Facebook web page that held a "Safe Buying Day" calling attention to panhandling as well as homelessness in the location.

" We've had a great deal of concerns concerning the hostile panhandling problem, the homeless utilizing the entry to Ralphs as a washroom, and also people have actually stopped shopping here and are going to other locations, which misbehaves for our community," claimed Cher Bentley, 43, an area resident that runs the Chatsworth Neighborhood Pride web page. "Rather than individuals being scared and running off, we believed we would come below and also companion individuals that feel unsafe. We want people to shop in our neighborhood without being scared."

Concerning 40 individuals went to the occasion, in front of the Ralphs on Devonshire Street. The Facebook team members originally planned to companion buyers to the grocery store and various other shops, however conversations with consumers ended up happening instead."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Eric Moors, at Reply

    I thought you meant vigilante prostitutes.

    • Posted by Hollie Gjoen, at Reply

      Eric Moors same here!!!

  2. Posted by Aviendha, at Reply

    I feel sorry for those shoppers. But I feel more sorry for those homeless. They should be helping those people.

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Beezus Hrist mentally ill people can’t be responsible for their own actions, so we have an even greater obligation to help them. Putting them in mental institutions should be a part of the process, and if that is hard to do, we must change the law so it becomes easier

    • Posted by Collin Grimes, at Reply

      If by help you mean institutionalize public solutions to homelessness, I agree. If you mean it’s the responsibility of every individual, I disagree. The scope of the problem is huge, most people with homes are still poor, and government has much more capacity to solve this issue, as well as the moral obligation you’re hinting at

    • Posted by Beezus Hrist, at Reply

      joaohumbg no WE don’t. We don’t have a moral obligation to do anything.

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Collin Grimes of course the help should come from public institutions. Demanding that from every individual is both excessive and counterproductive, since not many of us have the patience or the qualifications to handle these situations. However, as a society, we should allocate resources to solve this problem

    • Posted by joaohumbg, at Reply

      Beezus Hrist the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services.”
      Now, if you have a right to something, the society must ensure that you have that right fulfilled. For example, if we establish the right to possess private property, then society must create institutions (such as police and documentation to certify the possession of such property) to guarantee that your property must not be stolen or taken by force

  3. Posted by Buclodi, at Reply

    Vigilante Escorts. Sounds like a grindhouse movie.

    • Posted by Hollie Gjoen, at Reply

      Buclodi right!!! Lol

  4. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    “Marine le Pen is the sole hope for France to rid itself of the Islamic Menance, this election is now hers.” – Sargon of Akkad 4/22/17

    • Posted by toyotaprius79, at Reply

      I blame the Youtube algorithm for creating saps like him. It forces them to make frequent, long length ”videos” (audio files) with titles that are guaranteed to rile up and get the attention his disgruntled, adolescent base every time. Therefore gets ad revenue.

  5. Posted by Lothar Zogg, at Reply

    One of these days Ana might actually come to the conclusion that there aren’t enough lower level jobs available for US citizens because many of those jobs go to illegal immigrants who work cheap. These same illegals scarf up alot of the scarce affordable housing. Ana and Cenk will say no thats just racist, we need to build more housing and that illegals do the jobs Americans won’t do. Sorry, not buying that argument. Fewer illegals would mean employers would have to hire US citizens at higher wages, who then might be able to find a place to live besides the street.

    • Posted by Lothar Zogg, at Reply

      John Johnson – Not really, the problem is much bigger than homeless people who can’t find jobs, its inner city teenagers who can’t find jobs, single moms who can’t find jobs, regular kids who can’t get a summer job, young men who want to work in construction and can’t.

    • Posted by menzere2009, at Reply

      Rock-E Oldboy I hate Trump but this is a valid point whether we want to say it is or not. There are a lot of jobs that are labeled “jobs americans won’t do” that plenty of Americans will do. It’s just an excuse to cut their compensation to the bone and replace them with someone who won’t stand up for them-self because they are too afraid or desperate.

  6. Posted by stepmothercity, at Reply

    I clicked on this video because I wondered what a combat aggressive panhandler was…

    • Posted by SLYKM, at Reply

      I think you misunderstood the title. “Vigilante Escorts” is the noun, “combat,” is the verb, and “Aggressive panhandlers,” is the object. Which means that vigilante escorts are combating aggressive panhandlers. I’m not trying to be a smartass, I’m just saying.
      Other than that, yes, I wondered what made the panhandlers aggressive as well, that’s why I clicked.

