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Which Game Of Thrones Star Would Ana Experiment With…If She Was In College


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Ana Kasparian discusses a revelation she had while seeing a current episode of Game of Thrones. Inform us exactly what you consider Ana's opinion in the comment area listed below. View the full message game here:

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  1. Posted by liamLG MC, at Reply

    Ana would experiment with pycelle

    • Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

      liamLG MC or Hodor.

    • Posted by Utherix, at Reply

      His chains aren’t only used for displaying his academic achievements.

  2. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    liberals admit that colleges try to turn people into homosexuals

  3. Posted by Dark Man, at Reply

    Which TyT host would Ana experiment…sexually that is.

  4. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    nosejobs didn’t exist in those times so ana would still looks trans. Maybe Hodor would look past it tho.

    • Posted by Rookie2.0, at Reply


  5. Posted by Braulio V., at Reply

    Here’s a more interesting question; which TYT host would you experiment with? 😉
    My answer is Ana, she’s so hot
    The water buffalo would be my second choice

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      that’s tough. I’d say Kim or Ana

    • Posted by Jax Amilius, at Reply

      hannah or grace… or both….

  6. Posted by Patriot 1776, at Reply

    Which dude would Cenk experiment with?

    • Posted by Roronoa Zoro, at Reply

      Patriot 1776 loooool

    • Posted by TySchnydes 23, at Reply

      Patriot 1776 A Water Buffalo

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      A hole in a wall.

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      probably unsullied just to find out wtf is down there

  7. Posted by Adam Hunt, at Reply

    imagine being a real human being who wastes what little time they have on earth watching videos they don’t enjoy to blindly leave hate comments.


    • Posted by awesomeness hub, at Reply

      Lmao at the same time tho, who would waste what time they have on earth with watching this for enjoyment? I watch sometimes because it’s amusing to see dumb points as well as the occasional informative segment being

    • Posted by The Fruitcake, at Reply

      I know. That’s what I call commitment.

  8. Posted by JackArab, at Reply

    is she talking about missandie?

    • Posted by Elite 1984, at Reply

      Pretty sure she is.

    • Posted by JackArab, at Reply

      would pay to watch that

  9. Posted by Kenneth Evans, at Reply

    I’m just here for the answer

    • Posted by BmoreNasty, at Reply

      Daenerys… obvi

    • Posted by Elite 1984, at Reply

      No, she’s talking about Missandei!!

    • Posted by Cheydinal, at Reply

      Kenneth Evans Clearly Margharet. Or that beautiful Dornish girl

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      didn’t say it was a character they haven’t killed off. Maybe she is talking about Shea. If they are talking about Cersei, they used a body double in season 5 and likely in 7 as well (I’m assuming Ana is thinking of her butt-naked scene with Jamie).

  10. Posted by Cenk Uyger, at Reply


    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      Well she is better than any traitor Trump supporter.

  11. Posted by Seth N, at Reply

    There’s no Game of Thrones star that denies the Armenian genocide and gets money from Qatar

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply


  12. Posted by Steph Santi, at Reply

    Is this news now?

    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply

      No, it’s a clip from the member’s only show. Try to keep up there skippy.

  13. Posted by AfroSlacker, at Reply

    Half the comment section wants to experiment with Ben Shapiro.

    • Posted by Andrew Gorospe, at Reply

      best and most true youtube comment of all time

    • Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

      And Ben Shapiro wants to experiment with them

  14. Posted by ObeyYourMaster, at Reply

    Ana doesn’t have one black friend.
    Her personality sucks

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      tate past
      She’s definitely got no black friends – just saying

    • Posted by Ruby Midnyte, at Reply

      A Sargon fan talking about personalities. lol Your guy has the personality of a potato. A similar I.Q. too.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Ruby Midnyte
      It’s OK not to have any black friends.

  15. Posted by mozilla82, at Reply

    WTF did I just watch? Jesus Christ TYT.

    • Posted by RedrumZombies, at Reply

      Something that wasn’t worth anyone’s time.

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      It’s called a video you dumb virgin.

    • Posted by RedrumZombies, at Reply

      Nice shitty comment Mr. Sanchez. 👍🏻

  16. Posted by ONEPUNCHMAN, at Reply

    Finally hit the bottom of the barrel

    • Posted by chris falcone, at Reply

      ONEPUNCHMAN they hit the bottom months ago

    • Posted by G Robinson, at Reply

      and yet here you are

    • Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

      He wrote that with his pants off.

    • Posted by Dream Walker, at Reply

      Username checks out.

  17. Posted by philpott kentucky, at Reply

    definitely she’s fantasizing about Missandei. If it ain’t black, throw it back.

    • Posted by Charles Jue, at Reply

      btw she ain’t black… she’s mixed. you can also Google her pictures, she has played White characters in the past

    • Posted by WAR-DANCE, at Reply

      most mixed people see themselves as black … white characters? her skin is brown

    • Posted by Charles Jue, at Reply

      WAR-DANCE they can see themselves however they like. but they will be what they are. mixed people are different. they are viewed differently, oftentimes unconsciously. Google “kkk hangings” and u will see mostly Black people – not light-skinned/mixed/Brown people

    • Posted by Sword Star, at Reply

      war dance- her skin is tan… which is different from pale and different from DARK BROWN that blacks naturally have. In fact, purple bloonded blacks in africa are so dark that they look purple/blue. Most American blacks are mixed and thus come in many shades because of all the mixing they did with Whites, Native Americans, latinos etc for 500 years

  18. Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

    Cenk would be Hotpie

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      Rob Robberson Or that one guy who kept raping his daughters right above the Wall.

  19. Posted by max radke, at Reply

    The left: “why does nobody take us seriously?”

    TYT: “…”

    • Posted by ThomasWilliamsMusic, at Reply

      Yep, can’t ever have fun or talk about having fun if you want to be taken seriously.

    • Posted by Juan Manuel Pedrosa, at Reply

      TomasWilliaMusic I applaud your sarcasm sir.

  20. Posted by Asato, at Reply

    cenk is an unsullied minus the ability to fight

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      Asato Basically Varis.