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We Ain’t Buying Republicans Fake Outrage Over Trump Tweets


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Beloved Republicans, spare me your BULLS ** T outrage over Trump's sexist tweets. You recognized this and also still ENDORSED IT. Held by Francis Maxwell. See much more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

    it’s because they know his END is nigh… like rats jumping off a ship. Impeachment imminent.

    • Posted by ebgreenham, at Reply

      Yeah his approval rating is low, and the democrats approval ratings are even lower! lol that’s why Trump will win and you will ranting against working class white people. Did you know that 30% of latinos voted for trump?

    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      ebgreenham ranting? Against white, working class?! Reading comprehension much? I just said he’s a dirty pos crook, you know, a scum of the earth kind of creep. People voted for him because he lied.. about absolutely everything.. it wasn’t clever
      Just pathological .. I guess we will see, who votes for him next time.

    • Posted by nohat 1375, at Reply

      Aaron Norell what has he done that is illegal?

    • Posted by ebgreenham, at Reply

      Lol it actually was clever. If it’s so easy why didn’t you run for president? Instead you’re a loser TYT fan who sits at home and argues politics over the internet. You’re blinded by ideology, the same regressive retards who are against the ceasefire in Syria because it gives Trump brownie points. You don’t care about what’s right, you’re just butthurt the democrats didn’t win.

  2. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Social Conservatives have no honor. The only things they care about are their guns, meth, and the gay prostitutes they use behinds their wives’ backs.

    • Posted by nohat 1375, at Reply

      Hal Jordan would you like to dehumanize me more? i prefer conversation personally. but dehumanizing ppl you fisagree with works too

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +nohat 1375 Just stop, a couple of years ago he could be talked to. . now he’s reduces himself to nothing more than a troll. . . Just let him carry on, he helps the right more than any rightwing argument could.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Telling the truth is ‘trolling’ now, but lying about beating ISIS in 30
      days is being ‘presidential?’ LOL. You people are an international

    • Posted by nohat 1375, at Reply

      Hal Jordan nice one. 🙂

  3. Posted by Ser Frazier, at Reply

    The regressive fake outrage over tweets is nauseating. Give it a rest.

    • Posted by Ser Frazier, at Reply

      Hal Jordan But it’s completely fine to give veiws to People who hate my country? Who sympathize with Muslim terrorists? I haven’t watched much of this girl. I didn’t see the video that was taken down. I do know she was apart of the sjw crowd years ago.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Yeah, TYT hates America. That’s why they showcase stories, where both democrats and republicans are actually destroying America, so people can be aware of it. They also sympathize with terrorists, even though they denounce violence all of the time. LMAO. You are a dunce.

    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      Ser Frazier and yes you do want a dictator hovering over everyone, you just want it to be Jesus 🙂 your UNselfaware hypocrisy is almost unpalatable, you are the very epitome of intellectual dishonesty

  4. Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

    Stop focusing on tweets and start focusing on the destructive policies of Republicans and the Trump Administration.

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      nohat 1375 I dont have a party. All Americans should be focusing on the party in charge, and currently that party is going to destroy many lives in the US due to their negligent policies. They are going to steal everything from the working/middle class, wrap it up with a pretty bow, and give it to the wealthiest Americans.

    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      nohat 1375 you again? Say the words that you’re writing out loud, listen closely.. can you hear the stupid ? you unbelievable, UNself-aware, servile moron.

    • Posted by nohat 1375, at Reply

      Optimus Fine if what u say is true then we better get them out of office.

      if they are so wrong then it shouldnt be a concern to us because our party has the correct stance on most issues.

      but that isnt the case. the left has nothing. their biggest weapon is “have you seen the other guys?” vote for us

  5. Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

    You libs can spare us your fake outrage over CNN memes, claiming they incite violence when you can’t stop talking about your fantasies of harming the president, even putting on your little plays in the park about assassinating him, and holding up his severed head. You people are warped, and plenty full of bullsh*t.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Mayg Wenz I see you hid your last comment from me so I can’t respond, coward. 🐿

    • Posted by Mayg Wenz, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 I didn’t hide it you maniac. I deleted it because of a grammar error and didn’t feel like rewriting it. We all know what assuming does, though.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Mayg Wenz It must have been really stupid. 😜😜😜

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      ^Censoring cowardly assclown.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Hal Jordan You’re not fooling anyone, you came here exclusively to troll, troll. ‘ nothing yet about the subject matter. Making you nitwits look bad certainly doesn’t take much effort. 🤡🤡🤡

  6. Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

    Theses Regressive Libtards SJWs get upset over locker room talk.
    Shameful how they took the comment out of context.

    Trump will be body slamming TYT next

    • Posted by kennedy crouch, at Reply

      BL4CK KN1G8T i love when idiots like you try to talk down to people lol its like seeing a toddler throw a fit. So cute

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      Stay ignorant Regressive

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      kennedy crouch
      Step up and learn something, be willing to learn and they maybe I wouldn’t have to talk down to you.

    • Posted by kennedy crouch, at Reply

      BL4CK KN1G8T dude you said i was “triggered” youre not smart enough to teach anybody ANYTHING lmao

  7. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    I find it hilarious to this day that the Evangelicals, so-called true Christians who care deeply about morality, would back this buffoon despite his comments. Goes to show that they only care about morality as long as it suits their needs.

    • Posted by Bharath r kumar, at Reply

      Yeah. because him telling the truth is immoral ? but democrats killing millions of babies with planned parenthood is women’s rights.
      give me a break you buffoon.

    • Posted by njintau, at Reply

      Lol “millions of babies” right.

