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White Supremacists Super Triggered By New Star Wars


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Some supporters of Donald Trump are attempting a boycott of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"White supremacists are continuing their call for a boycott of upcoming Star Wars film Rogue One, accusing the film’s producers of promoting multiculturalism and an “anti-white” agenda, forward.com reports.

“(((Star Wars))) Is Anti-White Social Engineering,” reads a Reddit post by GenFrancoPepe on the subreddit r/altright, including a gif showing the cast from the movie; according to the image, predominantly white characters fight with the oppressive Empire while an array of multicultural characters support the rebel fighters.

“So basically star wars was SJW propaganda from the beginning?” Another user, stanicpriest13 asked the forum. “Good now I don’t feel as bad about not watching the new films. The new films are going to flop big league anyway. You can push the female heroes as much as you like, but even most women don’t find it interesting.”

Calls for a boycott have been mounting since August, when a white supremacist site called InfoStormer complained that the trailer for Rogue One, “is another Jew masturbation fantasy of anti-white hatred.”

“This film should be boycotted. Episode 7 was bad enough featuring that retarded storm trooper Negro and another empowered White female in the lead roles,” InfoStormer wrote, later adding “It looks as if the Jew run company of Disney is going to pump out as many of these awful multicultural Star Wars films as possible.””*

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  1. Posted by Jet Jenkins, at Reply

    I wonder if they made a star wars movie about the Armenian genocide if Cenk
    would get triggered?

    • Posted by Phil Email, at Reply

      +tobz d well im not TYT, and one is a symbol and one is 2 words in an
      unfortunate order

    • Posted by YouTube lol, at Reply

      Jet Jenkins My grandma is Armenian… she has gotten very emotional at
      times over the genocide… she grew up in another country because it wasn’t
      safe to live in Armenia at the time due to the Turks KILLING them… I hate
      that Cenk won’t address it…

    • Posted by Elite 1984, at Reply

      +tobz d “Phil Email its ok for southerners to fly the confederate flag if
      they are not trying to be racist over it? TYT would disagree.”

      This is how Cenk has defined “The Young Turks” many times on the show.

      “an insurgent in a political party, especially one belonging to a group or
      faction that supports liberal or progressive policies”


      “any person aggressively or impatiently advocating reform within an

      Your comparison with southerners flying the so called confederate flag
      isn’t even relevant because the confederate flag that you see being flown
      today by so called proud southerners isn’t even one that the confederates
      used during the war but instead one popularized in the 40’s 50’s and 60’s
      as a symbol of opposition to segregation.

    • Posted by † Masterhp †, at Reply

      +Dawid Kowalewicz white supremacist? You stupid fam?

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    star wars sucks…

    • Posted by David Micheal Williams, at Reply

      ahh nice bait on a video about star wars..why even watch it if u think it
      sucks….are you just a moron clinking on thinks you hate….???

    • Posted by OodlesOfSpoodles, at Reply

      ge8 b8 m8. colder than han solo in carbon8

    • Posted by Daniel Sims, at Reply

      wow a female lead???? That must equal to feminist propaganda

    • Posted by John Q, at Reply


      Not as much as your mother.

  3. Posted by Braekpk, at Reply

    Didnt they do this like… last year?

    • Posted by Dnt Wry, at Reply


    • Posted by Reese Jackson, at Reply

      Braekpk yup they got mad over finn being black

    • Posted by Mike Craig, at Reply

      Braekpk they got mad there was a black stormtrooper

    • Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

      Yep. Men’s rights whackos are also part of the neo nazis and they went nuts
      over a female lead in the last Star Wars movie and whined that a black man
      was also a lead role. They even called BB8 a cuck ball.

    • Posted by Dnt Wry, at Reply


  4. Posted by Nascentes Morimur, at Reply

    Triggered little snowflakes.

    • Posted by Adrian Cat, at Reply


    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      +Adrian Cat While I agree these trolls are squares, let’s not assume they
      are all white.

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      +Lee Hammer but you must remember not all Trump supporters are White
      supremacist…but all White supremacist are Trump supporters.

  5. Posted by Adrian St. Fort, at Reply

    This is pathetically petty. I wish that these Alt-Rightwingers *cough*
    White supremacists *cough* would just go away. I think that they’re getting
    more attention than they deserve; we should just ignore them.

    • Posted by Nez, at Reply

      We were already ignoring them. Then they got mad & voted with their

    • Posted by Ironclad, at Reply

      You have no idea what is going on, do you?

    • Posted by GeneralBlackNorway, at Reply

      Never ignore extremists. If you ignore them they will become even more
      isolated in their own echo chambers, become more hostile and distanced from
      you and eventually violent. Once they stop seeing you as an equal human
      being is the moment they become dangerous. So don’t let them get distanced
      from you so much that they no longer see your human side. It will blow up
      in your face, actually it already has…

    • Posted by Adrian St. Fort, at Reply

      +GeneralBlackNorway White Supremacists have always seen people like me as
      less than human, regardless of whether they’ve been ignored or not.

