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Who is the Real Barack Obama?


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  1. Posted by Chih, at Reply

    Obama gets 400K for speeches: Who is the Real Barack Obama?
    Obama donates 2 million to kids in Chicago: Who is the Real Barack Obama?????

    • Posted by Plainglasswindows, at Reply

      Folks are really reaching to protect their own fantasy about Obama.

      He stacked his cabinet with bankers handpicked from Wall Street. He sold out millions of Americans who lost their homes and recapitalized the banks. He failed to prosecute fraud, he watered down regulatory reform. And it only got worse since 2009.

      The fact that people are making excuses for this man is heartbreaking, because as he betrayed you so heartlessly, and like a beaten child you still come to his defense and give him the benefit of the doubt.

      Have the courage to face that the man is a fraud, a kind face on an ugly neoliberal philosophy. Wall Street doesn’t want unions, they want charter schools, they rob, rape, and pillage. Their malfeasance and greed is a cancer on this country. Obama goes hat in hand to collect, and you see nothing wrong? Damn that’s disappointing

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      +Plainglasswindows Ruthless, and all too true. Obama could have ring-fenced small depositors and homeowners with the bailouts and kept 9 million Americans in their homes. Instead he turned them over to the likes of foreclosure king Steve Mnuchin, who Obama crony Kamala Harris then declined to prosecute as California’s Attorney General.

      Obama could have been FDR.
      Instead he decided to be George H. W. Bush with a more bloodthirsty, imperialist foreign policy while managing to be far, far worse on civil liberties.

  2. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    So glad you’re back Cenk! I missed you.

    • Posted by Overdose, at Reply

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    • Posted by Overdose, at Reply

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    • Posted by OmegaExalted, Acolyte of Hatred, at Reply


    • Posted by Ally Grint-Potter, at Reply

      OmegaExalted, Acolyte of Hatred Hexagon.

  3. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    Obama is a private citizen now. Stop counting other people’s money and worry about what’s in your own pockets. What Obama makes is nobody’s damn business but his own. I’m not mad at Obama at all. Make that money.

    • Posted by San47di, at Reply

      You and I definitely don’t see things the same way. There is absolutely Nothing Obama has nor is doing to legalize bribery. What you’re alleging is pure BS!!

    • Posted by Michael Sonn, at Reply

      Having a disagreement is no reason to yell or curse. I’d suggest you do your own research by cross checking any politician on opensecrets.org. Look at the donor list and how those donors influence policy. Obama is no different see the ACA. He accepted corporate and PAC money, then supported those lobby groupings. Also, the Clinton Foundation is the model for the Obama Foundation. That is not my personal assessment, it is Barack Obama’s own words. So far what I observe is a former president surrounding himself with international billionares to line up a foundation donor pool. Do you think those billionares will influence the decisionmaking of the foundation? My only point is of course they will, same as while in office. Institutional corruption is de rigeur and Obama is a cog in this wheel eg not transformational. Is not his fault, its the culture. Let’s all agree to change the culture of acceptance- corruption is not acceptable.

  4. Posted by Estivel Garcia, at Reply

    Barack Obama is a complete loser. His only legacy was today eliminated by Trump.

    • Posted by Swhite2020, at Reply

      “Obama was a failure who only got 1% of his ideas across” what????

    • Posted by MrVeggie247, at Reply

      Yeah what… Yes we can.
      Thats what.

    • Posted by Poorstargazer23, at Reply

      Estivel Garcia His ACA repealed, yeah, at the cost of many people about to lose or pay more for insurance. Soooo…..yay??? Go Trump, make that money for the insurance companies??

    • Posted by Michael Sonn, at Reply

      Im not so sure. The GOP can use reconsiliation, change the rules to 50+1, pressure the health bill with a tax cuts bill, then argue they are intertwined. What will prevent this bill is non stop pressure by the people with a public option bc the insurance industry will screw up any public private bill.

  5. Posted by Emmette Gamble, at Reply

    Bye Cenk. Make that money Obama.😂

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      Obama is a sellout. He is the house Negro.

    • Posted by Miss Katz Life, at Reply

      your way off

    • Posted by Ryan Madyira, at Reply

      Emmette Gamble Preach!

    • Posted by IizUname, at Reply

      Leave then.

  6. Posted by truth teller, at Reply

    Barack and Michelle are donating 2 million dollars for summer internship programs in the south side of Chicago, he’s building a center for community, business and youth groups in the south side of Chicago. He’s doing a lot.

    • Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

      Mark Howard I agree white guys need to be in cages

    • Posted by Vernon Knight, at Reply

      truth teller – One thing he didn’t do, hasn’t done and will never do is (When he had the power and opportunity) Is issue an OFFICIAL U.S.  APOLOGY FOR AMERICAN SLAVERY.  I can see you through my computer saying SO, what does that have to do with anything.  That was a major blow for black civil rights and reparations for Slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation and Discrimination that has damaged the black community.  The logic, if a black president didn’t issue an apology no apology is needed, no reparation are needed.  You look up to them for donating 2 mil, when they prevented the black community from getting the bare minimum 2 Trillion in reparations.  Think deeper, dig deeper.

