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Was The Democratic Party Destroyed Under Barack Obama?


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During a recent MSNBC appearance reporter Sam Stein discussed Barack Obama's impact on the Democratic Party, Sam is of the opinion that Obama had a negative effect on the party. Cenk Uygur, RJ Eskow, Jimmy Dore and Alonzo Bodden discuss Obama's legacy on The Young Turks. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, RJ Eskow, Jimmy Dore, Alonzo Bodden
Cast: Cenk Uygur, RJ Eskow, Jimmy Dore, Alonzo Bodden


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  1. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    25 democrats senate seats will be up in 2018. only 8 republicans. All four
    *years*! TRUMP will have control of the house, and Senate most likely.

    • Posted by Aggiesgigem, at Reply

      Unless things drastically crash(doubtful in immediate term because of mass
      tax cuts) , almost certainly.

  2. Posted by Crying Crook, at Reply

    Obama Administration will go down as one of the worst ever. From press
    access(transparency) to jailing whistle-blowers and failed Obamacare. His
    legacy will be of a black President and That’s it.

    • Posted by 𝕽ick 𝕮leek, at Reply

      *If you like your legacy, you can keep your legacy.*

    • Posted by slick67cuda, at Reply

      Crying Crook And a mediocre Black president at that! I’m ashamed to say I
      voted for this charlatan twice. Obama is nothing but a slick talking
      hustler! He’s essentially cut from the same fabric as any other street
      hustler (say in Detroit) but the only difference is he’s highly articulate.
      That makes even more dangerous.

  3. Posted by David Hernandez, at Reply

    The DNC destroyed themselves.

  4. Posted by PrincessTS01, at Reply

    i think all the opposition to obama was due to racism

    • Posted by RocketRadioShow1, at Reply

      PrincessTS01 hense you still are wrong.

    • Posted by Nathan Long, at Reply

      PrincessTS01 it’s not just racism it’s actually trade deals, international
      relations over internal relations, conspiracies, and he kept the system
      Reagan and even Nixon had over the years everything else is bushes fault
      and the republican congress fault meaning we were screwed ever since the
      late 1960’s

    • Posted by Joe Sinkovic, at Reply

      nope obomber was a sell out or a trojan horse for the republicans.

    • Posted by Classical Liberal, at Reply

      PrincessTS01 omg just stfu already

  5. Posted by nawahine kahoopii, at Reply

    It was destroyed by the Clintons

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      no it was destroyed by obama

    • Posted by richard smith, at Reply

      freedombase clintons

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      no the Anti Semite gun grabber clown osama obama destroyed the nc

    • Posted by Jim Mooney, at Reply

      Bill the Bum started the destruction of liberalism and Obama finished it.
      It’s now a Totally Corporate party.

    • Posted by Longclaw22 -, at Reply

      Anti Semite? He did so much for Israel, what are you talking about?

  6. Posted by Tron Michaels, at Reply

    oh cenk, the only people that hate on alpha males are feminist and weak

    • Posted by FIVOTHREEFOUR, at Reply

      But every male thinks he’s an alpha male. So…

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      +FIVOTHREEFOUR Most men want to be an alpha but many are just liars and

  7. Posted by estiv, at Reply

    All of these moves obama is making to destablize the transition for trump
    show him up to be a total clown, what he is doing is tantamount to treason.

    • Posted by Longclaw22 -, at Reply

      What moves ?

    • Posted by Zu Nobi, at Reply

      Longclaw22 – don’t mind estiv. he believes protecting the environment
      against wanton abuse, and citizens from complete disregard is somehow
      treason… even though he’s president. delusional right

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      He just undermined Israel in the UN. Hes working around the clock to put
      things in place to disrupt trump. Locking horns with Putin knowing
      relations are about to be normalised. The absolute opposite of what bush
      did for obama,.

