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Which Is More Deadly?


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Which kills more people: Guns or heroin? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Things More Likely To Kill You Than Terrorists:

“Heroin deaths surpassed gun homicide deaths last year for the first time in more than 15 years, according to data released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Opioid deaths hit 33,091 in 2015, quadrupling since 1999. Heroin deaths in particular rose 23 percent year over year to 12,989; synthetic opioid deaths rose 73 percent to 9,580.

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this. Certainly not in modern times,” Robert Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch of the CDC, told the Associated Press.

The new figures are a tragic expression of the United States’ urgent addiction problem. As it stands, more than 20 million Americans have a substance use disorder and 12.5 million report misusing prescriptions painkillers, behaviors linked to the aggressive marketing and overprescription of opioids in the 1980s-90s.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    in typical progressive fashion *TYT politicize and race-bait a news story
    about victims of substance abuse*, lovely… 😒

    • Posted by Jo V.Diaz, at Reply

      quaxk so was criminalizing Crack cocaine more profusely than powder cocaine
      just a coincidene?? I wanna know your honest belief about the drug war in
      this country regarding minorities. Especially after the Nixon
      administration’s comments on the subject. It’s not race baiting. it’s

    • Posted by Jo V.Diaz, at Reply

      quaxk I guess if I bring up slavery, I’m also race baiting. Some people
      were slaves, some werent. it was just random

    • Posted by Jeremy Reff, at Reply

      quaxk is a troll

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    The war on drugs is senseless, can we all agree on that?

    • Posted by ironwarmonger, at Reply

      Tell that to the four people killed by a wreaking ball crane operator in
      Philadelphia, who was high on weed, and HIT THE WRONG BUILDING!! Pot had
      killed a lot of people, but the issue is that it if most often not the user!

      You can say the same about Alcohol, but Drunk person with impaired judgment
      can be identified from their behavior, a person high on weed, it not as
      easily identifiable, that is what happened with the crane operator.

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      +Sean yes but there is punishment for those who act upon being on the
      substance or as a result of being on addicted to it

    • Posted by Gamesman01, at Reply

      +ironwarmonger Source?

    • Posted by Gamesman01, at Reply

      +Jordan Ricketts You mean like alcohol? Yeah that worked out SO well.
      History do you ignore it?

  3. Posted by Fritz Karl, at Reply

    Donald Trump is the biggest sellout ever.

    • Posted by love makes things grow, at Reply

      Trump is putting heretics in his cabinet.

    • Posted by Vinny Ocean, at Reply

      hes putting harambe in his cabinet.

    • Posted by Chunk Yogurt, at Reply

      Yeah, I only like my successful CEO’s to be controlling all of politics
      from behind closed doors! How dare Trump put someone into a governmental
      public office position where he/she could be held accountable! Outrageous!!!

    • Posted by portal2passion, at Reply

      You’re just another degenerate evil sodomite leftist. nuff sed.

  4. Posted by SIoyvenheaven1, at Reply

    The Young Terrorists are the most deadly.

    • Posted by Ahmru Ghanim, at Reply

      +SIoyvenheaven1​​<------ Likes his own comments because he is a pathetic little loser.

    • Posted by SIoyvenheaven1, at Reply

      +Ahmru Ghanim <----Enjoys getting loads dropped on his face for a living because nobody loves him.

    • Posted by Ahmru Ghanim, at Reply

      +SIoyvenheaven1 <-------Still is liking his own comments because he is a pathetic loser and has a strange addiction for walking around the streets and selling himself to random strangers, Yuck 😷

    • Posted by SIoyvenheaven1, at Reply

      +Ahmru Ghanim <------Still enjoys selling himself on street corners. Trading handjobs and BJ's for crack & loot. Knows he's going nowhere in life and hopes to be dead in a dumpster.

  5. Posted by Danny, at Reply

    In states that have legalize marijuana recreationally and/or medicinally
    have seen a 25% decrease in opioid deaths.

    Sooo, there seems to be only one realistic solution to the opioid epidemic.

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      +Tonauac People need to be held accountable to their actions regardless of
      their weaknesses. It is people´s own fault if they do not follow directions
      on the prescription and become addicted by misusing the prescribed drugs.
      If you want to be allowed to live do not become a addict.

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      Its true , TYT wont tell us this but , the reason people are overdosing is
      cause all the Heroin now is fake

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      but in all honesty drugs have ALWAYS killed more people then Guns , Always.
      You can Break drugs up into 20 different categories , opioids/alcohol/meth
      but thats like breaking up guns into glock/Remington/Taurus

    • Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

      Many opiate addicts don’t like pot. The only solution is to legally give
      out opioids and pot.