    • Posted by SiCk SiDer, at Reply

      Could’ve got single payer passed and should’ve locked up the banksters. Get off his nuts. He’s NO different than Hillary or any other corporate dem.

  7. Posted by lecorsaire, at Reply

    I simply don’t agree. Obama moved our country in the right direction after inheriting a total disaster. I don’t care if he gets $400k or $1m for a speech. Attacking our own side will just weaken it. Clinton was heavily weakened with all this Wall St. BS and look at what is happening now. Look at the current corruption. Getting money out of politics would be fantastic but we cannot afford to keep losing elections to the GOP who will always take money and do not get shamed or attacked by their base for it.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Getting money out of politics would be fantastic if there’s a political system left by 2020 if this fascist money racket cartel hijacking America get to sink their claws deeper.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      so in your mind it’s okay to be corrupt cause they’re on “our own side”?


    • Posted by airmark02, at Reply

      oh yes , Poor Mr. hope and change Obama & his legacy of ashes ……
       I feel sorry for him too, LMFAO

  8. Posted by davidi3002, at Reply

    Come on Cenk, If you were in Obama’s shoes, you would take the money too. If someone offered you $400K today for a one hour speech to Bankers would you turn it down? I wouldn’t.

    • Posted by Patrick Small, at Reply

      stau ffap Truth not to mention the fact most of them. Come from wealthy families to begin with also. Obama’s nothing special for all the excitement and high hopes for him. At the end of the day he turned out to be just another politician.

    • Posted by Jaymian Pimentel, at Reply

      Patrick Small màþþmàŕìtźàñuune 4

    • Posted by MithraMusic, at Reply

      “Not money from your own pocket…” I have to disagree there considering we no longer have Glass Steagall in our court.

  9. Posted by Lori Mack, at Reply

    Cenk, I see your point but it is too soon to make a judgment, here’s why: I don’t know when you made this video, but Obama just gave a speech in which he announced a 2 million dollar donation to the youth of Chicago for jobs. Maybe THAT type of post-prez work is what his mission is.

    • Posted by RJ20151, at Reply

      No it shouldn’t. What did Jimmy Carter do after his presidency, he built homes for the poor and is curing diseases. That is what obama should be doing.

    • Posted by Reflex, at Reply

      Jesus man, give it a rest! The guy just left office and returned from his vacation like two weeks ago and you think he’s supposed to have done all this stuff already.

    • Posted by Mad Dawes, at Reply

      I’m seeing a lot of white liberal progressive outrage directed at Obama in a quite weird unnuanced fashion.  When Obama did the my brother’s keepers program for minority children, all the prison reforms for blacks/latinos and the work he’s begun in Chicago – it strangely goes unnoticed or minimally reference.   Never here Kyle, Jimmy Punk Dore, etc. ever reference any of these things. It seem they are trying to shape a narrative of corporate sellout by bringing up the slightly questionable wall street speech(post presidential I might add) but omit any reference to his work/programs that help poor blacks and latinos.  Very inconsistent.  It’s almost like that stuff doesn’t matter to them and they want to find reasons to not like him because they felt betrayed by the way he handled his presidency.

  10. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    He donated 2 million dollars with that money to kids in Chicago. Just stop. He gets paid for giving speeches…. and? All past presidents have done that. He’s donating that money to charity….

    • Posted by stau ffap, at Reply

      Great logic! “Everyone has done it, so it must be right!”. Nevermind, that these financial ties have probably influenced what he did as president and caused him to rather go with his donors instead of the people. As president he could have changed much more than with a small donation.
      He’s trying to buy himself a clear conscience by donating this ridiculously small amount of the money, that he received for doing what his donors wanted. When you look at Trump now it’s clear, that Obama didn’t fight. He didn’t do everything in his power to get the policies through that the people wanted. The reason why Obama didn’t manage to implement the change that he promised is because he didn’t try. It was very convenient to him, that the republican minority tried to block him. He used it as an excuse to not look like a complete sell-out. But he’s charming, a great actor and funny so people didn’t pay attention.
      Look at Trump. He’s fighting for the wrong things, but he shows you what Obama could have done if he wanted to do it.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      TYT is suffering from a bout of virtue obsession influenza. Apparently it’s more important for Obama to march on the streets and risk assassination and more scolding, than to carry out constructive personal Robin Hood projects. TYT is in danger of sinking to Fox News level.

  11. Posted by Burwayn Ardi, at Reply

    Obama donated 2 million yesterday. so, I won’t sweat over 400k speech. you are so unfair to him it’s amazing…

    you are criticizing him for Dakota access pipeline. he STOPPED it. trump ofcourse resumed it…

    • Posted by Flirven212, at Reply

      Burwayn Ardi Jordan broke the story that drone footage showed Obama never actually halted DAPL construction….

