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Why Are Millennials Building Makeshift Walls?


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Is this a “hot new trend?" Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"It's been a long time since the NY Times' Real Estate section delivered a millennial trend story that was neither infuriating nor tone deaf nor straight trolling. But Friday's report on the Hot New Millennial Trend—putting up temporary walls in apartments so you can cram four people in a one-to-two bedroom apartment—is surprisingly non-stabby.
In a piece titled "Roommates Divide and Conquer With Temporary Walls," the Times digs into the phenomenon of young professionals building unconventional spaces so they can double up in living rooms and bedrooms, thereby slicing the rent on pricey apartments. In one one-bedroom apartment described in the piece, two women sleep in twin beds in the bedroom while two men split the living room, subdivided by a temporary half-wall. In another, three roommates split a one-bedroom with a living room subdivided into a windowed bedroom and windowless living room, an open dining area turned into another bedroom, and a fake wall added to the real bedroom so roommates could access the en-suite bathroom without disturbing anyone.

This is neither a new trend nor something specific to millennials, of course, but the piece notes how tenants occasionally skirt fire codes to fit into these apartments, to which landlords might turn a blind eye. Though housing codes require there to be natural light in living rooms; windows and 80 square feet of space in each bedroom; and that temporary bedroom walls leave two feet between their tops and the ceiling, some of these creative spaces lack these requirements. And though landlords generally need to get a permit to change apartments in the manner the piece describes, sometimes they don't bother.

"It’s not exactly the code of the law. It’s just how things work in New York City," William Aronin, a real estate litigation lawyer, told the Times. "Landlords don’t really care too much because one-bedrooms are sometimes $3,600, and what kind of 20-something can afford that?””*

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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    to hide their furry attires from their more sane family members…

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      +Yellow King Arkansas is like 3 on the list though. Most of this is near
      the bible belt.

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      Yellow King Utah?

    • Posted by Rusty Johnson, at Reply

      quaxk edited.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      +Rusty Johnson
      yes, I simplified my comment, the horror! 🙂

    • Posted by Nephilim Born, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond gay porn*

  2. Posted by Jesse Shotland, at Reply

    As a millennial living in NYC, I can confidently say I’ve never had trouble
    finding a room in brooklyn for less than 800/month.

    • Posted by Robert, at Reply

      Jesse, what’s the best way to find a room in brooklyn for less than

    • Posted by Teddy McFail, at Reply

      Robert Checkout room shares on Craigslist. Bushwick is an affordable
      neighborhood in Brooklyn. Astoria, Queens as well.

    • Posted by Jesse Shotland, at Reply

      Robert check out gypsy housing group on facebook

    • Posted by Robert, at Reply

      +Jesse Shotland
      OK, thanks. I appreciate it.

  3. Posted by The TYT Critic, at Reply

    I thought this had to do with President Trump

    • Posted by youtert, at Reply

      His wall isn’t going to be makeshift. It’ll be yuuuge, and it’ll be
      beautiful. It’ll be a very classy wall, let my tell you that.

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply


    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      youtert …and it will have a casino running the entire length

    • Posted by Mythology Squirrel, at Reply

      …the World doesn’t revolve around Trump.

    • Posted by Dead End, at Reply

      It does. What TYT doesn’t tell you is that these walls aren’t built out of
      necessity due to high rent; these people are merely inspired by their Great
      Leader’s gospel on the virtue of Walls.

  4. Posted by Daniel Thomas, at Reply


    • Posted by DubstepinWithSmoke, at Reply

      Solomon Byrd lol loser

    • Posted by Lotus Wolf, at Reply

      no we need open boarders

    • Posted by Solomon Byrd, at Reply

      DubstepinWithSmoke can I ask you a question then

    • Posted by Lou C, at Reply

      Say’s who?

    • Posted by Ron Waller, at Reply

      Yeah building walls in apartments is totally racist! Fascist even! No
      wonder all these Millennials were supporting Bernie Sanders when Hillary
      “Super Predator” Clinton clearly deserved their vote!

  5. Posted by mus5599, at Reply

    Asians do this a lot. The UCLA girl with the epic Asian library rant comes
    to mind lmao.

    • Posted by tom johnston, at Reply

      HelenaJ Except the whole fire hazard thing. That ones a doozy.

    • Posted by Tom Tomson, at Reply

      Laws are only for white people you racist! They weren’t privileged to be
      born with a document or able to follow building codes.

    • Posted by aquoslover200, at Reply

      (I think you’re being a little ironic for a troll but whatever). Hello
      fellow Koala meme.

