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What Happened To Flooded Nursing Home Residents


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Thousands of Twitter users spread the word to get help. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and also Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment area below.

" An elderly woman's legs vanished under waist-deep water from Storm Harvey as the tornado's flooding moved right into the La Vita Bella Nursing Home on Sunday in Dickinson, TX.

The unknown female had not been the just one immersed in the rising waters putting right into the nursing home. A now-viral picture initial shared on Twitter showed at the very least six other ladies as well as a pet cat entraped in the exact same green-colored water that filled the area.

Kim as well as Tim McIntosh, whose mom possesses the assisted living facility, received the image around 8 a.m. Sunday. "After that say goodbye to contact," they stated in an e-mail.

The McIntosh's determined to upload the photo on Twitter shortly after, begging with emergency situation services for help. "We assumed the circumstance was alarming," they said." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by Alex Unity, at Reply

    Texas has doomed itself by being so racist, even mother nature is mad at them.

    • Posted by Rimi N, at Reply

      then why did it hit the less racist parts of texas?

    • Posted by Addison, at Reply

      Louis Juarez I will think about that for a week. Respect!

    • Posted by Louis Juarez, at Reply

      Addison please do. You might also want to check about your town if you live in the U.S. the right has been practicing these protocols since Obama won.

  2. Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

    Trump abandons the elderly for the second time this year.

    • Posted by Romeo Lopez, at Reply

      and the year is not even over yet.

    • Posted by GabrielSparkletits, at Reply

      oh c’mooon now.

      Arpaio is old.

    • Posted by Aguila701, at Reply

      Lark Druid I wonder how many Houstonian climate change deniers got their mind changed because of this storm.

  3. Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

    How did it get so bad for them there? Was there no way to transport them before the hurricane hit? I just wonder…

    • Posted by Kristen Sanders, at Reply

      Lark Druid Yeah I heard the same thing! That people were dying in hot cars from.sitting in traffic trying to evacuate. Not sure how true that was.

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Land of Dell Computers and Whole Foods too. Houston’s mayor is a democrat who supports LGBTQ rights and “sanctuary cities”.The state was Purple in November (49/50). Dont lump us all in with the gerrymandered idiots who “represent” us, cuz i can tell you they barely represent the people who got em elected, and have become larger and larger embarrassments to BOTH sides of the electorate in this VERY proud state. Or would you like me to call you an orange misogynistic, xenophobic manchild, with a paper thin ego and a room temp IQ just cuz you happens to be in the same country that person leads?

    • Posted by bigvirgotube, at Reply

      Thanks all. Pretty valid points.

    • Posted by phiksit, at Reply

      The one situation where you can rationally see the need to have a pickup truck with a 2 foot lift kit.

  4. Posted by Queenofweaves, at Reply

    Thank God they were saved. But someone dropped the damn ball. No one died but lets hope and pray they don’t have pneumonia or God knows what else. The owner should have had those people evacuated. But thank God they are safe.

    • Posted by Josh Cook, at Reply

      Queenofweaves when I seen the photo it was after they were already rescued. However I’m still wondering why they were not evacuated before Harvey hit. It makes no sense whatsoever. Glad they are alright but I’m wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the seniors were sitting around the TV watching the storm warnings. Was it like, “we have live through this before”. Or were they telling the caregivers we need to get out until it was too late and they had a living space filled with water. Maybe the seniors said, “let’s show these kids how it’s done when we get internet famous”.

    • Posted by sloovy mann, at Reply

      Jason if you had a clue you would realize. Someone DID drop the ball. Whether that is the family’s of these old people, the facility they live in, local government or state gov. Someone did drop the ball dumbass

    • Posted by fragwits, at Reply

      where is she talking about millions? just the ones who cant leave on their own , or who dont have family to pick them up.. could have been done easily.

  5. Posted by L K, at Reply

    Yeah, DOH, climate change is real and those that still deny it are idiots. Extreme weather patterns, the oceans are warming. A warmer ocean expands, a warmer ocean and atmosphere means more melting of our glaciers which increase seal level and on it goes. Eventually, they will admit it is real but it might be too late by then.