  6. Posted by Smooth Doge, at Reply

    Not surprising. The alt-right are just the conservative SJWs.

    • Posted by OsirisX238, at Reply

      No, they’re just national socialists…

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Libtards lost the election and are super butthurt and angry. I’m just
      pointing out facts too. LMAO !!!!

    • Posted by Salacious Candy, at Reply

      +Marco Polo looks like you were triggered by this comment.

    • Posted by DanyD, at Reply

      We work in the Dark, to serve the Light, we are….

    • Posted by ImmortalTiger94, at Reply

      Smooth Doge Conservatives have always been the real “SJW’s”–it was always

  7. Posted by Connor Sinclair, at Reply

    Really taking news from Reddit now?

    • Posted by Ulfric Stormcloak, at Reply

      +Dustin Reed they are cucks and jews. Not kidding, Ben is a jew and im
      skeptical about the rest of them

    • Posted by asaenvolk, at Reply

      +Ulfric Stormcloak
      Anna is Armenian (ironically), appartently some other Armenians are not
      happy with her being on a show called “The Young Turks” for some odd reason.

    • Posted by Dustin Reed, at Reply

      oh, you’re just a racist. how original.

    • Posted by Beelze Bunge, at Reply

      Dustin Reed Yup, and coca cola sales continue to soar, despite being
      poison. Go figure yuk yuk yuk

  8. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I guess the Alt-right isn’t All-right with this?!?!?! 😅😃😂😨😨

    • Posted by cityking9ne, at Reply

      KlllrJay The film “Unbreakable” had a black bad guy.

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      At the end of the day we can continually fight amongst ourselves based
      solely on our ethnicities and socio-economic standings OR? We can realize
      that the rich elitist have been playing us like a damn fiddle with biased
      media, biased laws, biased societal norms etc for decades on end and the
      shits coming to a head.

      The real enemy in our mist isn’t the BLM movement or group of white
      supremacist. It’s the system that thrives and gets its power from us hating
      each other based solely on the color of our skin!

      Defeat the corrupt system and racism will most assuredly crawl back into
      the hole it came from and true equality can be had by ALL!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Andrew Park Lol, nice! 😂😅👌👊

    • Posted by Lee Hammer, at Reply

      Jamie Cox: Amen to that!!

  9. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Attention TYT Cucks: The new Star Wars movie is feminist propaganda so the
    alt right does have a point.

    • Posted by Damon Santori, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist typical racist, TALK all that bullshit, then
      loose EVERY conflict when you forced to respond, why youve lost EVERY Race

    • Posted by skull yoshimcb2, at Reply


    • Posted by Tyko Brian, at Reply

      Or muslim can’t tell which. those two sure are birds of a feather.

  10. Posted by Lefty, at Reply

    Sorry White surpremist,Star Wars doesnt need your money.

    • Posted by Ironclad, at Reply

      All of what you said is false. Also: very appropriate username…

  11. Posted by JO 93, at Reply

    darth Vader: played by a white man voiced by a black man (white supremacist
    heads explode)

    • Posted by iNuchalHead, at Reply

      What’s a Nubian?

    • Posted by Susan Murphy, at Reply

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      G Mod fun! | 50 subs?!

    • Posted by leloodallasmultipass, at Reply

      iNuchalHead loved that movie

    • Posted by hexatentacle, at Reply

      *I sense a disturbance in the Race Relations.*

  12. Posted by marcus x, at Reply

    trump is darth vader and steve bannon is emperor palpatine

    • Posted by Lord Caelvanir, at Reply

      marcus x Richard Spencer is Grand Moff Tarkin.

    • Posted by Roberto Blake, at Reply

      marcus x don’t insult my Dark Lords in such a fashion, they demand more
      respect! How dare you belittle them likening them to Trump and Bannon.

    • Posted by Abram Carroll, at Reply

      Bannon’s role models include Darth Vader and Satan.

  13. Posted by klausweasley, at Reply

    The heroes of this film are a woman, a Mexican, an Asian and a black guy.
    That’s anti-Trump in and of itself.

    • Posted by Ironclad, at Reply

      By “anti-Trump” you surely mean “anti-White, anti-Western-Civilization”.

  14. Posted by wil mach, at Reply

    They are messing up the lore. There was finn a black storm trooper, also
    the clones were all boba fet mexicans,. also darth maul isnt another
    species and was part of the empire.