    • Posted by Kevin Morgan (The Captain), at Reply


      “However, the majority of people who use marijuana do not go on to use
      other, “harder” substances. Also, cross-sensitization is not unique to

      Although marijuana use can give what’s called cross-sensitization (The
      priming of the brain to accept the drug, and it’s affects), it doesn’t
      necessarily mean that you will move on to harder drugs.

      “It is important to note that other factors besides biological mechanisms,
      such as a person’s social environment, are also critical in a person’s risk
      for drug use. An alternative to the gateway-drug hypothesis is that people
      who are more vulnerable to drug-taking are simply more likely to start with
      readily available substances like marijuana, tobacco, or alcohol, and their
      subsequent social interactions with other substance users increases their
      chances of trying other drugs. Further research is needed to explore this

      A lot of times it’s just a matter of availability. Marijuana is easy to
      obtain, if we stopped making drugs taboo, controlled their use and helped
      people who do have issues with control, we would see their use decline. I
      mean, fixing the social environment they’re in would help as well. Drug use
      is an escapism. Like seeing a horror movie, or bungee jumping, or an island
      vacation. They allow you to forget your issues temporarily, and replace it
      with the sweet, sweet dopamine that we all need to keep doing things.

  6. Posted by HybridFlue, at Reply

    More White are dying from drugs because of soft punishment.

    • Posted by Carmen X, at Reply

      pistolpete667 We don’t need you to feel bad about anything. Who are you
      exactly where your sympathy is needed so much.

    • Posted by pistolpete667, at Reply

      +CourtneyAlaska you were free to go to Liberia over a century ago. Why you
      stuck around, I don’t know

    • Posted by lizzie bennett, at Reply

      Maybe consider part of the reason is the fear of social judgment and/or
      risk of punishment that prevents people from getting help?

  7. Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

    35,092 traffic deaths in America in 2015. #BanAllCars

    Btw, how did this become a debate about race?!?!?!

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      +Legionofboom12 As though you couldn’t still get a gun for hunting if there
      was better gun control?

    • Posted by Gallardo 5Million, at Reply

      Living in any poor area is dangerous. Go to Russia, Germany, mexico, poor
      white areas in america etc and you will get robbed by white skin people
      with guns and knives dumbass

    • Posted by Sharky, at Reply

      +simran kaur how about they dont brake law? how about they act like most of
      normal people..oh noo..they dont care really. any excuse for you black
      thugs hu?

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      gallardo 5million
      all more reason you should have a gun

  8. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    A childish, tantrum proned Orangutan is more deadlier than all the drugs in
    the world combined.

    • Posted by Ryan Evans, at Reply

      “more deadlier” made me cringe.

    • Posted by Narwhocalypse, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci What?

  9. Posted by Charles Fuchs, at Reply

    Its not a gun or drug problem… people are just mentally ill

    • Posted by Khalkara, at Reply

      @Charles Fuchs When you have toddlers killing their parents. You have a gun
      problem. Simple fact.

    • Posted by NeccoWecco, at Reply

      Claiming that a HUGE portion of your population is mentally ill is either
      a) misusing the term mentally ill or b) suggesting that the societal system
      is fundamentally flawed.

    • Posted by Adrian Myers, at Reply

      +samiamrg7 Yea it could drop faster if we keep all the felons that
      committed a crime with a gun in prison rather than letting them out after a
      few years.

    • Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

      In some cases this is true but you must remember that the drug companies
      pushed opiates in the 90’s. Docs gave em out like candy and now there are
      tons of opiate addicts. It was the drug companies that did this. It’s not
      always about mental illness but yeah in some cases it is.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      +spendle But if you look closely at the statistics you see that
      although the number was already dropping by just a few deaths a year, in
      1997 and 1998 (the 2 years after the reforms were put in place) the number
      drops by 100 deaths per year before resuming it’s slower decline.

  10. Posted by BionicDance, at Reply

    I’m a heroine addict.

    …oh, yeah; Xena, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, Tank Girl…I just can’t
    get enough!

    • Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

      nice pun.

    • Posted by MrIcenice44, at Reply

      Ba dum tiss

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      I think you should go.

    • Posted by Ines Samia Ferri, at Reply

      you killed it

    • Posted by Kate Davenport, at Reply

      Lucy Lawless is super nice! i met her at a comic con 😄😄😄

  11. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    Legalize marijuana and half of the worlds problems will decrease

    • Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

      Decrease in crime, immigrants, drug deaths. Prison population. It will also
      decrease racial tension. Lower power of both macro terrorists and
      terrorists alike and is also a very valuable medicine that can if used
      correctly help millions of sick and injured. Keeping it illegal only causes
      problems .

    • Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

      Legalize pot and opiates and cocaine. You can’t just legalize one drug
      without legalizing them all.

    • Posted by Gamesman01, at Reply

      +Mancheeze You mean like alcohol?

    • Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

      Alcohol is already legal. DERP

  12. Posted by Imma Liberal, at Reply

    *WE NEED DRUG CONTROL!!!!….oh wait….*

    • Posted by mberg1974, at Reply

      Man, you people really don’t do nuance, do you?!

    • Posted by Radoi Mereut, at Reply

      Imma Liberal You know that gun control is only an issue in US, your country
      is brainwashed to a point of no return.

    • Posted by Tonauac, at Reply

      Yes we do. We need big pharma control. That is not unreasonable

    • Posted by Joe Ingram, at Reply

      Radoi Mereut This coming from a guy with Stalin as his pic. Stalin killed
      50 million people. Also there have been 262 million people killed by
      governments in the last century(democide). You are a fool. I will keep my
      guns thank you.

  13. Posted by mewimi, at Reply

    “30 times more likely to be killed by a comet” Because comets kill people
    all of the time? Is that even remotely logical?

    • Posted by Brandon Reed, at Reply

      +mewimi please. You are relying on your own bunk theories with zero
      evidence. National Geographic isn’t some bunk organization spreading
      propaganda but that is all that you are. Goodbye.

    • Posted by skoda10, at Reply

      “Another report, by the National Academies of Sciences, estimates that the
      long-term, statistical average of about 91 fatalities worldwide per year
      due to impacts. But that’s an actuarial figure, and does not mean 91 people
      die of asteroids ever year. That’s because asteroid deaths happen in
      bunches. They’re the ultimate low-probability, high-risk event.”

      and he is talking about you, as in americans, when he says that you are
      more likely to die by a meteorite than a terrorist attack, same as he is
      talking about how more americans now dies from heroin than americans dies
      from gun homicides etc. i think you’ll agree people are NOT killed in
      terrorist attacks all the time in america.

    • Posted by Hoerkelis, at Reply

      The numbers they used were from a travel magazine and showed the likeliness
      of being killed by terrorists during a business trip before 9/11 and not
      terrorist attacks in general!!!

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      Brandon Reed Has a comet ever killed 137 people? like how 137 french people
      were killed in one terrorist attack? Have you ever heard of fake news? the
      link you posted is part of the fake news.

  14. Posted by Tyler Holt, at Reply

    Sugar. Sugar is the deadliest

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      When given a choice, mice choose sugar water over cocaine. They start to
      jitter when the sugar is taken away.

  15. Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

    Why don’t you put up a picture of a car? It beats both in suicide and
    homicide numbers

    • Posted by Cis White Male with extra privilege, at Reply

      Or abortions

    • Posted by NeccoWecco, at Reply

      I’m from Ohio and I see posts all the time about parents taking heroin in a
      car and overdosing (some while their children are in the vehicle)

    • Posted by Irving Ceron, at Reply


      We have taken measures to reduce gun homicides and drug deaths, and they
      haven’t worked. Stop pretending as if nothing has been done.

      Gun deaths aren’t going to go away just because you make them illegal, the
      same way heroin deaths aren’t going to go away because they’re illegal.

    • Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

      Clearly we haven’t done enough on the drugs front considering they have
      been going up and up recently.
      And you really think all I’m saying is to make guns illegal? No, that’s
      stupid. I’m saying we need to have sensible, nationwide gun control, just
      like we need to have sensible, nationwide action on drugs. But you know
      what? Republican lawmakers at the behest of gun manufacturers have been
      blocking that from happening, and don’t say the Democrats aren’t proposing
      the right bills, because I don’t see the Republicans proposing anything on
      gun control.

  16. Posted by CollegeTalkTV, at Reply

    Legalize all drugs problem solved.

    • Posted by Nizzle FoShizzle, at Reply

      It will solve the prison and crime problem, but not the death problem.

    • Posted by Snape “Severus” WorstNightmare, at Reply

      Nizzle FoShizzle just cut all taxes, and all the problems will be magically
      solved! How dare you question, the accepted premise of legalizing drugs.
      C,early, it will solve all of man’s problem.

  17. Posted by Jack Hoff, at Reply

    So ban guns…don’t ban heroine…got it.

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      tobz d Yeah, there are drug cartels in the US. You may know them, Bayer,
      Johnson and Johnson, etc.

