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Why Are Racist Diners Sharing Their Hate On Restaurant Receipts?


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Clients in dining establishments throughout the US have actually been stiffing their web servers and also leaving homophobic, bigoted and also anti-immigrant notes on restaurant receipts. Held by Malcolm Fleschner. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by CROM, at Reply

    The Young Turks LOVE making all white people seem racist or bigot. Man this gets old. You will NEVER see TYT saying anything bad about blacks or muslim. Please tell me that no white people subscribe to this channel. 4 of their subscribers have become mass shooters and targeted white people.

    • Posted by Lib Libest, at Reply

      CROM, Why do you feel the need to stand up for white people who do disgusting things? I don’t feel the urge to defend bad people. Or do you agree with leaving racist comments on receipts?

    • Posted by CROM, at Reply

      ? No one is defending those losers.

  2. Posted by Hebrew Homeboy, at Reply

    White trump supporters acting racist? How typical.

    • Posted by WhiteNationalist Belgium/Portugal/Brazil M, at Reply

      Hebrew Homeboy *A Anti White Jew.. How typical*

    • Posted by Mike Ehrmantraut, at Reply

      WhiteNationalist Belgium/Portugal/Brazil M Jews are white themselves

    • Posted by WhiteNationalist Belgium/Portugal/Brazil M, at Reply

      Mike Ehrmantraut Some are, some are not. Even the white jews tend to see themselves as a ethinicity a part.The fact is they hate the White Race with passion.

    • Posted by WhiteNationalist Belgium/Portugal/Brazil M, at Reply

      Hebrew Homeboy Search: *RACISM IN ISRAEL*

  3. Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

    So what about the bigotry we see on liberal sites? Where they claim “white men” are the bane of existence. Do they not count?

    I’m no fan of “liberals” or “conservatives”, because both sides have plenty of bigots and racists. Liberals are just as guilty. After all, it is liberals that tell minorities that they’re worthless without the government helping them.

    • Posted by Jaggy poo, at Reply

      Liberals do not equal SJW’s or feminists.

    • Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

      Bloodstar, apparently you haven’t seen the countless videos of “white” people being racist towards “white” people. It is possible to be racist towards your own skin color. Idiot.

    • Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

      Jaggy, but SJWs and 3rd Wave Feminists are always liberals.

      Granted, I shouldn’t have generalized all liberals, but I do it to conservatives too, so at least I’m fair in my generalizing.

    • Posted by Jaggy poo, at Reply

      Christopher Balsom
      I see SJW’s more as a fascist. Wanting to censor anything the slightest bit offensive.

    • Posted by Christopher Balsom, at Reply

      True, but many “liberals” today are using the wrong label. Technically, I would be a liberal by classical terminology, but sadly today, many liberals are not about liberty at all, and seek to censor anything they find offensive.

      Just like how many “conservatives” aren’t looking to preserve or conserve. These conservatives also tend to like to censor anything they find offensive as well.

      It’s a sad state of the world we live in. Where words are twisted and corrupted. Much like Orwell’s “1984” and Newspeak.

  4. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Disgusting race baiting channel. Most of these cases have been debunked as fake hate crimes by loony liberals. Remember the lesbian waitress who fabricated an anti-gay receipt that helped her raise thousands of dollars in sympathy donations?

    Here’s 11 times the Left pushed Anti-LGBT hoaxes –

    • Posted by Renegadeproject, at Reply

      I hope that you are just as upset when a minority is also falsely accused

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to quantify the number of fake hate crimes, since they’re not tracked by the FBI. However Donald Trump’s election seems to have unleashed a wave of very fake hate crimes across America, and If you don’t believe me I could link dozens of more articles of fake Muslim and immigrant hate crimes. Obviously you’re one of the liberals who wishes to be a victim.

    • Posted by Renegadeproject, at Reply

      DefeatGlobalism I cannot stop laughing at you stating that I want to be a victim, I guess your high IQ gives that knowledge

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      Your name would be highlighted in your notifications if I was replying to you.

