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What The Establishment Thinks Of Kamala Harris


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Could we see a Kamala Harris vs Bernie Sanders Democratic primary? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section below.

" Freshman Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has just recently ended up being the topic of much supposition regarding a prospective 2020 presidential run. Several significant news outletshave run feature-length profiles of Harris, as well as leading Autonomous benefactors are starting to integrate around her as their recommended candidate to tackle President Donald Trump.

However not everyone on the modern left is feeling Harris-fever, and if the senator wishes to win the Democratic presidential primary in 3 years, she'll have to begin making invasions with an expanding grassroots movement that continues to be very unconvinced of Harris's dynamic authentic.

Nomiki Konst, a Bernie Sanders supporter that offers on the Democratic National Board's Unity Compensation had 3 words for Democrats thinking about Harris as a prospect: "Follow the cash."" *.

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  1. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Bernie’s gonna be hotter than ever in 2020!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Mike Bronx 🤣😃😅😆😂 ok, that was funny!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      I agree brother!👍

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Mjölnir Lol

  2. Posted by John Modarres, at Reply

    Geez these guys hate anyone but Bernie Sanders. They don’t give any democrat a chance and dismiss them as nonprogressive even before they can prove themselves to be progressive.

    • Posted by someperson111, at Reply

      No one is starting a war but the Alt left. For them it’s Bernie and no one else is even worthy enough. DISGUSTING

    • Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

      “No one is starting a war but the Alt left. For them it’s Bernie and no one else is even worthy enough. DISGUSTING”
      Bernie is the most popular politican in the country. We have the high ground, the only people starting war is the establishment.

    • Posted by RigelOrionBeta, at Reply

      It’s not personal. We don’t know anything about Kamala, yet donors and the establishment are pushing her.

      If she can prove she is a progressive, then I’ll back her and I’m sure TYT will. But you don’t gain that confidence with progressives by getting corporations and the Democratic establishment to say nice things about you. You get it by voting the right way and standing for the right things.

      There are also a number of proven progressives that can run in 2020. Why should I even consider backing Kamala, before she’s shown who she is, when I can back Warren, Gabbard, Sanders or Nina Turner?

  3. Posted by Kay Solo, at Reply

    You’re right in saying she doesn’t have much out there yet. She hasn’t even established she’s running yet. So… I’m worried about the effect of labeling her establishment already. I really hope she’s given a fair chance before anyone goes, “If she’s establishment, then she sucks, positions don’t matter, she won’t get my vote.” She could very well be an excellent candidate and I hope that possibility isn’t overlooked.

    • Posted by overdosechillpill, at Reply

      Well said

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      Kay Solo I understand what you’re saying, but at this point I really don’t want another establishment candidate because the little guys (common folk) haven’t had really any significant help (aside from ObamaCare) since before Bill Clinton. If I’m wrong, please correct me, but I still have a major distaste for establishment (corporate) politicians due to things like single payer being shot down, bribes, etc. Besides, if more corporate news outlets and corporate donors love Kamala Harris *that* much, I think I’d have legitimate reason to be suspicious.

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      If the establishment supports her with their MONEY, then yes her stated positions don’t matter because we’ll know her real corporatist positions that she’ll implement. And thus given the clear indications of corporate support so far, it’s not too early to label her. Plus listen to any of her speeches, they’re all vacuous and generally substanceless.

  4. Posted by Mike Bronx, at Reply

    Hey look it’s all the Bernie Bros who are gonna hand over another victory to Trump.

    • Posted by Zahra Q, at Reply

      😂 Whatever you say, ‘Heisenberg’. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      BERNIE 2020

    • Posted by Daniel Chapman, at Reply

      Mike Bronx Bernie Sanders didn’t lose to Donald Trump.

    • Posted by T Ron, at Reply

      caitiff52 that “investment” and the $4m carrot are strong incentive for specific performance. It’s the way money works in politics and media. How is TYT suddenly exception??? That’s hypocritical. TYY wears the cape of social justice and publishes great media,, but it’s not difficult to see that they are also an excellent platform to amplify intra-party schism. They pull back this scab often and when it can exact the damage or benefit depending on your perspective. In this piece, Cenk is telegraphing how his devotees should peg Harris. He is also giving pre-clearance to attack her and ,if said attacks are called racist, it’s okay to ignore this and continue attacking. There is NOTHING progressive about this tactic.

