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West Virginia Needs A Democrat Who Isn’t Bought And Paid For


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Does anybody actually believe Joe Manchin's case that he does not know that his campaign benefactors are? Paula Jean Swearengin does not. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" Only one day after the Facility for Public Honesty's reporting series on rejections of black lung advantages to coal miners was awarded the Pulitzer Reward, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) safeguarded the debatable law office at the facility of the examination.

As he stepped to the podium of the National Western Mining Convention in Denver on Tuesday, Manchin heaped praise upon Jackson Kelly, a sponsor of the occasion as well as the law practice implicated in unethically concealing clinical proof of miners passing away of black lung.

In a brief interview with Republic Record after his speech, Manchin was inquired about Jackson Kelly's conduct pertaining to black lung situations. He dismissed objection of the firm." *.

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West Virginia coal powered a nation. Now it's time for West Virginia to purchase ourselves. I'm ready to fight for Medicare for all, global pre-K, totally free technology institutions and also colleges, and also a multi-billion dollar financial investment in West Virginian infrastructure, sector as well as technology.

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  1. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Paula Jean 2018

  2. Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

    Unfortunately it isn’t just West Virginia that needs a Democrat who isn’t bought and paid for. Corporate Democrats have turned the DNC into GOP-Lite.

  3. Posted by Dan Buskirk, at Reply

    Paula Jean and Justice Democrats, are making a difference. I support both with a monthly contribution.

  4. Posted by Concrete Lightbulb, at Reply

    It’s surreal but trumps legacy might actually be that his presidency ripped the masks off both the Republicans and Democrats, ushering in an age of a more politically vigilant and conscientious voter.

    • Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

      Way to see the “Silver Lining”, Concrete! Thumbs Up, way up.

    • Posted by Eastside 313 Black Wall Street, at Reply

      Concrete Lightbulb

      Satans clever by any means

  5. Posted by amy jenkins, at Reply


  6. Posted by Brian Dang, at Reply

    tyt trolls, do you have better things to do with your life than troll this channel?

    • Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

      Since they’re protesting the free speech of NFL players by not watching… No they don’t have anything better to do.
      I’ve only got 5 minutes until the first game of the day starts. Gotta go. 🙂

    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      Trolling on the weekends, no less. *SAD*

  7. Posted by Nima, at Reply


  8. Posted by Ken Tinman, at Reply

    We all have to get past the notion that we are electing leaders. When the Constitution tells us we are electing representatives. If we allow these people to lead us, then they will lead us straight to hell.

  9. Posted by Mikey Hagan, Jr., at Reply

    It’s ok to be white!

  10. Posted by Chason Wright, at Reply

    Usually when a politician who is running you should look at where money came. Where it went. Some off the important transactions qualities.

  11. Posted by Senpai Dank, at Reply

    I wanna see a Manchin-Swearingin debate.

  12. Posted by flofancy1, at Reply

    That’s funny. Democrat that can’t be bought. Sores is more than happy to keep that from happening.

  13. Posted by tom ashton, at Reply

    try being blue in WV , bad enough Jim Justice switched parties, as for the out of work miners, Sessions wants to build private prisons for non violent drug offenders, use em for slave labor, (farm labor) and hire the miners as prison guards… yahoo way to go Boss Hogg.

  14. Posted by A54321, at Reply

    Well they’re going to get a Republican.

  15. Posted by crimsonstorm34, at Reply

    No thanks. West Virginia needs more independents(actual ones). Democrats are no better than republicans in West Virginia. They’re both are bought and paid for.

  16. Posted by cattigereyes1, at Reply

    Sigh nothing will change

  17. Posted by Mustafa Ahmad, at Reply

    WV is very red. I wish her well but they rarely vote blue and the only reason they voted for Manchin is Democrat light.
    If she could turn the tide that would send shockwaves but I doubt it. That state views Democrats as the devil. The people need to vote their interest and allot of them are stil viewing coal as that interest instead of public health.