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When You Have To Explain Your Boss Lied About Wiretapping…


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Republican Residence intel leaders had an uneasy press conference concerning Trump's wiretapping allegations. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Nomi Konst, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you assume in the comment section below.

" Residence Knowledge Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) acknowledged on Wednesday that he had located no evidence to corroborate Head of state Donald Trump's claim that previous President Barack Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower.

Nunes, an intense White Home ally, informed reporters that lacking such proof, he can end just that no wiretap had ever before been implemented.

If you "take the tweets literally," Nunes stated of Trump's tweets on the matter, "then plainly the head of state was incorrect."

Eventually before Nunes' remarks, White Residence press assistant Sean Spicer had stated that Trump was "incredibly positive" that the Department of Justice would certainly generate evidence to support his insurance claim.

Nunes and also fellow The golden state Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Knowledge Board, sent out a letter to the Justice Department last week asking officials to turn over any kind of existing evidence that would certainly corroborate Trump's case. In the letter, they requested copies of applications submitted by the Justice Department to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court as well as any type of warrants provided by government courts associating with Trump and his partners. The Justice Department missed the lawmakers' target date and also has requested for even more time to react.

The leading 2 participants of the House Knowledge Committee show up to have actually already made up their minds about the accuracy of Trump's tweets– but they are split on what does it cost? it matters.

Inning accordance with Schiff, Trump's desire to "make such an accusation illogical" is a national safety and security concern that could limit the country's ability to trust him in a time of dilemma." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Nomi Konst.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Nomi Konst.


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  1. Posted by Joun Bernice, at Reply

    republicans are dumb!

    • Posted by tracy wansley, at Reply


    • Posted by squatch whisper, at Reply

      Joun Bernice I’m Republican And I Consider Myself To Be Quite Intelligent! Now Conservatives On The Other Hand… They’re Dumb As Rocks!!!

    • Posted by Hekat the Evil B-tch, at Reply

      squatch whisper Beliefs don’t usually make you dumb. Not everyone believes the same. People have different experiences in life which can shape you. Not even trying to learn is what I consider dumb. I have a family member & I do not agree w/her political choice. The problem is, she doesn’t know why she made her choice, other than her husband told her to. I mean, she has no idea & no desire to learn anything; ever… She has chosen to be dumb…

  2. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    The only one tapping Trump is Putin.

    • Posted by Nasty Cunt, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump We suck niggroes dicks

    • Posted by Angela Colasanti, at Reply

      A Rogue Chihuahua you have a filthy, disrespectful mouth. your mother must be so proud. you will be deleted

  3. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    what had happened was?!?!? 😂😁😅

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Oops. I forgot. Never sure if I should do that or not.

    • Posted by rsuriyop, at Reply

      How dare this Trump make it so easy for SNL, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher to make fun of him on a routine basis!

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Let’s hope John Oliver, The Daily Show, Samantha Bee and Seth Rogen too –

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      rsuriyop: _”How dare this Trump make it so easy”_
      It’s all part of the plan. He’s burning a virtual Mount Rushmore into your mind, only this one has four Trumps on it.

  4. Posted by Kevin Maddick, at Reply

    Jews hate black people and even sterilize african immigrants in Israel

    • Posted by Robert Pearl, at Reply

      hella Ethiopian men are in Israel army….

    • Posted by Annabelle B, at Reply

      Please on topic!

  5. Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

    are trumpsters tired of winning yet?

    • Posted by Jimmy Hadder, at Reply

      stephen andujar racist.

    • Posted by decunamus2, at Reply

      Trump is going down on a tweet. What an anti climax.

  6. Posted by Brent Harris, at Reply

    we knew from the beginning that there was no substantial evidence. When a person habitually lies, not sometimes, but ALL the time, how could anyone take them seriously. Trump’s consistent lying reminds me of an ex girlfriend. Best thing I did was to ignore everything she said. I think it is about time we do that with Trump. Thumb Up if you agree.

    • Posted by Rebecca Conn, at Reply

      Brent Harris, ask yourself why you stayed with someone who lied constantly… And you know who a cuck is.

    • Posted by no no, at Reply

      Oh please ignore Trump you can spend the time you would have spent moaning getting jobs, dropping out of useless college courses and generally contributing to society 🙂

    • Posted by DaveD1868, at Reply

      So the New York Times lied??

    • Posted by M. Woller, at Reply

      Sure, there is never any evidence for anything, especially when you ask the Mafia if there is any evidence against the Mafia…

    • Posted by mr powerline, at Reply
  7. Posted by TruthAndMoreTruth, at Reply

    We’re a nation of idiots. No matter how much that clown lies, the idiots will still support him. He’s done nothing for those who elected him, and they will follow him off a cliff because the hates the same people they do.

    • Posted by Wayne Leng, at Reply

      It’s amazing how a country can protect the president who is so clearly a criminal.

    • Posted by erzan, at Reply

      Not really. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million. The majority of American voters are against him. Don’t let that fact go by. She lost for a few reasons, some her fault, others the Democrats. But one is the electoral college.

    • Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

      erzan Absolutely agree with you on that.

  8. Posted by Magnumanxl, at Reply

    Conspiracy theories and chief in the White House.

    #MAGA (Morons Are Governing America)

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Omg im going to start using that now.

  9. Posted by James Lopez, at Reply

    Where are the Armenian genocide commentators they’re usually here early

    • Posted by Nasty Cunt, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump You couldn’t find your vagina if it was on your face, like your mother’s nasty cooter.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      James Lopez
      Consider yourself trained.