    • Posted by Brandon Korner, at Reply

      . . . Except the First Order isn’t the Empire, and there’s another reason
      too. The Empire had to conscript people later on to replenish their

      I expect the First Order would be a lot less discriminatory due to their
      not being the Empire, and as such, would need to find more troops.

  15. Posted by Ken Scherer, at Reply

    I voted for Trump. I love Star Wars. I voted for Americanism (including all
    races, genders, religions) and against globalism (the NWO Empire). Hillary
    Clinton is a globalist supported by Darth Soros. My Star Wars fanfiction
    character is Krill Mernshen

    • Posted by Toad Jiang, at Reply

      You do know that some Soros and Rothschild guy is now in Trump’s cabinet,

    • Posted by Ken Scherer, at Reply

      There’s no perfect world my friend.

    • Posted by Trey M., at Reply

      Oh, so when it’s a political opponent favoring Soros, it’s bad.

      If it’s someone who favors Soros that you like and fits your narrative, not
      a perfect world.

      Don’t be hypocritical. Are you against people aligned with Soros or not.

    • Posted by Ken Scherer, at Reply

      Trey M. It’s not a perfect world. My wife and I wanted Bush-Rubio 2016 and
      was shocked to see Trump knock Jeb out of the race. We would have stuck
      with GOP establishment Jeb. We watched the Democratic establishment steal
      the DNC nomination from Sanders. We watched the Republican establishment
      try but fail to steal the RNC nomination from Trump. We jumped on the Trump
      train and voted for Trump in the General Election. I participate in every
      political survey, poll and petition I can and constantly inform my elected
      officials what I want them to do. I’m not turning my back on Trump just
      because he puts someone on his team whom I dislike. I am angry at the never
      Trumpers and absolutely don’t want Mitt Romney in Trump’s cabinet, but I’ll
      grit my teeth and accept it if Trump chooses him. It’s not a perfect world.

  16. Posted by William Stockhecker, at Reply

    The empire being sexist is simply false. Read Star Wars Aftermath. Or watch
    the Clone Wars and see Asajj Vetress.

    • Posted by William Stockhecker, at Reply

      +David Miller It’s just kinda funny how they are going out of the way to
      show that the evil empire is apparently not racist and sexist. Like,
      they’re bad guys, but not bad enough to be discriminatory in their hiring

    • Posted by Zeus Demi, at Reply

      I’ve read a lot of the books (granted all of them are non-canon now so it
      doesn’t matter) but the Empire, and Palpatine especially, was extremely
      sexist and racist. Of all the admirals there were I think two (Solane and
      Thrawn) who weren’t human males.

      Then there were all the parts where the Empire enslaved alien races (like
      the Wookies) or used them for experiments (I forget which book this was in
      but it involved the Witches of Dathomir, Luke mentions that the Empire
      tested some kind of virus on an alien planet and eradicated all the life
      thereon just to see how it would work as a bio-weapon)

    • Posted by David Miller, at Reply

      +William Stockhecker But that was my point, they’re not going out of their
      way, that has long been established as completely true.

      The exceptions have been just that, exceptions. Rare and limited. The
      aftermath point is one character to the contrary, fairly recent, and fairly

    • Posted by William Stockhecker, at Reply

      +David Miller But, I thought you were saying they were, with the “Disney
      making a clear move to insert a non-white, non-male into the Empire and
      indicating merit as the only criteria” line.

    • Posted by David Miller, at Reply

      +William Stockhecker Yes, but it’s new, minor and obscure. I wouldn’t say
      it’s true across the franchise just yet.

  17. Posted by Jacob Tanner, at Reply

    Star wars should stay away from politics but ehh

    • Posted by C.E. Nolan, at Reply

      Jacob Tanner Star Wars has always been political.

    • Posted by Jacob Tanner, at Reply

      C.E. Nolan Its always been historical and political but if they are
      criticizing current politicians I think its out of place. Who goes to the
      movies hoping to see more of this nonsense. I really don’t know though
      because I haven’t seen the film clip they are talking about.

  18. Posted by Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove, at Reply

    the empire let aliens officially join 100 years after ep 6.

    • Posted by RassilonTDavros, at Reply

      Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove

      Not canon anymore- at least not in the canon Rogue One takes place in.

    • Posted by Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove, at Reply

      +RassilonTDavros true

  19. Posted by Roa Ciel, at Reply

    Only a Trump supporter deals in absolutes.

    • Posted by RassilonTDavros, at Reply

      Roa Ciel

      …so, you’re a Trump supporter, then?

      I don’t like Trump, either, but this quote was always flawed.

    • Posted by Roa Ciel, at Reply

      +RassilonTDavros No I;m not, and I know. It’s a quote made to show the
      ignorance and onesidedness of the Jedi. It’s just a joke.

  20. Posted by Abraham Szekely, at Reply

    Its a galaxy far, far away. They cant be humans.