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Wake Me Up When September Ends | AFV Funny Prank Compilation


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That requires an awaken phone call? A little suggestions, utilize your alarm clock since you never know exactly what you're going to get when you ask another person to wake you up! You'll understand precisely what I am talking about after watching this funny trick compilation.

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Satisfied September #AFVFAM – PLS comment I woke up similar to this so I could like it! If you located this amusing, * I promise * you will certainly LOVE our "I Woke Up Similar to this|Amusing Reactions to Anesthesia".

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  1. Posted by Gaming Hackings, at Reply

    Ist like and comment

    • Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply


  2. Posted by Nugget’s Bone, at Reply


  3. Posted by Noah Wayverlynn, at Reply

    That’s sully. 😛

  4. Posted by Maddys edits and more!, at Reply


  5. Posted by Fun is Fun, at Reply

    No no wake me up when it’s summer break again……

    • Posted by Ash Dennis, at Reply

      Fun is Fun I can real late I love summer

    • Posted by RinkRats kRats Ds58, at Reply


  6. Posted by Faze Jai, at Reply

    I could see each one of my parents doing these things

    • Posted by Dan M, at Reply

      All 12 of em

    • Posted by mynameis bob, at Reply

      Each one? Because you have so many?

  7. Posted by TBX SRK9F, at Reply

    AFV fam where you at

  8. Posted by Kane Christopher, at Reply

    Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last.. wake me up when halloween comes because sleeping for a month ain’t enough for me

  9. Posted by Mom, at Reply

    I did this to my kids (fam end me)

    • Posted by Kirblue-, at Reply

      thanks mom

  10. Posted by Paulo Otávio França, at Reply

    8:23 Was the coffee too strong again?


  11. Posted by kitten chuchi, at Reply

    Wake me up when school ends. the homework is the devil’s work. And I didn’t know we had wake up at 6:00.🎶

  12. Posted by Dead Haven, at Reply

    How come nobody noticed the Green Day reference in the title.

  13. Posted by Cookie Msp, at Reply

    The Green Day reference in the title

  14. Posted by Stephanie Chee, at Reply

    lol all of em are ridiculous!!

  15. Posted by CANDYMAN!, at Reply

    If you wake me up just to prank me, you need to sleep with your eyes open.

  16. Posted by Miranda Ceballos, at Reply

    not funny plain rude how mean😕

  17. Posted by rohit01 01, at Reply

    2:58 i dont know after this he laugh or cry?

  18. Posted by Rebane, at Reply

    I think everyone should know the story behind “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

  19. Posted by Mr. McCluckster, at Reply

    *h u m a n a b u s e*

  20. Posted by Genesis Estevez, at Reply

    3:04- 3:11 Me when I get homework on Friday’s….