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Why Is The Media Ignoring THIS Story


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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) rants on the failure of the mainstream media to cover one of the biggest stories of 2016. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Support The Watchers on the Wall here:

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Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Posted by Stride Tide, at Reply

    $120 For Cenks XXXXL T-shirt

    • Posted by Chris Grant, at Reply

      METALLIC UMBREON classy!

    • Posted by newspartacombative, at Reply

      +88 MIKE “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the
      result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for
      every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the
      enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” We are here to study
      the opposition. Something the left does very little. And I am not into Alex
      Jones at all.

    • Posted by Chris Grant, at Reply

      +Stride Tide is that why Eric Lindros wore that number?!!!! 🤔🤔🤔😰😰😰

  2. Posted by Anna Fitzpatrick, at Reply

    Why does TYT keep ignoring all these rapes and murders committed by
    refugees in Europe?

    • Posted by joshtimaz, at Reply

      +100kasimpasali plus im not saying all Muslims rape, but not all men rape,
      so does that mean that rape is not a problem. All im saying is that people
      from islamic cultures are prone more to sexual assaults which means it is a
      cultural problem and therefore we can reduce the number of women being
      raped by challenging the ideas in their culture that cause this. I supposed
      women being raped is a price worth paying if we can avoid peoples feelings
      getting hurt from their culture being criticized

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      +Joshtimaz Fake news alert! Your statistic is a lie spread by
      anti-immigration website. They think since you gullible people can’t read
      Swedish, they can make it say whatever they want. Quite typical. The source
      you linked to does not even mention rape, muslims or a percentage like
      77.6%. The actual BRA report, which the article used as a source also does
      not verify these numbers at all.

    • Posted by 100kasimpasali, at Reply

      +joshtimaz The problem I have with people in your mind set is that you seem
      to forget that these Muslims are normal ordinary people as well. You can
      easily believe that 77% of rapes are committed by Muslims after reading
      from some Swedish website and claim that it is in their culture to rape
      people -_- . Which probably makes you sleep easier at night knowing what
      these people have went through and are going through as a direct/indirect
      result of the action of our governments.

      I am not saying that Countries that follow Islam have no problems and I
      believe that they should be more Secular and democratic. However you cant
      just overlook your wrongs and just blame another group of people…

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      +100kasimpasali The Swedish website doesn’t even say anything like 77% of
      rapes being committed by Muslims. This is completely false. It does not
      even mention rape or muslims.

  3. Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

    Oh I don’t know Cenk, is one of those shirts going to help make my maleness
    super vital? If not then Alex Jones’s is real news! XD uh oh !!!!

    • Posted by Katerina Cosmai Gwiazda, at Reply

      A Rogue Chihuahua Alex Jones has never been & will never be “real news”…

    • Posted by Jackie M, at Reply

      A Rogue Chihuahua Cenk’s musk will make you energetic and virile.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      +Jackie M I wouldn’t know anything about that

  4. Posted by Son Goku, at Reply

    TYT is worse than the mainstream media. TYT is straight up propaganda, only
    the dumbest liberals actually believe this idiots

    • Posted by Son Goku, at Reply

      Thomas Fisher a recent example is blaming Trump supporters for the church
      burning that said vote Trump… they said it was 100% a trump supporter who
      burned it down lol

    • Posted by Kevin Galt, at Reply

      +Son Goku And they later corrected themselves by reporting the real
      perpetrator of the crime.

    • Posted by Isaac Gallegos, at Reply

      +Son Goku how do you know which ones are fake news, what are your sources?

    • Posted by I'm A Squirrel! Don't Hate!, at Reply

      I’d say they’re more sane than conservative Republicans like you and many
      others believe Alex Jones’ gay frog and lizardmen.

  5. Posted by Lakers Fan Since 1974, at Reply

    TYT is making noise… if you notice there are a lot of conservatives and
    paid commenters who come on the page now.

    • Posted by Thomas Fisher, at Reply

      Lakers Fan Since 1974 I totally believe that to be honest. I’m not always
      on board with their opinions, but I do think they’re definately factual
      when they claim to be giving the facts/synopsis of whatever happening in
      the story they’re covering. they piss me off some of the time with their
      opinions, other times I totally agree though but yeah I’m reading some of
      these comments and I smell a bit of dilibertate lying to make them look
      worse than they are

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Keep huffing that paint hillbilly.