    • Posted by dennie erham, at Reply

      they got more things to worry about like loosing their health care

    • Posted by Sudden Kancho, at Reply

      Armenian genocide trolls are the worst.
      Cenk has made his position clear _on multiple occasions_ and it is obvious that it is nothing but a myth.

  10. Posted by emile heskey, at Reply

    obama should sue for defamation

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      Snowden revealed EVERY cellphone everywhere can be tapped.

    • Posted by Jane Ryan, at Reply

      OMG I seriously hope he does.

    • Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

      emile heskey He can actually sue for a lot more. What Trump did, by law, is impeachable..

  11. Posted by colby rasmussen, at Reply

    Does Trump think we don’t live in an era of non-stop information cycles and leaks that makes it so you can get away with a public lie for a total of 2 hours?

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      He does not don’t. No.

    • Posted by Gary Tsang, at Reply

      Do people think we don’t live in an era of information overload that makes it so all your crimes are forgotten when the next “breaking news” occur?

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Neither does he not don’t do. I guess that why he was so tough.

    • Posted by M. Woller, at Reply

      You mean like lying about mass surveillance?

  12. Posted by Chad, Don, at Reply

    So… Does Obama sue him for Libel?

    • Posted by Chad, Don, at Reply

      D Knight Uh, wrong. He can be sued for actions NOT RELATED to the presidency. A judge could very easily construe that those tweets are just that. They aren’t policy, they aren’t an order.

      And, moron, if you actually didn’t want to engage in name calling, you could say, “you’re wrong”.

    • Posted by Chad, Don, at Reply

      nat21myria The president can be sued for items before he was president or items unrelated to being President. I think those tweets would count.

    • Posted by Rubbles, at Reply

      Didn’t obama lose his attorney license?

    • Posted by Chad, Don, at Reply

      +Rubbles He can hire an attorney?

    • Posted by Alexander Demkin, at Reply
  13. Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

    Nah, you guys are missing the big picture here. You want to know what republicans are up to? Look at what they’re accusing democrats of. If republicans are accusing democrats of wiretapping them in the last election – that means the republicans are planning to wire tap democrats during the next election. Guaranteed. So – they make the accusation now, knowing it’s bunk, and the investigations will lead to nothing. Then in the next election, Trump wiretaps democrats, and gives any dirt he finds to the RNC.

    Then if democrats claim that Trump tapped them – well, the public has already heard this song and dance, and it was bunk before, so it’s probably bunk now. The public is not receptive to it. The republicans get away with it.

    I’ve been watching republicans run this play all my life.

    • Posted by Chad Spence, at Reply

      ^ Genius in his own right.

    • Posted by Cole O'Driscoll, at Reply

      imnotmike yes! Exactly!

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      @urduib – it’s all nice and well to accuse republicans of being stupid. Republican _voters_ are certainly stupid. But republican politicians? They’ve managed to stay in power and overtake every aspect of our government, despite their obvious agenda of destroying their own voters, and the fact that almost nobody agrees with them on any of their policies. If you’re going to dismiss that as stupid – you’re more foolish than the republican voters you’re trashing on.

      They are masters at manipulating the populace – otherwise they wouldn’t be in the position they’re in – and this is one of the biggest ways that they do it.

  14. Posted by Huda Ahmed, at Reply

    The pathological liar and his incompetent admin are becoming a global embarrassment. I am thinking jealousy towards the Obamas is what led to this false claim against President Obama.

    • Posted by imiss toronto, at Reply

      yeah Obama is free to do what he wants, and Trump is stuck being POTUS. I would be happy to see Trump leave ANYTIME NOW!!

  15. Posted by pforce9, at Reply

    I don’t see why they don’t just keep lying. Its not like the democrats have enough balls to do anything about it. In fact, they probably should make the corporate democrats corroborate their lies.

    • Posted by David Kelley, at Reply

      The Democrats don’t have the numbers to do anything about it. Too many Democrats stayed home on election day, because they believed all the Trump crap about Hillary.

    • Posted by pforce9, at Reply

      David Kelley The democrat establishment could have both houses of congress and the presidency and still they would cave in to the republicans JUST LIKE BARACK OBAMA DID during his first six months in office. The democrats suck which is why the dem voters did not turn out for Shillery and some of us even voted for Trump.

    • Posted by David Kelley, at Reply

      Democrats didn’t cave when they had the majorities in the House and Senate, especially when they had the Presidency. Those who gave the majority to Trump and his cronies have given us all cholla cactus seat cushions.

  16. Posted by Chill E.D., at Reply

    How much longer before he is removed?

    • Posted by Fearless 22, at Reply

      Leave him there it will be easier to beat him

    • Posted by Jason Twilley, at Reply

      7 years and 9 months

    • Posted by Chaise Latterly, at Reply

      Apparently the ducks are not yet in a row.  More names and faces coming into the light.  The people of the US have to wake up sometime.

    • Posted by xxX_p0nutSlayer42069_Xxx, at Reply

      Jason Twilley keep dreaming, cuck. He’ll be a one term president

    • Posted by mr powerline, at Reply
  17. Posted by BigCooter.com, at Reply

    Trump’s words – require interpretation, Trump literalists should not be taken anymore seriously than creationists.

    • Posted by Blue Mosquitoes, at Reply

      Just more rationalization. It happened all through his campaign. He got more leash than a neutered poodle with 3 legs

    • Posted by King Kaiden, at Reply

      BigCooter.com so you’re literally saying that we can’t trust our president’s word? We can’t trust him to give us a straight answer? Reagan must be rolling around in his coffin

  18. Posted by ryan braun, at Reply

    why do Republicans hate America and our constitution?

    • Posted by Bel Bel, at Reply

      +ryan braun one reason they want more money

    • Posted by RassilonTDavros, at Reply

      ryan braun