      Zu Nobi – I understand your concern with the environment, but that is what
      makes environmentalism the perfect vehicle to lodge a technocratic
      undermining of the system. There is a book called Technocracy Rising on
      amazon, I’m not suggesting you buy it, but if you have a quick look at the
      preview, its enough to show that there is in fact another side to
      environmentalism, I was surprised myself.

  8. Posted by Venkat Y, at Reply

    Did Bush, McCain or Romney Destroyed Republican Party?

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      I think the lack of intellectual capacity in many republican voters is what
      ultimately destroyed and rebuilt the Republican Party. Hold on! I’m not
      saying all Republocans. But Republocans used to stand for something that I
      didn’t agree with but it was at least intelligent and had some integrity.
      Now it’s just corporate ideology and tax breaks and welfare for the richest
      of the rich. Never been a republican though so not sure what it’s like from
      the inside. In this Syria débâcle have noticed how Obama and McCain are
      EXACTLY the same. It’s like by the time that 2008
      Election rolled up both parties were owned by the same corporate masters.
      Imo. Love to hear the response. Remember I didn’t call all of you
      republicans stupid….

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      Jeff Tracy Coopted, is not necessarily the same as destroyed. The Gotta
      Oral Putin party is perfectly healthy.

    • Posted by Jeff Tracy, at Reply

      +Vanessa Creative
      As someone who is a registered Republican, I can say that a large
      percentage of us are incredibly happy that the Republican party was
      destroyed. We hated the Neocons like Bush, Lindsay Graham, McCain, Romney,
      etc. We hope they will never represent our party again. They weren’t
      conservatives at all. Ron Paul is a true conservative and a patriot.
      Bernie Sanders, despite being totally illogical on economics (my opinion)
      is still more of a conservative and more of a patriot than George W. Bush.
      George W. Bush? I honestly see him as the exact same BS politician as
      Hillary Clinton and Obama. They’re all authoritarians in my opinion.
      Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, they’re more like half and half. Trump is
      a mixed bag but at least he’s not totally controlled by the elites like the
      others and is willing to stand up against them and I’m genuinely looking
      forward to the next four years. My hope is that he will take a hands off
      approach on most issues, especially the drug war and gay marriage, because
      moral laws, whether they are economic or social, are stupid, and they don’t
      solve problems. They just create more division and expand the government’s
      powers and as someone who deeply believes in classical liberal principles
      and seriously reducing the size and scope of government so everyone can
      just be left alone, I can’t stand for more government in any avenue even if
      it may be for moral causes, because I believe the American will handle
      those issues better than the government ever will. We can help the poor
      become successful, but we can do it as people, as neighbors, as friends,
      rather than through government. So I will praise Trump when I see him
      doing things that will empower the American people, and I will criticize
      him when I see him trying to use big government to accomplish his goals.
      Those of you who like to say you are far left, I have to say you really
      belong on the center right instead of the left. You guys are for less
      government on a lot of issues. Not as much as us, and that is why you guys
      are left of us. But overall, I think you guys are to the right of most
      Establishment Republicans and Democrats. The paradigm is changing. The
      two party establishment system is beginning to collapse and morph into
      one. The new far right will become the anarchist movement and the new far
      left will become the authoritarian movement. We need to team up against
      the establishment before they take over everything. We agree on a lot of
      stuff. There are some issues like how to combat poverty and how to combat
      climate change, where we will disagree with you greatly. But most other
      stuff, we are pretty much the same as you.

  9. Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

    Obama was a smooth criminal….He had America focused on Race the whole
    time he was in Office….while he waged Drone Wars and Kept the Corruption
    in DC rolling at full speed without a hitch….

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      Unhealthy focus on race, raised the profile of what divides us, and the
      riots have been significant.

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      The Best Riots Soros Money Can Buy.

  10. Posted by Strongersevillian, at Reply

    What destroyed the Democratic party was choosing Hilary instead of Bernie.

    • Posted by Maxwell Montgomery, at Reply

      Sumaya as well as the working class and poor who voted for Hillary in the

    • Posted by Sumaya, at Reply

      +Maxwell Montgomery They voted for her because they were deliberately kept
      uninformed by DNC or else they wouldn’t have voted for an establishment

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      That wasn’t a choice, that was election fraud. Verified.

