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Warren: Trumpcare Kills The Poor For “Blood Money” Billionaire Tax Cuts


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Elizabeth Warren called the tax cuts Trumpcare is designed to generate "blood money." Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section below.

" Senate Democrats are horrified by the draft of the Obamacare abolition costs revealed earlier on Thursday by Senate Republicans.

In a speech on the Senate flooring quickly after the conversation draft was launched to the general public, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York proclaimed that the expense "will certainly lead to greater costs, less treatment and millions of Americans will certainly shed their medical insurance, particularly through Medicaid."

He added, "It's every bit as bad as the House bill. In some ways it's also worse."

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, though technically an independent, shared the Democrats' intense criticism of the brand-new legislation." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    And people say I’m violent for wanting to kill these conservative fucks, really it’s just self defense 😉

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      I wouldn’t kill a republican, but if I saw them suffering or dying in the street I’d walk over them spit on them and keep walking. Call your precious trump for help scum.

    • Posted by Hijiku Brynjar, at Reply

      violence won’t solve anything.

  2. Posted by Mariano Dessardo, at Reply

    Why do Trump supporters support Trump?

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      JNF that Kruger guy is a troll, you know the Dunning Kruger effect…

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      Because the wall is more important to them than their lives.

  3. Posted by Di Berry, at Reply

    Haven’t they stolen enough from the American people?

    • Posted by toxman99, at Reply

      Dollar to dollar 1 corporate white male have stolen more compared to 50,000 minorities.

    • Posted by Aaron Green, at Reply

      Kruger That’s dumb! You can’t steal your own money but you can steal others and that’s obviously what Di Berry is saying

    • Posted by Philip Hall, at Reply

      not until they bring back slavery then maybe it will be enough

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      They’re not stealing from the American people. They’re rescuing money from Trump’s grubby little hands.

  4. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    On the positive side we won’t get any terrorist attack from Isis, I mean they know they cannot compite with Republicans in killing Americans in a massive way, so they are going to seat, relax an see the United States being destroy from inside.

    • Posted by sean bowman, at Reply

      R. m there not Christians

    • Posted by Jay busa, at Reply

      juan gomez you are 100% right. somehow we have become our own worst enemy….smh 😢😢

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      quaxk not just Trump, the GOP is currently the most dangerous organization to worldwide human civilization active today.

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      And yet many of them call themselves Christian, Mr. Bowman. A common refrain from those on the right.

    • Posted by Troy V, at Reply

      Here are some facts, Americans terrorize each other more than any Muslim terrorist. Every year between 35K-50K Americans die of gun violence committed by fellow Americans. None of them a Muslim. Next time there’s a mass shooting in your schools or public place the perp will most likely be a christian-white-male-gun-loving-NRA member.

  5. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    we smoke a joint and we go to jail! they kill us by the misuse of OUR tax dollars and somehow these corrupt and heartless SOB’s have convinced America that an ethnicity is the problem? open your eyes America!

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      +Rick Sanchez Why would they lower the prices? The companies are in collusion and are selling you oxygen you can not do without, pay their prices or die .. they have literally no incentive to lower prices. They will offer you plans that do nothing for you when you need them and you will be fucked .. that is what you are getting under this new plan. It is the worst bill passed in living memory to give the rich a tax cut .. own that

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      Hugh Janus
      “longest wait times and lowest cancer survival rates” Pffft. You’ve obviously never traveled anywhere that has “socialized medicine”. Those talking points are fake news.

    • Posted by Gordon Bradley, at Reply

      Sha Dow
      I live in the UK. we have our state run NHS.
      we would never part with it. it’s not perfect, but it belongs to us and it’s wonderful !
      stupidity at your level must be a great comfort to you !

  6. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    just as a reminder during the bush era when insurance companies made the rules and could deny anyone for the dumbest of reasons over 50 million people were uninsured and over 40,000 people were dying annually because they had no health insurance. under trumpcare it will go back to that. right now it is estimated 37,000-43,000 people would die annually because of this bill, since its kicking off millions from insurance.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Lester Brunt, people don’t have $50 to donate. Also, it isn’t that simple. We lack doctors, nurses, researchers and other skilled workers in healthcare. In other countries people die simply because of low quality or rationing by their systems.

