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WARNING: Stealthing Explained


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A disturbing brand-new fad is emerging where men are eliminating their prophylactics during sex. Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, as well as Francis Maxwell, the hosts of The Young Turks, explain "stealthing." Inform us just what you think in the comment section listed below.

" In 2014, a young woman browsed the web to obtain suggestions after she stated a male she was delicately seeing did something that made her feel "violated." They had gone back to his location one evening and had consensual sex. She insisted on making use of a condom as well as saw him place it on, she claimed, only to later find it had been removed.

" He admitted he took it off," she composed on Reddit, asking various other individuals if she had overreacted by "going nuts."

" I really felt really breached," she stated. "I informed him it was inappropriate."

The girl is not the only one. Comparable stories as well as responses are scattered throughout internet online forums, with people describing their own experiences with guys eliminating a prophylactic throughout sex without their authorization or expertise.

Their narratives highlight a kind of gender-based assault that prevails, however hardly talked about outside of net teams: purposefully removing condoms during sex without consent, or "stealthing." A new write-up in the Columbia Journal of Sex as well as Regulation delves into the act and also how online groups are bolstering and also urging it, and also says that it goes against a host of civil and also criminal regulations."

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Francis Maxwell

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Francis Maxwell


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  1. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

    Maybe just maybe women should find better men to sleep with. Rather than being sluts that believe sex has no consequences. P.S. Terrible thing for the guys to do (Unless TyT is just making it up)

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      Darkside Media spoken like a true virgin. when you get mugged while walking through a sketchy neighborhood, that’s your fault. you should’ve taken a safer route.

    • Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

      +Sean Ryan “when you get mugged while walking through a sketchy neighborhood, that’s your fault. you should’ve taken a safer route” Agreed! Glad we could find some common ground. Shouldn’t you be back at Reddit?

    • Posted by Namelessandpure, at Reply

      Yes, that’s a question. I was on my phone. BUt what about them?

  2. Posted by Ghosy01, at Reply

    when i saw the title i immediately knew Hannah was gonna cover a non story , disliked.

    • Posted by Casey Smith, at Reply

      Acoustic Silk that’s why we need to use our kindergarten lv grade school skills and talk about it before sex happens, it’s not that difficult and it keeps thing safe!

      Not communicating about the use of protection is logically ignorant!

      No one can use that as an excuse!

    • Posted by Casey Smith, at Reply

      To take it off mid sex that is, to be clear.

  3. Posted by Chew Kok, at Reply

    I can’t find condoms small enough for my penis

    • Posted by Humberto Vargas, at Reply

      Chew Kok Bruh these comments tho

    • Posted by Mari R, at Reply

      Micro penis pride ya’ll

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      get those finger cots? they are pretty small

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      I hope you haven’t being chewing your c*ck…

    • Posted by passing through, at Reply

      Ok man, you’re off the hook …

  4. Posted by I support the gay agenda, at Reply


    • Posted by Dragonweed _, at Reply

      look it up if you really want to know the most common answers women give are: it would change my life (selfish) ,I cant afford it (selfish)

    • Posted by lynda williams, at Reply

      yeah and look up all the absent fathers whinging about paying child support. (selfish) and in the case of this report… wanted to trick the woman and remove the condom… (selfish) and think that they can tell women what to do with their own bodies (selfish) if you are that worried about it, get a vasectomy…. ahh… but you dont want anything affecting YOUR body do you.. (selfish) how bout you give up work and look after your kid? nah… thats the womans job eh.. (selfish) fkn moron

    • Posted by Gravediggertube, at Reply

      thats a straw-man and it shows your not so happy with your life and those 4 kids :}

  5. Posted by Frying Enigmas, at Reply

    Don’t women do this to get pregnant though? Like poking holes in condoms

    • Posted by asaenvolk, at Reply

      +Beautiful News Boy
      Okay, my bad, misread that part. I am not here to straw man, honest mistake.

      As for shelters I am referring to, Erin Pizzy, England, men’s rights activists, founded the very concept of Domestic Abuse Shelters back in the day, was run out buy feminist after she tried to form shelters for males. Earl Silverman, Canada, ran the whole operation out of his own pocket, tried to get help, was actively blocked buy feminist in the Canadian government on grounds of “Men are not a protected class”, wound up committing suicide over all of this.

