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Why Ben Shapiro Should Be Afraid To Debate Cenk Uygur


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Cenk Uygur tells a legendary family story regarding what happened when his Fantastic Auntie was filed a claim against by someone. Ben Shapiro must note just what takes place when you try to dispute a Uygur. Get your Politicon tickets below:

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  1. Posted by Avooz1, at Reply

    HAHAHA HAHAHA HAHA Ben Shapiro will destroy you. You’ll just yell and ignore all everything he says though and then claim you won, so it’s a pointless exercise.

    • Posted by righthandstep5, at Reply

      Avooz1 I stand corrected. still though Ben Shapiro is still part of the same club of Caucasian makes with no ounce of intelligence direction or anything factual.

    • Posted by Porter, at Reply

      Shapiro argues with college students and puts self aggrandizing titles in his own videos saying he “destroyed them”. Same right wing nonsense, over and over again. Cenk is the greatest political mind and interviewer of our time. I feel sorry for anyone who is foolish enough to debate Cenk.

    • Posted by Pete The Pict, at Reply

      Avooz1 Oh the con man D’Souza? That’s your standard? OK mate, you set your bar low, “Dinesh” as you cutely termed him was free to debate dishonestly because he was dishonest and everyone knew that. I think (Hope) Shapiro starts from a more honest base than D’Souza..

    • Posted by Mike Checks, at Reply

      1. Ben debates more than college students. He’s debated quite a few of the talking heads on the left including Piers Morgan, Van Jones and Sally Kohn. And the guy is willing to debate anyone including right wingers like Milo (Milo was too scared to debate him so he backed out)
      2. It’s not Ben who is making those videos saying he destroyed leftists. And Ben doesn’t have a YouTube channel, he has a podcast on his website The Daily Wire. The Daily Wire uploads the first 20 minutes of his podcast to Youtube daily but Ben is never the guy claiming he destroyed anyone. Honestly I think he’s one of the fairest guys out there when it comes to dealing with the other side, he’s more fact oriented than hacky. By contrast TYT is more hacky than fact oriented it feels like. With Cenk being the ultimate parisan hack.

    • Posted by righthandstep5, at Reply

      Mike Checks I wouldn’t call what he says as factual. but hey your opinion is your opinion.

  2. Posted by LabTech, at Reply

    Are you shitting us, Cenk?  Ben Shapiro eats people like you for breakfast, then calls the meal mediocre.  You’re just trying to set your viewers up to think that whatever happens in the debate, it’ll count as a win for you; especially given the fact that you know you’re going to get creamed.
    I wonder if you even have the stones to show up, but then again you’re so egotistical you probably won’t allow yourself to back out now.
    Still, given how you STILL mock Sam Harris after he made a fool out of you when he wasn’t even TRYING, I’m guessing you’re just going to create video after video after the fact to try and smear him when he’s not there to defend himself.
    If the SH debate was the event that made even a die-hard TYT viewer like me start watching you ironically, I can only imagine the viewers you’ll lose to that debacle.
    My advice Cenk?  Start studying on everything NOW.

    • Posted by RedWings51930, at Reply

      No, he didn’t

    • Posted by hollyric6, at Reply

      You need to stop being brainwashed.

    • Posted by RedWings51930, at Reply

      It’s not being brainwashed, as much as it is having a brain

    • Posted by hollyric6, at Reply

      Cenk has a bigger brain than Shapiro, while Shapiro has a bigger nose.

    • Posted by Jonathan Xavier, at Reply

      LabTech Isn’t that adorable, another Ben Sharipo shitstain who thinks Ben is impressive. Also, Scam Harris made an absolute mess of himself. Even Chomsky was embarrassed to talk to him. 😂

  3. Posted by Gary Sarela, at Reply

    The difference between Cenk & Shapiro is that Cenk is reality based.
    Shapiro believes in all kinds of crazy crap that is so easily debunked. Shapiro lives in a fantasy world where facts are only limited by your imagination.

