Where’d you go?: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Where’d you go?: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy


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We're at completion of the week as well as we have actually curated the best falls short of the week for your pleasure! We have actually obtained a few workout falls short, a sticky rail and also a hilarious slip n' slide. Have a favored? Le us recognize in the remarks as well as submit your video to www.failarmy.com if you have one!! Later men.


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Video clips:
Individual Aims to Glide down Rail
Skater Diminish Rail and also Faceplants
Girl Falls Into Mud Throughout Rope Swing Effort
Attempts Embark on Drawers
Lady Wearing Onesie Falls off Chair
Man Attempts to Embark on Porch as well as Onto Tree
Female Drove Auto on Highway While Putting on Tee shirt
Male Efforts Cartwheel on Beam
Person Tumbles Off Snow Mobile
Girl Takes Extreme Dive Into Swimming pool
People Lots Antlers right into Truck and also Dip into the Lake
Man Lands on Groin Attempting Scooter Dive
Birthday Candle Burns Individual's Hair
Person Attempts to Turn Off Tree and also Falls on Back
Toddler Faces Dad's Nose
Guys Get Shaken off Jet Ski
Woman Falls While on Pogo Stick
Guy Makes use of Coffee Table as Exercise Bench as well as Breaks it
Family on Slip N' Slide
Men Attempt to Flight Kayak
Drone Enters into Canine
Longboarding Cowboy Falls Into Bush
Motorcyclist Falls off Teeter-Totter
Kid Tries Frontflip Off Ottoman Unsuccessfully
Guy Falls Off Bicycle on Route
Pet Plays with Beetle in your home

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  1. Posted by KeLion Pro, at Reply

    Fails are fun and fun is forever!!

    • Posted by Marcus 189, at Reply

      KeLion Pro and embarrassing

    • Posted by HOMBRE, at Reply

      KeLion Pro Please check this fire bro 🔥🔥🔥


    • Posted by Cat Man, at Reply

      Fun pretty much ends when ur 70

    • Posted by Potato Pizza, at Reply

      HOMBRE don’t you mean water

    • Posted by Bike Rider, at Reply

      KeLion Pro Did you Like MTB ?
      Look to My Channel !

  2. Posted by Le petit Loïc, at Reply

    Can I get 16 likes ?

    • Posted by Bike Rider, at Reply

      Le petit Loïc Did you Like MTB ?
      Look to My Channel !

    • Posted by Le petit Loïc, at Reply

      Bike Rider I hate MTB

    • Posted by William Désourdy, at Reply

      Alors je vois que t’es français?

    • Posted by Puppinator, at Reply

      Le petit Loïc no

    • Posted by Lowezar, at Reply


  3. Posted by Liz Chan, at Reply

    I once did an experiment in which I went outside and hid to see when my parents will notice. I probably stood there for around 2 hours

    • Posted by Bike Rider, at Reply

      Did you Like MTB ?
      Look to My Channel !

    • Posted by Not Real, at Reply

      LOL! I hate that. You hide from someone, try to scare them and they never walk by you. haha

    • Posted by Unknown person, at Reply

      Bike Rider sick

    • Posted by Rosie NEW YORK STUDIOS Audain 2, at Reply

      I was in the car jumped in the car right after my sister listening to music We stayed where we were for like a minute then my partents ask Arian where is your Brother

    • Posted by Fireheart1031, at Reply


  4. Posted by Alex Balan, at Reply

    roses are red
    that’s true
    violets are violet
    not fucking blue

    • Posted by Henning Simensen, at Reply


    • Posted by Sakaza, at Reply

      roses are red
      violets are blue
      this joke is overused
      your sister is too

    • Posted by TysonTubeHD, at Reply


  5. Posted by ClassicRainzZ, at Reply

    Hab das Gefühl es gibt nur Müll auf YouTube und Videos in denen sich Leute auf dir Fresse legen…für letzteres gibts ein Danke von mir

    • Posted by Horst Günther, at Reply

      schau dir halt die richtigen Channels an.
      Veritasium zum Beispiel ist sicher kein Müll.

