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Why Hillary Campaign Tried To Silence Mika Brzezinski


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Mika Brzezinski claims the Clinton campaign was trying to silence her during the campaign. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"On Friday, Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' recalled an incident when her network got a call after she made some comments about the Clinton campaign's complacency prior to the election.

She said, "I was concerned the campaign was not understanding that perhaps there was an arrogance. They needed to sort of get off their high horse and understand that this isn't over."

She went on to say, "I'll just say it – NBC got a call from the [Clinton] campaign. Like I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something and needed to be pulled off the air.”

Brzezinski further noted, "I mean, think about that. That's just – shooting the wrong messenger."

Co-host Joe Scarborough added, "…there were also people surrounding the campaign that tried to tell the campaign it was in trouble."

Days after the election, Politico had noted, "The causes of Hillary Clinton's defeat will be debated for years, but in the first cold light of the day after, one big cause seems clearer than others: Her complacency. Years of it. A chronic case of complacency, in fact.””*

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  1. Posted by Jekyll Hyde, at Reply

    So why don’t TYT call Hillary a dictator? mhmmm… it’s because they sold
    out to Hillary also like Bernie… TYT = Hillary shills

    • Posted by Maxime Laneville, at Reply

      +2SidedTech Ummm I’m pretty sure youtube commenters can’t delete comments
      but ok.

  2. Posted by 4TheLulzofGod, at Reply

    I wonder if Cenk is banging Ana.

    • Posted by Edwin Colon, at Reply

      4TheLulzofGod ana is married and you are an idiot. You should be on pornhub

  3. Posted by C Swiss, at Reply

    ..Then again Cenk DID tell his guest to “shut up” on Air before being let
    go from MSNBC.

  4. Posted by r0kus, at Reply

    I have no doubt Mika’s claim is accurate. It illustrates, though, how
    foolish Clinton’s campaign was. After the conventions, Mika was almost
    rabidly and very openly anti-Trump (not that I minded). Why would an
    intelligently run campaign Democratic campaign try to hinder that?

    • Posted by Chuck Toddler, at Reply

      The Clintons also threatened the Laff Factory when a few comedians ragged
      on her. They wanted the names and ADRESSES of the comedians. The Laff
      Factory refused and they threatened to shut them down.

  5. Posted by illuminotify, at Reply

    Lol 20 year olds don’t even have cable common.

    • Posted by MR HORSE, at Reply

      What you talkin bout willis!?

  6. Posted by Edwin Jose, at Reply

    tytnetwork.com/go please donate. You may not like the main channel but TYT
    Politics have been doing some great journalism. Show them the direction you
    want them to go. Investigative Journalism or political commentary.

  7. Posted by AtzenMiro, at Reply

    the rz in brzezisnski is pronounced nearly like a j in jab and the z in
    front of a i is pronounced nearly like a sh in shirt

  8. Posted by Chadohog, at Reply

    The people still have a voice in what we watch, and most of us don’t watch
    the Turks. They will eventually go away.

    • Posted by Ashley P, at Reply

      says the person who clearly just watched ‘The Turks’ .

  9. Posted by Jared Ducker, at Reply

    Why did the other male reporter sound like forest gump

  10. Posted by sp808801 p, at Reply

    I bet the muder of the DNC worker will never be solved. Mika said it

  11. Posted by patrialibre12, at Reply

    They were just being redundant. After all,silencing Mika is Joe’s

    • Posted by Mhi kl, at Reply

      Exactly. Joe is a twit. Mika, given a chance is very well spoken and gets
      it correct.
      At one time I didn’t much like her as she seemed to always be butting in.
      Then I realized, Joe hogs the mic but just rants. Mika is the one with a

  12. Posted by Tim Guy, at Reply

    i have no sympathy for hillary but wtf mika was doing in trump tower few
    days ago. its common knowledge how mj did job of promoting trump like fox
    and friends

  13. Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

    Is it because Mika Brzezinski is horrible? Oh, no, it’s because of some
    stupid corporate bullshit.

  14. Posted by Plight of the Black Woman, at Reply

    Cenk mentioned that Mika was barely Liberal but had that always been the
    case? Wasn’t the appeal of the show in the beginning pitting MIka against
    Joe with the Liberal and Conservative argument.

  15. Posted by Nairobi Dino, at Reply

    Brzezenski? Sounds like a Russian hacker!

    • Posted by Shadowman4710, at Reply

      It’s Polish-they’re not exactly fans of the Russians.

    • Posted by Ahsim Nreiziev, at Reply

      Now that was actually *funny*. Thanks for that, and well played, too.

    • Posted by 5000g, at Reply

      nah. her dad put the “neo” in neo-conservative.

  16. Posted by Joseph Marsh, at Reply

    This is what happens when you surround yourself with sycophants. You
    listening Trump?

  17. Posted by Mancheeze, at Reply

    Wow, this is atrocious. I’m really pissed about this.

  18. Posted by George Edmond, at Reply

    Cenk would drop to his knees and would work for Obama if given an ounce of
    opportunity. He knew the govt. propoganda and lies yet was silent during
    the election? Who knew somone so fat could shift in the breeze as easy as

    • Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

      +George Edmond she told me. She said that you’re terrible at it but to keep

  19. Posted by Ahsim Nreiziev, at Reply

    *THANK YOU* for covering this! I was waiting for it…

  20. Posted by Carol Sievers, at Reply

    TYT are nothing more than Faux News for the college bro’s.

    • Posted by ImmortalTiger94, at Reply

      Bernie would have won.