    • Posted by Larry Appleton, at Reply

      +Mike Bronx any democrat would vote for Trump over her

  5. Posted by Dansparce, at Reply

    Im a Bernie supporter but cmon Cenk, hes going to be almost 80 in 4 years.

    • Posted by Silly Rabbit Tricks are for Kids, at Reply

      +4th Dimension agreed

    • Posted by Shaw Foyet, at Reply

      Churchill governed at 80s, Bernie just did 100s of events to protect our healthcare and other issues. At what issues do you disagree with Bernie ? He has clear vision about all issues & is serious about his platform.

    • Posted by Dansparce, at Reply

      I dont disagree with Bernie at all, and I would vote for him. However age is a factor that the general electorate takes into consideration, so it would be foolish to not at least be open to younger candidates. Not saying that has to be Harris, but I think progressives do need to have a broader group of candidates they can pull from other than Bernie, because he wont be around forever.

      And speaking only for myself here, I dont need a gold star candidate who I agree with 100%. My concerns are ultimately about whether a candidate will move us in a positive direction as opposed to stagnation or reversing.

  6. Posted by Jordan Coverson, at Reply

    Cenk finally sees that liberals are the always the ones to make an issue a racial thing, took him long enough…now let’s see how long it takes him to find out that TYT does the same thing

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Jordan Coverson
      Identity politics exist because of conservatives. If they didn’t continue to apply laws targeting racial, religious, sexual orientation minority groups than people would need to use identity politics.

    • Posted by Jordan Coverson, at Reply

      Gotta say, I agree with mostly every point you had. And yes, it is not fair of me to generalize all TYT viewers. Maybe I have in group bias, not really sure. That would probably be difficult to self-diagnose. I would consider myself conservative, though I fall on the center-left side of the political compass. Maybe that’s because the left has moved off the scale.

      I’ve seen the interviews you mentioned. Cenk makes himself look like an absolute fool.

      I’ve been watching TYT (and YouTube as a whole) for only about a year, but immediately saw massive amounts of bias and hypocrisy with TYT. The only person who I think is the fairest is Grace. That said, I disagree with about 95% of their content. I’ve actually researched their sources, and caught them misquoting articles to fit a narrative, or selectively editing to the same end. Not to say that they are the only ones by fay, but it’s different when you tote yourself as being independent media for the people…which is why to me, they will always be like the boy who cried wolf

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      Jordan Coverson
      Though I believe whites on welfare tend to be less employed than other demos. At least in this one report I saw for Kentucky.

    • Posted by Jordan Coverson, at Reply

      +JB JG
      That would make sence from Kentucky. Though I wouldn’t take that as a national standard. Look into the coastal states, primarily the metro areas in those states… San Francisco, Las Angeles, New York, DC, Miami and more

    • Posted by Freed Guess, at Reply

      Kamela Harris is not a black woman. She´s Manchurian. Get it? Like the Manchurian Candidate movie. Set up someone you control to be president, just like in the movie! Manchuria is north-east China! Kamala Harris is Asian! [Well, she´s Asian Indian. But no joke can be perfect.]

  7. Posted by Big Unc, at Reply

    Her record has more than enough to discredit her. She’s Obama 2.0 another wall street apologist whose going to do the bidding of her big money donors. It’s going to be a ugly fight but she’ll lose. I say that because black folk are not going to fall for the okey doke a second time. A suggestion to white people. When it gets ugly just look away.

    • Posted by plaid13, at Reply

      You say that like its not rigged.

    • Posted by TheTechnocrat78, at Reply

      plaid13 if she actually runs; which I don’t think she will, she won’t be the nominee.. I think Andrew Cuomo will get it

    • Posted by Shirley Kirsten, at Reply

      She Will NOT be the nominee.

  8. Posted by diane shelton, at Reply

    To be honest I look at Bernie and see just another old white man. He has great policies BUT the US has too many old white men in power. I don’t know what she has done, but give her a chance, she may be wonderful but what she isn’t is yet another old white man.

