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White Cop Tackles Black Mom After She Calls For Help (VIDEO)


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A cop in Fort Worth Texas has been placed on limited duty after he responded to a woman’s call that her 7-year-old son was assaulted by a neighbor. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz and Brett Erlich hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

A white cop has been placed on restricted duty Thursday after video surfaced showing him tackling and arresting a black woman who had called police to report her child had been attacked.

The 6-minute, profanity-laced clip posted on Facebook shows the exchange between the woman, Jacqueline Craig, and an unidentified police officer from the Fort Worth Police Department. The cop was responding to Craig’s call to police that a white neighbor had just grabbed her son by the neck for ignoring his order for the 7-year-old boy to pick up a piece of garbage on the ground.

“He defied him, so that’s why he did it,” Craig is heard telling the officer. “So I have a problem with that. My son is 7 years old. You don’t have the right to grab him, choke him.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by Empty Existentialist, at Reply

    well the cop had a chance to descalate …but he used force ….wow America

    • Posted by William Seals, at Reply

      not only did he use force. he used force on someone completely innocent in
      the situation.

    • Posted by Stella viura, at Reply


    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      It’s in the nature of white people to be this way. Just recently a white in
      Texas murdered his own wife and baby.

    • Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

      Tounushi You are CLUELESS.

  2. Posted by randomflashbacks, at Reply

    The mother was assaulted because she called the police after her son
    refused to pick up garbage? And republicans are supporting the cop? About
    damn time republicans stick up for the environment. I knew it would happen

    • Posted by Carnell Douglas, at Reply

      this is sick ppl must get paid to troll this net

    • Posted by Flackaveli HD, at Reply

      Funny but you got the story wrong.

    • Posted by Carnell Douglas, at Reply

      Russian Homecat trolling lol i bet you voted for dumb trump

    • Posted by Manic Pixie Dream Girl, at Reply

      randomflashbacks Wrong story dumbass

    • Posted by Zion lion, at Reply

      randomflashbacks LMAO!

  3. Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

    Why do cuckservatives blame blm for cop’s being killed, when it’s white
    males killing the vast majority of cop’s lol

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      cuckservatives serve Putin and do the bidding of Putin’s Rasputin(Dugin).

      The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia(1997):
      Russia should use its special forces within the borders of the United
      States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke
      “Afro-American racists”. Russia should “introduce geopolitical disorder
      into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and
      ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident
      movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing
      internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense
      simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.”

      White nationalists groups are following the Fourth Political Theory. Hate
      group leaders have been spotted with Dugin and are believed to have been
      infiltrating the police, exploiting the thin blue line to create racial
      At the same time they push the narrative that BLM is a terrorist group.

      cuckservatives have turned traitor.

    • Posted by Taqiyya, at Reply

      Nope, 40% were by whites, and the other 15% Hispanics… You can download
      the entire spreadsheet here and cross reference it with the ODMP (Officer
      Down Memorial Page): http://factsareracist.com/EOW2016.html

    • Posted by Doomed Goyim, at Reply

      Liberals have to steal off “racists” to remain relevant.

  4. Posted by leonxl, at Reply

    That cop needs to have his gun and badge taken away asap. He’s clearly

    • Posted by leonxl, at Reply

      To all the white idiots who keep denying white racism, if it had been a
      black police officer responding to a call from a white lady saying the
      black guy standing there put his hands on her son and he does nothing but
      defend the assaulter’s actions, yes I would still say the black cop is

    • Posted by Dathan Gotham, at Reply

      im sure he is… and im sure given the same situation with white people,
      the people involved would have been treated much differently, but i am not
      able to be 100% thats just my assumption, given the language he uses to
      talk to the black victims… but even then, is that proof he hates black
      people? maybe he just thinks they are animals and should be held to such a
      point… based on the racist training they receive?

    • Posted by deddjay, at Reply

      For me it’s not the bias that’s the main problem. The main problem is the
      lack of professionalism and plain common sense. That’s what bothers me in a
      lot of these stories. Plenty of people are racist as hell but still act
      DECENT to other people– these cops (the bad actor kind) just behave in
      ways that are bafflingly obvious. Like, damn….at least CARE enough to
      pretend your not a complete nincompoop of a racist.

    • Posted by Jason 44, at Reply

      leonxl He needs to have his gun and badge taken away because he’s also

    • Posted by Leivve, at Reply

      +Dathan Gotham I neither claimed him to be, or denied he was racist. I said
      he should just be fired for not knowing how to preform his job.

  5. Posted by William Wonder, at Reply

    When are people going to realize the police are not there to help as much
    as to arrest and dominate someone? The motto should be, “Call Us At Your
    Own Risk!”