    • Posted by Tim Neuer, at Reply

      Sagt er doch ?

    • Posted by Bike Rider, at Reply

      ClassicRainzZ Did you Like MTB ?
      Look to My Channel !

    • Posted by Fruit500, at Reply

      +Bike Rider stfu

    • Posted by Simn Gwski, at Reply

      ClassicRainzZ Jan Kreider? Als ob ich dicb treffe haha

  6. Posted by Rian Marcus, at Reply

    😂lol that first clip is me when I see someone I like XD!!!
    Anyone else or just me? (:

    • Posted by Hayden, at Reply

      No. Cringe

    • Posted by Marcus 189, at Reply

      Rian Marcus are u actually serious that’s crimge

    • Posted by Alec O., at Reply


    • Posted by Jek, at Reply

      fucking stop

  7. Posted by Gavin Bob, at Reply

    3:30 that’s why you wear helmets

    • Posted by abatusai, at Reply

      She surely saved her skull there. Unlike 4:04.

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Actually helmets can rise the chance to break your neck

    • Posted by Roo Roo, at Reply

      Schnell Straße and lower the chance for Every other head injury

    • Posted by Energydrinkdose, at Reply

      error 404: no helmet found

  8. Posted by Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ, at Reply

    1:40 Why did he even horn at him like that? Horning is an insult and I don’t think it would help the driver in any way.

    Yes Ill just honk at that person. It will surely help her focus and survive the accident.

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Wow you are stupid. It’s not an insult to warn cars behind that you do an emergency stop

    • Posted by Fireheart1031, at Reply

      I don’t drive so I wouldn’t know, but wouldn’t he be honking the horn to let other cars behind him who can’t see what’s going on know “Hey, slow down and stop because someone just had a crash in front of me.”

    • Posted by 7moonwalker7, at Reply

      It warns people behind…

    • Posted by 1997 isuzu hombre, at Reply

      Bɪɢ Sᴍᴏᴋᴇ i heard it

    • Posted by PopeRobXXIII, at Reply

      Horners gonna horn. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  9. Posted by Gordon Heeman, at Reply

    1:45 Windows can’t handle this

    • Posted by Lowezar, at Reply

      I don’t get it.

    • Posted by 1997 isuzu hombre, at Reply

      I heard it too

    • Posted by Vitaliy Keretsman, at Reply

      Windows’ error sound

    • Posted by Lowezar, at Reply

      Do you mean the horn sound very. remotely. similar to windows error sound?

    • Posted by Vitaliy Keretsman, at Reply

      no, there’s actually a windows’ error sound

  10. Posted by Márton Szigeti, at Reply

    1:41 yeah, i’m sure the honking will help not to crash

    • Posted by Fireheart1031, at Reply

      I think they’re honking to warn the people behind him …..

    • Posted by Parham Shakeri, at Reply

      Márton Szigeti dumbass

  11. Posted by EcHo FeNiX, at Reply

    @2:20 once when i was in that bubble on water i was trying to run and i fell and broke my pinky 🙂#random fact of the day

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      Are you gay or why do get into that bubbles

    • Posted by EcHo FeNiX, at Reply

      Schnell Straße this was 5 years ago

    • Posted by Tom O'Rourke, at Reply

      The Wakz actually the ball is deflated and you sit inside while the fill it with air through the zip, usually the people know when to bring you in, plus you can unzip from the outside ( this is where I’m from so idk about other places )

  12. Posted by Matt J, at Reply

    Why are the more expensive phone screens always broken? Thumbs up if your phone is cracked

    • Posted by SW4ER, at Reply

      Matt J Because expensive phone buyers only thinking about phone

  13. Posted by Tommy XS, at Reply

    The last one was hilarious, white people’s problems

  14. Posted by Nesto Navalo, at Reply

    Darby Ferrari is a winner in my book xD

  15. Posted by Dopey zKyle, at Reply

    1:46 anyone hear the windows sound?

  16. Posted by The 239 Life, at Reply

    1:31 someone should add a squirrel picture for that laugh

  17. Posted by Ashley Channel, at Reply

    1:45 Car.EXE has crushed