Why Are the Koch Brothers Riding to Trump’s Rescue? | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Why Are the Koch Brothers Riding to Trump’s Rescue?


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  1. Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

    Is George Soros staying at your hotel as well Cenk?

    • Posted by Derek, at Reply

      It looks like a resort in Scottsdale, AZ. That’s Camelback Mountain in the background.

    • Posted by Edward Tejada, at Reply

      Dragon1717 triggered yet?

    • Posted by Anonymous Doe, at Reply

      Triggered lol… Anyone see Ebon Kim video last night? Eric killed it! Rofl… I’m triggered! Triggered triggered triggered! Funny stuff!

    • Posted by nigling, at Reply

      Soros hates white people , soros is a Jew soros funds Antifa tyt BLM LGBT and all other forms of degeneacy

    • Posted by Jacob Magnuts, at Reply

      No he is staying at Jared Kushners 666 avenue home

  2. Posted by Evolutionary Solitude, at Reply


    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      +Mad Hatman Inhaling Cenkem causes hallucinations.

    • Posted by Mario Chaniel, at Reply

      Shade Bleu not every one is a hue man..

  3. Posted by Me Changing my user name. Again., at Reply

    Lol! The thumbnail makes it look like you have mad scientist hair!!!!!

  4. Posted by Paul EEE, at Reply

    Are we going to hear you talk about Bernie Sanders failing to submit financial records again?

    • Posted by Paul EEE, at Reply

      Didn’t Bernie emphasize transparency during the 2016 campaign? All US senator’s must file these financial documents. Seems Bernie also has FEC issues. How many votes Trump lost by has nothing to do with Bernie’s financial records.

      Seeing more financial records then “the orange clown” also is irrelevant to whether Bernie has submitted these records. What compounds this is Bernie calling out Trump on his lack of disclosure (which I agree with Bernie on) but pretending the hypocrisy doesn’t exist is a strange position to take.

    • Posted by WikeddTung, at Reply

      No. Any more dumb questions, troll?

    • Posted by Paul EEE, at Reply

      Why am I a troll and why is the question dumb?

    • Posted by Wayne Templar, at Reply

      Paul EEE about as much chance of getting Cenk to do a review of the movie The Promise!

  5. Posted by Prince of Somalia, at Reply

    Coke Brothers? I’m guessing they’re quite fond of cocaine?

    • Posted by fakeaccount8888, at Reply

      Lol, or German Scum.

  6. Posted by Plutot Crever, at Reply

    Is George Soros financing TYT, Cenk?

    • Posted by Me Changing my user name. Again., at Reply

      Choco mel Their intention to make everyone gay from exposure to “green energy.”

    • Posted by Choco mel, at Reply

      Sounds pretty reasonable. That’s the kind of thinking that got humanity to the moon

    • Posted by Me Changing my user name. Again., at Reply

      Choco mel Hoax! Rotfl

    • Posted by Guillermo Sanchez, at Reply

      No, but Soros does have some business going with Trump’s son in law. You might want to look into that.

  7. Posted by Lori Cataldi, at Reply

    Republicans motto take from the poor and give to the rich!

    • Posted by Harvey In the flesh, at Reply

      Lori Cataldi basic capitalism 101

  8. Posted by Christopher Fairfield, at Reply

    Is that the Phoenician???? I live in Scottsdale!What’s up Cenk!!!!

    • Posted by iamedbytes, at Reply

      Christopher Fairfield: Looks like the Phoenician doesn’t it. Nice place getting kinda hot which means that the snowbirds are leaving.

  9. Posted by Anonymous Doe, at Reply

    Better question! Why do you continue to focus on Trump? How about focusing on the failed DNC and the cheating that occured? So this way… We don’t get another Trump! Make too much sense don’t it? What about DNC lawsuit? Trump, Trump, Trump… I got plenty of options for MSM for Trump Trump Trump

    • Posted by Anonymous Doe, at Reply

      Yeah and if we don’t fix DNC and what occured… He will be for 8 years. Pretty simple

    • Posted by Anonymous Doe, at Reply

      Soros MSM has Trump covered 24/7. I love TYT but damn… This does nothing to fix the problem.

