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Watch what Gutfeld calls ‘greatest ending to Red Eye segment ever’ [video]


“Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld agrees: He called it the “greatest ending to a ‘Red Eye’ segment ever.”!/greggutfeld/status/425690128766341120

No, but really. Watch it.!/PatrickW462/status/425691904286527488

Gasping for breath!

Fans loved it:!/FJFrasca/status/425692827994296321!/groundshy/status/425691906711236609!/earnheartsp/status/425692046197002240

Viewers ate it up when the show aired as well.!/LauraMntsprg/status/425543402197749761!/DjWeideman/status/425543632817381376!/youknowmeasdan/status/425544232539914240!/Crackahh/status/425544368729366528

Giggling madly. But, no worries:!/The_Monarch/status/425543788098891778


(We told you to watch the whole thing. Nikki Nikki Nine Doors equals hilarious.)

And this Twitter user brought the “downward spiral” home:!/Doug121167/status/425543746508558336

More please, “Red Eye.”


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