    • Posted by LogosTheos, at Reply

      You must be confusing Shapiro with SJWs like Cenk.

    • Posted by adrian marin, at Reply

      Easily debunked….. Jajajaja so why no one has?

    • Posted by Gary Sarela, at Reply

      When I look at Shapiro, I think “Now there’s a snake.”

    • Posted by adrian marin, at Reply

      Gary Sarela Of course…….

  4. Posted by The Crappy Robot, at Reply

    Really….Cenk vs Shapiro?
    R.I.P Cenk.

    • Posted by M.A. Williams, at Reply

      Noiseless Sounds you have absolutely no idea what you are talking anout.

    • Posted by Welshie, at Reply

      It’ll be hilarious to watch Ben get massacred

    • Posted by RedWings51930, at Reply

      Welshie You’re kidding, right?

    • Posted by The Crappy Robot, at Reply

      Noiseless Sounds Yes because BLM are so PROGRESSIVE burning cities to the ground.

  5. Posted by Mixalis Konstantinidis, at Reply

    *406 dislikes to 351 likes* ?

    The *troll army* seems to be in constant alert – always subbed and ready to rumble ^__^

    • Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

      Mixalis Konstantinidis The alt-right virgins are TRIGGERED!!! No Anime circle-jerk tonight!

    • Posted by Ditch Bank Bandits, at Reply

      You sound butthurt. Let the butthurt flow through you. This channel is hot garbage.

    • Posted by Mitch, at Reply

      are we out of touch? nooo. It’s the kids who are wrong.

    • Posted by resignator, at Reply

      Feel free to check my subs, numbnuts. Nice conspiracy theory, though.

  6. Posted by Peadar Ó Croidheáin, at Reply

    Why does Ben Shapiro attract so many mindless drone followers?

    • Posted by Ninja carrot, at Reply

      Peadar Ó Croidheáin do you support Palestine?

    • Posted by Peadar Ó Croidheáin, at Reply

      Yes, I support Palestine. Is that a problem for you? You want to make something of it? I support the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, I oppose Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, I oppose the Israeli government illegally building settlements on Palestinian land in the West Bank, I oppose the discrimination against Arabs in the West Bank and in Israel and I wholeheartedly oppose the racist and right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

    • Posted by Ninja carrot, at Reply

      Peadar Ó Croidheáin ! So u attack ben for being homophobic when Palestine is a muslim majority nation. They throw gays off buildings in these countries you know? And thats nonsense israel is surrounded by islamic anti semetic countries. Israel is the real target of racism

    • Posted by Peadar Ó Croidheáin, at Reply

      And you’re attacking all Muslims for being homophobic yet you’re defending Shapiro’s homophobia. So, now you’re pretending to care about gay people? So you’re basically lumping all Muslims into the same category of Islamic fundamentalists. You really think the way Islam is practiced in countries like Palestine, Albania and Bosnia is identical to the way it is practiced in Iran or Saudi Arabia? It’s very interesting that people like you suddenly turn into advocates for women’s and gay rights ONLY when ever they’re under threat from Islamic fundamentalists.

    • Posted by Ninja carrot, at Reply

      Peadar Ó Croidheáin Ive already explained shapiro is not homophobic and neither am i. It is true that many of these countries including palestine are very anti gay. I support gay people to have rights as any other person i just belive the government has nothing to do with marriage just the same as shapiro.

  7. Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

    So basically Cenk is saying Ben Shapiro should be afraid to debate him because he’s going to hurl insults at Shapiro. Insults and name calling are not arguments.

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      Not an argument.

    • Posted by Rocket_Raichu985, at Reply

      basically Cenk will use Ben’s own shitty tactics against him, and be destroyed by common sense. The same way Ben is destroyed by common sense.

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      “Common sense” isn’t an argument, it’s a weasel term designed to excuse someone from actually making an argument. It implies that what someone is saying is infallible and absolutely true, but requires no evidence to support it. Cenk’s “common sense” isn’t going to be able to stand up to reasoned arguments based on statistics and Aristotelian logic.

