Why is Trump White House Filled with Ex-Goldman Sachs Cronies? | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Why is Trump White House Filled with Ex-Goldman Sachs Cronies?


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  1. Posted by Jonathan Renteria, at Reply

    Midterms are Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Jonathan Renteria goose might be silly but buffilo no trick goose.

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Jonathan Renteria honk if you love bacon grease

    • Posted by Jonathan Renteria, at Reply

      jaydeviil *honk honk*

  2. Posted by mohamed zakaria, at Reply

    Because Trump is the swamp.

    • Posted by «-·'¯'·.Ðꧧï©å‡êÐ ©ø®þ§ê.·'¯'·-», at Reply

      Are you intentionally being ironic?

  3. Posted by Alexander Hendry, at Reply

    If Secretary Clinton had done this, you right wing people would have a field day. When President Trump does it, you explain it away.

    Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • Posted by Stephen Colbert, at Reply

      What are you talking about?
      She would have.
      Bill did it, Obama did it, Bush, did it, FDR, did it.

    • Posted by Alexander Hendry, at Reply

      And? I never said she wouldn’t have done it.

      I said if because we cannot actually know for sure, even if the evidence does lead us to believe that. It is still a hypothetical as she never gave out information on who she had in mind.


      You are clearly a cretin.

      It’s ok when President Trump does it but not when a Democrat or someone left leaning does it.

      Also, Reagan did it by the way…

    • Posted by No MAAM Last, at Reply

      Alexander Hendry it’s ridiculous how people commenting are trying to nitpick every single word forwards and backwards in your statement just so they don’t have to face the valid point you are making. Not just nitpicking but deriving assumptions off those invalid interpretations in order to have a false counter talking point. They are hypocrites to the exponential power.

    • Posted by Alexander Hendry, at Reply

      No MAAM Last it’s not even the words I’m saying. They are assuming my positions and then attacking me on their assumptions.

      But yes, you are right.

      To all of you cretins:

      Where do I say anything positive or state my support for Secretary Clinton? NOWHERE.

      Utter morons.

    • Posted by No MAAM Last, at Reply

      Alexander Hendry yeah, I edited my statement because I accidentally hit send before I intended to.

  4. Posted by Dega Jago, at Reply


    • Posted by Ms. Gem1n183, at Reply

      Dega Jago well he does think white is gold. lol

    • Posted by JACK HQ, at Reply

      Dega Jago My Grandma has a White Gold ring, but I don’t think Trump knows that exists, given his Trump Tower penthouse room.

  5. Posted by Randomstuffs261, at Reply


    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Randomstuffs261 to qoute old crock macauliffe “nuts”

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Randomstuffs261 honk if you love bacon grease

    • Posted by Randomstuffs261, at Reply

      Ironic, since you seem to be the one throwing around the term fascist against people you are against, in turn trying to call yourself anti-fascist. And no, I don’t support TYT either

    • Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

      Randomstuffs261 so many people hate the buffalo why do you hate the bufflao.

    • Posted by Randomstuffs261, at Reply

      I don’t hate him, I just don’t “support” him either

  6. Posted by Astronaut Ant, at Reply

    Why did you support hillary even though she is funded by Goldman Sachs? Because vagina.

    • Posted by HeroX, at Reply

      +bill spiva yes, lesser. She was corrupted but was no idiot. Trump is corrupt and stupid.

    • Posted by THESocialJusticeWarrior, at Reply

      Where did they support Hillary? Moron.

  7. Posted by Alexander Bergman, at Reply

    Maybe because he owes nearly 1.3 Billion to big banks? Lube up America.

