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Who Is Trump Replacing Tillerson With?


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Word on the street is Rex Tillerson is not long for the Trump Administration. Jimmy Dore, Brett Erlich, as well as Jennifer Briney, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area below. Join TYT:

" Rex Tillerson's already-shaky position within Donald Trump's Closet is instantly looking perilous. Simmering stress between the head of state and his leading diplomat spilled out right into the open on Wednesday amid reports that the secretary of state had actually intimidated to surrender as well as called his employer a "moron" over the summer season. Tillerson's subsequent non-denial rejection reportedly left Trump fuming and Principal of Staff John Kelly clambering to consist of the fallout, stimulating a fresh wave of conjecture that the long-rumored "Rexit" may be imminent." *.

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Hosts: Jimmy Dore, Brett Erlich, Jennifer Briney.

Cast: Jimmy Dore, Brett Erlich, Jennifer Briney.


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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply

    Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/a3JY9i

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      John Doe 878393719 why couldn’t they first put out that it is a rumor and nothing more? Like most of their stories!

    • Posted by Iray Z, at Reply

      The Young Turks
      I’m getting hacked

    • Posted by Iray Z, at Reply

      The Young Turks
      I’m getting hacked

  2. Posted by Sam Lowry, at Reply

    Jimmy is right about the level of the moron. It’s why he always slags people off and claims ‘bad ratings’ against critics.

  3. Posted by Gary Witherspoon, at Reply

    I hate the US so much my friends ask why I do not just leave? I would but do not want to be victimized by US Foreign Policy. Of domestic policy over guns. March on Washington and remove the fascist government destructive to society this Republican Party and its sychophants to fascism. Death to fascism

  4. Posted by ecwaufisxtreme, at Reply

    The Drumpf wants a Sec of State that will help lead the Drumpf into WAR against Iran, North Korea and CHINA!

  5. Posted by goli880, at Reply

    hahaha trump will replace him either with Kushner or nut nut yahoo??????he is the president of make Israel great

  6. Posted by Bryan Taylor, at Reply

    The Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies

  7. Posted by Quentin Campbell, at Reply

    Pence wants Tillerson to ride out the storm so Tillerson could be his VP went Trump gets the boot.

  8. Posted by tvar doasair, at Reply

    We are in trouble

  9. Posted by matthew watson, at Reply

    Would Trump dare put kushner in the job

  10. Posted by Gurvinder Parmar, at Reply

    I think Tillerson wants to be fired so he doesn’t have to quit…if Trump fires him, it will be better for Tillerson as the mounting issues will continue to hound the White House

  11. Posted by Deacon Verter, at Reply

    Will this feud end with ol’ Rex gettin’ sacked?
    Then how will Mnuchin & Mattis react?
    Will they abide by their suicide pact?
    Or will they put on an amnesi-act? 🙂

  12. Posted by Kris Ballard, at Reply

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Donald Trump picked Mitt Romney for Secretary of State.

  13. Posted by Jeff Mathis, at Reply

    Nothing will change, it will only get worse, The moron will still be in the White House. I am no big fan of Tillerson as Sec. of State. But he is right, Trump is a moron.

  14. Posted by BM, at Reply

    After a Rex you can only go with a Max. Here boy.

  15. Posted by My Space, at Reply

    I don’t think it matters who he replaces, Trump is president, Secretary of State , Director of National Intelligence etc., all rolled into one.

  16. Posted by Return of Zeus, at Reply

    The Trump Administration is dropping like flies.

  17. Posted by Joe E, at Reply

    I don’t who will replace him, but whoever it is will be called a neo nazi by tyt 😂

  18. Posted by Simon Randall, at Reply

    I dont know who this woman is but SHE should replace Ana immediately.

  19. Posted by Otto Nomicus, at Reply

    Ain’t “firing”, it’s “freeing a slave”. Doubt Tillerson was depending on the paycheck. His net worth is 300 million.

  20. Posted by MrWebster, at Reply

    TYT accused Tillerson of being a Putin lackey. So Trump the Putin lackey is replacing Tillerson the Putin lackey.