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Washington Post In No Position To Be Fake News Arbiter


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The Washington Article assisted the Shrub Management with their WMD exists that got us to invade Iraq. Jimmy Dore, Malcolm Fleschner, as well as Graham Elwood talk about on the most up to date episode of Hostile Progressives. See the full Hostile Progressives episode below:

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Jimmy Dore, Malcolm Fleschner, and also Graham Elwood for this week's Aggressive Progressive. The trio view a throwback TYT clip of the initial Aggressive Progressive, Cenk Uygur. Malcolm talks about the activism function his mommy does.

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  1. Posted by Eric Dufrane, at Reply

    This is what I come to tyt for. Less Anna more-Dore!

    • Posted by Angel, at Reply

      Purge Hannah, Ana, and Hassan, and TYT will be golden.

  2. Posted by rollingcan, at Reply

    I like Jimmy going all out and uncensored.

    • Posted by Swole Astronomer, at Reply

      He’s straight savage

    • Posted by Man Canon, at Reply


  3. Posted by WANDA French, at Reply

    just unsubscribed the Washington Post…thank you for all you teach me

    • Posted by WANDA French, at Reply

      I’m new here..but happy

    • Posted by WANDA French, at Reply

      again.. something I didn’t know..thanks guys

    • Posted by WANDA French, at Reply

      btw.. subscribed to the guardian already…I need some truth people

  4. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    OMG you’re so vulgar it’s not even funny. I know you’re mad but come on dude.

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      I know it’s just……sounds so unprofessional.

    • Posted by akaElleLatham, at Reply

      If you’re not angry you aren’t paying attention.

    • Posted by Sean Hanson, at Reply

      I know, who does he think he is, Trump? If he keeps being vulgar like this he might end up president.

  5. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    It is highly unlikely that Julian Assange would take an interest in the murder of Seth Rich unless he was somehow invested in him. People are murdered all of the time so why take an interest in this particular murder?

    • Posted by Man Canon, at Reply

      People from the DNC are murdered all the time? Initially reported as a robbery, but later found out that that was a lie and that nothing with obvious expense was taken off of him? That happens all the time?
      Whether or not he was working with Assange, the murderer is still out there, free.

    • Posted by Michael Babcock, at Reply

      Jack Daniel

      Julian never claimed to not know the sources.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Regarding Manning he always said there no way for wikileaks to know its source

    • Posted by Ailor Pewpew, at Reply

      Exactly. But sean hannity said that on fox news and we hate fox news. Plus democrats hate wikileaks now that they released info on dnc and hillary so they dont care if a guy got shot.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Hint: Russians control the International Flesh-Trafficking and Extortion Cartel (formerly KGB), a privateer enterprise under the new Christian regime. Lots of people are compromised. Hillary said, “If I go down, you all go down.” Seth was compromised and blackmailed. But when he realized it was the Russians, he made an appointment to talk. He was killed by Russian agents. We have the transcripts of Flynn and the Russians — the Russian said, “We demand Obama’s sanctions be lifted immediately! Or need I remind you of a video with two, underage . . .” Yates testified, “The underlying conduct is classified, but is problematic on its own.”
      Trump tried to cover it up. Not Collusion, just DUPE-licity. Which makes me very unhappy. Putin bragged, “Russian pro’s are the best in the world.” when that fake news MI-6 golden showers dossier was leaked naming Trump.
      Hint 2: It was about Flynn

  6. Posted by Brian Sands, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is waaaay over the top. No thank you. Like WaPo is worse than Breitbart, Fox News, etc.? Please…

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      Uh, *Hillbots are on the rampage.*

    • Posted by Brian Sands, at Reply

      I thought I was supposed to drink a cocktail Ailor? I’ll put it another way for you. Let’s say I’m describing the Wells Fargo crime where they were creating new accounts for people without their knowledge. You can listen and either agree or disagree. But the second I say something silly like this is the worst injustice in human history!!!! At that point I lose all credibility, and my point is moot. Considering the current political landscape calling WaPo the biggest propagator of fake news is factually incorrect, and ridiculous. Jimmy is welcome to give his examples, say he hates the paper or whatever; I really don’t care about his “opinion”. But in my opinion he’s way over the top. I brought up Fox/Breitbart since saying WaPo is the worst is literally saying they spread more fake news than Fox/Breitbart or some conspiracy theory website. You are welcome to your opinion, and I’ll stick to mine. I don’t respect his views. So calm down, and go grab that cocktail you’re so hellbent on me drinking. I’m really not trying to argue with anyone; only sharing my perspective.

