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Who Would Americans Blame For A Government Shutdown?


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Democrats? Republicans? Ill kids? Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and also Abby Martin, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area below.

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" A lot more Americans condemn Head of state Trump as well as the GOP than Democrats for the feasible federal government closure looming Friday, according to a brand-new poll from The Washington Message and also ABC News.
The survey finds that 48 percent of participants said that Trump as well as Republicans would certainly be in charge of a shutdown, compared to 28 percent that stated Democrats are responsible.

Eighteen percent of respondents claimed that both celebrations share blame.

As well as 46 percent of independents claimed they blame Trump and also Republicans, compared to 25 percent that condemn Democrats.

The House passed a short-term financing proposition on Thursday, which Us senate Democrats are largely opposed to since it does not consist of a solution to secure "Daydreamers," the young undocumented immigrants shielded under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Youth Arrivals program that Trump retracted.

If Congress does not pass a funding costs by midnight Friday, the federal government will close down." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Abby Martin.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Abby Martin.


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  1. Posted by cherokeeman crow, at Reply

    The one that is at fault gets spanked with a Forbes magazine

    • Posted by rationalguy, at Reply

      I prefer Scientific American magazine, and she needs to wear glasses and a lab coat.

    • Posted by A 2227, at Reply

      cherokeeman crow ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      rationalguy – Glasses and a lab coat,….nothing else? ๐Ÿ˜‹

    • Posted by RoCk3t99, at Reply


    • Posted by Ohmydog Ohmydog, at Reply

      I would pay to see this.

  2. Posted by kingdavid415, at Reply

    Blame CNN ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Its the presidents fault as trump said to obama in 2013

    • Posted by yumri4, at Reply

      well as the president is the public face for the government everything kinda is his fault even if not directly it is the presidents fault for not correcting it so it will work

    • Posted by jim lee, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond
      Well this time is Trump fucks fault and mush mouth!!!!

    • Posted by Em Em, at Reply

      they will blame *OBAMA*

  3. Posted by Tamer M, at Reply

    Abby should be a regular

    • Posted by Luke Nutkicker, at Reply

      Cyrus Wu Stop right now. TYT viewers are one step removed from being just as uninspiring as MSM viewers. You literally have people on here calling her a propagandist when she literally cuts against the propaganda.

    • Posted by V Ling, at Reply

      Tamer, I agree with the first two replies. Abby Martin speaks truth, but selectively. Remember that RT almost exclusively criticizes or plays both sides of the aisle of Western, particularly American, politics. She’s a pundit, not a political analyst and I will always see her as such until she acknowledges the hypocrisy of slamming corporate media when the Russian government has banned all but a few independent news sites, the money of course being generated by criminal expansion in the 1990s. When does more than just slam the Ukraine invasion I’ll give her far more respect ;). For example, last September did she revisit the 1999 apartment bombings in which FSB agents were actually caught red handed with zero official inquiry unlike the conspiracy theories RT pushes on American events? No, RT and Sputnik were silent and worse.

    • Posted by Luke Nutkicker, at Reply

      V Ling So because you work for a company that means you endorse all of it’s actions? RT America gave Abby the ability to explore topics, present perspectives, and shed light on issues that you will not be allowed to on any MSM outlet.

    • Posted by 15past2, at Reply

      Wait a minute here. If anybody has seen her recent documentaries, she’s miles ahead of anybody here.
      She worked for RT because she and others can talk about any subject, there were no taboos. She cared less about Russia and any of their agenda than she did about the corrupt people in our government and in Israel. Her work exposing Israeli crimes on Palestinian children is what incited Zionuts to raise enough poo to get her fired.
      The problem with TYT is that most of its listeners here are brainwashed superficial airhead f,,ls and cant confront what she brings to light.
      If TYT keeps her on she will gain them a few hundred thousand of her followers. However I think, like Jimmy she will be distanced from because TYT has a limit they wont pass to give out real News!

  4. Posted by BladeWinters, at Reply

    It’s hard to believe people this spineless actually exist

    • Posted by Dennis Staughton, at Reply

      BladeWinters yrs, I agree. 300+ million Americans who actually CHOOSE these people to represent us are the definition of spineless. And we deserve this.

    • Posted by Acid Head, at Reply

      Its been like that since dawn of time

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Dennis Staughton – under half of the 320 million eligible US citizens voted in the last election, voter apathy is partly to blame but so too is the issue with purging voter rolls, restricted access to polling stations, deliberately hackable voting machines, etc there was also an issue with young first time voters being unable to cast a vote, people of colour and people from poor neighbourhoods bring unable to find the means to travel fairly great distances in order to cast their vote.

    • Posted by Rich Pirhana, at Reply

      You mean the democrats arenโ€™t spineless, theyโ€™ll but beaners before Americans.

  5. Posted by Stingerbillion, at Reply

    We need more Abby!!!!

    • Posted by Amanda Sailsbury, at Reply

      Stingerbillion she can replace Hannah.

    • Posted by Proto Man, at Reply

      Yesss replace her lol

    • Posted by KC KOLA, at Reply

      No We Dont

    • Posted by MarmaLloyd, at Reply

      It’s a trap

    • Posted by sharon anderson, at Reply

      Stingerbillion right on.

  6. Posted by Hectotane, at Reply

    Of course we blame the Republicans because they’re liars and bullies.

    Democrats who won’t stand up to them; they worry about their donors? We primary them out.

    • Posted by Herb Bluntman, at Reply

      HEAR, HEAR! I couldn’t agree more.

  7. Posted by J'Nay Vann, at Reply

    But but but…I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall

    • Posted by bobshenix, at Reply

      They will, all it has to do is be subtracted from the Aid packages.