    • Posted by Anonymous Doe, at Reply

      Most of the crazy and illegal stuff says allegedly and is from anonymous sources. Most people look right past that. But I can agree with you. Except 90% is Trump Trump Trump… At this point I’d jumping with joy to get 25% for our future

    • Posted by Anonymous Doe, at Reply

      But hey… Who am I? I’m just the guy that went a different direction when we were told to fall in line behind Clinton. And we got Trump. Now everyone is paying for it. Way to go TYT!

  10. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    Its time the Kochs joined Ailes in hell

    • Posted by Dascorpio36, at Reply

      They probably have privileged children to take their place unfortunately

    • Posted by HideousConformity, at Reply

      Hmm… I kind of pictured the Koch brothers as the kind of people who kidnap young women and impregnate them so that they later on can sacrifice the women and devour the fetuses as part of an unholy ritual to prolong their own lives well beyond their natural lifespans.

    • Posted by Bernie DIAPER SANDERS Lukso, at Reply

      HideousConformity , no, those are the liberal democrats.

    • Posted by Frieda, at Reply

      I’m for that!

  11. Posted by MsLansones, at Reply

    Get rid of Pence!

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      MsLansones He’s going down along with Trump.

    • Posted by Dragitall, at Reply

      As much of a pleasant fantasy this is, no, he’s going to be President.

  12. Posted by Vita man, at Reply

    No worry, You can’t buy Trump.

    • Posted by Harvey In the flesh, at Reply

      Vita man you prove trump supporters know nothing about economics, or finance.

      You actually said “trump has all the money he’ll ever need and more” yall have the financial fortitude of infants!

    • Posted by Vita man, at Reply

      +Rocky Harlem who said I was a trump supporter? You idiot.

    • Posted by Harvey In the flesh, at Reply

      Vita man oh you’re just a groupie, pardon me. to each his own

    • Posted by Vita man, at Reply

      +Rocky Harlem just because I said whatever about Trump doesn’t mean I’m a trump supporter you idiot.

  13. Posted by NothingMaster, at Reply

    Yes, Trump’s shameless Tax Plan is Koch Brothers’ dream come true. And as always, the Koch Brothers’ dreams come true translate into the absolute worst nightmares for We The People, our democracy, the wellbeing of our nation, and our struggling economy, which has been turned into a well-oiled money extraction machine for the billionaire class, by the Republican and the Corporate Democrat errand boys alike. Shame on all of them, and the ignorant hoards of rednecks who voted for them, for putting politics, money, and power, above country.

  14. Posted by ownedbyc, at Reply

    All these trolls/conservatives just love getting fucked to big money interests. Even if they don’t see a dime coming their way. Sad!

    • Posted by Reflex, at Reply

      ownedbyc for all his quackery, I used to have some degree of respect for Alex Jones for being anti establishment and adversarial to the power structure. Now he might as well be Sean Hannity wearing a tinfoil hat.

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      ownedbyc It’s true. They eat up the double-think, love the propaganda and buy into conservative cults of personality. Many were moderates that brainwashed themselves with shock-jock conspiracy clowns like Alexis Jones who became progressively more extreme over time, moulding their audiences.

    • Posted by JSV, at Reply

      ownedbyc Do we all have to love welfare and redistribution of wealth? No.

  15. Posted by PASSARIN MINEIRO, at Reply

    When it’s raining i use to run down the street naked.

  16. Posted by Alex Oelkers, at Reply

    Cenk is big on always saying “I was right” and “i predicted it”…

  17. Posted by M.J.MommyOnTheGo, at Reply

    the fucken koch family is always a shadow over the u.s. when will they fall ! worst evil they are

  18. Posted by Supreme, at Reply

    300 – 400 million dollars! And people still think these politicians are for them. Sad!

  19. Posted by Rita Brown, at Reply

    Depressing. Our government has been hijacked by the oligarchs.

  20. Posted by Coyote, at Reply

    Is that where they filmed High School Musical 2?