    • Posted by Rocket_Raichu985, at Reply

      ok then so by that logic Cenk will win by flinging random insults

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      That’s what Cenk is implying by what he said in the video.

  8. Posted by OdinTheJust, at Reply

    You would get destroyed Cenk. He debates for a living practically meanwhile you push easily debunked narratives in a single sided youtube channel

    • Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

      I could decimate Ben. His Policies are universally despised in the US. He’d be undone

    • Posted by Joe Lancaster, at Reply

      Bolgernow literally ANYONE could decimate Ben Shapiro. He’s probably the single worst ‘debater’ I’ve ever seen. A climate denying idiot.

  9. Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

    Holy Trolls batman. How about you watch them debate. Ben wouldn’t stand a chance policy wise

    • Posted by benny21, at Reply

      Bolgernow Ben will win..

    • Posted by Bryant Kauk, at Reply

      Nero Cloud. Because his policy ideas have long been dead and all it comes across as at this point is sour grapes. Abortion, gay marriage, etc etc. All the things conservatives harp about to this day even though they lost the battle decades ago.

    • Posted by Bolgernow, at Reply

      ^And I give you your trolls(Not Bryant) who won’t READ posts. Mocking folks isn’t policy
      Claiming “Tax cuts Create jobs!!!!!!” is An Economically Observable Lie Proven incorrect
      again, & again & again. No, it’s larger wealthy inequality solely for the top 1%. So tell me
      how popular is Trumpcare/all their policies right now? Ahem. They’re not. But have at it

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      Bryant Kauk Ben Shapiro has some ideas that I’m okay with some okay I don’t agree with The Young Turks are nothing but walking contradiction of themselves

  10. Posted by Kasi M8, at Reply

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will get verbally and mentally raped and desecrated by ben’s arguments and logic

    • Posted by Kasi M8, at Reply

      Sobululu pray tell, what’s the bullshit

    • Posted by Sobululu, at Reply

      Let’s examine the tweet he sent out on the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death: “Trayvon Martin would have turned 21 today if he hadn’t taken a man’s head and beaten it on the pavement before being shot.” … Where’s the evidence that that happened? There is no evidence, Ben Shapiro definitely wasn’t there, the fact that George Zimmerman had a tiny scratch on his head doesn’t prove that Trayvon Martin took his head and beat it into the pavement. Its just bullshit. Everything he says is bullshit.

      I could go on and on, about how he uses the success of capitalism to justify lowering taxes on the rich and destroy social safety nets by painting a false view of what “socialists” like Bernie want. He ignores the fact that capitalism has only been successful with highly regulated markets and high taxes on corporations. He ignores the fact that pure capitalism will always lead to increasing income inequality and is a totally unsustainable system. He’s a liar.

    • Posted by Kasi M8, at Reply

      Sobululu Tiny scratch on his head?official police reports report that George Zimmerman was bleeding from his nose and the back of his neck. They weren’t heavy wounds that were hemorrhaging so profusely that he would die soon but these were definitely not tiny scratches on his head.if anyone is bullshitting or lying about anything right now, it’s you

    • Posted by Kasi M8, at Reply

      Sobululu cite to me where he says all of these things. Surely you won’t just give me your word right?

  11. Posted by Iznaga1420, at Reply

    The indomitable, legendary debater Cenk Uygur who showcased his sage-like abilities against Sam Harris when he flatly denied the existence of basic probability theory.
    Extraordinary debate skills. Outright deny reality. Ben Shapiro beware.

    • Posted by Iznaga1420, at Reply

      I’m unaware of anyone, let alone a scientist, who denies that climate change exists. It’s taken almost axiomatic that it exists. What three percent of scientists believe that climate is entirely static?

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Elyaas Ausar no he denies that it’s man made. He knows there are natural cycles of climate change. Duh!

    • Posted by Iznaga1420, at Reply

      That’s not what the other person said.
      Verbatim: “he denies climate change, which 97% of scientists say exists.”

