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What Does It Mean To NOT Take PAC Money?


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Beto O'Rourke describes how he's running for congress without taking SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUP cash. Cenk Uygur meetings Beto O'Rourke, a dynamic congressman from Texas that chooses not to take company loan. Enjoy the full meeting below:

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  1. Posted by KeepitReal2772, at Reply

    This is progressives 1st chance in decades To run True progressive candidates That are not brought by Wall Street and that will represent the people🇱🇷 Go get em Justice Democrats👍

  2. Posted by Fleck Smugbrother, at Reply

    Something drastic has to change to protect democracy. It is under incredible siege in America right now……

  3. Posted by Coming Fourth, at Reply

    Progressives aka Marxist. Classic liberals jumped ship as soon as you started calling anyone right of bernie a Nazi.

    • Posted by Puffn Treez, at Reply

      Coming Fourth alt-right aka Nazis. Republicans jumped ship as soon as you started waiving Nazi flags.

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      No one calls anyone right of bernie a naxi. We call people nazis when they MARCH WITH NAZI FLAGS. You ignore the fact that there’s a sect of the right that literally call themselves nazis.

      If you don’t have nazi paraphernalia, and you don’t sympathize with Nazi scum, you won’t be called a Nazi.

  4. Posted by Bumblebee Tuna, at Reply


    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      Bumblebee Tuna Hail superPACs?

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      Just another authoritarian piece of garbage that wished he had a dictator.

    • Posted by Watson Roadster, at Reply

      Hail mindless boot lickers with no clue!!!

    • Posted by Freda Ezulie, at Reply

      Bumblebee Tuna idiot

    • Posted by Bumblebee Tuna, at Reply

      Freda Ezulie you’re mean

  5. Posted by Linzie Rogers, at Reply

    If they accept the money they don’t give a damn about their constituents.

    • Posted by Dangshnizzle, at Reply

      Linzie Rogers
      Well that’s incredibly simplified. They could care a ton about their constituents and know they have to remain in office to help out.

  6. Posted by botmarley, at Reply

    I’m a life long resident of Texas and am so happy to see Beto having a conversation with Cenk and TYT!! Our state flower is the Bluebonnet, we can be a better, bluer, Texas!!

  7. Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

    I like him

  8. Posted by Alan Heath, at Reply

    I know what it means as PACs never offer me any money.

  9. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    Cenk created a PAC, but he’s also against them. hmmmm…

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      What PAC? Wolf-PAC? You are ignorant. Wolf-PAC does not support candidates, only a position.

    • Posted by Eric Price, at Reply

      separate segregated funds (SSFs), nonconnected committees and Super PACs. Only one of these 3 is of any use to the working class, and another one dominates the political landscape of today. Not to mention Wolf-PAC does not support candidates, just the ever so important issues of getting Money OUT of Politics. You are so very blinded by your hatred.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      it’s not ok to give lots of money to a progressive candidate but it is ok to give a lot of money to Cen’ks fake news organization to support and promote that progressive candidate and try to influence voters.
      TYT is as corrupt and guilty as any PAC

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      Buffalo PAC is a scam

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      everyone knows that Genk uses Wolf-PAC as his personal bank account

  10. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    lolz progressives are so naïve
    naïve hopeful yet powerless little insects that I like to step on. stand still while I step on you you leftist peasants

    • Posted by Tau, at Reply

      You think that the corporations care about the right wing people?

    • Posted by Mrmedia046, at Reply

      Tau No. He believes that he’s just not one of the elite… Yet.

    • Posted by Mad Hatman, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger Yet you are the wage slave to your corporate masters and probably believe one day I’ll buy my freedom by working hard. Not ever realising that you will never be able to do so because your system is designed to keep people that are in power on the top. Kind of pathetic.

  11. Posted by Anand Shridhar, at Reply

    This guy is a long term thinker and thinks outside the box

  12. Posted by Dark Man, at Reply

    What does it mean when a young thug doesn’t take cenk’s money?

    Cenk Uygur Gacy time

  13. Posted by Cristal Spradling, at Reply

    Beto is bringing hope for positive change in Tx. El Paso is special part of TX. Keep it up!