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      That is the ultimate truth. You’re right. That was the monument to

    • Posted by Brent Adler, at Reply

      Nobody really wanted Hillary as the democratic nominee except the
      democratic establishment and Wall Street, they got their way, and here we

  11. Posted by uutuber431, at Reply

    6:10 Amazing to me how liberals will immediately make every excuse for
    Obama because he is black, and chalk up all his opposition to racism. But
    they hold Hillary Clinton to the most draconian standards of liberal

    Not only does she face 0 sexism, but she’s actually the benefactor of
    nepotism and she’s so incompetent that she loses despite having every
    advantage—being an “establishment” politician, etc, bullshit, ad nauseum.

    • Posted by estiv, at Reply

      uutuber431 Yes, but you have to have sexism or racism, otherwise the
      precious victimhood narrative falls apart. It’s a narrative so fragile,
      which you can tell, because believers are quick to anger if it’s

  12. Posted by Blake Moliere, at Reply

    No one talks about how much Citizens United has helped the Republican Party
    since 2010…

    • Posted by Mirato DarkWolf, at Reply

      Hillary had far more money than Trump.. So no. Obama broke record of
      funding for his campaign, so no again.

    • Posted by Blake Moliere, at Reply

      Mirato DarkWolf I’m talking about way more than just the past two
      Presidential elections. Republicans receive a hell of a lot more money for
      congressional, senate, gubernatorial, & state legislative races. And the
      shocking fact is that they raise more money but with fewer donors than the

    • Posted by Mirato DarkWolf, at Reply

      +Blake Moliere since 2010? You say it not me.

  13. Posted by Gary Easy, at Reply

    The destruction of this party goes back decades. Hopefully, a new party can
    rise from the ashes. Here’s how:
    I have always been an independent voter. I re-registered as a Democrat, to
    vote in Democratic primaries.
    Bernie got 46%, even with Independents locked out in many states. Even with
    DNC malfeasance, and a near-total media blackout, he still got 46%!
    Hypothesis: If independents had not been vote-blocked, Bernie would have
    been the nominee. Possible solution: About 42% of registered voters are
    “Independent”. If the progressive independents re-register as Democrat, we
    can easily outnumber the conservative corporate block. They have the money,
    but we have the numbers. Remember, registered Democrats can always vote
    Independent, but Independents may not be able to vote as Democrats. Forget
    the third party. Let’s just take over this dinosaur, and run it. We are
    legion. It’s time to get pissed. Do it.

    • Posted by Loretta Buck, at Reply

      Gary Easy The problem is the Democrat Corporate Bloc . Bernie just backed
      Chuck Mr Wall Street Schumer as Senate Minority leader AND Nancy Pelosi as
      House Leader . Then Bernie backs Keith Ellison who not only supported the
      Libyan debacle and the Syrian conflict , he just backed Stephen Bittel as
      DNC chair of Florida . Bittel is a billionaire donor , ally of Debbie
      Wasserman Schultz and Clinton .
      Voting Democrat is setting yourself up for another let down . Keith Ellison
      is now getting money from Super Pacs and is backed by George Soros The
      Corporate donors are consolidating power again and sorry to say , Bernie
      supports them . Ugh !
      # Go Green

    • Posted by See, at Reply

      Loretta Buck we have to put our faith somewhere, Bernie has stuck to his
      roots longer than many of us have been alive. He may be playing politics-
      but if that’s what bringing his vision requires than I’ll register as a dem