    • Posted by janglestick, at Reply

      the term ‘hillbots’ is so irrelevant to this .. an obvious poo-poster.

    • Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

      Brian Sands he did not say that you filthy liar

    • Posted by janglestick, at Reply

      AntiFOX, Brian Sands said “-Like- WaPo is worse than …”. He didn’t attribute that directly to Dore, and if you read the comments you will see that people are addressing the unnecessary polemic that is presented, and the rather childish way the video attempts to present things as if they were black and white, primarily for the point of showing how Jimmy was right or how Jimmy was wronged. If I am going to take my time to watch something like this, I don’t like seeing opportunities to inform wasted. There is a deeper set of information here, that could have been presented in a non-biased manner, and maybe TYT will do a more comprehensive piece, who knows.

  7. Posted by Cynthia Mclean, at Reply

    JImmy Dore is spot on!

    • Posted by janglestick, at Reply

      more like Spit On

  8. Posted by Bo Bob, at Reply

    Dore, you are a frigging idiot conspiracy theorist who promotes discord between all non-Republicans. You are a disgrace to this country just as much as Alex Jones.

    • Posted by Gene Scheel, at Reply

      Lil baby is triggered…lmao. YOu don’t have evidence. That’s what I thought. Go away fascist.

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      Indeed. Jimmy is an idiot. Should kick him off TYT along with Hannah and Hassan.

  9. Posted by Malissa Marlow, at Reply

    Watching Jimmy is hard sometimes. He speaks a lot of truth, but he goes so hard, too hard. Unless you’re a die-hard fan, it’s kinda off-putting.

    • Posted by Lechiffresix six, at Reply

      Melissa, you can’t take the heat

    • Posted by Ian Weatherell, at Reply

      I think he’s like that cause that’s how conservatives are usually. He’s tired of liberals being push overs, he wants to be aggressive cause that’s what people listen to.

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      The problem is that Jimmy is an idiot. He’s a comedian and should probably stick to that.

    • Posted by Sébastien Dupuis, at Reply

      Malissa Marlow did you watch the whole video? Id be going hard too if id be humiliated on a public platform as well lol

  10. Posted by Ian Weatherell, at Reply

    Washington Post were the ones who ran 16 negative articles about Sanders in less than 24 hours. This was also during the primaries. Don’t forget that.

  11. Posted by David Owens, at Reply

    The Aggressive Progressives are the worst part of TYT!!! You guys are spreading the exact same bullshit propaganda as the Alt-Right and RT. Have some respect for the guys family who has repeatedly asked for the media to stop exploiting it. Never thought you guys would align yourselves with the likes on Sean Hannity. It just goes to show the the Alt-left isn’t too different than the Alt-right when it comes to the common denominator between the two of you………..WikiLeaks.

    • Posted by Sean Hanson, at Reply

      So go watch CNN if you want your comfortable lies.

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      *Hillbots are on the rampage.*

  12. Posted by ind0ctr1n3, at Reply

    Wait wait wait. I thought you people always said leftist media was NEVER fake news?

    Either way; TYT lies constantly and accuses everyone of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, and simply deals in hatred of anything that isn’t ‘progressive’.

    • Posted by Teremei, at Reply

      progressives hate things that hurt and kill people? how terrible.

    • Posted by Øystein A., at Reply

      This is other people. TYT is not a gathering of equal minds.

    • Posted by ind0ctr1n3, at Reply

      Teremei; At least be honest about it. Progressives hate things that *offend* them. If you hate things that ‘hurt and kill people’ you wouldn’t be out on the streets rioting, blocking traffic, and assaulting anyone with a different opinion than you. A great example of this would be Eric Clanton; A progressive ethics professor that dresses up in all black with a mask on, assaulting innocent people with a bike lock in his free time.

      But sure; You ‘hate things that hurt and kill people’.

  13. Posted by Hanc, at Reply

    Kinda hard to call WaPo fake news when TYT references their articles, ALL THE TIME!

    • Posted by TangoAlphaDelta, at Reply

      TYT references Trump all the time (usually to point out him contradicting himself again). Does that mean TYT supports Trump? Doesn’t matter what the source is. You can reference it if it is evidence of something. Doesn’t mean you endorse the source in some other context beyond what the reference is for.

  14. Posted by Westrocker 67, at Reply

    Ya know, I’ve never been a fan of Jimmy Dore, but today I listened with an open mind, and an open ear and guess what?…Jimmy is alright by me after this! He’s on FIRE, and telling the TRUTH! I’ll NEVER read ANYTHING from the WPo ever again, from this day forward. Ever again. Fake news must be stomped out like the filthy cockroach that it is.

