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What Are “Democracy Vouchers?”


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Seattle is experimenting with a brand-new voting program. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Francesca Fiorentini,
hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" Could Seattle's brand-new Democracy Coupon program assistance homeless people straight city plan?

That's the disagreement being made by the Jon Grant campaign, which on Tuesday introduced it has actually gathered $76,000 well worth in coupons, a total amount that's been aided by the campaign's effort to sign up the homeless in the program.

" Seattle has been particularly vicious to its homeless neighborhood members by regularly sweeping encampments. If the homeless were brought into the political procedure and might access democracy coupons to fund candidates who fight for their rate of interests Seattle could begin taking an extra thoughtful strategy," Give stated in a press release.

It's an intriguing concept. As we reported last autumn, the homeless have an eager rate of interest in public policy, as chosen authorities debate their legal rights. Nonetheless, they encounter severe obstacles to joining the political process." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini.


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  1. Posted by Harambe, at Reply

    the republican party is an embarassment and an existential threat to the human species

    • Posted by Young Turks, at Reply

      Republicans aren’t the ones who want to flood the country with Muslims. Look at what’s happening in Europe. THAT is an existential threat to the human species.

    • Posted by Harambe, at Reply

      Young Turks which is more of an existential threat, republicans denying climate change is real or radical Islamic extremists committing acts of terror? Use your common sense and stop drinking the conservative propaganda cool aid

    • Posted by Young Turks, at Reply

      Perhaps you should ask a Londoner for the answer to that question. London has become the western capital of Islamic terrorism. I doubt climate change is number one on their list of existential concerns these days.

  2. Posted by Novem, at Reply

    I like these moves recently to use the Republican’s own ideology against them. Rather than changing campaign finance laws, this puts the power in the hands of the people in a creative way that doesn’t necessarily rely on large scale government interference. Now if Republican’s oppose it, they show how little they believe in American values and their own ideology.

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      Novem How is it moral to force homeowners to pay money to a voter, so he can pay politicians?? Property taxes are to fund local services. Now, campaign funding is paid by homeowners?

    • Posted by Jeremy S, at Reply

      How is it moral to force homeowners without children to pay property tax which goes to fund schools which their nonexistent children can`t go to? It was already covered that you disagreeing with where the money goes is mostly irrelevant, although you should be happy with the idea of the money being used to make elections more fair.

    • Posted by Daniel Lopez, at Reply

      +luvcheney1 Jeremy just destroyed you he’s right if we didn’t have to pay for things we didn’t agree with then the military industrial complex would lose money and corporations wouldn’t get my money in the form of subsidies

    • Posted by HellSpunk, at Reply

      luvcheney1 Your money is going on things you don’t like through government? Aww boohoo. Welcome to democracy, kiddo.

  3. Posted by doggiesarus, at Reply

    I oppose wars, but my taxes are used to pay for them.

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      You can’t fight in here. This is the war room.

    • Posted by chris dray, at Reply

      +torchandhammer SAO Abridged. I like you

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      doggiesarus because whether or not you like them, the wars need to keep going

  4. Posted by Achillesfoot, at Reply

    Love how the rich who take rightfully earned money from the poor to give to causes that don’t help them are complaining about how their money is being taken away because it goes to causes that don’t help them

  5. Posted by American Marxist, at Reply

    American Capitalist democracy is a joke. This system will never cure itself, only liberation by socialism will free the working class.

    • Posted by Juwoki, at Reply


    • Posted by Zero time for fun, at Reply

      American Marxist didn’t work so well in soviet Russia or China, or North Korea

    • Posted by Bill, at Reply

      communism is not socialism smh

  6. Posted by Ricky cashely🈳🈶, at Reply

    So many taxes on poor Americans and rich Americans living a great life that is the real face of America so much differences between rich and poor and world think America is a rich country.

    • Posted by KPgames, at Reply

      Ricky cashely🈳🈶 theres rich and poor in every country

    • Posted by Bill, at Reply

      KPgames 10% rich verses 90% that 10% doesnt make a country rich. majority ppl is what defines the country as rich

    • Posted by Ricky cashely🈳🈶, at Reply

      KPgames agreed bro I am American and support trump hope he will change America after the disaster 8 years of Obama administration.

