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Who Are The Two Most Controversial Hosts On TYT Network?


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In this blog post video game Cenk Uygur discusses exactly what followers claim to him concerning Jimmy Dore as well as Michael Shure. View the full episode here:

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  1. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    Hannah and Hasan because they both suck.

    • Posted by Kalvin N, at Reply

      +Wajakla I didn’t like her at first but I think she’s proved herself.

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      When crazy right wingers describe feminists and SJWs in the most ridiculous ways we all laugh at them… but the thing is.. Hannah is that person. That’s why people don’t like her.

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      + disinfect777 Exactly, lol.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Hasan is growing on me.

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      Hannah, Hoss and Michael just need more time to adjust to doing  Anchor News— & hang-out with Jimmy, More…

  2. Posted by Futt Bucker, at Reply

    Cenk because he named his show after the criminals who committed the Armenian Genocide. That’s just weird.

    • Posted by fire fox, at Reply

      Futt Bucker
      well the original young turks movement split up before that happend.
      The right wing side first took power in the ottoman empire and they commited the armenian genocide.
      After the fall the ottoman empire the left wing of the young turks movement got power and basically founded the modern state of turkey.
      So Cenks Intention, i guess, was to name the show after a revolutionary movement that changed the history of his country of origin: turkey.

    • Posted by fire fox, at Reply

      but id still say cenk cause he is like a reverse alex jones

    • Posted by C. Roo, at Reply

      its also English slang for young punks

  3. Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

    Hannah has to be the most controversial host, even most TYT fans call bullshit on her videos

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      Yep, Hannah sucks in every possible way.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      +Harmony Alexandria I was referring to the video where Hannah says Victoria Secret needs to “wake up” for not including trans women, women of color, or fat women, despite not only their own pictures saying otherwise, but also ignoring basic facts about marketing and demographics

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      Sargon of Akkad is way worse and more dishonest than Hannah could ever be

  4. Posted by Motionedout, at Reply

    Michael is better informed and thoughtful, but has this D.C. Beltway insider vibe that’s hella out of touch with working class Americans…Jimmy is truthful and stands for working class people with clarity, but he doesn’t research his stories enough, frequently gets things wrong, and comes off as ignorant to how individual politicians are trying to change things.

    • Posted by Andre B, at Reply

      I know that Kyle’s technically not part of the main cast of TYT, but I like him out of all the hosts. He pretty much has the best of both worlds, in that he’s super analytical and informed in his discussions, and he’s always providing facts and data and statistics to back up his claims, but he’s also incredibly real and honest, and doesn’t hold anything back, and he doesn’t carry water for the establishment in any way. Not only that, but like Cenk, he has this hilarious and ridiculous personality that makes the news he talks about super entertaining and fun to watch.

  5. Posted by Kristen Stewart, at Reply

    Hannah is the greatest @ triggering the alt-right anti-feminist MRA’s so she’s the best.Hassan is best at getting thrown under the bus by uncle Cenk😁

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      Kristen Stewart That’s actually really true and one of the few reasons for me to like her as well (I honestly find her to be an aggravating air head with flimsy arguments). BUT I *hate* the communist and nazi love party (re: republicans) even more, so I upvote her every video.
      Btw, when will the republican base actually look at their leaders and realize they can’t differentiate the men from the pigs anymore? #AnimalFarm

    • Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

      Uh… not even TYT fans like Hannah… are you stupid?

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      +Thomas Anderson It’s not really about liking Hannah so much as the even more agressive LIB-HATERAGE that she triggers amongst the TrumpTards. Comment and upvote the video and they never notice how many more views she gets because they can’t stop grinding their teeth.

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      Hannah is the greatest at saying really dumb things she knows nothing about. No one likes her, left, right or center.

  6. Posted by Mark Murphy, at Reply

    Jimmy talks like someone who escaped from a mental hospital and he deep down loves Trump.

    • Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

      oh, so your Dad’s name is Jimmy… ?

  7. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    Hassan supports sharia so I guess he could be considered controversial

    • Posted by tonedog77, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen don’t forget the date and gang raping he has done at keggers, smashed a lot of puss that guy.

    • Posted by Dx4c8, at Reply

      I know Hassan i used to be his neighbour and close friend when i lived in the US and i have to say your opinion about him is not accurate.

