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Why Eric Garner Died


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Writer and Journalist Matt Taibbi reviews authorities brutality as well as his brand-new book 'I Cannot Take A Breath' with Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks. Enjoy the complete meeting here:

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  1. Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

    They murdered Eric Garner over pennies while Wall Street criminals are stealing trillions.

    But the inbred racist subhuman nazi trash continue to support their gestapo.

    • Posted by Billy Mozart, at Reply

      That’s because they’re cowards. They see the enemy and their billions of dollars and cower in fear, so they betray their own side (the people) to go serve as henchman of the 1%, and feel powerful by picking on the weakest in society.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      Jebus Hypocristos definitely manslaughter at most.

  2. Posted by Mercenary Marine, at Reply

    They got away with homicide!!!!!!

  3. Posted by StoneThug Music, at Reply


  4. Posted by alt-right Smasher, at Reply

    Cops are killing civilians for fun, but all the butthurt racists care about is blind obedience to a flag

    • Posted by Danica Lee, at Reply

      Not true. We also know if you had obedience for the cops moreso than the flag these things would happen less often 😉 Football players should do more running and criminals should do more kneeling not the other way around

  5. Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

    I blame Roscoe’s.

  6. Posted by Juss Blow, at Reply

    Its simple becuz he was black . They wouldnt have choked him if he was white i promise u that .

  7. Posted by A Gerard, at Reply

    A man murdered on video deserves a story.

    • Posted by mrcatfish2100, at Reply

      A Gerard Deserves a movie..

  8. Posted by PDJ004, at Reply

    Those who are saying resisting arrest is the reason why Eric Garner died need to pull their heads out of their asses. Resisting arrest does not and will never justify killing anyone. It’s amazing that people use this “excuse” every time a cop gets away with killing a black person. Also, there are black people who did comply and were still killed by cops, so resisting arrest is NOT the problem.

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      He was not killed, he died as a combination of resisting arrest and his poor health.

    • Posted by thelittlegumnut, at Reply

      Okaro X So the chokehold had nothing to do with it? If there was no chokehold, he still would have been easily apprehended. Not a very intimidating guy, and outnumbered 5 to 1 at least.

    • Posted by Durodes Duvo, at Reply

      PDJ004 he had severe heart problems. And he resisted arrest. Those two combined equals death. Very simple. He would be alive if he ate healthier or, complied with law enforcement prefereably both.

    • Posted by mrcatfish2100, at Reply

      They should’ve left him alone. Nobody had the right to put there hands on you. Another point is that yea, He was fat, he wasn’t going anywhere, so why they had to treat him like that? Whats your justification?

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      He was breaking laws. Is breaking laws a new black privilege.

  9. Posted by lola bigcups, at Reply

    If you believe resisting arrest gives cops cause to kill some one, you need to consider one thing. WHAT IF IT WERE YOU.

    • Posted by bill spiva, at Reply

      They weren’t harassing him, he was a known drug dealer. It was only a matter of time before his actions caught up with him.

    • Posted by tuberuck, at Reply

      A breaking point or do something that makes sense. I would choose the latter.

    • Posted by Theater of dreams, at Reply

      I would have complied with the officers

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      The three times I’ve dealt with cops, I listened; even the last time when the cop buried his pistol in the back of my head!

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      lola bigcups why do they call you bigcups?

  10. Posted by Ahch Ahmawah, at Reply

    Still haven’t heard why he had to die

  11. Posted by V Ling, at Reply

    Nice jab at Libertarians at the end. True.

  12. Posted by autumn colours, at Reply

    Twice I was going to add a comment to someone horrible comment and YouTube or my phone? Gave it a thumb up and then I couldn’t thumb down. I have reported that comment and hope it’s take away.

  13. Posted by Ángel Melendez, at Reply

    He died because sensitive cop felt threatened.

  14. Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply


  15. Posted by Sterling Pound, at Reply

    With a 300% tariff barrier to protect Boeing i’d expect criminal interest in cheap Canadian Bombardier C-series aircraft on the street.
    Seriously, tariff barriers a la Trumpe are a lousy idea. Resist.

  16. Posted by G Robinson, at Reply

    Cue the pathetic racist trolls and their feeble spin attempts….

  17. Posted by Emery Kennedy, at Reply

    KKK infiltrated the police departments.

  18. Posted by bigraviolees, at Reply

    The little cop who choked Garner had to prove he wasn’t an elf. He haad to prove he was ‘tough’ The court system had to prove whites still hold power to murder

  19. Posted by 1iquid5nake, at Reply

    Eric Garner died because white supremacists are allowed to live in America by other white people denying that racism exists in America. If Eric Garner was white, he will still be alive today.

    • Posted by dlindnal02, at Reply

      1iquid5nake I think you watch too much Tyt

    • Posted by night hawk, at Reply

      He was obese and resisted arrest. Don’t play the race card right off the bat.

    • Posted by Jen, at Reply

      obesity only played a role because he was strangled. he only resisted arrest because its physically impossible to stay still when your body recognizes its dying, which it did because he was being strangled. Theres nothing reasonable about what you just said.

      Also, its not “right off the bat” – it happened several years ago. You sound ignorant, you sound moronic, you also seem to be purposefully denying racism, which makes you seem like a racist. Spare yourself any further degradation and think before you write.

    • Posted by 1iquid5nake, at Reply

      dlindnal02 I think you OD on white privilege.

    • Posted by 1iquid5nake, at Reply

      night hawk you bitches play the white card all the time. What’s wrong? Can’t handle the game you play with people of color?

  20. Posted by Kanyarat Baker, at Reply

    He died because of the federal government. Bernie wants to expand this authority. Less government = more freedom. Think of yourself as “progressive”? Then stop calling for the expansion of government on the lives of common people………………………………………………………………mic drop.