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Shane Young
      Nice job comparing them to
      a gang.Every single incident isn’t caught on tape.Some departments are 100%
      corrupt like Chicago pd,lapd,NYPD,etc.

    • Posted by Noisu Huroru, at Reply

      Shane Young like people don’t already

    • Posted by No Authority, at Reply

      +Shane Young
      ”to serve and protect” means to serve their own selfish violent fantasies
      and to protect their fellow abusive cops from any legal consequences.

    • Posted by Jack Cael, at Reply

      William Wonder 😑

    • Posted by William Wonder, at Reply

      +Shane Young Cops have changed son. Used to be Andy Griffith’s, now it’s
      all aggressive wannabes.

  6. Posted by King Kaiden, at Reply

    Imagine if a black man had grabbed a 7 year old white kid by the neck cause
    the kid littered, the cop woulda shot the black dude on sight and we all
    know it

    • Posted by The Trump Train!, at Reply

      +NoDogmaMama Most white kids have fathers. Maybe there’s something to that.

    • Posted by Michael Jourdan, at Reply

      The Trump Train.. Umm I hope you have traveled the country and every city
      and have done real imperical research on that.. instead of thinking with
      your gut.. which I’m sure is where you base your logic.

    • Posted by Karl Noel, at Reply

      Besides the fact when they shoot up schools, but okay.

    • Posted by Jack Cael, at Reply

      King Kaiden Stfu

  7. Posted by Wrath is my Sin jones, at Reply

    All you people in the comments section saying that tyt is race-baiting get
    the hell out of here you guys are probably the same people who probably
    defended the woman not too long ago being racist to the Latina woman just
    because she cut her off in line and yet you people are the same people who
    probably got mad also at Colin Kaepernick just for kneeling shut the hell
    up trolls…..

    • Posted by Stella viura, at Reply

      for real

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Why are you lying?

    • Posted by L.M, at Reply

      The use of the word “white” and “black” only tells us that TYT believes
      this was a racially motivated response from the cop. Otherwise why else
      would you use these words?

      The title would read *”Cop Tackles Mom After She Calls For Help”* instead
      of what is now.

      This is what people mean by race-baiting. TYT believes that this cop is
      racist but if you look at this case, there’s no way you can prove racism.
      Only the cop will know if he is racist because right now there’s no
      evidence for it.

  8. Posted by Yan Toha, at Reply

    Pls one of you ppl who are pissed at tyt, claiming that their race baiting,
    what do you think this cop made his action his based off?

    • Posted by GeranimoJoe, at Reply

      I don’t know how you listen to the exchange: “Whether or not my son
      littered doesn’t matter, he doesn’t have the right to put his hands on my
      son” -paraphrased mother’s comments to which the cop responds “why not” and
      don’t think the cop is completely in the wrong.

    • Posted by Controversy Owl, at Reply

      +Ann Hall​
      It can be true that the cop said and did those things and not be racist.
      That’s an explanation of how this could not be racist.

      Are you talking to me or replying to someone else?

    • Posted by RiotforPeacePlz, at Reply

      Yan Toha well the nazi openly hates anyone not in the same uniform as them
      so. shoot I mistook the racist police organization as nazis again keep
      forgetting the police are far worse then nazis in the states.

    • Posted by GeranimoJoe, at Reply

      +Controversy Owl My comment is for anyone who views this situation and
      thinks the cop is remotely justified. If you think that is you then yes if
      not then no.

    • Posted by Jason 44, at Reply

      Glen Akers Her 7 year old son was assaulted by a grown man! of course she
      was more than irate! when she stated that the neighbor isnt allowed to put
      his hands on her son, the cop says, “Why”. The cop also never questions the
      adult that assaulted a minor. The cop has no regard for the safety of
      minors, the rights of the women on sight, nor for the sanctity of the
      badge. That cop is a sub-human troglodyte piece of filth. Question for you;
      was the white male neighbor ever charged with assault? To date, the answer
      is no! wonder why?

  9. Posted by Tanner William, at Reply

    Fun fact: Saying the words “Race Baiting” allows you to ignore the real
    race issues our country faces

    • Posted by Eddy A., at Reply

      We know they think it had a racial component because THEY SAID SO. Did you
      not watch the whole video or something? I don’t think you did because you
      can tell that there was a racial component anyway.

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      Race-bait! Race-bait! Race-bait!!

