What I Hope We Can Achieve With This Show – The News With Dan Rather | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

What I Hope We Can Achieve With This Show – The News With Dan Rather


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Fabulous newsman Dan Rather signs up with TYT's network of programs, and in this clip, he discusses exactly what he intends to achieve with this broadcast.

The News With Dan Rather broadcasts at 5:30 p.m. on Mondays on The Young Turks Network.

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  1. Posted by Prince Of Solomon, at Reply

    Dan on TYT is awesome!!!! Great news and a voice that has the ear of the people. I really hope that the voice of injustice will be heard, especially regarding Police killings of blacks, etc.. Thanks TYT bring Dan to us in 2018!

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Did someone say TYT was an MSM outlet?

    • Posted by Amphiuma III, at Reply

      +Trollop 7 If TYT is mainstream then what outlet isn’t? Some insane asylum escapee with a blog?

    • Posted by tantzer, at Reply

      I prefer the voice of justice.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Amphiuma III: _”then what outlet isn’t?”_
      Maybe all those whose budgets don’t extend to ‘legendary newsman’ Dan Rather?

  2. Posted by Mark Green, at Reply

    Wow! Congrats to TYT for getting one of the most respected old time journalists onboard the network.

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      there’s a reason he’s “respected”. he spews what the establishment wants such as pro regime change propaganda. perfect fit for tyt though

  3. Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

    Is he doing this for free? I don’t think TYT’s pockets are CBS deep.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      They made you think that when they were e-begging for money enough to pay Shawn King.

    • Posted by S Cin, at Reply

      Great humans do not need deep pocket to get motivated. If this guy really believes in helping humanity, then he will work for whatever compensation TYT can provide him with. I am sure he is a great retirement pension.

  4. Posted by fajita, at Reply

    “Even old guys can work at being WOKE.”
    LOL, I love it. Welcome to TYT Dan Rather!

  5. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    The legend is back! 😆

  6. Posted by daschc01, at Reply

    This is great.

  7. Posted by Casa Station, at Reply

    Last time i listened to main stream media news it was this guy

  8. Posted by Garland41, at Reply

    Just feedback for the audio, can you boost his volume? When listening on my phone with no other sounds in the room I have a hard time hearing him. I have no problems with Cenk or other TYT personnel so I think it was just this and the other introductory video.

  9. Posted by Jordan Williams, at Reply

    I wish he was president …..

    • Posted by movieman175, at Reply

      Jordan Williams Compared to Trump Rather would be the next Lincoln

  10. Posted by Taj & Cars, at Reply

    I can’t ❤️ this enough! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Posted by GODSPEED 33, at Reply

    He should narrate every film ever. Respect!

  12. Posted by Jim Waters, at Reply

    WOW.. WOW.. I still remember my first live shot for his CBS Nightly newscast.. nearly froze but he went right to me. a story that was dangerous and full of sorrow. I forgot myself and thought of THE News. Dan above all demanded your best.. the truth. no matter what. If you were unsure .. say that.. if sure.. be that. Of course i learned from the best. knew cronkite.Eric Severaid cussed me out once for not speaking up.. but taught me and kept teaching me. . Charles Kuralt took me on the road to fill in for his Videographer. We worked hard as hell.. and loved it.

    You guys are leading the way. jim waters.. began at WFMY-TV in Greensboro, NC in 1974

  13. Posted by chrisw443, at Reply

    With this, you are going change american news forever.

    • Posted by Mrmedia046, at Reply

      chrisw443 We can only hope. News that will bring us the truth. Not my truth, or your truth, or their truth. But THE truth.

  14. Posted by Kåre Wijk, at Reply

    Dan Rather is a newslegend even in my part of the globe. “The best obtainable version of the truth”, said team Woodward/Bernstein. Mr Rather is the type of reporter who will bring us just that. Glad to see him again.

  15. Posted by The Kits Cats, at Reply

    Great to see you on TYT Dan!

  16. Posted by Clark S, at Reply

    Amazing. Just simply amazing. I look forward to this more than the main TYT show. It will be just so refreshing.

  17. Posted by Phil Dog, at Reply


  18. Posted by jaymeez, at Reply

    The G.O.A.T. 🙏

  19. Posted by 956 Music Channel, at Reply

    great job Dan, welcome to the next generation!