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Who Will Alison Hartson Represent?


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Cenk Uygur and also Jimmy Dore sit down with Justice Democrat Alison Hartson who will test Diane Feinstein for her Senate seat.

Alison Hartson is challenging Feinstein for California Senate!
Anti-corruption area coordinator Alison Hartson is introducing a main difficulty to Legislator Dianne Feinstein! She's a functioning course leader from Orange Area that has actually spent her life serving her neighborhood, fighting corruption and also tackling the political facility.

We have to raise $147,000 by twelve o'clock at night on Friday to pay for this tool called PDI – political information user interface. That's the targeted database of every The golden state citizen that we'll have to begin our HUGE area campaign to spread Alison's modern message. Will you join our reason and also contribute $27 today?

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  1. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    “Out for Justice”

    TYT’s version of justice is mass riots and motivating a young black man to kill police officers. Too bad we can’t see his videos because TYT flagged them. Gee I wonder why? Hmmm.

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      Egg Head you’re being sued for libel. I would say enjoy bankruptcy but I can only assume someone as dumb as you is already living at home.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Egg Head

      *GAVIN LONG* a name TYT is scared to say.

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      Crimson King “Paid trolls” = TYT Critics

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      Sweederland Johnson Actually, NYT vs Sullivan is standing in your way here. Without a harm caused by his speech he’s allowed to say it, even if false

  2. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m a black man from Chicago so I know a thing or two about representing! I must say that TYT is not being honest in this video.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen

      Throw them G’s up, my nikka!

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      As a black man from Michigan I would have to agree with you.
      Cenk’s ancestors also mass murdered over a million people.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You’re a white dude, from Oregon.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      I might be too honest with you Hal.

  3. Posted by Egg Head, at Reply


    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Egg Head
      Irrelevant to the video.

    • Posted by ThatDutchguy, at Reply

      Egg Head You need to get vaccinated m8,…that bird flu is getting to you.

    • Posted by kaptainkool408, at Reply

      Sync never said it wasn’t okay to be white you dip s***

  4. Posted by Albertluna21 nebo, at Reply

    Albertluna21 look it up

  5. Posted by Tl2aV, at Reply

    You gonna talk about the Antifa shooter today at a church?

    • Posted by Theitsybitsyspider, at Reply

      Fake news

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Snopes lies as much as the CIA owned Washington post.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Snopes is a trusted source, while you’re a troll with multiple accounts.

  6. Posted by Eddie Valencia, at Reply

    It’s funny how people in the comments section are bashing TYT for not covering the shooting in Texas, yet if they reported on it immediately, the right wingers would probably call them white people haters

    • Posted by Nom De Martin Guerre, at Reply

      Some of the far right loons are trying to sell it as a war.

    • Posted by luke pearson, at Reply

      Eddie Valencia they can report on it without shouting white people did it like they always do

  7. Posted by A54321, at Reply

    We aren’t in a democracy. Baffling how this channel doesn’t understand that.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      tim211292 You’re really doing some mental gymnastics here. Point is, you just admitted I was right, and then attempted to prove me wrong. So thank you.

    • Posted by Sev'rance Tann, at Reply

      Tim wields a very valid argumen thought, its not mental gymnastics.
      Language constructs reality, and calling our system democracy takes away the meaning of the word, by false asociation. I know it sounds pedantic and everything, but we do in fact live in a representative democracy and we should call it that.

      Problem is, we have no accountability on our representatives lol, so in reality the system behaves more like an oligarchy, where representatives have shackles on their hands to vote for their masters’ ideals, so they themselves can remain relevant.

    • Posted by tim211292, at Reply

      agreed Sev’rance Tann that americas system and to be fair many other western systems are somewhat poor forms of democracy and barely deserve to have the word mentioned when describing the political systems.

      the two party first past the post way of voting in america is especially bad as it makes it very difficult to actually change rep meaning the demos part of democracy gets put to the way side.

      its important to note though that while money in politics is the biggest issue it can actually be mitigated by a raft of other policies. for example we have similar problems to america in Australia but they are smaller and have less of an effect on peoples lives. compulsory voting ensures that if you do something bad then the entire electorate will be voting and they wont like you. also ranked choice voting in the house to ensure that atleast 50% put you higher than the next highest person in the race and full proportional in the senate resulting in a consistent need for the big parties to negotiate with smaller groups meaning its very very difficult to control both houses and ram through legislation.

      while these things do not completely defeat money in politics they do a decent job of weakening its influence. the vast majority of bernie sanders platform is already implemented here and everyone went duh when we heard americans were fighting for it.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Would you really want to live in a direct democracy?

  8. Posted by Michael Moretti, at Reply

    All small donors? In the same way that all those millions of “small donations” were redicrected by the DNC to the Hillary for America election campaign?

  9. Posted by Not Sure, at Reply

    *Leftwats lose so well and often they can’t even win participation ribbons anymore.*

  10. Posted by Jaime Perez, at Reply

    I’ve heard of stories where Oil companies give their workers money to donate to certain politicians like Senators and have all the workers/representatives of the company do these “small donations” as individuals but ask for in return a favor as a collective therefore in the end they have essentially bought the politician because these are the people who the Politician in essentially representing

  11. Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

    The extreme left wing and nobody else.

  12. Posted by amy jenkins, at Reply

    It’s OK to not be a Democrat

  13. Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

    “You donate to my campaign. I can buy a 2nd house in Hawaii.”

  14. Posted by Sand Hill, at Reply

    Hot tail there.

  15. Posted by magister343, at Reply


  16. Posted by James Graves, at Reply

    Why is this not on your main website?

  17. Posted by Dainty Minnie, at Reply

    Just sick. America is being pulled apart by its seams. Because many people are running wild and cruel, because of the leader in the house who is a bully and shows no compassion for other human beings.

  18. Posted by PedroAugusto Marques, at Reply

    what about David Hildebrand?

  19. Posted by WeirdCityCitizen, at Reply

    wow…talk about hypocritical!