    • Posted by Son Goku, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump send nudes

  6. Posted by By Design, at Reply

    I think the main stream media doesn’t cover the story because its not that
    interesting… “An online news organisation raised 500k to hire some
    reporters” and? On the other hand, when star citizen crowed funded
    100million that got quite a lot of coverage.

    • Posted by Thomas Fisher, at Reply

      By Design I think he’s half kidding. he’s just proud of his acheivement

    • Posted by TJMiton, at Reply

      difference is that unlike star citizen, tyt might actually produce some
      returns on investment this century 😀

  7. Posted by Breaky Jose, at Reply

    Dude I might pay for that shirt if you let Anna wear for a while first

    • Posted by Joe Black, at Reply

      Breaky Jose This guy…X-D

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      she really should auction off her used panties on ebay

  8. Posted by UnderdoggRising ENT., at Reply

    Hella Fake Profiles commenting n disliking haha. TYT doing something right

    • Posted by newspartacombative, at Reply

      Don’t think so. Seems like it is just a channel worth trolling.

    • Posted by Isaac Gallegos, at Reply

      +newspartacombative …and get some temp relief out of your pathetic life

  9. Posted by TheGlublok, at Reply

    Isn’t that artwork a copyright infringement? George Lucas should sue.

    • Posted by Luke Cartwright, at Reply

      TheGlublok lol you mean disney

    • Posted by TheGlublok, at Reply

      +Luke Cartwright
      Thanks for the correction.
      It appears that everyone is scared of confronting the radical left nowadays.
      They can getaway with any kind of infringements, even subversion of
      democracy by calling for the overthrow of President elect, and openly
      supporting radical islaaaamic terrorists.

    • Posted by Luke Cartwright, at Reply

      TheGlublok you talk like spam

    • Posted by TheGlublok, at Reply

      +Luke Cartwright
      And you talk like an idiot

  10. Posted by Django Freeman, at Reply

    This begging for money is getting sad.

    • Posted by placerdemaio, at Reply


    • Posted by Kelly Boyce, at Reply

      Django Freeman It no worst, then everybody starting a go fund me for BS. At
      least this is worthwhile.

  11. Posted by Bobbett Arnold, at Reply

    When u hire these reporters how do u trust them not to be biased, toward
    one or the other,now days who can we trust. Sometime it’s hard to no what
    side some of u TYT people r on

    • Posted by MPythonGirl, at Reply

      The best way is to start by ignoring the interpretation the first time
      through and listen for the pure facts and comparing both sides. Let’s take
      the Standing Rock thing. What did we know at the beginning?

      Oil Company is building a pipe; Native Americans are protesting. Why?
      Something about Sacred Land, but later the water poisoning thing came up?

      Now, TYT didn’t cover how many people die of poisoned water from pipe
      sources, but most people don’t use rivers for drinking water (Unless it
      works differently in other states) and Oil *is* in fact, pretty hard to
      clean up. And you *can* end up at a site with the stats for “significant”
      oil spills (these are defined there, and I agreed with them when I read
      them, don’t have it memorized)

      Now, apparently (according to the otherside, but unverified by me), the
      company got permission from the Tribal Leaders. But given the size of the
      protest, I’d say the Leaders weren’t listening, or weren’t informing, who
      they were representing until after the deal was over. That’s an issue.

      Well… then people start getting attacked by dogs. OK, maybe bias says it
      was on purpose when it was a loss of control. I dunno. People got injured
      by police dogs, this is fact. (In my opinion this is clearly were they
      should pause construction for a week or two and negotiate. Construction
      will be faster if they aren’t fighting protestors anyway.) The self-defense
      claim is viable until *someone loses an arm.* In what world is using enough
      force to make someone lose an arm OK? War. That is a War thing. Is this a
      War thing? No, no it is not. It was also not a medical neccessity. Feel
      free to think of other situations.

      So, regardless or how legitimate their claim to the land was (somewhere
      between suspicious-but-legal and dubious) they are clearly being at least
      neglectful, but probably outright assulting protesters. At *least* the
      chick who lost an arm.

    • Posted by Bobbett Arnold, at Reply

      +MPythonGirl Do people still speak of facts anymore, they seem to have
      gotten lost in the election

    • Posted by MPythonGirl, at Reply

      Even the sources that have no facts speak *of* them. Fake news will say
      “these are the facts,” whcih speaks of facts.

      It is also important to note that, despite being completely fake, even
      those have the fact that someone wrote said article, and the results of
      said articles. These are important… and why Snopes exists. If you want
      facts, read Snopes. I just shoved Snopes at a Pizzagate guy.