    • Posted by T Toughtask, at Reply

      Alexander Bergman we know he owes 100s of millions to German Deuchabank and to the State owned Bank of China. Hows that fir foreign influence. The only mystery is exactly how much he owes to Russian Oligarchs & Putin

    • Posted by Midnight Blue, at Reply

      Alexander Bergman , ha ha, as if they would let us lube up

  8. Posted by ting280, at Reply

    still no vid on the 14 black women that disappeared from DC the last two weeks. or the epidemic of black women going missing nationwide. might be the same people abducting all the aboriginal women in Canada. and the same response from both governments, no response at all.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      ting280 Check comet pizza!/s

    • Posted by Midnight Blue, at Reply

      ting280 , it’s not only black women, Latinas and Asians too

      I have no idea wth is going on there

    • Posted by Dmitri McDonald, at Reply

      ting280 they did do a video on it

  9. Posted by RationalMinded, at Reply

    He’s the exact same thing he claimed to be against. So much corruption. SAD!

    • Posted by The821821, at Reply

      RationalMinded anybody that believed different is a 🍭

    • Posted by Young Den, at Reply

      RationalMinded – Greatest lie the devil ever told is he doesn’t exit.

    • Posted by Joshua Negrete, at Reply

      Young Den he doesn’t exit is correct lol

  10. Posted by Robe Connoisseur, at Reply

    But Alex Jones and all the conspiracy cons told me Trump was anti-establishment.

    • Posted by IncorporatedOps, at Reply

      Bernie Sanders was the real anti-establishment politician, but Trump supporters ignored him just because he’s a “socialist”

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Gotta learn to speak Republican code talk. It’s a vital life skill in America. Might as well be listed as a survival skill, really.

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      no one is anti establishment, people are just looking to be the establishment. he is putting new establishment people in. this wasn’t hard to forsee.

  11. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Trump has chased money his whole life and the fact that he’s in bed with more political constituencies than Hillary Clinton ever was…… should come as no surprise! now the fact that he grilled Hillary Clinton on this relentlessly during the debates, only proves that he is a much bigger hypocrite than Hillary Clinton ever was, and only proves that he prostitutes himself at a much higher cost!

    • Posted by Moses Jonson, at Reply

      Jamie Cox bruh preach!!

    • Posted by Sarah Bearheart, at Reply

      Trump is a classic case of a person projecting onto others what they know they are themselves.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Find out what “they” want. That’s Step One in a Negotiation. Republicans obviously don’t want to fix Obamacare — so they will further sabotage it and blame Obama. They want war! And Trump will give them War, BUT . . . first, the big Tax Cut for Overseas Profits and the spice of Infrastructure Investment. “But oops! Then we must Borrow and look like the Borrow and Bomb Party we have become.” One Senator complained. Trump is finding out that step 4 of negotiation will be easy: Make sure you don’t really give them anything that you want. Make them pay dearly for what they want.

  12. Posted by Valhalla, at Reply

    Because Racist? Sexist? Homophone? And all that jazz?

    • Posted by Mr. Raleigh D., at Reply

      Homophones you say? Okay!

      Sea See
      die dye
      hue hew

    • Posted by S.W.A.T., at Reply

      Your a Russian troll huh? If your an ACTUAL AMERICAN this should worry you, but we all know your not an American because i doubt Americans are really this stupid atleast i hope not….

  13. Posted by The Incredible Link, at Reply

    Because Trump is a plutocrat posing as populist who capitalizes on identity politics.

  14. Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

    Business in the USA IS the new Mafia and they just don’t own the White House anymore, now they’re IN the White House.

  15. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    Trump is toilet water

    • Posted by JACK HQ, at Reply

      mud cat Trump=Dump

    • Posted by Sam Eyer, at Reply

      mud cat toilet water is useful, this idiot isn’t.

  16. Posted by Jeffrey Bull, at Reply

    Is Gary Cohn the son of Roy Cohn, the evil bastard that worked for McArthy and Donald Trump?

  17. Posted by JACK HQ, at Reply

    Anthony Scaramucci… of course…….

  18. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

    I like how trolls never show up on videos where tyt shows them how much they got screwed or how stupid the guy they want to rule them is. Which has been most of tyt’s videos lately, so the pathetic trolls disband & hide in their anonymity & pity. They’ll regroup & be back as soon as there’s a story about a muslim,illegal or black person doing anything wrong. SAD!

  19. Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

    Trump is mostly happy with Ivanka filling the WH.

  20. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *Why? Because they’re the only people that are stupid enough to work for me!*