    • Posted by Renegadeproject, at Reply

      DefeatGlobalism Sorry

  5. Posted by unbiased, at Reply

    Trump brings out the worst in AMERIKKKA

    • Posted by ropisfun, at Reply

      TYT brings out the worst in the DemoKKKrats. The founders of the KKK.

    • Posted by Dani Kbob, at Reply

      +ropisfun Yeah, and later those democrats became todays republicans. Learn your history. You’re embarrassing your Trump.

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      Another cop executed in NYC last night. No doubt motivated by TYT, just like Gavin Long.

    • Posted by Timo Tatro, at Reply

      A worms reply…. more sadness

  6. Posted by Big Gamer29, at Reply

    not tipping does not always mean that person is being a jerk did ya ever think oh maby he/she can,t afford to tip at the moment do to being short on cash people have to pay bills ya know:( The only time it makes a person a jerk is if you leave a stupid racist note like these losers did:(

    • Posted by Sammy Gerstein, at Reply

      Dominik Batt You are correct; I apologise for the misinformation, but socially it is pretty much mandatory to tip.

    • Posted by Big Gamer29, at Reply

      I don,t eat at expensive restaurants unless they got a meal $4:99 or under i will not step foot in there i,m a big time penny pincher if the meal is cheap i’ll go there.

    • Posted by Sammy Gerstein, at Reply

      Big Gamer29 If it’s that cheap then you definitely should tip.

    • Posted by Big Gamer29, at Reply

      let me rephrase my last comment i only eat at mcdonalds/burger king or wendy’s where tipping is not even allowed there.

    • Posted by Sammy Gerstein, at Reply

      Big Gamer29 So then why are you even asking lol

  7. Posted by Jarc., at Reply

    red necks the most racist and miserable people in the world..

    • Posted by Dat ass doe, at Reply

      Poly Orchid Uh it’s a common word for white people who work the farms in hot states such as Texas or Florida. So in other words a white person from a southern state and commonly used to describe racist whites or farm worker whites. I don’t know if you need more in depth or you got it?

    • Posted by Алина Старковa (Alina Starkova) 2nd Account, at Reply

      ummm actually any colour person can be a Red Neck

      Red Neck is slang for a hillbilly, ie. a country type person who lives on farms or out in the hills (hence hillbilly) and also stereotyped to have low IQ
      nothing about that definition denotes a Red Neck is white

    • Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

      SouthPaw Rey shut up white devil I’m a marginalized minority I can’t be racist

  8. Posted by Gasman, at Reply

    once again tyt goes after white people. tyt racist against whites. so sad these assholes are

    • Posted by King Robel, at Reply

      Justin Lacek not sure what your point is

    • Posted by jdy fjgj, at Reply

      Gasman omg thank you for speaking out for us poor white people we have been blamed for everything the native American genocide, the current middle eastern genocide WW1, WW2 ETC those leberals can’t see that we’re the victims

    • Posted by Moardieb, at Reply

      Justin, are you saying the people wearing the shirt are the tippers? I watched the video, then I watched it again after seeing the comment by gasman to see if they ever once refered to the tippers as white to make sure I didn’t miss something.

      As for the people wearing the shirt, sure they are white, they are also racist or at least that is what their shirts imply. Since the piece was in reference to racist and homophobic biggots I don’t see what your point is. Are you saying that I either have to accept “make america white again” slogan or I am anti-white? Do you think the video implies that all white are racist? I mean the presenter is white so that seems kinda silly don’t you think?

      I am not blind and as I stated I watched it twice, so maybe I am just stupid because I really don’t see your point here, care to explain how the inclusion of the “Make America White Again” crowd is anti-white and how you felt THAT was the main take away from the piece?