      More recently one opened in Arkansas, the response buy feminists was telling


      Read the comment section especially, its telling, but it gives me hope that SOME feminists, including a few DV workers stood up for its existance (and a few that didn’t). Btw, the article is slanted and leaves out a few important details, such as the “help” that most DV shelters give male victims is a referral to “abusers help lines”, the author ignores important factors like that and the fact that in most U.S. states if a man takes his kids to a shelter he is guilty of kidnapping.

    • Posted by systematic101, at Reply

      asaenvolk I just read that article and the comments. WTF is up with the comments. Most of them have nothing to do with the article. Some of the comments are people confused about the other comments talking about unrelated crap.

      My wtf moment in the article was “women’s shelters are overflowing with people and the men’s shelter have beds to spare”. The mens shelters would be the ones overflowing because we don’t have any right now and there are thousands of men in need of them.

    • Posted by asaenvolk, at Reply

      Yes, part of my point, the article is a misdirection, and much of it is cleared up in the comments, if you look at it, the article is VERY misleading and it exemplifies whats going on, some of the DV workers explain in the comments. The male shelter only came about because a home was bequeathed by an individual, and was not given government funding. But female DV shelters are, female shelters, and if you call a help line for female DV, if one shelter and they can’t take you in, they send you to the next. That is not the case for this, NO ONE knows it exists, including the other shelters. Also keep in mind, a man calling the cops for DV help, due to the Duluth Model, is more likely to be arrested than the female attacker, so yes, even CALLING for help puts a man at risk.

      This article brings up NONE of this, this is a, they have shelters? How dare they, that is the point. Now on the other hand, while much of the important information can be found in the comments, but yes… some serious cancer can be found there.

  6. Posted by Atiba Tolbert, at Reply

    who is dumb enough to do this to a woman kids are expensive piping a chick then stealthing is like throwing away $250k

    • Posted by Atiba Tolbert, at Reply

      Liberbär no I don’t I’m a just guy who is horribly afraid of debt 😂😂

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      dats rayciss and sheeeeit mang yo mang gnomesayin? ya feel m’uh mawfawker?

    • Posted by donny post, at Reply

      Seriously? That’s the ONLY thing you find wrong about this…MONEY?

  7. Posted by Matthew, at Reply

    so when she says she’s on the pill and isnt; is that rape aswell?

    • Posted by Robert Uzarski, at Reply

      Leon Lu What about Prep? That prevents contraction of HIV. What if you lie about taking that pill?

  8. Posted by Vernon Ingram, at Reply

    Is this actually a thing? I don’t wanna believe this is actually a thing. For the sake of humanity I don’t wanna believe it. What kind of psychopathy does somebody have to suffer from to even think this is okay. I don’t want to live on his planet anymore.

    • Posted by MrB1923, at Reply

      Vernon Ingram Just because it’s a ‘thing’ doesn’t mean it’s widespread or even worth reporting.

  9. Posted by Clarissa Thompson, at Reply

    Thanks for covering this, it’s an important social issue.

    • Posted by MrB1923, at Reply

      Clarissa Thompson No. Not every single tiny thing is a ‘social issue’ where ‘something must be done’ or ‘we must think of the children’. Nieve children like you are spoiling the world for everyone else.

    • Posted by Clarissa Thompson, at Reply

      If you don’t remember ABBA still being together you are ill qualified to know the difference.

    • Posted by BelligerentTruth, at Reply

      No one would stealth Clarissa because that would require that they actually have sex with it. Gross.

    • Posted by Clarissa Thompson, at Reply

      Lol, been banging dudes practically non-stop for 20 years, all happy, all still friends! That’s what mutual respect means. Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again!

    • Posted by davidson2727what, at Reply

      Clarissa Thompson nonstop for 20 years? you must have the core of a godess.

  10. Posted by The Independent Canadian, at Reply

    It’s wrong… Same thing as girls lying about being on the pill

    • Posted by RedrumZombies, at Reply
    • Posted by Mephistahpheles, at Reply

      But if she lies, it’s still HIS fault, his liability, and he has no choices.

