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Why Democratic Socialism Is Going Viral


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Hasan Piker as well as Nomiki Konst review Autonomous Socialism and also the Democratic Event's reaction to the motion. Watch more of Nomiki's insurance coverage right here:

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  1. Posted by American Marxist, at Reply

    You 2 are complete idiots who have no idea what communism or socialism is. Socialism is the collective ownership of the means of production. In no way does that relate to a capitalist imperialist states military. The government just owning stuff is not socialism.

    • Posted by Germán, at Reply

      Thank you commie. Now, into the helicopter!

  2. Posted by The Christian Skeptic, at Reply

    Tribalistic mentality is it Hasan? You just said 2 minutes earlier that people are supposed to be on “your side”. Wtf is with your constant self contradiction?

  3. Posted by Yonks85, at Reply

    I need that shirt.

  4. Posted by Django Freeman, at Reply

    It went so viral that the guy who proposes it lost to the loser of the last election. Go figure!!

  5. Posted by Janice from Accounting, at Reply

    Half of Europe(mostly northern Europe) have been social democracies for the past 50-70 years.
    Hardly going viral just now…

  6. Posted by Aroon 5, at Reply

    Socialism is workers control over the means of production via the dictatorship of the proletariat. TYT is full of liberal capitalist shills who are not socialist, easy dislike

  7. Posted by RancidWraith, at Reply

    Putting “Democratic” in front of a word doesn’t make it better.

  8. Posted by fadi jwaid, at Reply

    lets put on glassses and pretend to know what we are talking about….. 🙂 silly kids..

    • Posted by Nasty Millenial, at Reply

      fadi jwaid Or maybe they’re just near sighted…

    • Posted by fadi jwaid, at Reply

      no, their eyes are fine… they’re just silly little kids.

    • Posted by Frankish Empire, at Reply

      “Or maybe they’re just near sighted”
      But for sure she is narrow minded…

  9. Posted by Hyper Dyper, at Reply

    u guys need to fire this hasan guy. he thinks he is smarter than a fifth grader.

  10. Posted by Mr Patronizing Progressive, at Reply

    Im not interested in how these two “tip-toe” around the issues with Socialism; Listen, you need to break it down in simple, straight forward terms: Democracy INCORPORATES Socialist concepts – so, Don’t like Socialism? Then you don’t like Democracy. Basic.

  11. Posted by sylezjusz, at Reply

    We should help TYT in their pursuit of revolution and collectivise it. All their assets should be owned by the people, not a caste of predominantly white, bourgeois, privileged few who pretend to care about the masses.

  12. Posted by BattousaiOfChaosⓋ, at Reply

    lol look up the definitions of the words you use. “communism” is not “authoritarian socialism”

  13. Posted by nomar manuel, at Reply

    Brown fabio!!!!!!…

  14. Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

    Would anybody vote for govenor

  15. Posted by KidWithIT is best, at Reply

    Marxist swine

  16. Posted by FanboySlayer, at Reply

    TYT is propaganda!

  17. Posted by Wally Liu, at Reply

    You guys are serious? Talking about red scare and shove random bad things to communism? Which kind of system does not have military in its own hierarchy? How can it be a communist or capitalist thing?

  18. Posted by Saffron Blaze, at Reply

    Gender studies is not education … it’s indoctrination.