    • Posted by threeof wands, at Reply

      Most Trump supporters are either foreign nationals trying to disrupt the U.S. or disgruntled domestics that want civilization to fail so they can live out their survivalist fantasies. The rest are morons.

  8. Posted by Panzer 1917, at Reply

    TYT is fake news as well, following CNN footsteps.

    • Posted by Julia Hill, at Reply

      Panzer 1917 Stay off this …you Trump supporters get to nasty when you hear the truth sooo don’t hit on it and watch.

    • Posted by Dave Orr, at Reply

      TYT is independent of CNN, meaning they follow a completely different path, so how can they be following in CNN’s footsteps if the two have entirely different ways of running things?

      Think, Monkey! Think!

    • Posted by B. Chan, at Reply

      Julia Hill they have to watch….you really think these losers have lives? or a purpose beyond hating what they dont understand?

  9. Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

    And we ain’t buying TYT’s lies about Trump.

    • Posted by Roger Starkey, at Reply

      Browser unknown
      So EVERY clip of Trump in the video was faked? …… DUH!

    • Posted by Yojimbo Jay, at Reply

      Browser unknown which lie

    • Posted by hustler3of4culture3, at Reply

      yes Trump’s own words are lies. lolololollolol

  10. Posted by T Vertrees, at Reply

    Wow! Just read some of the comments. Sure are a lot of views/comments by Trump supporters/trolls. What did he say that was a lie or fake? Nothing. It was all true yet facts don’t matter to Trump chumps. This is bizarre.

    • Posted by Alexander Mikah, at Reply

      T Vertrees lolz, you’ll never understand it seems.

  11. Posted by Nala The Lioness, at Reply

    We Ain’t Buying Fake News From TYT Videos either

    • Posted by Real Grumm, at Reply

      Yet here you are supporting them. Would you also cut your own nose off to spite your face?

    • Posted by Jaden Neal, at Reply

      Nala The Lioness ill dislike there video and for some reason they still show up In my reccomended page

    • Posted by Real Grumm, at Reply

      Jaden, there are generic categories YouTube lumps content into. If you have watched any news content, you will be recommended this channel like I am recommended Alex Jones even though I don’t care for him. Ignore it instead of clicking on it and you wont be burdened with supporting their content by choice.

    • Posted by cyberbob19, at Reply

      what is spoken in private reveals the true nature of a person’s character.

  12. Posted by Lin L. Hendric, at Reply

    I’ve made a game of counting how many stupid people and trolls you can find in the comment section. More than half of the people following TYT are just trolls that have nothing better to do than complain about what they are reporting or what they are not reporting, oh and Trump supporters. It’s pathetic in all honestly.

  13. Posted by Brian Alleyne, at Reply

    well they voted for him their idiots

    • Posted by Colton, at Reply


  14. Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

    Trump’s Turds always comes out in drones!

  15. Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

    What makes REPUBLICUNTS think women on the right are not fat pigs 🐷 their’s plenty of them.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      There must not be a lot of it.

  16. Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

    Wow, so many triggered snowflake Republicant’s in one comment section.

    • Posted by megaminer3941, at Reply

      WERE THE Snowflakes? You’re the ones who the the Transgender community 0.02% of the pop is worth putting 50% of the pop at risk!

    • Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

      megaminer3941 Sorry, I don’t know what you are trying to say. still lmao

    • Posted by Rodney Brown, at Reply

      It’s funny that they’re usually the first to watch and comment on all TYT videos lol.

  17. Posted by megaminer3941, at Reply

    Its not misogyny to call one woman beautiful and one woman ugly. Trump is also just much of a jerk to men as to women.

    And did you REALLY just call republicans hypocrites? That’s SO FUNNY I forgot to laugh 😀

    • Posted by Beenthere Donethat, at Reply

      megaminer3941 it’s not about free speech. It’s about the fact he spends too much time on Twitter and not enough time doing the job he was elected to do.

    • Posted by megaminer3941, at Reply

      How? He hasn’t failed as president at all. Ya know how your annoying parents say to get off twitter and study, and you dont, and you still ace the test? It’s like that.

    • Posted by Slamz Dunk, at Reply

      WHat?? lmao
      Everything has been a complete failure, from day one.

    • Posted by megaminer3941, at Reply

      Give me an example, with a linked source to back it up.

  18. Posted by Tugs McCowan, at Reply

    Are all anti-tyt trolls so strange and rude. Is there a point to any of them?

    • Posted by De-mon Nil, at Reply

      Tugs McCowan no but now their life has gained a reason.

    • Posted by Jay Smith, at Reply

      lol yeah the irony is tyt is the centre of their life

    • Posted by megaminer3941, at Reply

      I’ve never seen one of their videos until now and I’ve said some -things.

  19. Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

    Democrats may have a hard time connecting with people but at least they put morals over party unlike Republicans

    • Posted by megaminer3941, at Reply

      So… The happiness of the transgenders (0.02% of the population) is more important then protecting women (~50% of the population) from rape?

      You do NOT have the moral high ground.

    • Posted by MrMusiclover41, at Reply

      megaminer3941 So what do you mean by that nasty comment? Just another fascist troll, I guess. Can it.

    • Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

      megaminer3941 The GOP dosen’t care about women’s needs. They’re taking way there healthcare, planned parenthoods, and abortion rights. Also you may not like transgenders, but they are still PEOPLE like you and I and you need to just get over that fact.

    • Posted by Tony C., at Reply

      Yes, the Democrats’ motto should be “We may be lame, but at least we’re not EVIL”.