  8. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    The fake black man Talcum X for one

    • Posted by Lying Williams, at Reply

      He is “transracial”.

    • Posted by Jay Man, at Reply

      Where does the name “Talcum” originated from?

  9. Posted by Jose Luis Mendez Silva, at Reply

    hannah is the worst. Maybe she thinks it’s only a minority that hates her, but even the most devoted TYT fans hate her.

    • Posted by Wajakla, at Reply

      But why? Give me a reason, I never understood this hate against Hannah.

    • Posted by Wajakla, at Reply

      I think, it somehow just became a self-fueling campaign to hate hanna – but I never got the reason ^^

    • Posted by Tiny Hands Donald, at Reply

      I’d tap dat

    • Posted by martialme84, at Reply

      …soo… just because you personally can´t see the reason, it MUST automatically mean that there is none?
      Interesting how that logic works…

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      she’s an embarrassment to young women everywhere. She’s a female Hasan, a superficial shell of progressivism with dead eyes

  10. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    *1)* Cenk: He actively supports the rape and terrorism of his Muslim brothers and he admits to denying the Armenian Genocide.

    *2)* Ana: Ana is a self hating Armenian working for a Turk whose ancestors committed genocide upon her people. She’s a feminist that believes in feminist theories that hold no ground, have been debunked multiple times by professional academics and has an IQ of 85. Sad.

    • Posted by HK HK, at Reply

      Go outside.

    • Posted by 1bgrant, at Reply

      You do realise that Cenk has since rescinded his comments about about the Armenia genocide? A comment made well over twenty years ago.

      Why do people still think this?

      I even did some research on it. I asked myself, does he still believe what people keep saying he believes? Surely he’s done a bit of investigation into it himself. Yep, and sure enough. it turns out he has changed his mind about it, because at the time he made the comments he didn’t know enough about it and the stance came from a place of ignorance.

      So there you have it. He made a dumb comment when he was about 21–which I’m sure we all have done at that age–and now he’s realised his mistake and has since changed his stance.

      So why do people like you keep perpetuating false information?

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      +1bgrant Wrong. Cenk has never said, “The Armenian Genocide happened and I was wrong.” Reason: his family in Turkey would be thrown in jail if he ever said the truth.

    • Posted by 1bgrant, at Reply

      I did not say that he said that. I said he has changed his mind. I did not say the he thinks it happened, otherwise I would have referred to a quote or paraphrase that said something along those lines. That means he can remain agnostic about it. Ergo, your putting words into my mouth.

      I was not aware of the family situation, and I might look into that myself, but if that is the case, isn’t that a justified reason for not being public about his personal views? It’s even implicit in your own comment.

    • Posted by Kirim Salfeux, at Reply

      100% bullshit

  11. Posted by CyberTrash, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is by far the worst host of TYT. He represents everything wrong with the “progressive” movement. It is people like him that got us the orange moron in the White House. He (like a lot of other members of his movement) was too progressive to vote for Hillary, and now we have been “progressed” out of anything resembling a “progressive” future. He also bitched about the new college plan in New York, as it was only “free tuition” and not “free college.” While I agree that the bill probably doesn’t do enough for the poor, it is sure as hell better than nothing. I take solace in the fact that people like him will never get their way in government, as they are completely unwilling to compromise with those who have differing political opinions.

    Also, he should have been fired for spitting on Alex Jones, as loathsome as he is.

    • Posted by Dx4c8, at Reply

      Jimmy Dore is awesome, he just says it like it is and we need people calling out all of the bullshit from the democrats without holding back, i hope the Trump disaster will help a real progressive win the presidency next time and i hope they stop pushing neoliberal sellouts down our throats

    • Posted by CyberTrash, at Reply

      The “real progressive” will now have to undo all of Trump’s bullshit, and many will be adversely affected in the meantime in ways that can’t be undone, all thanks to assholes like spitting Jimmy.

    • Posted by Oreoman 1987, at Reply

      And sticks his nasty tongue out constantly, makes unfunny jokes, and spits in people’s faces then walks away like a coward.

    • Posted by Dx4c8, at Reply

      You can also thank the DNC for cheating Bernie out of the election, he would have won

  12. Posted by Roland Taylor, at Reply

    Grace and Hasan – because we all know they’re a thing but they won’t admit it.

    BTW, if there’s a wedding some day, I deserve cake, because I called it.

