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What Issues Matter Most To Voters Right Now? POLL RESULTS


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Some intriguing poll outcomes. Cenk Uygur as well as Jimmy Dore review some current polls and also Senator Dianne Feinstein with Justice Democrats prospect Alison Hartson.

Wolf-PAC's own Alison Hartson is challenging company Democrat Dianne Feinstein. Join the battle at:

" The leader of a team targeted at getting huge cash out of politics will certainly run for the United States Senate seat held by The golden state Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and also she has the backing of among the most popular progressive online information networks in the world.

Alison Hartson, 37, of Water fountain Valley introduced she intends to challenge the long-serving California Democratic senator Thursday on The Young Turks media network.

" We as a progressive movement, we have reached take this fight to the front door of Congress," Hartson told the L.a Times in an interview prior to her announcement.

Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks major program, will suggest Hartson's campaign. She additionally has the support of Justice Democrats, a progressive political action committee that is targeting incumbent Democrats across the country." *.

Find out more right here:.

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  1. Posted by Adam, at Reply

    Is Booker up for reelection next year?

  2. Posted by cattigereyes1, at Reply

    Nukes are needed to destroy this system

  3. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    I remember when they give themselves a raise, but they can cut corporate taxes.

  4. Posted by Atmost11, at Reply


  5. Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

    Islamic terrorism and Immigration

  6. Posted by Vicky Paulson, at Reply

    I had a wage of $9.00 an hour for 20 years. My taxes are higher, my heat and lights much higher, my medical is through the roof, and my food costs more, especially meat. My employers made way more money, but their government costs are higher, so they still can’t give us a wage. If their government costs are lower, will I get a raise? No. What has to happen is a reduction of costs for the employer and raising the minimum wage, AT THE SAME TIME. If only one occurs, nothing will change.

    • Posted by TsukiNoShinjitsu, at Reply

      I agree to a point. The problem is that it also has to be enforced. In my area (when I first moved here in 2012) the minimum wage was $7.25/hr in Kansas but the employer that I had refused to pay me more than $6/hr. No amount of bartering or even calling OCIA didn’t get them to raise it to the minimum because no one with authority wanted to enforce it.
      Not only that but the internet, as great as it is, can also destroy jobs and some companies get around the cost of paying employees by putting their products online. OfficeMax (My most recent job) closed down because Best Buy had taken over OfficeMax and made all of their products available online so people were buying online and not coming into the store unless they wanted to return the products that they bought ONLINE. That made it to were we (the local store) were losing money and causing a hindrance the the company’s “bottom line” so they closed us down and put us all out of a job. So ya I agree to a point, but it’s pointless unless it is enforced and certain restrictions are put on companies that make it to where they have to keep the physical stores open with a minimum number of employees required that is proportional to the population of the community and the availability of potential employers in which the store is located. Their is no easy solution, even my own admittedly has it’s flaws, but we can’t just talk about government costs and minimum wage because their are ways around them that are used all the time.

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      Vicky Paulson get a different job

  7. Posted by Retro Rube, at Reply

    How people can even get out of bed for 15,000 grand a year, let alone 30,000 is incredible!

  8. Posted by kharn the betrayer O, at Reply

    The problem is not higher wages its the problem of what the value of what they are paid in.

  9. Posted by Fresno Bob, at Reply

    You know why its taking so long? Its the owners, they are strategically positioning themselves so they keep soaking the employees… after they so graciously give up 15/hr.

  10. Posted by Damon Beasley, at Reply

    But Trump voters just want to punish non whites. The only other thing they care about is white people’s Healthcare and money.

  11. Posted by silver ghost 007, at Reply

    Just 1030 respondands😂

  12. Posted by TheaterPup, at Reply

    I’m glad Trump is going down. I’ll still never vote Democrat, as they partly share the blame for all this. Sorry, TYT.

  13. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    Morgan Freeman 2020

  14. Posted by waqar khan, at Reply

    it’s not that easy to stomp out correction

  15. Posted by Charlton Blake, at Reply


  16. Posted by D Mc, at Reply

    I guess you had to have Jimmy Dore on.

  17. Posted by Theater of dreams, at Reply

    It’s ok to be white.

  18. Posted by Curt Christensen, at Reply

    my apologies if my last comment was over the line. I thought it was ok

  19. Posted by j jay, at Reply

    number one issue remove illegals and jail any employer who hires any

  20. Posted by The Phantom Fiddler, at Reply

    This is what I don’t get. You ask people if a person who works 40h a week should be able to survive on what they earn and everyone says yes, yet some will then oppose the 15$ minimum wage. Have they not looked at the math and figured out that you can’t survive on less than 15$ an hour?