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When Nothing Goes Right: Throwback Fails (June 2017) || FailArmy


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When nothing goes right, it's time to kick back as well as watch some our favorite throwback stops working. Today we've obtained some amusing softball, cat fails, and also some great Leave a comment about your favorite clip below and also remember to send us your funny stop working video clips to FailArmy.com!


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Video clips:
Wedding Celebration Falls right into Pool
Pipes Ruptureds on Roadway
Guy Come down on Nuts Leaping to Concrete Platform
Baseball Players Collide into Each Other
Surfers Directly Miss Each Other on Wave
Papa Pranks Child with Water Bottle
Golf player Breaks Club
Girl Falls Backwards on Skimboard
Bridesmaid Slips during Arrangement Toss
Pet Hops on Top of Various other Dog in Pool
Girl Knocks senseless Light Above Her with Hula Hoop
Man Cannot Catch a Break on Swing
Owner Teases Hamster with Food
Umpire Obtains it in the Rounds
Young boy vs. Dodgeball
Soccer Round gets Cam Behind Web
Loosened Skateboard Spectator
Papa Tries to Make use of New Swegway
Feline Assaults Birds Projected on Wall
BMXer Cannot Nose Handbook
Skateboarders Wipeout on Pavement
Golf player Inadvertently right into Cameraman
Unicyclist Rides off Wall
Mascot Pounds Nuts right into Pole
Dad Falls off Child's Mobility scooter
Two Quads Drop Side of Hill
Snowboarder Wipes Out on Hill
Dancing Guy Insinuates the Cooking area
Soccer Trickshot Gone Wrong
Golf enthusiast Slides into Lake
Wedding Celebration Falls right into Swimming pool
Pipes Bursts on Highway
Guy Arrive at Nuts Leaping to Concrete System
Baseball Players Collide right into Each Other
Surfers Directly Miss Each Other on Wave
Girl Breaks Light While Practicing Swings
Turning Little Girl right into Sibling
Individual Putting on Helmet Takes Unforeseen Dip
Rollerblader Goes Over Quarter Pipeline Rail
Staffy Fails to Turn on Branch
Softball Gamer Tosses errant sphere
Drone throughout Wedding Ceremony
Baby Powder in Hair Dryer Trick Gone Wrong
Lady on Motorcycle Obtains Stuck in Mud
Girl Obtains Struck by Peacock during Selfie
Lady Slaps Buddy in Face during 360 High 5
Skier and also Snowboarder Bang into Each Other
Skier as well as Snowboarder Slam right into Each Various other
Male Spills Beer Anywhere
Car right into Wall in Tunnel
Lady on Scooter Launches exit ramp
Individual Knocks Basket of Balls over with Golf Club
Girl Leans right into Ceiling Follower
Dog Jumps right into Wall Attempting to Bring Round
National Anthem Fail at Speedway
Skier Slides Down Hill in Thong
Lady as well as Little Girl Come under Pool
Pet dog Leaps right into Wall surface Attempting to Fetch Round
Little Girl Attempts to Front Flip right into Swimming pool
Child Splashes at Base of Slide
Child Goes away Behind Halfpipe
Male Falls off Pier Aiming to Take Kayak from Water
Volleyball Player Smacks Face on Flooring
Bicyclist Consumes His Wheel
Car Drags Vacuum Behind It
Motorcyclist Virtually right into Moose
Male Fails to Box Dive into Pet crate
Grandmother Obtains Frightened by Phony Spider
Renegade Drone Assaults Wakeboard Lady

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  1. Posted by Topera Legal, at Reply

    a comentar

    • Posted by Liechtenstein Mapper, at Reply

      funny doge memes
      You better not be living in my Country.

  2. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    ‘we ran out of videos, but want to make some more money’ thursday

    • Posted by GluehGaming, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti If you have a problem with this format, just dont click on these video.

    • Posted by Link X, at Reply

      redcatjack It’s Throwback and it’s given in the title.

    • Posted by SunKissNicole, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti I’m unsubscribing they have gone downhill

  3. Posted by Ali AbuKhalil, at Reply

    My life as a video..