    • Posted by henryvolt35, at Reply

      I’ll back a person on the principles, policies, contributions, and the cause they fight for.

      Not for the color of their skin, gender, or age.

    • Posted by julius charles walker, at Reply

      Right! Tusi Gabbard!

    • Posted by julius charles walker, at Reply

      Right! Tulsi Gabbard is very impressive.

    • Posted by DkwonX, at Reply

      Lol w0t. You’re being a bit racist/sexist here m8

  9. Posted by Steven Nur Ahmed, at Reply

    Kamala Harris is not black. Please don’t go there. She is the child of an Indian (India) mother. Yes, I know a Jamaican father. She is not a descendant of slaves in the U.S. Calling her black is propaganda meant to attract black females, etc. Kamala Harris has been nominated by the Clinton-neo liberal establishment.

    • Posted by Steven Nur Ahmed, at Reply

      Max B: Right! Africans on the continent are not Black. Africans do not define themselves as Black; they define themselves culturally or nationally or tribally. Descendants of Slaves have adopted white supremacists racial categories and have locked themselves up in a mental prison. Free your mind. I don’t support persons, I support proposals which will solve the many social problems we have. I do not support the corporate agenda.

    • Posted by Steven Nur Ahmed, at Reply

      Max B: She would be classified as white because of her mother according to the U.S. census as are north Africans and Mexicans.

    • Posted by Peter Burciaga, at Reply

      Reading this comment section again, I understand what you mean, but the black you are referring to is different than the one we are talking about. We are not incorrectly categorizing her as black, we are saying that part of her far ancestry of African decent. You are saying that her parents aren’t black and that it is in corporate interests that she is seen as such

    • Posted by Steven Nur Ahmed, at Reply

      Peter Burciaga: What I am saying is that her ‘blackness’ is defined by corporate interests in the neo-liberal camp. It is pure propaganda. Check out her Wikipedia bio. In it, you read that she ‘sang in a Baptist choir’. No time frame though and no people mentioned. It does not say she was a member of a church. In fact, she was raised Hindu. The Baptist choir sentence is purposely put there to trigger sentiment in the DOS community. Note that there is no time frame for her stay in Oakland as a child. She was born in 1964 and note, it states that her mother introduced her to the civil rights movement! We don’t know who wrote the bio. Then, they were off to Canada. Get ready for her Biography…just like Obama. All tricknology.

    • Posted by Freed Guess, at Reply

      Kamela Harris is not a black woman. She´s Manchurian. Get it? Like the Manchurian Candidate movie. Set up someone you control to be president, just like in the movie! Manchuria is north-east China! Kamala Harris is Asian! [Well, she´s Asian Indian. But no joke can be perfect.]

  10. Posted by David Vance, at Reply

    The establishment will never let Sanders lead the Democratic Party, EVER!

    • Posted by Shirley Kirsten, at Reply

      So true. They’d rather elect a Rethuglican than have Bernie prevail.

    • Posted by David Vance, at Reply

      They know full well, if they let go of their hold on the Democrats they will never get it back. Sanders represents not just a change of direction, but an existential threat to everything that the Davos Democrats have achieved since the 1990’s.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      They’re going to have to assassinate him then because if he runs in 2020 his margin of victory will be too large for them to be able to rig the voting machines.

  11. Posted by Tejaswi R, at Reply

    Till when will you try to expect the unexpected from the Democrats. YOU NEED A THIRD PARTY. FOR PROGRESSIVES

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Tejaswi R Why? Bernie said he would fight Hilary regardless of the convention results because she was unfit. And yet, he not only did not follow through, but he endorsed the person he promised to fight.

    • Posted by Tejaswi R, at Reply

      A54321 exactly. That’s why we need a third party.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Tejaswi R With who leading it?

    • Posted by Tejaswi R, at Reply

      A54321 Bernie or Warren or Tulsi or Nina Turner…

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Tejaswi R I just told you Bernie sold out his principles.

  12. Posted by tintinesk5, at Reply

    Kamala is female, sexy, smart and funny so those are already at least four bonusses over Trump.

    • Posted by 0isay, at Reply

      +tintine Isn’t that the attitude that lost the DEMs the 2016 presidential election?