    • Posted by Isaiah Collins, at Reply

      SupaAmi pregnancy and sit are different than they were years ago. Before sti would ruin your life not today, now most are curable unless you get hiv but even than people are living for a long time with aids now. A kid is with you forever and ties you too person who lied

    • Posted by daddyleon, at Reply

      No it’s not the same, there’s also stuff like STD.

  11. Posted by Arpy Sevantine, at Reply

    I definitely agree this is sexual abuse – it’s misrepresentation. Rape? Technically yes – you have sex under false pretences. In contract law, this would be a real crime, so why shouldn’t it be in sexual situations?

    • Posted by The Angry Sloth, at Reply

      Also, if we go down the rabbit hole of misrepresentation being equal to rape, we have to go downthe route of – Is it rape if a man tells a woman he is rich, and she has sex with him, only to find out he is unemployed. MANY women wouldn’t have slept with the guy in that situation.
      But that is sheer insanity. There is NO WAY that situation is rape, or even sexual assault. Lying is not rape, taking a condom off is not rape. Rape is FORCED sex.
      But if a law was made making “stealthing” a criminal act, then women should get the same punishment for poking holes in a condom, lying about taking their pill, or impregnanting themselves with a used condom.

    • Posted by Ben Ghazi, at Reply

      Have people gone brain dead?
      Lying about the pill is not the same as stealthing.
      One is a statement, the other an action.

      I would call that action a rape. But I’m from Sweden where we draw the line on rape much differently then the US.

    • Posted by Big Bub, at Reply

      Ben Ghazi
      They both are deception. And that lie of not taking birth control is taking away your partners consent to the agreed circumstances or full knowledge of the situation of the sexual encounter, The same as in the “stealthing” incident.
      Both are wrong, but neither is or should be rape.

    • Posted by crazywaffleking, at Reply

      Both are identical.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Why not invite your lawyer to the sexual encounter he/she could adjudicate…???

  12. Posted by Sydney D, at Reply

    When two people make a verbal agreement to have sex with a condom, but the guy maliciously decides he’s going to secretly take it off… that’s sexual ASSAULT. It’s sick. Just like it’s sick for a woman to poke holes in condoms. I don’t know a woman that hasn’t had this happen to her or have had a guy try it. It’s totally disgusting.

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      Ok, but women have been pulling this same kind of thing on men for as long as there has been birth control, and I’ve never heard it referred to as sexual assault when a woman does it. Men – if they’re actually doing this, which I kind of doubt – have only recently started this ‘trend’ in a very small minority – but women have been doing this extensively for decades.

      I had a woman do this to me 17 years ago – and I’m still paying child support. Why was it not sexual assault when she did it?

    • Posted by systematic101, at Reply

      I’ve never met a woman this has happened to but I have met multiple men that have had holes poked in their condoms including myself. I’ve also never met a woman that was raped but I have had 1 of my friends falsely accused of rape.

    • Posted by Just Saying, at Reply

      Sydney D no, it is not

    • Posted by Justin Mielke, at Reply

      I agree that if a women lies about being in birth control in order to get pregnant and attempt to get the man to marry her should be illegal. this is why you should always wear a condom no matter what.

    • Posted by willix231, at Reply

      its called the double standard. its not a crime if its in the interest of a woman!

  13. Posted by AMERICAN REBEL, at Reply

    Let’s talk about women who “pill stealth”…telling a man she’s on the pill when she’s not! 5 out of 5 men are victims!

    • Posted by Joey Lopez, at Reply

      Cangel Tibon “pill stealthing” is worse than rape. It’s like raping your paycheck for the next 25 years.

    • Posted by sertaki, at Reply

      I don’t think we should do a “worse than” comparison here – both versions of stealthing have rather disgusting consequences – but both are a violation of consent that nobody should defend.

  14. Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

    Women do it all the time and its accepted, did anyone see wendy williams telling a woman to do it and not take her birth control pills to get pregnant and the audience cheered. Nobody will talk about that for sure.