    • Posted by Bradbob Hayhurst, at Reply

      Ali AbuKhalil true

    • Posted by TNTBOOM 11, at Reply

      Ali AbuKhalil

  4. Posted by broby dick, at Reply

    You should do a ‘when two becomes one’ fails about head butts!!

    • Posted by broby dick, at Reply

      Or a jawbreaker vid

  5. Posted by Luca Atallah, at Reply

    0:22 Germans……

    • Posted by Cube ThePixel, at Reply


    • Posted by RektByUnicorn, at Reply

      Luca Atallah Das sind keine Deutschen…

    • Posted by Luca Atallah, at Reply

      Deutsches Trikot, sie reden Deutsch sind bestimmt Afrikaner

    • Posted by cemboo cemboo, at Reply

      RektByUnicorn doch er sagt das geeeeht nicht

  6. Posted by kotlc fangirl, at Reply

    When you like your own comment because nobody else will…

    • Posted by Fruit500, at Reply

      +Jye Sarkis Who tf would pay for likes?

    • Posted by TheLegend 27, at Reply

      When you make these dumbass comments to get likes

    • Posted by AircraftProdigy, at Reply

      When you’re sad and have no friends and have nothing else to do

  7. Posted by Joshua Worley, at Reply

    Find new fails you greedy bastards

    • Posted by Bill Craddle, at Reply

      Kamizaki 97 but fail army posts throw back video EXTREMELY often

    • Posted by LeoneDonCitrone, at Reply

      Just once a week. New fails are coming on Friday (Fails of the Week) and different compilations getting uploaded on Tuesdays. They didnt change their upload schedule. They added a new video type.

    • Posted by RetroKnight, at Reply

      Bill Craddle throwbacks are only uploaded on Thursday for tbt

    • Posted by Paul Dennett, at Reply

      Grow up you entitled little turd….it’s labelled as a Throwback, you know what you’re getting. And just because you’ve seen these, doesn’t mean everyone has. Bet you have Adblock on too, you seem like the type.

  8. Posted by Inferno, at Reply

    3:03 Hamster.exe has stopped working

    • Posted by Nemesis, at Reply

      Hamster.exe has quit unexpectedly

    • Posted by Zoltas Farkan, at Reply

      did someone said Xhamster?

    • Posted by Pink Shaggy, at Reply

      Please visit the Microsoft page for more information

    • Posted by Юлия Шишкина, at Reply

      💟💙💟 EliotBalthrop72.tumblr.com/dk8yit#gk5agn *SКRIV ТILL МIG* !

      💟💙💟 EliotBalthrop72.tumblr.com/dk8yit#gk5agn *SКRIV ТILL МIG* !

      Foo Fighters – Times Like These / Young Man Blues Live
      Le nouveau voisin de Yann Barthes ? Tom Cruise – Quotidien du 11 Avril
      8 Dog Gadgets put to the Test

  9. Posted by RC GAMER, at Reply

    That face in 3:02 made me die from laugh

    • Posted by The Chemistry Nerd, at Reply

      When you go to ask out your crush but then she holds another guys hand and walks away

    • Posted by Lydia H., at Reply


    • Posted by xSturmKeks, at Reply

      RC GAMER hamster.exe has stopped working

    • Posted by Ion560, at Reply

      It’s funny yea,but I think that hamster or gerbil got a spine injury from the way he acted after stretching out

    • Posted by Sebastian YSL, at Reply

      Ion560 he looked roasted

  10. Posted by Not Bryn Kek, at Reply

    You know what would be funny? If Fail Army uploaded new videos.

  11. Posted by l xKuchenkillerx l, at Reply

    13:37 :^)

    • Posted by ZYZIO PL, at Reply

      l xKuchenkillerx l the Best moment

    • Posted by Marie pineapple, at Reply

      ZYZIO PL nah u stupid its elite

  12. Posted by kuzey bjk, at Reply

    0:25 hahaah das geht nicht

    wer kommt auch aus deutschland

    • Posted by Nathan ferocious, at Reply

      I found out😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Internet Ex-troller, at Reply

      sackra…. da issa auf seinem Schlechel ausgrutscht, sodass es ihn auf sei fotzn kaut hat! xD….