    • Posted by Patrick T, at Reply

      Don, yep. Here are 3 other qualifications you need to address tintinesk5: POLICY, POLICY, POLICY

    • Posted by tintinesk5, at Reply

      no, because Hillary was neither sexy nor funny. lol

    • Posted by Don, at Reply

      And not nearly as smart as people give her credit for.

  13. Posted by Ben Wasserman, at Reply

    Weren’t these guys defending Kamala Harris a few weeks ago? They really turn on their own fast

    • Posted by anthony cheesman, at Reply

      Ben Wasserman if she’s going against their process Bernie lol

    • Posted by Ben Wasserman, at Reply

      bruno alves Maybe so, but TYT also needs to realize that they can’t attack any politician who doesn’t see things their way as establishment. It divides the party more than they want to admit

    • Posted by The Woke Giants, at Reply

      Ben Wasserman if you find it acceptable for corporations to run our government, that’s already a non-starter.

    • Posted by bruno alves, at Reply

      Agreed, I commented something similar in anither coment, they shouldnt be attacking her pro-establishment position because they dont even know for sure, although its very obvious, and it sends the message that the progressives are the one opposing to unite the party.

    • Posted by Cunningman45, at Reply

      Cenk said that he wasn’t sure about her because they hadn’t done any research on her. Now that they have, they realize she’s a shill. It’s not turning on her, it’s making a judgement based on information.

  14. Posted by Melanie Dean, at Reply

    I don’t understand why Berniecrats are already launching a campaign against Kamala Harris, especially when she is considerably more progressive than Hillary Clinton. I understand having a strong preference, but there are already people painting Harris as a corrupt elite Democrat. Harris is the same woman who stood up to Dianne Feinstein, her now Senate colleague, when Feinstein tried to publicly pressure her into seeking the death penalty on a guy who killed a cop when she was San Francisco’s district attorney.

    I give Cenk credit for admitting he doesn’t have an opinion of her just because he doesn’t know enough about her yet, but Harris would make a formidable presidential candidate.
    Also while she’s a freshman senator, she was a career prosecutor for 14 years before coming to the senate and got a lot done while she’s was in the California Attorney General’s office.

    • Posted by Jannis Wildermuth, at Reply

      Melanie Dean To your point about fracturing the party…
      who are the ones who are fracturing the party? Progressives supporting Bernie Sanders or the establishment democrats who try over and over to smear his efforts and integrity, when all he has been doing is work tirelessly for the interests of the american people.
      The democrats continually spout a wish for unity in the party, but aren’t willing to unite under anything but absolute control of the establishment, that in and of itself defeats the point of the unity they often say is necessary. Bernie Sanders has worked tirelessly with the democrats, and as a reward they spat on him and his record. If anyone needs to unify UNDER someone else it’s the democratic establishment under the progressive ideals of Bernie Sanders, his supporters and by the way most of the democratic voters as well, who have been betrayed by the corporate lapdogs the establishment dems have become.

    • Posted by Melanie Dean, at Reply

      Yes in fact he received several thousands of dollars in corporate linked donations. There’s a website called OpenSecrets that track the money flow into different politician’s campaigns.

      Bernie Sanders did an awesome thing in his primary campaign by being fueled by several small dollar donors, however there was money coming in from corporate interests as well. I don’t think he’s corrupt because of that, but it is just the nature of running for office in America.

    • Posted by Melanie Dean, at Reply

      Everybody has a stake in unifying the party. The party’s leadership would do well not to be so dismissive to the base as was the case in the last election, however the base would do well to not apply these ideological purity tests on every single solitary candidate. This is exactly why the Republican party is so extreme, because they’re beholden to the ideologues of the Tea Party base.

      I don’t have a currently have preference in 2020 other than the person having the ability to beat Donald Trump in a general election, however it is very obvious that you seem to already have a preference and if that’s the case it gets at the very core of the disunity I’m speaking of.

    • Posted by Jannis Wildermuth, at Reply

      That may be because the core of the democratic party has refused to change their ways after they lost the election. They simply want to appease their progressive base while then continuing to support mainly their donors. If the party changes its ways, I’m willing to change my opinion, if not then I agree, there is no unity, and will be none until the democrats correct their ways.

