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VOTE: Who Is Turk Of The Year? Jerk Of The Year?


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TYT needs YOUR input on Turk/Jerk of the year 2016. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur
Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Posted by Dustin Tam, at Reply

    I suppose I’ll go with the Standing Rock Sioux for Turk of the Year.

    Jerk of the Year is Rodrigo Duterte.

    • Posted by Dornie Tranders, at Reply

      I tend to call him Filipino Trump.

  2. Posted by El Socialista cooperativa, at Reply

    turk of year sanders, jerk of year ted cruz because come on its ted cruz.

    • Posted by Mateo Landazuri, at Reply

      agree lol

  3. Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

    Donald Trump for Turk of the Year

  4. Posted by Brian Mason, at Reply

    Mevlot Mert Altimas is my Turk of the year……just a shame it wasn’t
    Putin that got shot.

  5. Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

    or perhaps deek

  6. Posted by Kek 900, at Reply

    maybe the hosts are the turds of the year but they are so blinded…

  7. Posted by Weeb, at Reply

    I voted Donald Trump for turk of the year and Chad Thundercock for jerk of
    the year

  8. Posted by Lynx, at Reply

    Enver Pasha is Turk of the Year, Fat Brown Buffalo is the Jerk of the year.

  9. Posted by McGiggiti, at Reply

    Jordan Charidon and it’s not even close!

    • Posted by jeff kennedy, at Reply

      it’s chariton, and yea it is close

  10. Posted by Karan Trivedi, at Reply

    Bernie turk of the year ofc. Fought a hard campaign.

    • Posted by Karan Trivedi, at Reply

      Muno Unom stop being a reward. Blocked.

    • Posted by kingofblades, at Reply

      but.. he lost.

      at least the standing rock protesters stayed relevant.

  11. Posted by Levi Rajda, at Reply

    jerk-cenk or hillary

  12. Posted by Teresa Young, at Reply

    Jerk of the year Alex Jones, I was a listener too, he just went too far too
    many times.

    • Posted by Teresa Young, at Reply

      Turks, the Soldiers who were killed in the line of duty over seas, and the
      Veterans who went to Standing Rock to support the Protesters.

  13. Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

    Jordan for TOY, Hillary for JOY

  14. Posted by LaR., at Reply

    Jordan should be the Turk of the year

  15. Posted by boptillyouflop, at Reply

    Turk of the year? Nobody. Everybody loses. Trump won. It’s the year of
    shame, no bonuses for anyone.

  16. Posted by Goriaas, at Reply

    Erdogan turk of the year

  17. Posted by Dennis Lee, at Reply

    Is it Ana who is better than you.

  18. Posted by GrandPrince, at Reply

    Jerk who spat in Alex Jones face.