      Quite a bit different than saying he doesn’t believe it’s at least partly anthropogenic.

    • Posted by Elyaas Ausar, at Reply

      Iznaga1420 you two know exactly what I mean, so stop playing games. Shapiro denies man-made climate change, even though 97% of scientists say that it DOES in fact exist.

  12. Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

    If cenk calls out Ben then he should be ready to put his money where is mouth is

    • Posted by christophermarang., at Reply

      this live in the same city, have two of the same alma mater’s, and both are heavily platformed on youtube, i’m sure they’ve crossed paths… hell they may be friends…

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      christophermarang then cenk should put his money where is mouth is

    • Posted by christophermarang., at Reply

      Tyrion L what makes you think that wasn’t the case. Hell what makes you think that hasn’t already been booked?

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      christophermarang. considering the last time TYT had someone like that on was several years ago it is safe to assume

  13. Posted by GrandStreet Supreme, at Reply

    Lmao. Point me to a video of Ben losing a debate….

    • Posted by Geoff Longo, at Reply

      GrandStreet Supreme lol. Sally Kohn is still looking for her first debate win. That will be tough with no facts on her side.

    • Posted by Geoff Longo, at Reply

      Matt Bacon once again, he has almost nothing in common with O’Reilly. They disagree on many things.

    • Posted by GrandStreet Supreme, at Reply

      PRGS Commentary Ben Shapiro doesn’t have his own personal YouTube channel..

  14. Posted by Kelly gray, at Reply

    Lol Cenk destroy Ben, bye-bye loser, and stay off our campuses.

    • Posted by Cameron Whinery, at Reply

      Yeah anyone with opposing viewpoints stay off college campuses

    • Posted by Hushai, at Reply

      Kelly gray No; advocating that those with opposing viewpoints be distanced from college campuses, among other public forums. Clown.

    • Posted by Kelly gray, at Reply

      Lol, I actually wouldn’t mind cuddling with him, hes like a soft, warm, big teddy bear!

  15. Posted by Josh Struble, at Reply

    Who’s here through Occupy Democrats Logic?

    • Posted by sassamadootwo, at Reply


    • Posted by Jebbyboy90, at Reply

      Here, here 🍺

    • Posted by Joshua Cueva, at Reply

      Oh my gosh yes lol!

    • Posted by Harrison Puts, at Reply

      Josh Struble Haha yep.

    • Posted by Elizabeth Ramirez, at Reply

      Yes and I disliked this video while i was at it! 😂

  16. Posted by Thoughtful Chrysalis, at Reply

    I saw a picture of the title of this video on a tweet. I had to come search for it to see if it actually exists. Now I know it does. OK, back to reality.

    • Posted by sassamadootwo, at Reply

      Thoughtful Chrysalis bahahahhahah. same. this is ridiculous.

    • Posted by Thoughtful Chrysalis, at Reply

      Buffalo, well done anyone?

  17. Posted by Russo Swerve, at Reply

    I think ben is afraid that you’ll eat him

    • Posted by HolyDiver, at Reply

      Num num num

  18. Posted by Mercrow, at Reply

    Ben fights solely on facts and that makes him very hard to beat in a debate. Ben’s got this.

    • Posted by Colin, at Reply

      Ben uses logical fallacies in debates, facts are hard to come by!

    • Posted by The 7th Executioner, at Reply

      especially in the Liberal Media

  19. Posted by dntwantgglplus, at Reply

    The last Cenk “debate” that I saw was with Sam Harris. He did a pretty disgraceful job. This channel has become a meme.

    • Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

      Both did in that one. That happens when two men with big egos who are not really well known for admitting that they are wrong meet each other and don’t get along.

    • Posted by Robert Eriksen, at Reply

      Where did you think Harris let his ego get the better of him in the interview?

    • Posted by Mario Quade, at Reply

      I hope you don’t want me to go back and watch te entire over three hour long interview again in order to answer that question?

    • Posted by Robert Eriksen, at Reply

      nah don’t worry, im not that specific. Just if you remember the subject they were talking about?