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What Will Keep Progressives In The Fight?


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Bernie Sanders has a plan to combat Trump. John Iadarola, host of ThinkTank, outlines Bernie's strategy to maintain progressives fighting. Let us know exactly what you think of Bernie's strategy.

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  1. Posted by Apollo, at Reply

    John if you’re reading this. You’re a cuck.

    • Posted by Leland Walker (Good Guy Lee), at Reply

      Pretty sure John isn’t a conservative. Only conservatives are cucks.

    • Posted by Blood Saint, at Reply

      regressive open couples cuckold, right wing trolls have recently made
      leftist ashamed of it!

    • Posted by Victor_714, at Reply

      everyone in california is at least 5% cucked. everyone. california is a
      ticking bomb of totalitarians.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Makes no sense.

  2. Posted by Titus Orelius, at Reply

    I love how John tries so hard to look “tough” in his thumbnail pics. LoL,

    • Posted by Trev S, at Reply

      hes adorable – the kinda guy you could take home to meet ya gran

    • Posted by Ersatzification, at Reply

      I feel bad for you. Your life must be a sad little thing.

    • Posted by Payhole Everdouche, at Reply

      Trev S
      I wanna take him home and introduce him to my cats.

    • Posted by Titus Orelius, at Reply

      +ice ninja
      What a coincidence, so do I.

  3. Posted by Steven Christmas, at Reply

    John Iadarola is secretly a woman trapped in a man’s body. Release the
    woman in side of you John! Just think you could be TYTs first Trans
    reporter it would be super progressive!

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      Steven Christmas there’s at least two women in Steven Christmas’s body

    • Posted by Michelle Villegas, at Reply

      HAHAHA yes

    • Posted by Ppsy pS, at Reply

      Yes, we should all support zhim and zirs vagina. TYT is not diverse enough.

  4. Posted by Nick Balis, at Reply

    I want to grab Ana by the Iadarola.

    • Posted by Miss Kai, at Reply

      I think you’ve had too much Monster Energy Drink.

    • Posted by Ersatzification, at Reply

      Go home, Nick. You’re drunk.

  5. Posted by Sergei, at Reply

    You gotta love Bernie!

    • Posted by Youtube Villain, at Reply

      Bernie the sellout? …..

  6. Posted by United States and El Salvador, at Reply


  7. Posted by Hermes Trismegistus, at Reply

    The two most important issues for the world (but especially the US):
    climate change, and income inequality (this effects the economy overall and
    job growth; really both issues do).

    Those are the issues that will keep Progressives in the fight, in my

  8. Posted by ROB P, at Reply

    Apologize for the vertical video.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Headphones working today I see.

    • Posted by Craig Ellis, at Reply


  9. Posted by MrRayRockstar, at Reply

    I have a family, a mortgage, and potentially no more energy to fight a
    corrupt system ran by corrupt politicians.

    • Posted by Yo Bo, at Reply

      This is true for a lot of us including me a lot of the time. But we can
      still educate ourselves, share information w/ friends, & ofc vote. So its
      the little things by a lot of ppl to make the change

  10. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    Maybe Jimmy Dore will be proven right. The left may be coalescing against
    the next administration, which has historically weak public support.

    • Posted by Adam Schoedel, at Reply

      Bob Riemersma: Trump saying something right and doing something right are
      two completely different things. His rhetoric is all over the place. Yes,
      occasionally, he says something true. However, I have no doubt that his
      government and actions will be absolutely horrible.

    • Posted by Bob Riemersma, at Reply

      Adam Schoedel you can still goose step for Hillary in your back yard.

    • Posted by dbm 4794, at Reply

      Bob Riemersma Just because he is against Trump so therefore he is for
      Hillary? How can you tell? Prob he is for Bernie, or Jill Stein or Gary

    • Posted by Bob Riemersma, at Reply

      dbm 4794 get a clue. Bernie and Stein were fake candidates working for the
      Clinton’s DNC. Johnson was a fake candidate working for the Koch’s RNC.
      Anybody dumb enough to fall for any of them wasted their votes, just as
      intended. What suckers.

  11. Posted by Bernard Kovalchik, at Reply

    It’s OK to get angry given the idiotic state of America. Scary and the
    consequences are imminent. We may not recognize the Earth’s ecology and
    civilization in 100 years.

    • Posted by lightning123456, at Reply

      Don’t worry we wont get to 100 years in the future, we will live like the
      7th century soon. We will all bow down to an imaginary figure 5 times a day
      out of fear of being killed.

    • Posted by toast1012, at Reply

      lol, no

  12. Posted by Aaron Pederson, at Reply

    Why are you driving away people that don’t agree with you instead of trying
    to convince them? One of the biggest problems we’re having as a species is
    people putting themselves into an eccochamber. If people that disagree with
    you are willing to watch your show then embrace that and be the best
    journalist you can be. Don’t encourage them to ignore you if you genuinely
    feel that this is a proper news outlet. Bring people together instead of
    widening the divide.

    • Posted by toast1012, at Reply


  13. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    Stop embracing SJW victimhood culture .

    • Posted by Laith Al Mason, at Reply

      True! Libtards need to realize that white males are the only real victims.

  14. Posted by pizzicatoiv, at Reply

    democrats aren’t your friends.

    • Posted by George Orwell was a lifelong socialist, at Reply

      Says the person who follows a right-wing think tank who’s paid by Big Oil
      to spread lies about climate change.

    • Posted by jejejeejjeejejeejjejejee km,k,kjhj, at Reply

      man made climate change is bullshit, i seen a very reliable documentary on
      the youtubes

  15. Posted by Lav Radosavljevic, at Reply

    Oh sweetness! You have NO right to healthcare! It is immoral to rob people
    of their income in order to get stuff. You have no more right to healthcare
    than you have to tacos, bow ties or ponies. You are not entitled to jack.
    Try to understand this please!

    • Posted by Lolo Bond, at Reply

      Lav Radosavljevic so why do I pay taxes then?

    • Posted by MacKenzie Bartlett, at Reply

      Lav Radosavljevic aka you have no right to life. That’s what you’re saying,
      if you cannot afford health insurance, you deserve to die from completely
      treatable illnesses. Ronald Reagan must be so proud of you.

    • Posted by Lav Radosavljevic, at Reply

      +Lolo Bond Because the government forces you to.

  16. Posted by Benjamin _, at Reply

    ACA is why I don’t have insurance. I can only afford and I only WANT
    “catastrophic insurance.”

    And I appreciate being bullied aka “mandated”

  17. Posted by SoulSeller, at Reply

    nothing, you’re finished

  18. Posted by Eric L, at Reply

    By realizing that they’re out of their mind, and to stop acting like the
    conservatives of old by trying to police everything people do, say, and
    think. Stand for the values that actual liberals uphold. You “progressives”
    give liberalism a bad name.

  19. Posted by Jonathan Hodges, at Reply

    Hillary 2024!!