    • Posted by Pink Shaggy, at Reply

      Ich weiß recht … xD

    • Posted by fischele, at Reply

      kuzey bjk Ich 🙂

    • Posted by Therse Bruserud, at Reply

      kuzey bjk o

  13. Posted by Pash aski, at Reply

    It would be nice if you uploaded new videos…

    • Posted by Pash aski, at Reply

      Braedon Wickham I’m simply stating facts honey. These videos never or rarely have anything new in them

    • Posted by Savannah Harrington, at Reply

      Pash aski It’s because there throwbacks.

    • Posted by Pash aski, at Reply

      Yes, I read the title. This is a throwback video. However, in multiple other videos that aren’t like this, they reuse videos. It’s boring and unfunny, and that’s all I have to say.

  14. Posted by Rikoding '1, at Reply

    What assholes… 8:24

    • Posted by Raim Harting, at Reply

      Rikoding ‘1 i bet it wasn’t meant to light on fire tho☝

    • Posted by noTNTernet, at Reply

      Rikoding ‘1 the kid’s just laughing on the background 😂

  15. Posted by Nators Terra, at Reply

    Mom burned alive – kid laughed hard

    • Posted by CrazyTalkingGiraffe, at Reply

      This comment reminded me of reddit 50/50…..but both things happened

    • Posted by Elliot Earles, at Reply

      CrazyTalkingGiraffe v

  16. Posted by Alexander Onik, at Reply

    I bet you $26273827263727 that you didnt read that whole number.

    • Posted by Dontfckcare, at Reply

      I did.. so where’s my money?

    • Posted by Jack Skellington, at Reply

      Where’s my fucking money

    • Posted by Topingman123 Youtuber, at Reply

      Alexander Onik twenty-six billion, two hundred seventy-three trillion, eight hundred twenty-seven million, two hundred sixty-three thousand, seven hundred twenty-seven dollars. Where’s my money? Huh? I spelt it out word for word.

    • Posted by CryogenicWaif, at Reply

      Topingman123 Youtuber I think you have the billion and trillion mixed up

  17. Posted by Lleyton Ten Vaanholt, at Reply

    fail army used to be so good
    know they have resorted to this

    • Posted by -,' RED ',-, at Reply

      Lleyton Ten Vaanholt send them more videos then

    • Posted by Danny Sweeney, at Reply

      And now they censor their videos. And I remember a time when they didn’t put crappy music over some fails.

    • Posted by vulcancritic, at Reply

      yet we still watch faithfully, no competition in the fail compilation space anymore

  18. Posted by All-Round, at Reply

    I’m so early I need to think of a joke… Wait, I have one!

    my life

    • Posted by ZacharyxX, at Reply

      All-Round haha.. such original much wow…..

    • Posted by All-Round, at Reply


    • Posted by Koolness 12321, at Reply

      All-Round About as original as this channel!

  19. Posted by Practical Deadshot, at Reply

    10:45 when you need to be tough and classy at the same time.

    • Posted by absolutepressur, at Reply

      That guy also had shitty situational awareness. How the hell could that noise have come from a person coming through the goddamn wall to attack him!?

    • Posted by STONED RAIDER27, at Reply

      expecting the kool-aid man to bust through

    • Posted by tjockiskatten, at Reply

      He has arms like a monkey

    • Posted by creep life, at Reply

      Practical Deadshot all you bitches hating on the guy for no reason, are just like the idiot on 11:35

    • Posted by STONED RAIDER27, at Reply

      creep life is a little bit of a puss puss ! 😉

  20. Posted by GorriCrack, at Reply

    10:35 When the picture wants to beat you and you need defend yourself

    • Posted by Nicholas Waskan, at Reply

      GorriCrack english

    • Posted by GorriCrack, at Reply

      Nicholas Waskan ¿?

    • Posted by Fadooly, at Reply