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +Ryan Edwards Just type this on youtube: “Ask Wendy: I Want Another Baby!”

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +Pop Counter Culture Yes we would say that to everyone

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +deenman23 How is that sexist?

    • Posted by Faysal N, at Reply

      +Namelessandpure You are telling me to do what ive already done in this comment section, I did tell men to not have sex just read my comments! here is the quote:

      “Condoms does not prevent you 100% as it breaks alot.. the only way is to only have sex in a committed relationship with someone you could see as the mother of your child. Biology and science is never old school.. the greeks used to be like how the west is today so this free for all sex with no consequences is not a new thing. Not everyone wants a vasectomy as most people want children, we dont want to have sex like rats. Plus, having that kind of sex will also give you diseases and spread it. You want to take this as a game, dont complain and as the government and people to fund your mistakes or way of life.”

    • Posted by Namelessandpure, at Reply

      The man ALWAYS has a choice. DO NOT HAVE SEX! The second he has sex, he should know that a woman getting pregnant is a possibility and since it’s not his body holding the fetus he doesn’t have control of it. Of course, it would be great if a man could opt out but at this point in time, the law doesn’t always give the woman the choice to get an abortion. If abortion was free, easy and legal to all I’d say you were right that a man shouldn’t have to take responsibility for accidentally getting a woman pregnant and if he doesn’t want it and she does then she should take the responsibility. That also means he can’t have anything to do with the child until it’s an adult and only if the child wants to talk to him later, but the world isn’t that ways. Women are told that if they get an abortion they’re committing murder, they’re attacked left and right and sometimes they’re attacked by the law itself. There are women who are imprisoned because they are trying to get an abortion in this country (they use loopholes of course). So if men want the world where they can opt out, if they disagree with carrying on the pregnancy then they should vote for people who support a woman’s free and legal choice. They should vote for people who support comprehensive sex education. Plain and simple. You keep talking about how the law limits men, but you’re forgetting that women can be limited by the law and society as well. Try walking into a planned parenthood center with anti-abortion protesters practically spitting at you and calling you evil and you’ll understand what I mean.

  15. Posted by Omego2K, at Reply

    why would any guy want to do this? there’s nothing but downsides.

    • Posted by Theman, at Reply

      if the chick has money

    • Posted by Omego2K, at Reply

      Not sure how that would change anything. If she has money then she doesn’t need the guy. He’s not getting custody so no child support.

  16. Posted by qvistus82, at Reply

    This is a fucked up thing to do. Whateveryou do with someone, it should be open. This includes women, who “forget” their pills and forget to mention that to their partner.

    • Posted by nikada vise, at Reply

      again what women where? all the young women i know either are on the pill and use condoms because they don’t want kids r don’t have sex with men(and if they did get pregnant would have an abortion) and 2. such a non man would never get laid again because women talk to each other and he would be outed asap. time to put these non men s address and phone number on tindr or whatever the gay hookup site is with the whole “i like pretend rape so come do me and don’t get upset if i cry rape or try to get away” deal.

    • Posted by qvistus82, at Reply

      I meant adult women in the age they normally have children. It’s not uncommon. I know at least one little boy that is a result of this practice. The woman is not even with the man anymore. She has 3 kids and 2 ex-husbands as her sugar daddies who send her money each month. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other kids were “accidents” too.

    • Posted by The Angry Panda, at Reply

      nikada vise Look up a video called “ask Wendy: I want another baby” it’s from the Wendy Williams show. pay attention to the audience’s response.

  17. Posted by Aimee Miami, at Reply

    Do these men not realize that besides pregnancies, they can get STDs from unprotected sex?

    • Posted by TheGyuuula, at Reply

      What? oO It doesn’t make much sense, what you wrote. My take on the issue:
      There is no cure for idioticy. And taking off a condom is just plain idioticy. You can ideologize as much as you want, but using a term like “toxic masculinity” just makes you sound like a misandrist.

    • Posted by Angel Light, at Reply

      There are so many people infected with HIV.. and no one is carrying a sign stating they have a HIV or other diseases..

    • Posted by Kevin Carey, at Reply

      STDS just means you have fun ?