    • Posted by J Snow, at Reply

      ah-ha and why exactly is he a “complete maniac”, “insane”, “gone off the deep end”, and a “liberal stain”?

      beside the myriad of ad hominem attacks your only criticism is that the article is “old” and “it wasn’t even the same editorial board” Which I’m not sure what you mean, or how it would matter. he’s calling out the whole of the WP and Dave Weigel specifically.

      what exactly are you so angry about?

  15. Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

    Jimmy, you are the best part of TYT!

    • Posted by Apollo Sun, at Reply

      And the funniest

    • Posted by Ka_Pe_De, at Reply

      Cenk & Jimmy FTW!

  16. Posted by Don, at Reply

    Funny, it’s more than 3 to 1 thumbs up to thumbs down, but the comment section is probably 80% anti Jimmy/TYT trolling. Looks like the Hillbots and Trumptards have joined forces in the comments section.

    • Posted by LaviArray, at Reply

      To speak as one of Jimmy’s critics, I am a Bernie supporter but Jimmy is starting to become annoying for me. I’m for him calling out dems and MSM, but he is starting to become a “truther”. For example, this video starts out with him trying to calling out Washington Post, with a 14 year old article. ignoring that the article was probably written by a different person who could disagree with that article or that those people are probably not even working there anymore, calling anything out for something that old over and over again is cheap.

      That would be like if I kept mentioning him repeating the story about the DNC employee getting shot was an inside job 5 years later to undermine his credibility.

      Again, Im for him calling out the powerful, but could he make his evidence a bit more timely?

    • Posted by Jeffrey LaCohn, at Reply

      Don, I don’t read the WP. I get my news from KSL, which is a Utah conservative news source. I get my laughs from TYT, and some news. I feel it’s best to watch both sides, then find the common sense in the middle.

    • Posted by Don, at Reply

      Lavi, you’re a friggin’ troll, not a Bernie supporter. Jimmy gave numerous examples of WaPo fake news in that video, including recent ones. STFU.

    • Posted by DootDoot, at Reply

      I am fine with constructive negative comments that actually attempt to form an argument.. But i haven’t found any yet. the closest example is someone saying that citing an article 14 years old somehow makes Jimmy’s entire argument irrelevant. With no mention of the scale of lie it was…. The Washington post has a 600 Million dollar deal with the CIA, 3x more then what the entire Washington post is worth.. To Print propaganda…. Now they are attacking online sources for information… People are hilarious… Any tune the pied piper plays they follow.

    • Posted by Jack Samsong, at Reply

      Jimmy seems to think that we live in world everyone shall never lie or make a mistake. Im sorry but we don’t live in that reality. We never had and we never will. You have to pick you battles wisely.

  17. Posted by Matthew P., at Reply

    Stay Aggressive Jimmy, don’t let up until we change the country. You’re a treasure.

    • Posted by urduib, at Reply

      Spot on. Get mad America and destroy your dictators

  18. Posted by mad1701, at Reply

    I really do wish Jimmy Dore would stuck to comedy and being an entertaining clown. He is not very bright and substitutes making reasoned points with shouting out crap. He is an embarrassment to TYT and now I simply switch videos whenever I see his face as I cannot bare to listen to the ill informed nonsense from his mouth. He’s basically the “progressive” equivalent of an idiot like Alex Jones.

    • Posted by MUTT1126, at Reply

      mad1701 I’m the same way. I keep forgetting that this is his video and clicking on it. Seth rich? We’re gonna talk about Seth rich now? His own family is telling everyone to stop politicizing his murder and that he wasn’t the leaker, and we believe Sean Hannity over his own family to spread propaganda? Jimmy isn’t doing this out of some desire for the truth. Look at his views. He monetized a video discussing the conspiracy, then one that debunks it, keeps them both up, and guess which one has more views. Jimmys doing this to cash in.

    • Posted by mad1701, at Reply

      MUTT1126 I totally agree. One of the main draws to TYT is the fact that it is meant to be a credible source of news. It must be intensely irritating to Ben and some of the others to have to share a platform with this idiot. Cenk really needs to nip his in the bud and go back to being reputable.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      Except all he’s doing is giving you the facts. AJ just rants about stuff he makes up. The only reason he shouts is because he’s angry that the WP keeps calling out “fake news”, when they are the fakest news around.

  19. Posted by By Design, at Reply

    Sure, you can argue bias, misrepresentation, mistakes etc, but *to perpetuate this vindictive, destructive “FAKE NEWS” tag against decent, professional journalists is disgraceful*

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply

      They KNEW they were lying, but they lied anyway.