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Voting Machines Stolen Right Before Georgia Special Election


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Hot on the heels of Republicans removing the Political election Support Compensation, the only federal company charged with seeing to it ballot equipments cannot be hacked, multiple voting equipments have been taken. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below.

" Ballot makers were reported swiped a day before Georgia's unique legislative political election, according to a brand-new record.

The equipment was swiped last Saturday evening from a Cobb County district supervisor's vehicle, WSB-TV said Monday. He did not quickly report the theft.

" It is unacceptable that the Cobb County Elections Workplace waited 2 days to notify my workplace of this burglary," Georgia Assistant of State Brian Kemp stated in a statement.

" We have opened an examination, and also we are taking actions to make sure that it has no impact on the election tomorrow. I am confident that the results will not be compromised."
WSB-TV said the 4 so-called ExpressPoll equipments taken are computer systems poll workers use for checking in citizens and inspecting off those that cast tallies." *.

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  1. Posted by miguelito lee, at Reply

    Trolls are quick here on TYT… keep up the resistance

    • Posted by john hodgson, at Reply

      What a Liar

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      TYTards getting trolled and rolled. 🙂

    • Posted by tony tookie, at Reply

      We need to troll the trolls

  2. Posted by Eater 999, at Reply

    They’re stealing the election!

    • Posted by JFK, at Reply

      Well, duh!

    • Posted by Duane Locsin, at Reply

      but it looks to be literal this time.
      Russians can only do some much remotely.

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      Eater 999 just like Russia

  3. Posted by pharoh2700, at Reply

    Seems like Trump & the GOP are up to their shady tactics again

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      genie0390 You right, because our central government is more deranged than anything. Hypocritical and idiotic

    • Posted by Tim Sr., at Reply

      repubs wer’nt caught red handed in voting fraud

  4. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    TYT is garbage #LoserCenk Armenian genocide denying scumbag Cenk #BaconGrease

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      Wow, you didn’t just go for low hanging fruit, you just picked up the rotten fruit left on the ground by professional trolls.

    • Posted by Steven Davidson, at Reply

      Yeah, except they don’t deny the genocide.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Steven Davidson you’re right, they must embrace it, seeing as how they named themselves after the radical government that committed the Armenian genocide.

  5. Posted by EMPEROR OF THE SJWs, at Reply

    This reminds me of the Watergate scandal.

    • Posted by HnJoHSaJ NgRiNNgR, at Reply

      EMPEROR OF THE SJWs but your only 29.

    • Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

      HnJoHSaJ NgRiNNgR History class? Ever heard of it??

    • Posted by Michael B, at Reply


    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      You mean #ObamaGate

    • Posted by Ty Coo, at Reply

      atheist zealot what the hell kind of sense does that make?

  6. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    a black muslim just went on a shooting spree because he ‘hates white people’ –sounds like another TYT fan has snapped. First elliot Rodger, then steve stephensen, and now this. when will the bloodshed stop??!

    • Posted by Roe Kemp, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump

    • Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

      he wasnt muslim

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      he was Muslim. It’s come out now that he was a member of the nation of Islam

  7. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Looks like republicans are trying to pull a fast one.

    • Posted by john hodgson, at Reply

      Did you ever watch the Original Planet of the Apes? The Apes could talk, committed slavery on Humans; and in the end of the last Apes movie, got earth destroyed. No different than Trump Rallies.

    • Posted by MindfieIds, at Reply

      You can learn about the software and the hardware of the machine in order to hack …

  8. Posted by Steve Hirsch, at Reply

    Why am I not surprised? What are the value of these machines? Stinks of Russian hooker piss if you ask me…

    • Posted by Bear Arms, at Reply

      Steve Hirsch you’re insulting Russian hookers, Putin said they are the best in the world! Their pee is crystal clear and most definitely doesn’t stink!

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      We all know dumocrats love hooker piss and molesting children.

  9. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    so the machines used to check in voters and check those off who had already casted a ballot were stolen, uh-huh. i  would have them checked to make sure they werent tampered with but since it was mere days from the election not only should there be a federal investigation into the matter, because actual theives would have no reason to steal these machines, but its clearly to conincidental. i would also have a 3rd party check the machines to make sure they werent tampered with because i wouldnt trust the republicans to check them properly.