    • Posted by Whiskey Tom, at Reply

      stepmothercity same here

    • Posted by stepmothercity, at Reply

      Oh thanks for stating obvious.

    • Posted by dumb idiot, at Reply

      I clicked because i thought they were talking about the fun kind of escorts

    • Posted by idmhead0, at Reply

      Hahaha. I was thinking the same thing at first.

  7. Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

    Don’t live in LA. If you don’t make 6 figures, why try to live in LA? It will always be expensive.

    I don’t like this argument. There are cheap places to live. My mother rents out apartments for 500 dollars a month. Why even bring up the price to live in LA county? Common sense would tell normal peoppe not to live there.

    • Posted by Lorenzo Hill, at Reply

      Bill Anderson Unlike you, most people can’t rely on their rich mommy. Homeless people can’t afford to move anywhere, that’s why they’re homeless, you dumbfuck.

    • Posted by dumb idiot, at Reply

      Lorenzo Hill
      that’s funny because i once had a conversation with a homeless fellow who said he moved from LA to my city, which is hundreds of miles away.

    • Posted by caitiff52, at Reply

      Common sense says people live where the jobs are. Cheap places to live might not have the kind of jobs you want.

      If you worked in LA, you’d want to live there, or as close to it as you can afford. Ideally, you can just walk to work. The further away you live, the longer you need to commute. That’s time you lose stuck in a car/bus/train that you can spend doing something else. How much do you value your time?

  8. Posted by Tawana Ngwenya, at Reply

    Was I the only one who thought that this story was about vigilante hookers helping people ?

    • Posted by Quintin S, at Reply

      Tawana Ngwenya same here lol

    • Posted by Mnd0vrMnky, at Reply

      Tawana Ngwenya a panhandler to me is someone finding gold in a river. Now imagine how confused I was… sounded like an episode of deadwood.

  9. Posted by ezeblp, at Reply

    I would bring in millions more illegals and give them everything they want  ,no charge ……………problem solved …… it California or I will call you a racist , and don’t think I wont ,

  10. Posted by Gabriel Castaneda, at Reply

    This is a symptom of California’s liberal progressive government. This had nothing to do with the “country”.

    • Posted by brandon Maes, at Reply

      Gabriel Castaneda if it’s a symptom of California liberal progressive government, then tell is why is it happening all across the country including red states?

    • Posted by Gabriel Castaneda, at Reply

      brandon Maes not happening in overwhelming majority of red states. Almost every blue state has this problem and more such as crime (looking at you Illinois)…

    • Posted by brandon Maes, at Reply

      Gabriel Castaneda texas has a homeless problem. Enough said. That’s as red as it gets. Kansas as well. Need I go on. Your really delusional if you think this is red or blue, it’s American. Last I check the economy went and globalized, so investors from all over the world can now invest in U.S. housing markets, doesn’t matter what state your in other than the fact that states like California, Texas, and New York have favorable markets to invest in. This is global economics.

  11. Posted by David Weiser, at Reply

    I guess we just arrest the poor and put them to work in the prison system. Everyone wins. Or could just make it legal to shoot them for the NRA , their members need target practice for when the government decides to take their guns away.

    • Posted by Comrade Bambi, at Reply

      that already happens tho… that’s modern slavery for u.

  12. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    liberals claim to care about the homeless and minimum wage workers but they frequently insult me on here by calling me trailer park trash or a loser who works at McDonalds.

    • Posted by Lebron James, at Reply


    • Posted by Gargie396, at Reply

      well stop being so trashy ya hick

  13. Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

    Damn, I thought hookers were going ham on beggars

    • Posted by Alisa r, at Reply

      I thought so too!

  14. Posted by Michael Dunson, at Reply

    If you can’t afford to live in LA, NY city or any other large city, leave. I don’t feel sorry for people who chose to live places that they can’t afford. I am not talking about the mental ill they should be in institution not on the streets.

    • Posted by Srineeth Jayanthi, at Reply

      If you didn’t know, leaving the city as a homeless person, and then being able to find a job, and housing is really hard, if you don’t have the resources. Also, moving in general is extremely expensive even if you’re well off.

    • Posted by tony pham, at Reply

      Srineeth Jayanthi I wish kids were taught about finance, taxes, responsibility, and survival traits in school. Especially in highly populated areas so they know how to be homeless and pick themselves back up later on.