    • Posted by Moardieb, at Reply

      jdy fjgj, I am not sure if you are being sarcastic here since sarcasm in written form can be harder to detect, but in case you are not, who do you think is responsible for all of these things?

    • Posted by jdy fjgj, at Reply

      Moardieb sarcasm

  9. Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

    Whites are the real illegals in this country, the racist white illegals should go back to Europe and ask Natives for permission.

    • Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

      Collin Lewis Actually if you’re educated, tribes had their rules and laws

    • Posted by Samson Abraha, at Reply

      Collin Lewis, of course there was government, please learn some history or simply look up the word ‘government’ in the dictionary. After that it helps to know something about whether it is a government that you need to make something illegal. PS you may draw borders or install government but you do not ‘instill’ either of them.

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      Most Mexicans are mestizos, meaning they are a racial mixture of Europeans and Amerindians. A large minority of Mexicans are either “pure” Amerindian or “pure” white European. I put the word pure in quotation marks since genetic studies have revealed Mexican Indians and white Mexicans to be admixed in varying degrees, particularly the Indians. Now, most of the European component in mestizo Mexicans comes from the Spanish, but there are also minorities of French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Irish, and very small minorities of British, Swedish, Greek, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Albanian, Yugoslavian, Armenian, and Turkish (if you consider these last two European), and European Jews.

  10. Posted by G Washington, at Reply

    Want some reality? Try getting a tip out of blacks.

    • Posted by funk toon, at Reply

      ironic… when i was stuck in LA because my car window was smashed and i lost my wallet jumping in the ocean to blow off steam, i had to panhandle for gas money to get home. at the 1st store, this UPPITY BMW driving wench had a meltdown on me telling me to get a job… *”i have one, it’s in las vegas”* and didn’t like when i answered her snotty screeching *”what are you doing here then?!”* like i owe her an explanation for wanting to see LA with *”i came here so i could meet wonderful friendly people like you.”* so she had security kick me out.

      then, i went to the same chain in an hispanic neighborhood. one guy gave me his pocket change… about 70 cents, the next person didn’t have change and apologized and the third was a kindly hispanic grandma with her granddaughter. she shoved a $5 bill in my hand. i tried to refuse telling her to just give me a quarter and she wasn’t hearing it and also refused to let me pay her back.

      the IRONY is that $5 meant a heck of a lot more to that kind woman than a quarter would that hostile yuppy ho. in my experience, it’s BETTER to be down on your luck in a poor neighborhood where people have empathy than in your little nazi redneck suburbs you ignorant feck! why just a couple weeks ago, a cute young black girl i was making small talk with offered me some of her strawberries and i’ve had MANY people of color offer to share various snacks or water bottles on hot days etc. at bus stops DESPITE my being an 85% euro mutt. you’d find when you treat people with RESPECT, many of them from EVERY culture are happy to reply in kind.

    • Posted by Pablo Escobar, at Reply

      imani2114 And I’m a tall chinese man

    • Posted by funk toon, at Reply

      yao ming?

  11. Posted by Berserk9868, at Reply

    I still find it funny how people hate illegal immigrants even tho some pay taxes and even supply jobs to American citizens 😂

    • Posted by LuxuryLux 84, at Reply

      duhsmersh actually they do! I beleive you should be the one knowing what world you live in because you sound so damn ignorant!!

    • Posted by Reece Drystek, at Reply

      +LuxuryLux 84 Again, Please read the first 5 pages of any economics textbook and your opinion will immediately change about illegal immigrants.

    • Posted by Gary Oak, at Reply

      #ReeceDrystek You speak as though you are an expert on economics. Why don’t you explain what you know. While you’re at it, you can explain who would do the crop picking if the undocumented were to be deported when it’s been proven time and time again that Americans won’t do that line of work even when offered benefits and generous pay.

  12. Posted by LEV!ATHAN, at Reply

    Shut up about racism you race bating fools.

