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Who Gets The Most Money From The NRA?


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A lethal combination of money in national politics as well as publicity provides the NRA unbelievable power. Ana Kasparian and also Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Most Americans support stronger gun regulations– legislations that would decrease fatalities. But Republicans in Congress stand in the means. They fear estranging their primary voters and also the National Rifle Organization.
Below are the leading 10 occupation receivers of N.R.A. financing– with contributions or investing to benefit the prospect– among both present Residence and also Us senate participants, together with their declarations concerning the Las vega massacre. These representatives have a great deal to say regarding it. All the while, they choose not to do anything to avoid the following bloodbath." *.
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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich.


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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply

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    • Posted by danny, at Reply

      Thoughts and prayers are sufficient for Islamic terror attacks

    • Posted by RigelOrionBeta, at Reply

      animatedw00d Fireworks do not, every single day, kill enough people to be considered mass murders. They dont kill 58 people within minutes.

      You could use your arguments for anything under the sun, including nukes, bombs and chemical weapons. The simple fact is that this modification greatly increases that ability for a single person to kill a great number of people and harm even more. Your enjoyment of something is not the sole deciding factor of whether it should be regulated or not.

    • Posted by danny, at Reply

      How about trucks killed more and faster ?

    • Posted by Hank THE Patriot, at Reply

      Trucks!!! Most ridiculous counter argument ever!!! (Same with knives, pools, etc, etc) first off any of the perpetrators of mass shootings wanted to use these “alternatives” they would have… but why do that when guns are sooooo much easier to obtain… and last time I checked you couldn’t get a truck into a school, theater, or 32nd floor of a hotel… pfft

  2. Posted by Enayze, at Reply

    Not exactly sure why this is so bad? If these politicians are members of the NRA and are for gun rights and their thoughts align with the folks at the NRA then I honestly don’t see any problems with the NRA donating to their campaigns.

    It’s different than having pharma money, where the politicians are receiving money to do the big Pharma’s bidding when they themselves probably don’t really feel the same way, like Corey Booker, who shut down Bernie Sanders proposed bill for free trade of medicine with Canada. Doing that goes directly against the American peoples best interest, while upholding the talking points of the NRA actually aligns with probably half of the country.

  3. Posted by usfdave10, at Reply

    When the NRA and RNC conventions open their doors to allow guns to be brought in, which they dont, then maybe the right/gun owners can then have a serious conversation.

  4. Posted by no halo, at Reply

    The NRA is not the problem, The DNC is the true enemy of the American people, democrats made bump stocks legal in the hopes this would happen! and after all is said and done must of had something to do with this shooting in some way, the timing is the clue! politicians are starting to really scare me, how about you?

  5. Posted by Anyonomus a, at Reply

    The NRA stands for gun rights. I stand with the 2nd amendment. Like this comment if you stand with the second amendment.

  6. Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

    Wait Diane Feinstein crafted legislation for gun control but she’s a corporatist Democrat. Where was Bernie’s gun control bill? I know he must’ve cosigned a bill? At least spoke favorably about ANY gun control bill?

  7. Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

    Loving how commenters are bitching avout congress taking union money too.
    One side wants people to have weapons in order to kill other people and the other wants a better living for people.

  8. Posted by Allan Koivu, at Reply

    Since gun ownership was severely restricted in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre, there has not been a single mass shooting. 21 years without any mass shootings, in the US mass shootings occur almost every day. So don’t tell me proper gun control doesn’t work.

  9. Posted by MikaelKKarlsson, at Reply

    Those on that list are all merchants of death.

  10. Posted by nathan ewers, at Reply

    Cars kill thousands every year solution ban all cars

  11. Posted by Smiley Snake, at Reply

    I was shot and thanks for your thoughts, I am healed now.

  12. Posted by tysker666, at Reply

    you don’t need gun control u need bullet control !! if 1 bullet costs 1000 $ there r no mass shootings and no innocent casualties.

  13. Posted by Deez Nuts, at Reply

    Sum total around 55M dollars. That’s not that much for political donations actually.

  14. Posted by Heather Daniels, at Reply

    All those people politicizing birth. They don’t have deep faith or morals. They just have trivial identity politics.

  15. Posted by Greg Roy, at Reply

    I bet the Armenians wish they had NRA type support before that pesky disarming and genocide by the Muslims.

  16. Posted by matt joe, at Reply

    or it could be that McCain was the only one out of that group that had ran for president

  17. Posted by OrionTheHunter, at Reply

    Planned Parenthood donates 100x more money to politicians than the NRA does, the NRA hardly puts any money in politics at all, fail.

  18. Posted by no pe, at Reply

    it’s called bribery not influencing

  19. Posted by Lucifer Omega, at Reply

    Fact – NRA banned carry permits in CA because they were afraid of the rise in color people with guns but Alex Jones will never mention that.

  20. Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

    *The 2nd amendment was written at the time of muskets SO only make muskets legal*