    • Posted by Ryan Anderson, at Reply

      In LA you’re talking 12% telling 82% of the city to get out. That’s not going to end well for the 12%. Your income is not a measure of your worth as a American or a man.

    • Posted by tony pham, at Reply

      Ryan Anderson sure your income doesn’t define you but then again it would be smart to move somewhere you can afford no?

  15. Posted by Jay Diggy, at Reply

    Its like that episode of South Park with the Homeless hordes asking for change lol

    • Posted by Tom D, at Reply

      CALIFORN YA YA is cool to the Homeless!

    • Posted by Garrett Lee, at Reply

      Jay Diggy so true

  16. Posted by gingerandcloves, at Reply

    California is horrible…homelessness has increased so much and housing is unaffordable. Where I live, we have multiple panhandlers on every corner, freeway offramp, gas station, convenience store. It’s nuts. It’s not helped by the fact that many homeowners are turning homes into AirBnBs, which leaves less housing available to rent/buy. My house that I bought back in 2000 is worth over 2.5 times what I paid for it. There’s no way I’d be able to afford it now.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      You have to be rich to live there. This isn’t

  17. Posted by mtneves77, at Reply

    I once ordered a cup of hot chocolate for a homeless guy who was about to get kicked out of a coffee place for not getting anything, totally backfired he sat next to me, talked to me and then scooted next to me and then he proceeded to feel me up. So the guys at the coffee shop kicked him out. This country could and should house these people.

    • Posted by Bob Brawley, at Reply

      mtneves77 i gave a guy seven bucks @ a Sharros, a pizza place @ Union Station, Washington DC, Youknow the one im talking about? SO THE GUY could keep sitting there for another hour. HE SAID THANKS ” now i can stay longer ” or something like that

    • Posted by mtneves77, at Reply

      Bob Brawley I don’t know who you’re talking about but I’m happy it worked out.

  18. Posted by theprince08853, at Reply

    America has regressed into a third world country.

    • Posted by ROBERT KELLY, at Reply

      The really tragic thing is that most Americans don’t even realize it.

    • Posted by Chris Speaks, at Reply

      yes, thanks to corporate greed. The sad thing is that california is the 6th largest economy in the world, and it has massive poverty.

  19. Posted by Phoenixdark1, at Reply

    From the title, I thought this video would be about prostitutes. I was disappointed…

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      been both at different times in my life and at the same time also. I am not ashamed and i can’t change anything , but it does not take away the fact that there are days when i feel like disposable trash .

  20. Posted by Charles Turrentine, at Reply

    The homeless need opportunities and/or a fair income economy, not charity. Disabled homeless should be protected under Universal Health Care.

    • Posted by David Felder, at Reply

      So easy to dismiss problems you don’t care to understand. Enjoy your bubble.

    • Posted by ting280, at Reply

      charity is a crutch that cripples economies. give people affordable housing, accessible healthcare, decent wages, and fair taxation and the society repairs itself in a year or two. charity hurt Haiti in the sense that clothing stores and producers were run out of business by FEMA drops and First Aid shipments of clothing. food suppliers and shops suffered the same thing with the canned food donations and aid. but if people can’t afford rent and groceries and they are forced to choose, that induces depression and anxiety that they can’t afford to treat and everything collapses from there.

    • Posted by Charles Turrentine, at Reply

      Dude, you are right and I am sorry for being so vague and reductionist. I ran one the worst shelters in the US. Most were as you say including the women. Most homeless are in a system that does not provide the resources for them to do better. The one i ran had the facility but did not provide in ways that would help anyone. So, what i am trying to say is that if we could get to a point where the help is robust enough, the homeless environment would change and there would be notable improvement such as less sucking off the system and more inspired to do better for themselves and others. I would never dispute there are those that are intolerable. My life was threatened daily even though I made strong improvements to the homeless conditions there Yes, many assholes and worse for sure. All the more reason we need to do it right with the resources I agreed they already have access to. I will dispute you on the employment and economic environment though unless you love flipping burgers, expendability, and hard labor as your source of life support. Efficacy and self esteem play a major role in the behavior of the homeless, and yes…the assholes take more time and resources to help but we help or too many suffer. thanks Dude

    • Posted by Charles Turrentine, at Reply

      you have no idea