      Again, there is not ideal system out there.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      Hamish Gaffaney that many people were not dying under the ACA because 20 million people got health insurance mean that they can go get the treatments and medicines that they needed that they could not get beforehand. please provide the site that says that many people were dying under the ACA annually

    • Posted by Troy V, at Reply

      This is what the people voted for, this is what they want. let them have it.

    • Posted by NC, at Reply

      Only it’s not. Most individuals voted against this.

  7. Posted by Vince Bellisano, at Reply

    balancing the budget with dead bodies.

    • Posted by rparsi, at Reply

      GOP thinks the ever increasing obesity of Americans will help balance the budget faster,
      in that people who die quickly won’t need healthcare, saving money.

    • Posted by kristabella222, at Reply

      And it won’t even balance the budget. Republicans claim to care about fiscal responsibility but they really only care about tax breaks for the rich.

    • Posted by Troy V, at Reply

      Naw..naw…they can afford iPhones, and playstations……and flat TV’s (con argument)

  8. Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

    Bernie Sanders must run again for The Democratic Party’s nomination in 2020 and pick HER (Elizabeth Warren lol) as his VP lol

    • Posted by Charlotte Mcnaught, at Reply

      Elizabeth will probably be the first female president in 2020, she’s great.

    • Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

      +Stiven Lopez She is Progressive just look at what she believes lol (basically everything that Bernie Sanders believes) she is just a Corporate Democrat apologist lol

    • Posted by Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2, at Reply

      Stiven Lopez Yea, the same woman who created the Consumer financial protection bureau – which is more impressive than ANYTHING Bernie ever did in the Senate (and im a big Bernie fan) – is totally not progressive. (Eyes rolling). Liz Warren is VERY Progressive and she’s saved American workers 3 billion dollars in fraud returns from unscrupulous banks thanks to the CFPB. She is, unfortunately, a bit of an apologist for corporate democrats (which is sooo frustrating), but her voting record is VERY progressive.

  9. Posted by Matthew Condie, at Reply

    The Republican Party is evil.

    • Posted by Citizen Scientist TV, at Reply

      K Why do you believe them?

      Why do you believe republicans or democrats?

      One is the pedophile aka the collecters and the other is the pedophile aka the abusers..

      The whole system is a illusion.
      You my friend bought it…

      Do you really own your house or does the government?

  10. Posted by GreenGretel, at Reply

    I’m really starting to “get” the French Revolution.

    • Posted by JackgarPrime, at Reply

      If they keep this blatant monetary corruption up, you’re going to start thinking “Hey, maybe the Bolsheviks were on to something”

  11. Posted by David Weiser, at Reply

    Trump’s reelection slogan should be “Kill the Poor”.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Will there be less traffic?

    • Posted by David Weiser, at Reply

      Not really, poor people take buses and subways.

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      Ever get stuck BEHIND a bus? That sucks too.

  12. Posted by Citizen Scientist TV, at Reply


    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      In 2024…maybe by then you Dems will WIN a election or two…..*snicker snicker snicker*

    • Posted by Citizen Scientist TV, at Reply

      Max You know you won’t be alive then, right… you are trump’s sheep..

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      If am gone, who will tip your sister on the pole and run-way?

  13. Posted by Amarendra Mishra, at Reply

    hey trump supporters, do you really appreciate tax cuts for the rich?

    • Posted by Max, at Reply

      In the immortal words of Joe Dirt, “I like getting hit with hot dogs, it don’t bother me none.”

    • Posted by Matthew Robert William Levy, at Reply

      Amarendra Mishra i like all tax cuts, yes

    • Posted by Amarendra Mishra, at Reply

      and do you also appreciate tax cuts for the top 1 percent in a time when a lot of the people cant afford basic medical care?

  14. Posted by Sergei, at Reply

    Warren should go back and endorse Hillary Clinton and Joe Manchin again.

  15. Posted by Stew Hvidston, at Reply

    Republicans are just flat out super villains.

  16. Posted by David J, at Reply

    Why can’t liberals see that the free market is the best way to distribute anything?

  17. Posted by Ultimate Bear, at Reply

    free healthcare usually has low quality

  18. Posted by teddybeddy123, at Reply

    Dems just need to play more rounds of golf with Trump!