    • Posted by Kevin Trye, at Reply

      In republican states, there are state laws that prevent you from investigating election abnormalities… Corruption has been legalised

    • Posted by kwiztas, at Reply

      Other than they look like laptops.

  10. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    So, democratic congressman winning in polls and voting machines just so happens to be stolen……wonder why?

    • Posted by Aria Shepard, at Reply

      Because the polls are accurate.

  11. Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

    If the machines are stolen, then they need to cancel the election until they are found seen if it’s been tampered with.

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      Oh. So joke’s on whoever stole the machines! Plus people can just use the other machines that are still there.

    • Posted by Stabby666, at Reply

      I’ve actually worked on the machines. They use embedded PCs with IO adapters and embedded encryption modules (mostly FPGA based as they’re low volume products). I was using the term “PC” to denote something based on PC architecture. That doesn’t mean it’d be something you’d want on your desk. Most ATMs are actually also PCs.

      So before you go throwing insults around like a little child in a playground, check your own sources, kid.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Get the FBI out of dougnut shop quickly.

  12. Posted by CB0X, at Reply

    I believe this is a purposeful scapegoat for the Republicans to use in case Ossoff wins in the first round. They obviously can’t use the machines to directly influence the election, however if he does win they can now claim voter fraud caused by these stolen machines and contest/nullify the results.

    • Posted by Nathan Hromanik, at Reply

      Mr. Caps lock is cruise control for cool grow a pair, coward.

  13. Posted by Golden Dragon, at Reply

    Alex Jones won’t talk about real news like this.Alex Jones is a shitty actor

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      + WHERE R EWE – Typical paint huffing, increasingly desperate and poorly educated Trump trash with
      capslock his only friend.

    • Posted by davlor86, at Reply

      he only “plays” a character….a shitty one

  14. Posted by Marco D, at Reply

    The cheating Republicans were at it again. They can’t win if they’re not cheating.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      #LoserDonald ~

    • Posted by Antonio Berrios, at Reply

      if they aren’t cheating, they ain’t trying

    • Posted by Cowboy, at Reply


  15. Posted by Apollo Sun, at Reply


    • Posted by Ellaine Anderson, at Reply

      Apollo Sun – No. That would be Republicans.

    • Posted by Roland Vetter, at Reply

      Putin playing games on them at the Kremlin, Russians, Russians. It is always something in our elections. Democracy is coming to the USA—Leonard Cohen.

  16. Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

    Russia is invading Georgia again?

    • Posted by Bear Arms, at Reply

      Eric Ling Lol.
      I wonder how many Americans actually got that joke without googling.

    • Posted by gucher99, at Reply

      thats very clever

  17. Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

    Republicans are cowards. Georgia will become a BLUE state!

    • Posted by g, at Reply

      Angel Gutierrez Hoepfully Georgia will not be a murder and immoral party state.

    • Posted by Angel Gutierrez, at Reply

      +g What?

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Nobody cares about whiny dumocrats anymore. Adios !!

  18. Posted by Antony Stringfellow, at Reply

    Donald wants you to buy American, so please people, STOP buying Trump products!

    • Posted by Ed Pachomovas, at Reply


  19. Posted by Ralph Kramden, at Reply

    Democrats and voter fraud ? The “establishment” Democrats did one hell of a job on Bernie Sanders (!) Six figures disenfranchised in his home town of Bklyn. alone. “Orders” from the very top of the DNC = to push “Provisional” ballots , strict ban on “volunteering” information that would have made sure your vote was actually counted. Bernies Massive crowds in N.Y. would have handed Hillary a crushing defeat. Even with all her other tricks , there were more than enough Bernie voters just wiped off the rolls , to have won the election.

    • Posted by Kevin Trye, at Reply

      Winning the battle, meant losing the war….

    • Posted by Catastrophic Broccoli, at Reply

      +Ralph Kramden While I agree what the DNC did was awful, it wasn’t voter fraud. Legally speaking.

  20. Posted by Steven Davidson, at Reply

    Plot twist! Turns out Ossoff got 49% of the vote!(well, 48.6%)