    • Posted by Tall Chris, at Reply

      +The Trump Train! then perhaps you might understand that systemic racism is
      more than just what’s on paper. People having been dying from OD for
      decades. When it was happening in the urban areas (ie: mostly black), the
      response was to get “tough on crime” with draconian jail sentences for
      possession. Now that it’s more in the white neighborhoods, suddenly it’s a
      health crisis, addicts get sent to rehab instead of solitary, & everyone
      has sympathy

    • Posted by Hubert Harrison, at Reply

      +Tall Chris

      Exactly, thats why opiod overdose deaths has outpace gun-related homicides
      in the US, according to Drug War Warriors the response should be more
      punitiveness. Instead, there’s empathy and understanding the plight of the
      “white working poor”, which i agree.

      But, where was the empathy and sympathy for the communities that was
      ravaged by crack and the gangs the spawned up to control the drug market.

  10. Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

    White people really think this is race baiting?. dumbasses

    • Posted by Kim Cho, at Reply

      “Racism is a disease of white people.” – Albert Einstein This is why so
      many white people defend and justify abuse, assault, and murder against
      blacks from cops.

    • Posted by WolfGang Amadeus, at Reply

      The variable that most likely lead to this scenario is the cop’s racism so
      the race of the neighbor was fairly significant. For the police officer to
      be so blatantly on the side of the one who committed the assault there must
      be a personal bias of his own that predisposed him to acting that way. If
      you are to assess what aspects of an individual’s background that the
      officer could have been biased toward and immediately been aware of, there
      are two options; race and socioeconomic status. Seeing how both parties in
      this situation lived in the same neighborhood, the most likely thing that
      would make this officer respond in the way he did is his own racist
      disposition. Also in the full video the police officer had the used the
      same combative tone and accusatory language toward the family and arrested
      the girl who initial tried to get between the cop and the mother to
      deescalate the situation.

    • Posted by Webster Fillmore, at Reply

      White people don’t litter. You know what we do? We use garbage cans. If
      there isn’t a can we actually put the trash in our pocket and throw it away
      when we get home. Why? Because we actually think about OTHER PEOPLE.

    • Posted by Tommy Gunz, II, at Reply

      Webster Fillmore nice try

    • Posted by mars saturn, at Reply

      Webster Fillmore WHITES HAVE CALCIFIED PENAIL GLANDS. which causes them to
      lack sympathy or empathy towards others. plus,. they have 2-5 % Neanderthal
      therefore, it’s a waist of time dealing with you, Everytime a black person
      gets killed,. here they come with their fox news talking points. LOL.

      FBI crime stats shows who comments the most crimes ( not BLACKS). WHITES no
      this, but they are so focused on DEMONIZING BLACKS,. that they will
      continue to lie.

      a little boy got choked and all white people do is make excuses for RACIST
      behavior. I don’t care how much they try to silence us, I will keep

  11. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    how come that man’s parents didn’t teach him not to assault people? I mean
    honestly, talk about terrible parenting.

    • Posted by Grihm Fayte, at Reply

      Yes definately, but as Shalom Heppner pointed out, we shouldn’t hate ALL
      white people, we should just do something abut the scum in the this video.

    • Posted by Kabu Graham, at Reply

      I hope your child has a nice Christmas. Maybe he/she will grow up a better
      person than you.

    • Posted by Moshe Atencio Ben EL SHADDIA Atencio, at Reply

      Shalom Heppner, can you believe that some of these FOOL’S think that it is
      alright to grab a 7yr. old child? I have a 7yr. old Grandson and I have
      never grabbed him, so if I seen my neighbor grab my Grandson, I’m know I
      would turn into a BEAST.

    • Posted by Dominic Johnson, at Reply

      He’s right because in general white supremacy is apart of white western

    • Posted by John Keim, at Reply

      It’s called class warfare. The rich getting the poor and minorities to
      fight each other over bullshit.

  12. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend police brutality.

    • Posted by Hubert Harrison, at Reply

      +Alicia Thompson

      Obviously, my comment was satirical. Albert Einstein is indeed European, or

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      +Hubert Harrison Einstein was right though. The whole ” White is better”
      mentality did originate naught but 300-400 years ago during the colonial
      era. And how it grew into fascism and naziism should be a lesson we need to
      learn from even today.

      Its too bad though that so many people disregard history let alone
      education itself.

    • Posted by Hubert Harrison, at Reply

      +James Salvatore​​

      You’re completely correct here’s a book that speaks directly to your
      comment, George L. Mosse’s Toward the Final Solution: A History of European

      I read this book about a month ago, it was really insightful. One of the
      main things i learnt was how the “Aryan” mythological history came about by
      german white supremacists in the 1800’s.

    • Posted by theking T, at Reply

      James Salvatore TT things has gotten to bad I kinda want to take all the
      black people and just leave the planet ..just go somewhere else

  13. Posted by I rock prada, at Reply

    That’s wtf happens when u keep letting dudes that where bullied in high
    school and to dumb to get a full degree, but decide to go to police academy
    for a couple of weeks to get a gun and feel better about themselves

    • Posted by Hi-Tec Jaymes, at Reply

      Kelly gray thank you finally someone said it!