    • Posted by See, at Reply

      Loretta Buck also Green Party doesn’t really represent all progressives

    • Posted by Loretta Buck, at Reply

      See Well , I attended one of his rallies in Az early in his campaign . Two
      females from BLM ran up on stage and took his mic and began to yell at us
      supporters calling us racist white liberals . We stood there hoping Bernie
      would take back his mic and time as we waited for hours for him to speak
      but he just put his head down and stood there then walked off stage as
      these two woman hurled racist insults at us , accusing us of being racist
      yet they never met us or even knew us . Bernie never defended us neither .
      This happened again in Seattle a week later . Both these incidents were
      covered by media .
      My boyfriend as angry and began to support Trump after that . He told me
      Bernie couldn’t even defend his white supporters therefore he would sell
      out later . Which in my opinion he did when he lost me at Hillary . But I
      gave him the benefit of the doubt and stayed the course . Now he is backing
      more corporatist . My boyfriend is laughing at me telling me he told me so .
      I am supporting the Green Party now . I feel Bernie doesn’t have the
      strength nor will he last the Corporate wing of the DNC .

  14. Posted by Tommy Gunzz, at Reply

    Barak Hussein Obama can do no wrong.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Tommy Gunzz yes, that would be racist.

  15. Posted by severe8403, at Reply

    Obama is partly to blame, he spent a lot of political capital getting the
    ACA passed. The blame really lies on the party leaders that were in place
    BEFORE Obama. They needed to get the infrastructure in place to win the mid
    terms in 2010. Losing that year allowed Republicans to gerrymander
    congressional districts. Also republicans have been pouring money into
    local elections for years and taking over governments at the state level,
    something democrats have not been doing until recently

    • Posted by DootDoot, at Reply

      he spent no capital. He never went to the people once. He could have had a
      million people march on Washington.

    • Posted by severe8403, at Reply

      Why would the President organize a march on Washington? That’s where he is
      already. Marches don’t change policy, they are done to get publicity and
      bring attention to an issue. For a variety of reasons, people don’t/didn’t
      trust Obama. They were against any and everything he did, even if it
      benefitted them. A march would’ve been painted by the right as a desperate
      political stunt by an elected conman who is short on ideas.

    • Posted by DootDoot, at Reply

      +severe8403 No one said organize. Obama could have went to the public and
      said that I am trying to bring you guys jobs and prosecute the people
      responsible for the crash.. And i Need the people to mobilize and help me
      get it done. Through the groups and organizations already created for his
      campaign there would have been a Million people on Capitol Hill that week
      with pressure every day on the republicans and blue dog democrats blocking
      Obama and the Will of the people. Obama never went to the people with a
      case and who is responsible once in his presidency. Even in mid-term years
      when his party lost over 600 seats nation wide.

    • Posted by Cory ryder, at Reply

      +DootDoot thats what I was doing since 06 with OPM Our Planet Peace People
      Matter and sent it out to tens of thousands like a memo which a hand ful of
      people replied to in 08 which Obama was one of them and started talking
      about what I presented also all the copy cats or mockery with black lives
      matter and rest ? 1 alternative powered farming resources combo of solar
      wind and farming tackle climate energy poverty and water in one 2 a non
      social pro network for TRANSPARANCY adn more which is what you are speaking
      of above in a very broad sense this was taken turned into teaparty twiitter
      crowdrise open gov we are change and rest we have seen since being pushed
      by lobbiests and paid propaganda speaking bad about 3 Public Options bundle
      like net phone cable but basic nessesities for the ones who need the help
      which health care was one part of and see how right attacked that also get
      fair share out of the trumps of the world who dont pay fair share get all
      the hand outs and breaks and cause the stuff like crash to begin with which
      Obama started promoting back then Public Options was this and mine it was
      always called single payer health care and stuff before my stuff like they
      wouldnt even believe internet now propaganda spin it the other way for
      controlled opposition like alex jones too trump

    • Posted by Cory ryder, at Reply

      yes he did after summer 08 he fought agianst the pharma and right which
      were fighting for the taxes breaks and bailouts for the corperations the
      whoel too big to fail stuff while pushing my public options and pro network

  16. Posted by Mplay1983, at Reply

    But holding one person being the blame for all the horrible weak Democrats
    that had no spine? I blame the party.