    • Posted by Ricky cashely🈳🈶, at Reply

      Bill true what you said hope trump will fix this problem soon

  7. Posted by KPgames, at Reply

    TYT very, very fake news. Sad!

    • Posted by Ricardo, at Reply

      KPgames and Trump is the epitome of fake news

  8. Posted by Wisakedjak Archetype, at Reply

    This is a great idea. I wonder how many are going to comment against this idea…. Why do they vote for those who fight against their interest?

    • Posted by Zero time for fun, at Reply

      Wisakedjak Archetype because more taxes suck

    • Posted by Totaltwist, at Reply

      Zero time for fun I’d be ok with paying a little more to give everyone equal opportunities.

  9. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m a black single mom from Chicago so I know a thing or two about stamps and vouchers. In my local community we know that TYT is not being honest in this video.

    • Posted by Jacob Ray, at Reply

      Nibelheim Maybe the fact he’s claiming to be a black single mom from Chicago with a name “Jacob Hansen” and has a picture of white guy showing his abs. Might have something to do with that and some reason people like to pretend someone their not to act like a group of people are on their side. Even if it was real it would be anecdotal evidence that wouldn’t mean anything.

    • Posted by BurnEdOutOne, at Reply

      All ‘vouchers’ and ‘stamps’ are not identical in content, aim, or effect; Just like all single black moms from Chicago do not think alike, “Jacob”.

      There seems to be a mismatch between your claim, your name, and your profile image. Are you sure you logged into the right account today? Trolololololo.

    • Posted by evrobins, at Reply

      Nibelheim because if you look at his comment history he leaves comments claiming he is white, Norwegian, german, english, and literally anything else on order to TROLL tyt’s comment section. he has been spamming and trolling for months. i don’t understand why Youtube hasn’t blocked him yet

    • Posted by BurnEdOutOne, at Reply

      +evrobins Funny. I didn’t even have to look into it. The information gleaned from two statements and a thumbnail were enough to unmask him.

      As a twelve foot lizard person from the eighteenth moon of planet Barbados, your game needs work, Jake.

  10. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    People vote should be = Value/Productivity

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      In what time in History Highly skilled people were serfs?

    • Posted by Iamthenoi, at Reply

      Just how would you measure those?
      For the guy on the factory floor doing overtime – 60 hrs a week; to the someone sat on the board of directors, who spends 60 hrs a week golfing, and living off the profit of the other guy’s labour…

      What if you’ve inherited your wealth but have no real world experience?

      How easy would it be for the already rich to create laws to funnel more money towards themselves, regardless of other’s efforts or labour or ingenuity? There would hardly be free and fair competition.. (for the sake of this argument, we can pretend like this isn’t already happening)

      I mean I’ve made the assumption that by value you mean wealth. What about social value? You may disagree with me, but personally I think sports personalities and pop artists earn more than they actually deserve – but I hope you would agree that other professions like aid workers; the people who make our antibiotics (I mean the scientists and technicians, not Pfizer); rescue and emergency service workers and volunteers don’t earn the kind of money that reflects their contribution to the daily running of our civilization. Hell, even humble jobs like utilities technician and civic planner means you’ve probably never gone longer than a day without fresh drinking water into your house.. are you really going to tell those people they count for less than a hedgefund manager?

      With respect.

    • Posted by ShihSnTz, at Reply

      Pretty much all of it. For the vast majority of human history the majority of people were serfs or their cultural equivalents. Further I’m going to question you calling yourself highly skilled. Unless you happen to possess skills that are specifically useful to investing you would not be considered useful by those who would be the new aristocracy.

      And your other comment literally means that the wealthy would never have to be held accountable for their actions. You are comically flawed in your reasoning.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      How are rich being held accountable today? Leftists are retards

  11. Posted by Edge's Dragon, at Reply

    I saw the title and at first it reminded me of voucher programs for education. I thought, “What?! The GOP wants to privatize our votes, to turn our votes into vouchers?”

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I watched the video.

    • Posted by The Secularist, at Reply

      Edge’s Dragon
      same here! lol, context…..