    • Posted by Internet Obsessed, at Reply

      I rock prada amen

  14. Posted by Ronnie Emerson, at Reply

    touch my son and that will be their last day on earth.

    • Posted by Michael Jourdan, at Reply

      Ronnie Emerson.. don’t mess with him.. he’s got a taser and a pistol.. real
      brave guy you know.

    • Posted by TheSpiritOfTheTimes, at Reply

      My large son huh? Trained in karate, was in Japan? Big guy. LOL, cuck.

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      +Ronnie Emerson

      LOL. What fighting experience do you have?

  15. Posted by Byron Lenard, at Reply

    so even according to the guy on the panel, you get one free choke on a
    minor, but don’t do it again. WTF!!!!

    • Posted by ShaiNaiStov, at Reply

      Byron Lenard lmfao!!

    • Posted by TruFilmProductions, at Reply

      I know. I cringed too. Almost as bad as the kop.

    • Posted by Byron Lenard, at Reply

      then he says the cop should have sent the white guy into his house. you
      mean where the guns are kept? WHAT!!!?

  16. Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

    Racist are cool with this. However if this happened to a white woman they’d
    be rioting pitch forks in hand.

    HYPOCRITES one and all.

    • Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

      fredrick lee – How do you know I don’t react angrily when this happens to
      white people? You know me all of a sudden do you?

      Just to make it absolutely clear to you. I don’t like to see ANYONE have
      their rights violated. White, black, Asian, gay, Muslim, Atheist. NO ONE.

      Unlike the hypocrites found around here.

    • Posted by Stella viura, at Reply

      I’m saying

    • Posted by Vernon Knight, at Reply

      ibkillah Your exactly right. Until we get white folks to be outraged at
      what happens to black people look for hundreds of more videos like this
      while white people remain indifferent an unphased.

  17. Posted by arithsem, at Reply

    I can see the headline on Fox News it will probably be title : black thug
    refuses to pick garbage

    • Posted by Hubert Harrison, at Reply

      Jordan Ricketts

      Suicide bombing doesn’t have anything to do with Islam.

    • Posted by Super Saitama, at Reply

      Hubert Harrison well duh…just like pedophilea and racism doesn’t have
      anything to do with christianity what’s your point

    • Posted by United States of Embarrassment, at Reply

      as bad as fox is, that sounds more like breitbart or drudge report.

  18. Posted by Sam Geee, at Reply

    Racism in america is so bad ATM.

    • Posted by kc, at Reply

      ATM!? lol sorry but no it was always really bad tbh.

    • Posted by daegyte awdetr, at Reply

      The entire history of America from the first ever boat to this present
      moment has been unending racism. America founded it’s country on genocide.
      Racism IS America.

    • Posted by Mr Hakido, at Reply

      +daegyte awdetr And leftist just go around perpetuating and promoting the
      very thing they are supposedly fighting against.

    • Posted by daegyte awdetr, at Reply

      +Mr Hakido +Mr Hakido ah yes, so left for me to reference an actually
      contextually accurate historical fact. Just like how it’s super left to
      mention the British empire was the cause of widespread coerced
      Christianity, exploitation of global resources and cultural genocide. Don’t
      mind me being a libtard cuck over here. You’re a moron.

  19. Posted by Darryl Jack, at Reply

    I dare one person in the comment section to defend this cop and tell me he
    is not racist or wrong

    • Posted by theking T, at Reply

      Rebecca Weber that’s all I’m saying I hope you understood my point

    • Posted by Rebecca “meow” Weber, at Reply

      +theking T I understand where your coming from, but it would be a terrible
      world if we took legal action on everyone when there were no facts
      justifying the action. Sure, it sucks a lot of times. It sucks for example,
      when someone is actually raped but it can’t be proven and the rapist goes
      free. But you can’t just convict someone based on an accusation.

    • Posted by theking T, at Reply

      Rebecca Weber never said anything about conviction I said the man who
      assaulted the jus should have at least been arrested…as for the officer
      you can’t prove anything but that doesn’t mean he’s no racist no one now
      days comes out and says I don’t like this particular group not even the
      modern KKK do that …it’s all about being racist with out actually saying
      it dose that make sense..and no I don’t expect anything to happen to the.
      op what I hope to spread is to show people that some things is not always
      the black persons fault like alot of white people like to think

    • Posted by Rebecca “meow” Weber, at Reply

      +theking T I don’t think any of this was the black persons fault unless
      they started assaulting him where the video is missing.

    • Posted by theking T, at Reply

      Rebecca Weber that’s true that’s what I’d like to see as well