      Unfortuately, News isn’t neccessarily held to high Standards, which puts
      the responsibilty on us if we want truth. Always check both sides. And

      The cool thing about Investigative Reporters though, is that if they make a
      knowing false harmful claim of a rich powerful person and claim it as
      truth, they are fucked. (Libel is a thing.) But if the claim is *true* then
      the police get involved (to varying effect). So while the reporters may be
      biased, they need to at least report accurate facts within the BS.

    • Posted by Bobbett Arnold, at Reply

      +MPythonGirl Thank you, you have been very helpful an enlightening nice
      talking to someone with some knowledge without a attitude

  12. Posted by Tom F Park, at Reply

    Clickbait bullshit.

    • Posted by Holip sism, at Reply

      You guys are FUCKED. LMAO

  13. Posted by The Virgin Marty Can't Get Laid, at Reply

    I’ll give $127 right now for naked pictures of Hannah.

    • Posted by Gothead420, at Reply

      That profile combined with the comment:

    • Posted by The Virgin Marty Can't Get Laid, at Reply

      Well, she is the hottest girl on TYT.

    • Posted by MrC0MPUT3R, at Reply

      +The Virgin Marty Can’t Get Laid
      Hannah plz go

  14. Posted by jan klaasen, at Reply

    Can anyone tell me what that soundboard sound “Cerebes!!” means or is from?

    • Posted by Neil Price, at Reply

      It’s from the cringe worthy “frat boy” style Trump camp online comentary
      they did during the election. It was said by one of Trumps top advisors to
      another top Trump advisor as he entered the room while they were Live on
      Air. It was advertised as the first example of Trump TV, a media company
      Trump and Roger Ailes would create if Trump were to loose the election.

    • Posted by jtothag007, at Reply

      We still may get Trump TV… it’s a possibility that he won’t be able to
      part with his many conflicting interests. He would rather resign than lose
      out on $$. It’s the art of the deal; 1: leverage your position, 2: take the
      money and run

  15. Posted by Gibran Rojas, at Reply

    It is the first time I’ve seen a news media ask for money to hire
    investigative reporters

    • Posted by TheTruthNJ09, at Reply

      It’s not the first. TYT hired Jordan Chariton for the same reason. They
      just want *more* now so they can have a proper team of reporters.

    • Posted by TheTruthNJ09, at Reply

      +Ben Warren – Fine. I’ll respond to your dumb assed comment…

      TYT is not just this main show. It’s a whole network of channels with
      different opinions than each other; but they’re all the same underlying
      PROGRESSIVE principals. Secular Talk, Jimmy Dore Show, and Aggressive
      Progressives are part of the TYT network. Kyle from Secular Talk doesn’t
      “echo” everything the main TYT show says and neither does Jimmy Dore. If
      you would have taken the time to learn the facts about what TYT is, you
      wouldn’t even have to question. Stop paying attention to the astroturfers
      in the comment section.

      And yes, TYT is “news media”. They always give the facts and *then* their
      opinions on it. They’ve never hidden how they do this since 2008.

    • Posted by Ben Warren, at Reply

      “Fine. I’ll respond to your dumb assed comment”
      Sanctimonious prick.

      “TYT is not just this main show”
      Yeah. I know. Like I said in the comment to which you are responding, I am
      not new to TYT.

      “doesn’t ‘echo’ everything the main TYT show says”
      Who said he was. But, he does echo other regressive talking points, just
      like all the TYT “networks”.

      “If you would have taken the time to learn the facts about what TYT is, you
      wouldn’t even have to question”
      I know all of this already. But unlike real “news media”, TYT does not even
      do basic vetting of most of their “stories”. The Sarah Palin “gaffe” comes
      to mind. Remember when Cenk echoed Raw Story’s reporting on Sarah Palin
      claiming that BLM “rioters” were not “people”? If you don’t, it’s OK. I,
      and many others, do. Cenk was essentially forced to issue a retraction
      because she actually said “peaceful”. But, real “news media” would have
      vetted the Raw Story claim before echoing it. A careful unbiased listening
      of her comment is all that was needed to realize that that criticism was
      erroneous. But, TYT could not be bother: Sarah Palin said something stupid,
      let’s run with it.

      “Stop paying attention to the astroturfers in the comment section.”
      Actually, you need to start. Some of the criticisms are accurate.

      “And yes, TYT is ‘news media'”
      Nope. They are pundits.