    • Posted by Roland Taylor, at Reply

      BTW the spelling for my name is right there… (You had one job, Nicholas!)

    • Posted by Roland Taylor, at Reply


  13. Posted by Brian Bernstein, at Reply

    1). Jimmy Dore: commits assault, TYT edits it out of their coverage of the altercation Fox-News style, in order to mislead and deceive their fan base despite hundreds of videos of the spitting being available all over youtube.

    2). Ana Kasparian: condemns fat-shaming, is caught on tape fat-shaming.

    Does stupidity, hypocrisy and total lack of professional conduct count as “controversy” Cenk?

    • Posted by imnotmike, at Reply

      Oh, hey, idiot’s back. What’s up, idiot?

      Back to whine and cry some more?

      Hint – if you want to criticize TYT for something, Jimmy spitting on Alex Jones is not the best place to start. Also, when you go all hyperbolic, calling it assault, you can hardly expect anyone to take you seriously, troll boy.

      Tell me something. This happened almost a year ago. If it was assault, why hasn’t Jimmy been charged with anything?

    • Posted by Brian Bernstein, at Reply

      Type “is spitting on someone assault” into Google right now. You lose (for the tenth time in a row…)

  14. Posted by Scott Verge, at Reply

    Weird. I like both Michael and Jimmy.

    I don’t always agree with them but I like the perspectives they add.

    I watch Jimmy’s channel as well though so I see much more of him.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      Yeah, I like their convictions to their points of view, even if no one else agrees with them.

    • Posted by Vautrin, at Reply

      I think they balance each other out nicely. Michael is level headed, very “establishment” looks like he got lost on the way to MSNBC, while Jimmy is a fiery radical who looks like he got lost on the way to a socialist commune.

    • Posted by Scott Verge, at Reply

      Maybe I need to watch more of Michael to have a real opinion on him but I always think he just kinda reals them back in a bit. Adds a bit of devils advocate to a story.

      Definitely a worthwhile addition overall.

  15. Posted by Kelly Bond, at Reply

    Jimmy is great except when he can’t stop chuckling in the background. Ben is great until he disagrees with anyone. Michael is never great but I respect his opinions. Hasan has gotten better but he was near unwatchable to begin with. Kim is too quiet. Ana is classic TYT and even when I don’t agree with her I’m glad to see her on the show. John is probably the one I’d be most comfortable hanging out with.

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      Kelly Bond And Brett is hilarious, but sometimes he jokes around when I would prefer a more serious stance on the topic. can’t be mad at him though

    • Posted by jonathan murguia, at Reply

      I would argue that Ben is best when he argued alot , it brings more of a debate feel to it rather than a bunch of yes men

    • Posted by Crotchet, at Reply

      He can take it too far tho, cant remember what vid it was but he ripped into Jimmy cause he disagreed with his opinion.

    • Posted by Kelly Bond, at Reply

      Sometimes he yells over the top of those he disagrees with. He hasn’t mastered the art of disagreeing respectfully. Sometimes Jimmy antagonizes him a little though.

  16. Posted by Adrienne R, at Reply

    team John ❤

    • Posted by Omegapede Prime, at Reply

      John is a beta cuck.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Adrienne R.  Hey baby? I am a big Trump supporter! How’s about a little kiss?

  17. Posted by Steven Christmas, at Reply

    Watch Kim’s expression when Cenk starts talking about Hasan at 1:57. I don’t think she’s a fan of Cenks nephew lol

    • Posted by george, at Reply

      Steven Christmas lmao

    • Posted by robin s, at Reply

      omg XD

    • Posted by george, at Reply

      +Pentecost Asoh or they could be best friends and kid around like this.

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      It sounds like Cenk isn’t even a fan of his nephew

  18. Posted by R Mc, at Reply

    Hasan is the most controversial because he’s an idiot and only has the job because he’s Cenk’s sister’s kid.

    • Posted by Mark F, at Reply

      But he’s nice to look at!

    • Posted by R Mc, at Reply

      Mark F… He’s what gay men call a bear!
      Big and very hairy.

    • Posted by Mark F, at Reply

      I’d love too!

    • Posted by AntiFOX, at Reply

      media nepotism at its best

    • Posted by Elke Ve, at Reply

      “media nepotism at its best” actually implies that Has’ fans are correct, and this is the best possible outcome of media nepotism