    • Posted by SilentOtto, at Reply

      Romeo Lopez “Winter is my favorite season, and lately winter has been getting shorter and warm.”

      I’ve noticed the same thing. I live in Michigan and fifty years ago, thunderstorms were a sign that spring was arriving, coming in March or even as late as April. Over the last few years, we’ve been getting them in January. That *never* happened back in the day.

      While this is just anecdotal, it sure seems to me like our winters are getting shorter and milder too.

    • Posted by Earthboundmike, at Reply

      Depends on what you mean by milder. There has been more precipitation in my experience, even though it isn’t always in the form it’s supposed to be.

    • Posted by downphoenix, at Reply

      L K they’ll probably wait until the white house and capitol hill is flooded before they’ll admit it.

    • Posted by Psyop CoverUp, at Reply

      Only in the land of the fee and home of the knave.

  6. Posted by Nathanial, at Reply

    why did the assist living center allow this…. are they in a known flood plain… what is the home’s negligence in the matter…

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply


      No negligence. Just ignorance from people not understanding logistics. Grats you get a trophy.

    • Posted by Starry2000, at Reply

      It’s negligence. There was a ton of warning preceding this. If you have a nursing home full of elderly, you’re supposed to err way out on the safe side.

    • Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

      Not true, most of the flood victims were told it’ll be ok, then they get flooded. Harvey moved at like 5% normal speed. This equates to 20x as much water. The slower a storm moves the more it influences are region.

  7. Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

    This is the definition of evil. Pure insanity

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply


      Huh? Yeah nature is so evil

  8. Posted by OG E, at Reply

    This happened in Texas not Tennessee

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Did he say it was in Tennessee?? 😮

    • Posted by OG E, at Reply

      bloodraighna Yes

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      huh I must have missed that…

    • Posted by Jared Watson, at Reply

      I grew up in Dickinson. As soon as I heard Texas, I immediately paused and scrolled down to find your post. Thanks OG E. 🙂

  9. Posted by Gargamel Smurff, at Reply

    It hurts my heart to the core to see why it is these people were left in this horrible way

  10. Posted by Brent Geery, at Reply

    Only the rich and healthy should be rescued. That’s the conservative message.

    • Posted by Robin Hood, at Reply

      Emergency services are healthy, but rich…? No, they’re middle class/working class.
      There are no capitalist bankers in their Gucci clothes jumping down to help them

    • Posted by Anonymous Lel, at Reply

      Jason Bequette lol bs maybe the Healy not the rich, the rich are the first to get there insurance and house back

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      the rich already left the state and are now complaining about the 24/7 coverage of the floods, while they just want to sit in their comfy hotel-rooms, waiting out the flood.

  11. Posted by elvisthechef, at Reply

    Looks like this photo wasn’t the only thing floating around. Thankfully they were rescued.

  12. Posted by G, at Reply

    How many of these old people do you think voted for trump?

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply


      Probably most. Which is why they have a community that will risk their lives for them instead of burn the building down around them.

    • Posted by JuanTheBone, at Reply

      Houston is one of the few blue counties in Texas.

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply


    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      JuanTheBone Dont Forget Austin.

    • Posted by LongTale Animation, at Reply

      I think most living in senior homes have mental issues that prevents them from voting with sound of mind.

  13. Posted by ANZ Batman, at Reply

    those old folks should’ve pulled themselves up by their soggy bootstraps. low energy losers…I only like old folks that don’t get caught in floods.

    • Posted by Antonio Sarmiento, at Reply

      ANZ Batman Way to go Mr Trump, MAGA by letting old people drown, oh and latinos, blacks and white trash

    • Posted by Desmond Akkari, at Reply

      Sad, really sad. This is Yuge event….Yuge

  14. Posted by Hypocrite America supports ISIS!, at Reply

    Never put your parents in an aged care centre, that’s selfish to the extreme. Look after your parents,

    they cared for you when you were small and vulnerable and now you do to this to them when they need you? Shame on you

    • Posted by SàiGònMan, at Reply

      The Government should care for them.

    • Posted by Guindo, The, at Reply

      If you’re not equipped to care for your aging relatives then you should leave them in the care of someone who is. That’s the responsible thing to do.

