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Water Protectors React To Standing Rock Victory


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Jordan Chariton interviews Standing Rock water protectors on their recent DAPL victory. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"Surely some of the protesters believed they would prevail, but among the experts—the law professors, financial analysts, and industry journalists who pride themselves on knowing the ins and outs of federal rules—almost no one expected it. The so-called experts were getting ready to shake their heads and sigh, to lament that once again a federal agency had failed to respond to a historic protest and had failed to protect the most vulnerable.

And then the incredible happened.

On Sunday afternoon, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers legally blocked the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, denying it a needed easement to drill beneath the Missouri River.

The corps will now investigate and write an environmental-impact statement, a roughly two-year process that will assess the risks of building a pipeline so close to the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply. It will specifically examine whether the pipeline should be moved or cancelled altogether.”*

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  1. Posted by Gary Hutchinson, at Reply

    Temporary only

  2. Posted by Matt Trophy1, at Reply

    The indigenous people had a prediction of a black snake causing them
    problems. So the pipeline is there black snake.

  3. Posted by Inferno361, at Reply

    Religion is nonsense.

  4. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    My penis is also called the Black Snake.

    • Posted by Gilberto Resendez, at Reply

      The girls call mine the black anaconda

    • Posted by The Sleeping Senator of the Islands, at Reply

      doxide they call mine The black Dragon.

    • Posted by Welfare Crusader, at Reply

      They call mine the “Put that away please”

  5. Posted by XmenMagnetoAcolytes, at Reply

    Thank you Obama!!!!

  6. Posted by Patsy Sadowski, at Reply

    The black snake is part of old prophecy about the white snake and black
    snakes who would threaten the native tribes. I am so glad, I hope this

  7. Posted by Wilder, at Reply

    The prayers only had a media visual effect. Seeing police attack people
    while they were praying, is an egregious image. And that can catalyze
    others who do believe in prayer. No need to credit anything you don’t have
    to. It was human decency that won this battle, as it inspired people to
    hound their representatives to pressure Obama into action. Humans won this
    day. But the war is not over.

  8. Posted by Michael Kahr, at Reply

    Hold the line. But I’m afraid with Trump this’ll all change to the worse.
    He’ll ask his advisers if it would be PC to ship all minorities to death
    camps. And after a few years of Trump it will be.

  9. Posted by Carolann Simpson, at Reply

    she called it the black snake becaouse of the native american black snake
    prophecy the snake would come and destrot the land and kill them all unless
    all of their people unite to defeat it.

  10. Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

    Cenk, atheists don’t believe in the power of prayer. Agnostics, however,
    don’t believe that there is proof for or against the power of prayer. So
    essentially, we believe it’s still possible that prayers work.

  11. Posted by starkiller11710, at Reply

    Prayer and the people

  12. Posted by hoodiewoman louisiana, at Reply

    CENK-my brother-I do NOT have the right, the reason, nor the authority to
    speak in any authority or that ugly word “judgment,” but at 67 yrs and
    basically being person non gratis at most Christian churches, I offer a
    suggestion:. Don’t “believe” in “religion.”. Try prayer. That is the
    peaceful attempt to unite the spirit/heart/ideas that motivate you ( your
    soul ) with that entity common to us all as our Creator, who remains to
    love & guide us in life. ( Seems to me the Muslim devotion to prayer is
    something Christians need to better understand, but I do not know the text
    of the daily prayers). The Buddhists contribute spirit-enriching
    meditation. Native Peoples realize we come from the earth, are dependant
    on, and stewards of the earth, and our bodies return to the earth, in a
    circle of unity of all life. Hinduism -. well, that faith produced Mohandas
    Gandhi – what else needs to be said? Listen to your heart, listen to the
    wind, study fractals ( to me, an amazing proof of divine creation) explain
    how bumblebees fly when scientifically it is impossible. And it’s great to
    feel you have a Holy Leader somewhere who has all the horrors of this world
    figured out and accounted for, somehow. Whatever your path, peace be with

  13. Posted by NairuOnLife, at Reply

    The future is bright, until you realize Trump is on the horizon. =P

  14. Posted by Summer Toney, at Reply

    I’m thinking it’s more likely that the imagery of people being attacked by
    cops while praying is what did it, rather than the prayer itself. but hey
    I’m also agnostic soooo lol.

  15. Posted by flyingrabbit, at Reply

    Calling the pipeline a black snake isn’t nice, it is racist toward snakes
    and vilifies them.

  16. Posted by Dathan Gotham, at Reply

    lmao how you like them dapls lol hahahahahah 😛 nice!!!!!

  17. Posted by Chaotic Entropy, at Reply

    Regrettably the company itself seems very indifferent to all this,
    especially the legal aspect, so I’d not be shouting victory too soon. In
    their own company releases, they seem to think that they’ve still got the
    full backing of the law and that all this is political theatre. We shall
    see I guess.

  18. Posted by drumsalltime, at Reply

    If the native Americans want to be their own nations how about we put up a
    fence around them and set up border controls and actually treat them like a
    sovereign nation. That’ll clear up all this mess. The pipeline can go