    • Posted by DangerousTempest, at Reply

      I think you are looking at it without seeing the bigger picture, perhaps? I don’t think it’s about tipping necessarily, but what appears to be a bigger trend of proud ignorance, of treating people like they are “less than”. At least, that is how it seems to me. I could absolutely be wrong; perhaps there is a strong wave of anti-white racism that I am unaware of. If that is the case, I’d love to see some of those articles. I’m always happy to learn more, and to understand someone else’s point of view.

    • Posted by Moxitop B, at Reply

      Why speak only about white people, he’s simply talking about people who
      are racist bigots against other people who can have any kind of skin
      colour. The first people he spoke of where gay, don’t hear any skin
      colour there. Afterwards i don’t hear about their skin colour either
      only that they presume its an immigrant.

    • Posted by Moxitop B, at Reply

      Also want to add: who says the racist bigots are white people, don’t hear him telling that either ……

    • Posted by John Johnson Jr., at Reply

      LEV!ATHAN, there are no hate crimes against white people, those are hoaxes. It’s true because I shlsay so and can link you to an anonymous blog.

  13. Posted by Novem, at Reply

    Tipping should be illegal. Integrate the cost of paying your workers into the price of the product, for fucks sake. It sucks for literally everyone involved that isn’t the employer.

    • Posted by Nickel Pickler, at Reply

      @Iris J. You leave a comment card, a bad review on yelp, or talk to the manager. Just like with any other service, anywhere else.

    • Posted by Paddywhack _, at Reply

      Nothing stopping people from tipping if they enjoyed their service, as they do in other countries. But it shouldn’t be pressure and guilt driven because the employee is going to get such a small wage without tips.

  14. Posted by Onari Ojuka, at Reply

    I will never understand why in America, restaurants don’t pay their employees in full but leave it up to the public to fill in the gap. They’re your employees!

    • Posted by David DiDonato, at Reply


    • Posted by Onari Ojuka, at Reply

      Oops my mistakes, written in a rush!

    • Posted by Jasminewynja, at Reply

      *+Onari Ojuka* It’s called greed and being cheap.

    • Posted by Onari Ojuka, at Reply

      Jasminewynja seems like everything is so capitalist over there!

  15. Posted by K Louden, at Reply

    why are illegal immigrants allowed to work in our country? isn’t that the real question? let’s skip past the extreme relevance of an isolated tipping issue and let’s talk about how illegals cost the tax payers 100 mizzle a year…

    • Posted by VivaToddVegas, at Reply

      How exactly do these people know who is and isn’t illegal? Are they examining citizenship documents at their dinner table? Let me guess… “My waiter doesn’t speak English well, therefore scientifically he MUST be illegal!” Uh-huh. So in other words you’re a cheap bastard, and are looking for any excuse to not leave a tip. Got it. PLEASE let me see someone doing this in-person someday. Please! They would be really, really sorry.

    • Posted by K Louden, at Reply

      Green Reaper 😀 bro… a 30 second GOOGLE search will show you that illegals cost us 100 bizzle a year

    • Posted by K Louden, at Reply

      ☝😀anybody want to talk about illegal immigration or just feelings, star wars, and video games?

  16. Posted by TheManWithNoName, at Reply

    Why is tipping still a thing? People should be paid proper wages for Christ’s sake.

    • Posted by Toad Medicine, at Reply

      This is what really needs to be discussed.

    • Posted by Sean Armstrong, at Reply

      why be paid proper wages when many robots can now do the job?

    • Posted by TheManWithNoName, at Reply

      How many robots are you seeing in restaurants?

  17. Posted by Dustin Hakonson, at Reply

    Conservatives are such narrow-minded, hateful cunts.

    • Posted by Joe Martin, at Reply

      Dustin Hakonson yea you told em,,calling names makes you seem so tuff..lmao😆😅😆..your a joke

    • Posted by carlos Wudup, at Reply

      Joe Martin and thinking white people are getting discriminated against is a real issue…”OK” LOL