    • Posted by Razor3105, at Reply

      J’Nay Vann but Obamaaaaa!!!!

    • Posted by Rich Pirhana, at Reply

      J’Nay Vann they can still increase tariffs itโ€™s no that hard.

    • Posted by Atonecy Inc, at Reply


  8. Posted by sara, at Reply

    well, Trump once said that the problem starts at the top. At least when it was on Obama’s watch. Any reason he shouldn’t be held to the same level now donald dumbass is president?

  9. Posted by MsArilyn, at Reply

    Republicans, they already shut the government down before why not do it again ?

    • Posted by MissArtSucker, at Reply

      MsArilyn exactly

    • Posted by Dustin Stich, at Reply

      even if all Republicans voted for the budget it still would not be enough.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      MsArilyn – Because I think they need to ensure that their base believes that the democrats are responsible, which shouldn’t be hard to convince those gullible muppets.

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Ste H you are TYT sub and call people gullible? Priceless!

  10. Posted by IAMdeathblade, at Reply

    Trumptards will defend trump no matter what but us the American people know this idiots in the GOP are responsible, this supporting pedophiles are to blame. 2018 blue wave!

    • Posted by mreshadow, at Reply

      GotAnyChicken for Me the monster from under the bed or the one in the closet? Either way I’m scared

    • Posted by Rich Pirhana, at Reply

      The pedophiles are all from leftist Hollywood JACKASS!

    • Posted by UNCD Inc, at Reply

      The things a pedophile would say. Rich (The Pedo)Pirhana is in great company of Pedo’s. Trump the daughter destroyer, Moore that asks the children’s parents before he molests them, Milo who thinks every gay person should have an elderly Priest play with them. Making America great again. Back in the day these type of men had black children slaves to rape then lynch them.

    • Posted by Rich Pirhana, at Reply

      UNCD Inc your lying to yourself if you do t think most of the pedophiles are democrats. All of them are In Hollywood.

  11. Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

    The party of personal accountability never want to take accountability for their own actions.

  12. Posted by Rich Marceau, at Reply

    The ABC/WaPo poll unfortunately polled the wrong people. I’t’s the voters — especially those likely to vote this November — that are relevant.

    • Posted by Justin Lacek, at Reply

      Rich Marceau

      Actually, I was wondering about this. What was the poll sample? I saw the numbers and everything

  13. Posted by Orden Just, at Reply

    Conspicuously quiet has been Senator Ted Cruz. How much did the GOP pay him to keep quiet, lest he remind people who caused the last shutdown?

  14. Posted by ACGreyhound04, at Reply

    The government is about to shut down right now because the Republicans are no longer really a party at all, but rather a collection of rabid jungle animals thrown into the same cage.

  15. Posted by demonblade001, at Reply

    People will probably blame Obama or Clinton. Idk how they would but they would.

    • Posted by Omid Saranj, at Reply

      demonblade001 i blame Obama and Clinton for Donald Trump. They are such pathetic losers.

    • Posted by Jefke Theboss, at Reply

      demonblade001 True… Most likly Trump will blame them before the president election in 2020… Most likly Trump and other retads will create lies and tension to devide people and they will do it with the help of the media… Thats why foook the Tv or Internet, Famely is more important then this political childiss play…

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Jefke Theboss you obviously have no clue. Stay in your lane.

  16. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    DACA only became an issue when the So-Called President killed it in September, so HE made it the issue. He THEN said, only last Tuesday (I think) at the 45 min PR meeting, that he WOULD VOTE FOR ANY BIPARTISAN DEAL PUT BEFORE HIM. When they did just that – he chucked a fit. HE LIED! So, tell me again why the Dems should carry responsibility for Trump and the Repubican’s (sp) decisions and lies? So much for the ‘Great Negotiator’! Sad.

    • Posted by flewjewcoop, at Reply

      There has been no bipartisan deal, dear….They did NOT do “just that”…Demanding that 800,000 foreign nationals and their families get blanket amnesty and we get no wall is NOT a “deal” for the American people…Are you DELUSIONAL?

    • Posted by Raizhen010, at Reply

      You’re in the minority. Even a majority of Republicans support DACA.

    • Posted by ChrisJ Fox, at Reply

      flewjewcoop a wall does nothing to deal with a majority of legal immigrants – those that come here legally and simply overstay.

  17. Posted by Larry Poorman, at Reply

    Government shutdown is just a diversion tactic. What is important is getting progressives elected to office and convincing the American people that it is the progressives who will implement their needs. Without this everything else is just a bandaid on a fatal wound.

  18. Posted by Ozzy Dowery, at Reply

    In 2013 when we faced shutdown, Trump himself said the person to blame isn’t the house, congress or the senate. Not democrats or republicans. The person to blame is the POTUS. That the POTUS (at the time Obama) needs to get everyone in a room and fix the problem. That he should be a leader.

    So seeing as Trump is now POTUS…I guess we know who’s to blame now, eh?

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Ozzy Dowery – Yes, and he is the one to blame anyway since it was his flip flopping that is leading to the potential shutdown.
      If Trump was not such an easily manipulated tool for others, then things might not be so bad.

    • Posted by cicakkibin, at Reply

      He wants this!

  19. Posted by jacksprat418, at Reply

    Keep the shutdown going until the Stockmarket falls and returns to a normal level. I want to hear the rich cry as money pours out of their accounts. Sorry government workers, you knew what you were signing up for when you took that first paycheck.

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Zarion Wildclaw yeah rich democrats.

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      jacksprat418 wtf is wrong with you?

    • Posted by Zarion Wildclaw, at Reply

      Dirty Red

      Nope both sides. That’s the beauty of being a centrist, I’m not hindered by any political bubble.