  12. Posted by Zurround100, at Reply

    We do not have much of a democracy if we need “vouchers” to keep it going.

    • Posted by aceribicCatharsis, at Reply

      so… what? you’re saying we don’t have democracy now? or are you arguing that going with the vouchers will ruin it?

    • Posted by Brooker Oram, at Reply

      You don’t have a democracy now. Those vouchers would help bring it back. It’s sad that you don’t see that. Ok just keep letting the corporations put their candidates in power with millions.

  13. Posted by Bill Nye Fake Science Guy, at Reply

    Maybe if you Low IQ, Low Testosterone Emasculated Betas stopped watching TYT and left the basement you could find a girl.

    • Posted by Zachery Jones, at Reply

      Bill Nye Fake Science Guy we expect relevant trolling at the very least. Try harder

    • Posted by acidwavves, at Reply

      to trigger people you need another profile pic and name

  14. Posted by Wendell Wright, at Reply

    US sociopathic logic, invade foreign land and blame the death and destruction on the native peoples there. I love the wars my tax dollars enable.

  15. Posted by CHINMAY JOSHI, at Reply

    what if people sell their vouchers to candidates? This is going to happen in one way or another. Candidates bribing voters is not so uncommon in democracies. You think homeless person cares more for your democracy than his a weeks food?

    • Posted by 5% dick ball ratio, at Reply

      indeed, i see a potential black market where people will buy those vouchers for, lets say $0.70 on the dollar…so if these vouvhers are $100, people will buy for $70 and start using them towards their candidates…

  16. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    I live in a cardboard box behind Taco Bell and every 2 years the democrats give me like 50 ID’s with my picture on them so I can go vote democrat a bunch of times. they pay me like 20 bucks

    • Posted by ffairlane57, at Reply

      You’d be much better working as a hedge fund manager on Wall Street. That way you can bilk millions of dollars from hard working folks, get a million dollar tax break ( aka a government handout), and make a fortune.

  17. Posted by Nala The Lioness, at Reply

    Whoever taught you that your vote matters has successfully fooled you. We have no Democracy in America and we have no voice. Money is too powerful. We’re doomed as a country. If you still have hope you’re a jackass. I predict income inequality will continue to rise, D.C. corruption will get much worse, whites will become a minority. We’re doomed.

    • Posted by Sir Gray IV, at Reply

      You have an awfully accurate depiction of the world for being a lion.

    • Posted by Mrdutchkid123, at Reply

      Your fear of becoming a minority is one of the reasons the “top” ie government/corporations and extremely wealthy individuals will continue to rob us blind. They successfully divide and conquer society and keep us all pissing down the totem pole.

    • Posted by c7b3rw0lf, at Reply

      When we vote for a new ruler of the country, our votes go towards a ‘popularity number’, but those numbers do not actually matter. Believing that each persons vote actually will effect who becomes president, is like believing that your popularity in highschool matters. It is superficial hubris.

  18. Posted by Selena Scott, at Reply

    so giving homeless people 100 dollar voucher … ok 😒 they have no home but hey.. here’s money to give to a well off person… Whet???

    • Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

      At least it gives them a voice. Supporting a candidate that might work to improve their situation is a long game but it’s better than just giving them $100 that they can spend on anything. Say they are able to get someone elected that can get the ball rolling on providing houses for the homeless, which is the ONLY effective remedy for homelessness.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      yay because we all know homeless people have great political wisdom and are very well informed on the latest bills and procedures

    • Posted by Trey M., at Reply

      Yes because we all know the south has great political wisdom and is very well informed on the latest bills and procedures.

      Want to keep going in circles, Michael? Go cuck yourself

  19. Posted by Barbara Hughes, at Reply

    Great idea but we still need to get corporate money out

    • Posted by Barbara Hughes, at Reply

      I realize both side are corrupt, but the Republicans are just evil to the core, will watch that ,thanks for the tip

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      republicans are just evil to the core? LOL what a brainwashed mutt…

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Anita Clarke
      Yeah, they’re both corrupt, but it’s like a slap in the face vs being chokeslammed to the floor and beaten in the face repeatedly. Not only metaphorically, but LITERALLY since they’ve started assaulting reporters (and CNN superimposed over Vince McMahon).