    • Posted by Running on Empty, at Reply

      Melanie Dean Ideological purity tests? Oh you mean standards. Yes, Bernie people have them. And a junior Senator with hardly any experience who has already jumped on Hillary’s corporate donor train doesn’t falls pretty short of them.

      If her claim to fame is being a black woman who criticizes Trump then I have zero interest in her.

  15. Posted by 20Erika07, at Reply

    Sanders is too old..and he lost. The Dems need new young people like Tulsi Gabbard

    • Posted by lgeass88, at Reply

      I really like Tulsi too but sometimes she does questionable things like when she visited Trump not long after the inauguration and her trip to meet Assad.

    • Posted by III R E D A C T E D III, at Reply

      no problem with her meeting with assad. if you dont talk to people you disagree with you can never come up with a peaceful solution. if we dont talk to assad, the only other solution is regime change, and that has never worked out well in the past

    • Posted by lgeass88, at Reply

      III R E D A C T E D III I don’t have a problem with but I can see how people would spin things like that to try and build a narrative that she’s weak or naive. Personally though I think she would have the best shot at beating Trump or at the very least be a strong vp for Bernie.

    • Posted by III R E D A C T E D III, at Reply

      yeah i can see how that would look like… sad really that diplomacy is seen as naive. It would come down to how they control the narrative. if the entire election is “we are against trump” instead of “we are for these policies” they might lose again

  16. Posted by Jessica Heimonen, at Reply

    Lol you can’t judge her yet Cenk? She takes boatloads of corporate money

    • Posted by John Hillman, at Reply

      Reminds me of when U2 mentored some bands. They all tended to sound like… U2.

    • Posted by Bradley Smith, at Reply

      Exactly.. She’s a female Obama….

  17. Posted by Ronald Nelson, at Reply

    i.m not yet hook on Sanders but please black people lets not make the same mistake we made with Obama remember just because someone looks like you doesn’t necessarily mean they’re about you remember all we really got out of him was free Obama phone

    • Posted by vivahernando1, at Reply

      Ronald Nelson this is pure garbage and tells me you are probably a white conservative hiding behind a Malcolm avatar. The “Obama Phone” program existed when W was in office

  18. Posted by Daniel Chapman, at Reply

    I have no problem with Kamala Harris at this point, but Bernie Sanders is the better candidate to vote for in the primary. He has more expansive record fighting for the American worker, Harris needs time to build her resume before running the country.

    • Posted by yarnpower, at Reply

      Daniel Chapman we all should have a problem with Harris because she is too cozy with big banks and big donors. We need someone who will work for the people, not big banks, big corporations and the very wealthy.

    • Posted by Jack o, at Reply

      yarnpower that DEFINITELY will not be Bernie either guys. He was just as much establishment as any of the other ones. wake up

  19. Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

    Lol at all the trolls pretending to be progressives backing Harris.

    • Posted by agett12, at Reply

      not a troll and a progressive still believe give Harris a shot until proven otherwise. Also isn’t she from Cali one of the most progressive states there is?

    • Posted by Hugh Miller, at Reply

      Yeah but while Atterony General of California she did not prosecute One West when the investigator said they had the evidence to convict. Then she toke money from Steve Mnuchin for her campaign. So I see she will fight more for the corporation then the people.

    • Posted by agett12, at Reply

      Hugh Miller That’s a very purist view by that same vein you can discount Bernie based on his gun record. Let’s wait to see the whole picture

    • Posted by Hugh Miller, at Reply

      How is that a purist view. One West ruined thousands of people lives so they could get rich by braking the law, and she refused to bring charges up. Then she toke money from said bank CEO. As for Bernie support guns. He gets a D-. The NRA backed him because they wanted to punish the Republican, not to help him. Bernie is pro regulation, his issue is whether a company doing things that are legal, and are making a item that is safe to the user should be punished if another individual use it to harm somebody.
      But you want more here we go.
      She also taking millions from corporation.

    • Posted by agett12, at Reply

      Hugh Miller it is did you research the reason why she didn’t prosecute? Did she go in the record to state her reasoning? Also did this one case inform all her policy. Also this very video admitted that she did push for harsher penalties for Banks in other cases. We need all the pieces be we make a call