      “They always give the facts”
      Except; they often get the facts wrong. Their lack of attention to detail
      is well documented. I gave but one example. Given time and desire, I could
      present more. Even though they employ a journalism professor, they have yet
      to learn how to journalism.

    • Posted by Bill, at Reply

      And your lack of recollection of any of these “many” non-researched
      journalism is very enlightening. Please share a few more so we all can
      prove how bad tyt is at reporting because they have wronged so many
      stories. I want to be agree too, tell me i would like to hear. Because your
      most trusted news source that you personally watch is way better at
      reporting stories with facts for every one of their stories with few
      mistake, right, so tell us we are all ears.

    • Posted by Ben Warren, at Reply

      Do you deny that TYT was wrong about their reporting on the Sarah Palin
      interview this past July?

      If you deny it, no amount of evidence will convince you that TYT does not
      properly vet their stories and therefore should not be concerned a place to
      get news; gossip maybe, but, not news.

      If you don’t deny it, I have made my point. Give me a compelling reason to
      reexamine TYT content to provide other instances. Because if you recognize
      that TYT has done so in the past, it is not much of a leap to recognize
      that they do so on other stories.

      Even if you don’t deny it but think that it is an isolated instance, the
      lack of vetting on that specific instance should be alarming. Again, an
      unbiased ear heard “peaceful” on the first listen. How could no one at TYT
      have recognized the clear misrepresentation from Raw Story before echoing?
      Answer: No one at TYT cared to critically listen to her comment; not
      becoming of a news organization.

      Honestly, I only hate watch TYT now. I used to want to believe that they
      were different. But, they aren’t any different than the other gossip sites
      on the internet. And, their claims of being “news media” is laughable.

  16. Posted by Internet Tuff Guy, at Reply

    LMAO. People still think TYT is real News and unbiased.

    • Posted by Rp parker, at Reply

      LoL your a sheep

    • Posted by Tonko Kesler, at Reply

      LoL is that all you got..??. damn sad … damn sad

    • Posted by Bill, at Reply

      I would like to thank you on behalf of all of the Internet for posting such
      a noteworthy comment…
      It is pure genius and yet so generous…
      Thank you for caring about us regular folks and our stupid and poor
      In my book, you are a saint!

    • Posted by Tim A, at Reply

      Internet Tuff Guy Do you realize how much of a segment they spend sharing
      their opinions about a story. And Cenk usually gets the last word.

  17. Posted by vapid rabbit, at Reply

    i clicked on this to see what the media was ignoring, but after a few
    minutes of the shopping network/televangelist begging, i got bored. i
    understand you folks need money, but your tactics are wrong. it made me
    feel like i was watching anita fuentes or jim bakker… i like to watch
    them for the shits and giggles, but i expect you guys to be a bit more
    informative and professional.

    • Posted by Tonko Kesler, at Reply

      So THAT is what you saw!? Them begging for money?
      And not to fight the establishment media by hiring teams of people who will
      do that?
      Are you stupid or just sad?
      Or both?

    • Posted by vapid rabbit, at Reply

      i said, it ‘felt’ like watching jb… i know it’s not the same…. i’m just
      giving honest feedback because i actually like the show… when they aren’t
      begging for money or getting lost in tangents.

    • Posted by vapid rabbit, at Reply

      i’m giving honest feedback, because i think this sort of aggressive
      fundraising turns off a lot of people… i don’t dislike the network… but
      your attitude could use a little adjustment. there’s no reason to jump to
      personal insults simply because you disagree with someone. i politely troll
      super conservative sites for fun, and i thought it was only the hyper
      religious/conservatives who immediately resort to such childish jabs….
      are you a trump supporter?

    • Posted by Tonko Kesler, at Reply

      +vapid rabbit
      Dude I’m not a supporter of any of your sold out politicians… Bernie was
      the only real deal but never mind that now… MY comment was about you
      original comment and you still haven answered the question… So we can
      continue if you like after you answer…

    • Posted by Emiliano, at Reply

      vapid rabbit It got my attention. I like folks that are aggressive toward
      the “establishment”. Not a big fan of bashing Trump supporters but most
      “Americans (pro Bernie or pro Trump) agree that the establishment needs a
      fixing! If the B.S. from all politicians are brought to the light… that’s
      not going to happen if we play patty cake… Aggressive/professional
      tactics are needed. For example, Jordan confront Donna B. We need to lay
      down the hammer of justice!

  18. Posted by Tamsin Holmstrom, at Reply

    I’m tired of TYT begging for money. This clickbait title was super

    • Posted by Tim A, at Reply