      But have you realized why drugs make so much money for cartels? Because
      they are illegal. If they were legal in the US, Canada, Australia and New
      Zealand, and the EU, and the rest of the world, drug sales would go down
      tremendously, and their profits largely dissipate.

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      +Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen yes i understand but you need
      to understand since the cartels are able to pay off politicians the
      politicians will keep it illegal so the cartels can continue to make money.

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      tobz d Wait, which country having cartels paying off the government?
      Pharmas in the US or the sinola cartel in Mexico?

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      +Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen both. watch the interview with
      martin shkreli and tucker carlson and he explains why pharma prices should
      be regulated by the government.

    • Posted by BR, at Reply

      +George kush Wow, I hope you don’t have a family. It would suck having a
      sackless father who wouldn’t be able to shoot someone and take their life
      in order to save his family or himself.
      And mass shootings account for only a fraction of gun deaths.

  18. Posted by WOOF !, at Reply

    If you had universal healthcare in the usa like in the uk, heroin death
    rate wouldn’t be this high, because then you could get painkillers on
    prescription for a cheap rate.

    • Posted by WOOF !, at Reply

      Here in the uk we have universal healthcare, paid for through taxes, it
      seems to me that people in the usa are being ripped off by healthcare
      companies and politicians in their pocket, if people are fed up with this
      they should support political candidates who are in favour of universal
      healthcare and not corrupt ones, also if the people came together and
      protested en masse then eventually the people in power would have to listen
      or lose that power. It’s true people should take more responsibility for
      their health, information readily and easily accessible would help through
      print/tv/internet media. Not sure about sugar tax, but if has worked
      elsewhere then sure do it, I would like that it’s not a big amount as it
      can hit poorer families the hardest. If a person has been laid off due to
      automation, then yes I agree with that so they can be retrained and receive
      the wage they were earning beforehand for a certain period of time, in
      other circumstances no at least not the “middle class wage” anyway. Well
      ideally companies who refuse to pay taxes should be boycotted and many of
      currents politicians are just as much a part of the problem. So what
      exactly has this got to do with universal healthcare?

    • Posted by Sharky, at Reply

      so lets feed their addiction? heh.. wtf..

    • Posted by WOOF !, at Reply

      Sharky There would be different types of painkillers and cheaper than what
      you pay in the usa, which makes it less likely people turn to illegal drugs.

    • Posted by NeccoWecco, at Reply

      The addictive components of many of these drugs have been changed and
      replaced with less addictive versions.

    • Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

      Nope. The doctors that pushed the opiates for the drug companies in the
      90’s are not giving those scripts out any more. that’s why fentanyl is on
      the street. It’s not a healthcare issue. It was a specific issue created by
      the drug companies.

  19. Posted by mm ix, at Reply

    All these fearful white supremacists pointing to Islam and Mexico when over
    half a million Americans die each year from the main stream American diet.
    How out of touch can you get?

    • Posted by Reprobate Mind, at Reply

      Oh you’re not a stupid turd. Daddy still loves you.

    • Posted by mm ix, at Reply

      +Reprobate Mind Love is an evil word.

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      These “white supremacist” are growing their own food and you democrat’s
      tried to make it illegal.
      Democrats are trying to poison people.
      You made it Illegal to live off the grid , you are forcing us into your
      system and then blaming us for it.

    • Posted by mm ix, at Reply

      +KlllrJay You forget to take your meds? I not only have my own .5 acre
      vegetable garden, I also legally grow several pounds of high quality
      cannabis. And I live in California. How many Conservative states allow you
      to do what I’m doing here in arguably the most “Democratic” State in the

      You need to double up on your thorazine dose, the amount your taking no
      longer has a positive effect on your cognitive abilities.

    • Posted by KlllrJay, at Reply

      +mm ix i said tried. they mostly failed. people still go to jail for
      collecting rain water tho.

  20. Posted by Sandra Snow-Balvert, at Reply

    for all you pro gun idiots drug use hurts and kills the person that used it
    but guns kill other people that aren’t afflicted with that malady

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +Irving Ceron You’re comparing a tangential effect of alcohol to the
      intended purpose of guns.

    • Posted by Irving Ceron, at Reply


      It doesn’t matter, results are what matter. By your logic manslaughter
      shouldn’t be a thing.

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +Irving Ceron Yeah, his point is that something designed to make killing
      other people easier is more dangerous than something that *may* kill the
      user. Your rebuttal is that drunk drivers kill people.

      How likely do you think it is for someone to decide they want to kill
      somebody and that the best way is to get wasted and drive their car into
      them? They might think that *after* getting drunk, but getting drunk isn’t
      going to be anyone’s choice of weapon.

      What’s generally accepted as the easiest way to kill a person? A gun.