    • Posted by Robin Hood, at Reply

      This is what “evil” communist policies like social security is for, so elderly people don’t have to beg younger people to pay directly for them. Alot of people these days struggle to take care of themselves

    • Posted by JuanTheBone, at Reply

      Its part of the American culture. Teenagers are told by their parents that they can’t wait until they turn 18 so that they will leave and are shamed by society if they still live with parents deep into adulthood. In turn, children do the bare minimum to take care of their aging parents.

  15. Posted by Chronix, at Reply

    What was once a 100 year storm is now a 10 year storm. In another century it will be a twice a year storm. Get it, science deniers? How many 10 billion dollar storms do you think we can handle in one year? Will it be worth it to even have Huston if it gets destroyed once every decade? Not really… insurance companies wont insure something that they know will be destroyed in short order. Yall keep waving your snowballs in the air like retards.

    • Posted by Starry2000, at Reply

      Jason, the problem is that it wasn’t overdue. There has been a massive uptick in severity and number of storms. Remember the year with like 10 category 4 hurricanes that ganged Florida? No. There is an obvious increase, nothing ‘overdue’.

    • Posted by Desmond Akkari, at Reply

      Perfect comment.

    • Posted by SilentOtto, at Reply

      Chronix “What was once a 100 year storm is now a 10 year storm. In another century it will be a twice a year storm.”

      Exactly! I live in Michigan and a few years ago the cherry crop was wiped out by an early spring warm spell that caused the trees to start to bud, and then a frost that killed the buds. No buds… No blossoms… No cherries.

      We got perilously close to it happening again this past spring.

      Cherry farmers can handle having their crop wiped out that if it only happens once a generation. But, if it starts happening every few years all the cherry farmers will go bust.

      That’s how climate change will play out.

    • Posted by Desmond Akkari, at Reply

      SilentOtto There you go using critical thinking…. you know the sheep don’t think. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP SMDH

      If the water doesn’t get them the stupid will’

  16. Posted by Will Tierney, at Reply

    Some of y’all in the comments are heartless, I live in Texas and people are losing everything thing they own to the flooding. Some people are even dying. But it’s Texas so you don’t care.

    • Posted by Gage Acosta, at Reply

      Will Tierney I don’t. I mean, it’s awful how some decent people may lose their homes, but why should I feel sympathy for the majority of idiots there?

    • Posted by MoppyPuppy, at Reply

      Gage Acosta has drank the TYT Kool-aid.
      Cenk made 1 video and without any critical thinking or question Gage thinks that the majority of Texan hurricane victims are reprehensible scum fucks.
      I don’t even think that was Cenk’s intent, Gage you had better not criticize Fox News viewers because you’re just as bad.

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Gage Acosta So because people are idiots they should suffer? How very Mc.liberal of you. This is from a liberal in texas by the way.

    • Posted by lcarriza87, at Reply

      Gage Acosta The majority of libs in texas live in cities such as Houston. There a big chance that a lot more libs where affected that conservatives.

  17. Posted by Rock Reed, at Reply

    Who’s the owner of this place????

    • Posted by Jason Bequette, at Reply

      Rock Reed

      How does that matter?

  18. Posted by Angel Singer, at Reply

    I’m concerned that there were apparently only 3 members of staff for 15 seniors with poor enough health to be living in a nursing home during a hurricane…a hurricane they knew was coming. If that is legal, it shouldn’t be.

    • Posted by Tess45 Jinks, at Reply

      that’s pretty standard.

  19. Posted by jacksprat418, at Reply

    What about the poor cat?

    • Posted by camelshit, at Reply

      Yes, I saw the cat in the background, looking so forlorn.. they surely must have rescued him/her as well.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      We’ll leave a couple old people behind for them to eat, no worries.

  20. Posted by stephanie elliott, at Reply

    Climate change is real !!!!
    It gets hotter every summer and the winters are mild compared to how it used to be.
    Of course there are still areas affected by snow, but those are snow storms now instead of just having a nice winter snow fall.
    How can you be president, have all the evidence and more and deny that there is global warming and major weather changes ????

    Only Trump and crew !!!!