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      +Suzy Stennett It’s not my country, thank the gods I’m not American. Trump is indeed doing regressive things several orders of magnitude beyond Obama, but you can criticize both Obama AND Trump. This acceptance of Obama as some kind of progressive hero is in large part what got Trump elected.

  12. Posted by Nevon Katerson, at Reply

    TYT is becoming the next Fox News. How about reporting that he donated 2 million to work programs. Always talking about it when black men make bank.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Grappling over 400k Obama earned legally which he doesn’t even spend on himself, while Ivanka Eric Melania are making that amount *for themselves* every fxxking day breaking Emolument and nepotism rules to death. And you wonder WHO GAVE THE HUMAN RACE DONALD TRUMP? Stop blaming Trump on the right wing idiots alone. There are plenty of those FOOLS in the left.

    • Posted by f150bc, at Reply

      He can write off that 2 million against 65 million..he let the bankers go he brought them into the White house to solve the problems they caused ,..really.? He approved a no interest loan with nothing in writing to the banks of a huge amount still unknown ..corruption yes.

  13. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    Get back on the panel, Cenk! TYT is so boring without you!!

    • Posted by william scheufler, at Reply

      +Nevon Katerson  ”Always talking about it when black men make bank” really your playing the race card bullshit and TYT isn’t anything like Fox news total false equivalency.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      TYT is losing their heads. The guys are getting fatter and the girls are getting sick from too little clothing. Someone please tell Obama to rescue them. NO? Corporate money is evil? They like to suffer and act pious? Alright then.

    • Posted by Dan Mason, at Reply

      Diva – Take you meds.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Dan – get a colonic.

  14. Posted by Swhite2020, at Reply

    i like TYT but sometimes i have to just SMH

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      Cenk is right. Obama is a sellout. He is the house Negro.

    • Posted by Miss Katz Life, at Reply

      porter. I disagree cenk is wrong. he gave away 2 million yesterday he can make some money.

  15. Posted by Dionne Starks, at Reply

    So it’s not ok, as a professional US citizen to get paid 400k for a speech, BUT, its ok for US citizens to pay at least 400k for the President’s lavish golf trips at least 2x/mo., and additional secret service in NY, to name a few…what am I missing??

    • Posted by Ryan Madyira, at Reply

      Dionne Starks propaganda, victimised propaganda everywhere, that’s the missing part

    • Posted by retop56, at Reply

      Those two issues are not mutually exclusive. You can be against both and TYT has talked about how ridiculous Trump and his family’s constant vacations on the taxpayer dime are.

    • Posted by william scheufler, at Reply

      +proni1 Yeah when he’s right to progressives aren’t in a cult of personality we don’t worship individuals we are policy focused we aren’t on a team and will defend every little thing Obama does that’s why Cenk isn’t a political hack.

    • Posted by JohnJay2142, at Reply

      You do understand that it is possible for more than one thing to be bad at the same time, right?

  16. Posted by ryan legault, at Reply

    Why shouldn’t he go give speeches? I really don’t understand why people like TYT get so upset about nonsense like this. Mind your own business.

    • Posted by ryan legault, at Reply

      So why do they give him so much money? What is he going to do for them now? HE IS NOT IN OFFICE.

    • Posted by Clinton-Crime Family, at Reply

      Obama got more funding from Wall Street before he was elected both times…than anyone else ever in History!!!!

      But….hes cool…so everyone should shut up and ignore the progressive, who bashed families making over $350k a year for the last 8 years.

    • Posted by Hannibal Barkas, at Reply

      Is that so difficult to understand? He did their bidding while he was in office and now he gets his reward. It’s not money for things he will do in the future but money for things he did in the past. It also sends a message to all other politicians that they will be taken care of financially if they do the bankers biddings. It’s mind-boggling how people can’t see the obvious corruption.

    • Posted by TheAK47striker, at Reply

      +Hannibal Barkas exactly. and he still didn’t answer my question about WHY they gave him so much money. he seems to have no clue or he thinks that were so fascinated with his talk that they’re insane enough to give him 400k lol. it’s not money for something he’s going to do in the future. it’s money for a job well done. how someone can be this politically inept as to not understand even the basics of political corruption and act as if there is nothing to it is just beyond me. these people will always be taken advantage of

  17. Posted by carmay3600, at Reply

    I am still waiting for the video where you inform your viewers that Obama just donated 2 million dollars to the youth jobs program that he and Michelle are creating in Chicago. Also that his Presidential Library will be in Chicago as a training center not just a “Look at the stuff I did Library”. Oh also that he and Michelle are not waiting the 4 yrs that it will take to build the center to start the job training program. They will begin the jobs program ASAP.
    Your tunnel vision/judgement is becoming real FOX news like.

    • Posted by Oni itedj, at Reply

      they will never disclose that to their viewers

    • Posted by Christopher Pink, at Reply

      I agree. Sometimes this channel gets it right, but this time they got it wrong.

    • Posted by Hannibal Barkas, at Reply

      He did something nice, so the corruption is ok.