    • Posted by inafridge, at Reply

      mus5599 i remember reading that in east asia theres a style of housing with
      moveable walls so the shapes of the rooms can be changed

    • Posted by mus5599, at Reply

      Like Inception

  6. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    If they’re female and takes care of themselves they could always make rent
    money in the world of sugar dating.

    • Posted by The People Wills It, at Reply

      +Jacob Hansen Lmao

    • Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

      +The People Wills It She got to stay in my basement for free, sometimes i
      would even unlock the door.

    • Posted by The People Wills It, at Reply

      +Jacob Hansen Did she eat ? U know besides nuts

    • Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

      +The People Wills It Sometimes, if the dogs didn’t finish all of their food.

  7. Posted by Jesus Christ, at Reply

    They’re building walls to keep each other out and making their roommates
    pay for it.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply


    • Posted by Juan Catalan, at Reply


    • Posted by Danny Lotus, at Reply

      HAHAHAHA, this guy.

  8. Posted by Noah King, at Reply

    I thought about transferring to New York but when I looked up apartments
    and houses I said forget. I can own a 6 bedroom house in Atlanta for the
    price of these shoe box size apartments.

    • Posted by Daniel Rodríguez Sánchez, at Reply

      Noah King Nobody likes you assholes in NYC.

    • Posted by tonedog77, at Reply

      Noah King Atlanta is far better than NYC, especially the people, but also

    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      Daniel Rodríguez Sánchez I like the people in NYC. Got family there and

  9. Posted by kaisofine, at Reply

    hour to hour and a half, HA! that’s normal for commuting through the city.
    People in Long Island commute about 2hrs++ everyday

    • Posted by shinyjewelsz, at Reply

      True that! As a fellow long islander, I can validate this statement

    • Posted by MrUndecidedVoter, at Reply

      kaisofine I had a friend who lives in Far Rockaway, because the rent is
      cheaper. It takes him 2 hours to get to work via the A train.

  10. Posted by Brent Posy, at Reply

    Who DAFAQ would want to live like that?? O_O

    • Posted by ChasingTruth TakingFlak, at Reply

      Retards who “must” live in NYC.

    • Posted by Aleksandra Bator, at Reply

      ChasingTruth TakingFlak like people who literally have only job
      opportunities in NYC? There’s some careers that are really difficult to get
      anywhere else. Ex, conservationists. Where in the middle of Arkansas will
      you find work as a conservationist? Ur not. It’s basically only NYC and the
      big museums there. (Maybe Washington, D.C. Too but that’s expensive as well

    • Posted by Remlat Zargonix, at Reply

      Aleksandra Bator ..And it is next to impossible to be a New York City cop
      in Arkansas…

  11. Posted by rurutu M, at Reply

    people in NYC don’t drive. the mass transit system is how that city moves.

    • Posted by Robin Lillian, at Reply

      Are you crazy or just really wealthy? The tolls on bridges going into
      Manhattan by car are astronomical if you have to pay every day. The traffic
      is horrendous. Then, when you finally get into the city, there is nowhere
      to park unless you pay for a garage. Mass transit is MUCH cheaper. The only
      way to have a chance of commuting every day by car & finding a free parking
      space is if you get up at 3 a.m. & go then. Most of the outer boroughs are
      very hard to park your car in, too, until you get close to the border.

    • Posted by Fawkzzz, at Reply

      +Robin Lillian Exactly! I live in Brooklyn and there’s subway stations
      every 2 blocks, which makes it so much more convenient to commute by train.
      It’s really hard to find parking space too, which is another huge problem.

    • Posted by MrUndecidedVoter, at Reply

      Robin Lillian I ride a motorcycle. So I don’t have the same problems as
      cars do. I usually park near the Citibike docks & use a cover with a lock.
      Police never bother me about it either. I’ve never gotten a ticket, paid a
      toll, or paid for parking on my motorcycle.

    • Posted by Mikhail Tagallie, at Reply

      Yeah its not that i cant afford a car its that.. wtfs the point.. parking
      is like 8 or more an nhour.. thats like other ppls whole minimum wage.

  12. Posted by Sublunary World (All And Sundry), at Reply

    Poverty will always break laws and rules…

    • Posted by Mythology Squirrel, at Reply

      …sort of why a stable infrastructure requires minimum poverty.

    • Posted by Sublunary World (All And Sundry), at Reply

      Mythology Squirrel
      This is a real experiment on a town without poverty.. Done in Canada.. The
      results have been kept quiet for years…

  13. Posted by David Vest, at Reply

    it’s gonna implode soon I live in Brooklyn and it’s out of control

    • Posted by Konstantin Krastev, at Reply

      Sadly the damage is going on the back of the poor, the rich will make some
      profit out of it.