    • Posted by g w, at Reply

      It is a war between liberals and conservatives. The conservatives take it
      as a serious war, whereas the Liberal just proudly march on. While it is
      not too bad that they could only end up with Trump. That means something,
      doesn’t it? I think eventually winning with Trump is not a true winning.

  17. Posted by g w, at Reply

    It is because the Republican fought hard. And it is because he passed
    same-sex marriage, and then the gender identity thing became a big
    controversy. Yes, the Obama care may not be popular, but people do not just
    vote for Trump. I am so disappointed these people just behave like they are
    specialist and do not even mention the origin of hate. But I would say a
    win with Trump might not be a true winning.

    • Posted by Usman Najam, at Reply

      That wasn’t easy to read

    • Posted by g w, at Reply

      +Usman Najam Thanks for your comment. still a student in the US. Will

  18. Posted by bobothecreepyclown, at Reply

    I think TYT’s underestimate the ability of the GOP to frighten voters into
    voting against their own best interests, furthermore they grossly
    underestimate the stupidity of the electorate.

    • Posted by severe8403, at Reply

      Everyone underestimated the ignorance of the electorate, this is why Trump
      won with buzz words and false promises. He’s already broken almost every
      major campaign promise, but his supporters just don’t care

    • Posted by Joan Robinson, at Reply

      Half true, from my perspective. The electorate that chose someone as
      horrible as Clinton when there was a far better alternative weren’t any
      more enlightened. I tried to reason with those people, her flaws were
      obvious since she entered the race, and they couldn’t be bothered.

    • Posted by nunya bisnass, at Reply

      Meh. Its easy to label vast swaths of people as stupid when you hold your
      own opinion in such high regard.

      The the only real problem I have with your interpretation is that it
      doesn’t say anything meaningful for the topic its alluding toward (or maybe
      I just missed the point). The two prevailing theories for trumps win, or
      Hillary’s loss, depends on whom you ask. Most people I heard that say they
      voted for trump, doesn’t actually have much to do with agreeing with his
      policies so much as they hated Hillary more. Most never even believed any
      of his policies were feasible in anyway, and were summarily dismissed as
      another status quo campaign promise. The people that voted for Hillary, in
      my experience was mainly because they were going to vote Democrat anyway. I
      say that because the anti conservative message from the left hasn’t changed
      in nearly twenty years. The stance of the republican side was always boiled
      down to some buzzword like anti woman, anti immigrant, or anti minority.
      Which is ironically hilarious because now we have someone that actually
      might be all of those things without any need for hyperbole. Possibly
      because the constant harping of these fear tactics desensitised people to
      what they actually look like.

  19. Posted by WOOF !, at Reply

    I think the democratic party failed to inspire their usually
    reliable voters to come out on non presidential elections and vote, at
    least the republicans had their crazy tea party movement to rile up the
    republican base. It is true that the democrats hold on power has diminished
    while Obama was president, but not because of the man himself.

    • Posted by V Love-Williams, at Reply

      Obama definitely got the ball rolling. It began with Obamacare. That’s how
      the “obstructionist” Republicans got there. The Republicans were put there
      by the people to fight against it and they did. The further losses came
      from the grave fear of Hillary and the globalist agenda that Americans

    • Posted by jaycol21, at Reply

      People did not like Hillary Clinton and she was forced on us…even in the
      face of a charismatic candidate that few can argue, at a minimum, would
      have done better against Trump than she did. I personally think Bernie
      could have won the thing. The Democratic Party, in its arrogance, thought
      it was entitled to our votes. I played ball because “Trump”. But, I can
      understand why many didn’t.

      I think that Obama was at least partly responsible. People put their faith
      in him to create CHANGE and he was the same as the establishment at almost
      every turn. He spent most of his presidency, sadly, not living up to
      expectations or seemingly even trying to. If people had seen him banging
      his head against the republican wall on their behalf, they would have
      rallied around him. But, he was constantly rolling over and giving in.