    • Posted by cetriya, at Reply

      all it takes is one or 2 failings of transit infrastructure to happen for a
      few days

  14. Posted by arif abaas, at Reply

    Could government put in law said landlord can change so much on rent like
    in the uk

    • Posted by Robin Lillian, at Reply

      Most legal rental apartments in New York City are either rent stabilized or
      rent controlled, so yes, there is some limit on how much landlords can
      charge. Many people live in illegal situations in a home owner’s basement,
      spare room, or similar. The prices for rent stabilized apartments go up a
      certain percentage as decided every year. Rent controlled apartments rarely
      if ever go up, but are practically impossible to get, because they are
      often passed on from generation to generation. Former Mayor Koch had one. I
      think I read somewhere that he paid only $375 per month. Landlords often
      get revenge on the tenants in those apartments by not giving much heat &
      not repairing them. Of course, the landlords that do this can be reported,
      fined & sued. It still ends up being very expensive for most people.

    • Posted by You know me boy, at Reply

      arif abaas but it’s there properly I think the goverment can do stuff to
      make it cheaper but you can’t go after the landlord

  15. Posted by mtneves77, at Reply

    Reminds me of the slums I see in third world countries.

    • Posted by Juan Catalan, at Reply

      America is only considered first world because of Militarist Power and a
      middle class kept ignorant of reality. But poverty even worse than this has
      always existed in America since it was Colonised. The country side is even
      worse. Check out the documentary “Children of the Mountain” on all those
      Hill children in places like the Ozarks or Apallachians. Or Native
      Americans. Heck in Florida Liberty City is basically a big ghetto.

    • Posted by Ron Waller, at Reply

      Reminds me of the Great Depression. A very relevant doc for our times:
      “1929: The Great Depression.” (2 parts available on YouTube; could still be
      on Netflix.) Just a little bit of history repeating.

    • Posted by Ron Waller, at Reply

      Yeah America ranks #88 world in income inequality (GINI). Deep down in
      third-world territory. Around #60 in infant mortality rate. (Cuba around
      #50.) #112 in homicide rate. #218 incarceration rate.

      But the US is #1 in plutocrats looting wealth others created!

    • Posted by Cyrus Yareff, at Reply

      “… other third world countries.”


  16. Posted by Miguel Labrada, at Reply

    NYC is the MOST overrated place to live in the country!!!

    • Posted by HeirOfGlee, at Reply

      Miguel Labrada i have a big house, yard own laundry and i live in nyc.
      People who dont know nyc think nyc is literally and only manhattan

    • Posted by Miguel Labrada, at Reply

      HeirOfGlee I lived in Manhattan lol

    • Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

      +HeirOfGlee Most people think N.Y. is just the 5 boroughs. N.Y. so much
      more than that.

    • Posted by Miguel Labrada, at Reply

      Will Wright New York City is the 5 boroughs. The Bronx is a bad
      neighborhood, high crime and too many hills its annoying. the 7 train makes
      living in queens a big hassle. Brooklyn full of hipsters and really
      expensive unless you go deep into Brooklyn. Manhattan is way too expensive,
      dirty and obviously overcrowded and finally Staten island has the ferry
      lol. yeah obviously NY is more than the 5 boroughs but what makes NY
      “famous” is the city. upstate NY and you might as well just live in

    • Posted by Will Wright, at Reply

      +Miguel Labrada Not true at all. The last stop on the 1 train is Yonkers
      N.Y… If you’ve never been there than you’re missing an entirely unique
      culture. That city gave us Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, Dmx, Lady Gaga etc
      etc… The music scene is off the chain there. N.Y. is so much more than
      the 5 boroughs; but people would only no if they hung out with someone from

  17. Posted by MrUndecidedVoter, at Reply

    This is not a hot new millennial trend. People have been doing this for
    years in NYC.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      MrUndecidedVoter U still undecided?

    • Posted by MrUndecidedVoter, at Reply

      kickinitoldschool03 I usually choose Undecided for sign in names, but it
      was taken on YouTube. So I just went with MrUndecidedVoter.

  18. Posted by MegaMementoMori, at Reply

    You guys don’t get it! They are building makeshift walls because they are
    training before building the big one on Mexico border :D

  19. Posted by ActualJusticeWarrior, at Reply

    Not a new trend, I live in outer boroughs of NYC most young people who
    aren’t rich that live in Manhattan are making a not smart choice