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Why Progressives Own The Future


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Progressive concepts are much more preferred compared to recent political elections suggest. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" In Seat Proving ground ballot in 2001, Americans opposed same-sex marital relationship by a margin of 57% to 35%.

Since then, support for same-sex marriage has actually gradually grown. Based on polling in 2016, a majority of Americans (55%) support same-sex marital relationship, compared with 37% who oppose it. See the most recent data on same-sex marriage …

The boost in the share of adults that prefer same-sex marital relationship is due in part to generational change. More youthful generations share greater degrees of assistance for same-sex marriage.

Nevertheless, older generations additionally have ended up being extra encouraging of same-sex marital relationship in the past decade." *.

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  1. Posted by SIU, at Reply

    Lol, capitalism will collapse soon, the future is socialism and eventually communism, as predicted by marx

    • Posted by Aconitus, at Reply

      more socialism is definitely inevitable and on its way soon because of the loss of labor jobs in the near future to robots and AI. That’s a fact and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

      This change comes partly because of capitalism itself. Jobs are a menace to business owners because of the money they lose having to pay someone a wage. a robot, you pay once and than every once in a while when broken. Robots will be and some are much more efficient than humans in labor.

  2. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    Generation Z is turning out to be the most conservative generation in decades.

    You regressives are on the decline.

    • Posted by Jesus Buddha Allah, at Reply

      you mean in comment sections and forums, not real life.

  3. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    lol we are loosing. SJWS are abandoning the ship and I’m taking the red pill because this channel has told me nothing but lies.

    • Posted by FG K12, at Reply

      +Listenbuddy1 In my opinion the true progressives are the ones who don’t call themselves progressives and just judge people by who they are as individuals rather than their skin colour. The progressives of today are millennial conservatives who have don’t believe in political correctness. The social justice warriors and the alt-right are regressives.

  4. Posted by Jordan Coverson, at Reply

    Using gay marriage (your only example) to claim that you own the future is a gross exaggeration…you are grasping at straws, and attempting to find some validity in your sorry excuse of an agenda

    • Posted by Dallas, at Reply

      It used to be that only property owning white males could vote. Cenk is right. The US is progressing towards justice.

    • Posted by Jordan Coverson, at Reply

      That’s only one example of justice. I can think of others in which we are regressing.

    • Posted by Dallas, at Reply

      +Jordan Coverson
      Actually that’s two examples so far in this discussion, no?

  5. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    Why progressives own the future.: Because conservatives and anti sjw are reactionaries trying to preserve white supremacy/nationalism in a country that is changing fast demographically and in a world that is becoming more interconectedand globalised.

    • Posted by pitster110, at Reply

      Harry Butte people call you a racist because your world view and ideology is racist. What ever nonsense your spewing isnt some hidden truth or altimatereality..it maybe in that little head of yours but the reality is your just a bigoted idiot with wo believes in an asiine racial pyramid

  6. Posted by Jake Miles, at Reply

    We are not winning, the top 1 percent is winning. I’m about to give up on politics all together. Things are getting worse everyday.

    • Posted by Saul Spanco, at Reply

      Why not my dude

    • Posted by Jake Miles, at Reply

      +Saul Spanco No you are the one who made the recommendation so I need you to justify it.

    • Posted by Saul Spanco, at Reply

      Because it is a simple way to get rid of your problems

    • Posted by Harry Butte, at Reply

      Jake Miles, you see why a lot of people don’t vote.

  7. Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

    1. Bernie gets stomped

    2. Trump and republicans won

    3. Coloradocare failed

    4. TYT is getting less views than Steven Crowder

    Yep, progressives are winning.

    • Posted by Urhoboman5, at Reply

      Hey whyamimrpink78 :
      Just curious. Please explain what generation Z is and why they’re more conservative than ever?

      Thanx in advance.

    • Posted by Álvaro Lopes, at Reply

      Lol, TheYoungTurks get 63,114,300 views per month. Steven Crowder gets 12,736,500. You’re fake news.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Alvaro Lopes, look at views per video. TYT posts many videos a day, including ones from other channels such as Ring of Fire and Jimmy Dore Show. It artificially increases their views.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      To add, a study showed that Generation Z are 10 times more likely to hate tattoos and piercing. They are more independent and have more entrepreneurial desires. Reason why is because they saw their parents in the workforce suffer during the recession and their older siblings suffer as well to find jobs in the workforce. They realize that you have to work hard to make it and that very little is going to be given to you.

      Millennials were raised with parents working in a job such as a factory and were able to make it. Millennials weren’t. They realize that you have to pursue a high degree, be smart with money, and be creative. They realize you can’t just go around dying your hair purple and get tattoos but you have to live in the suit and tie world to do well. They are a more conservative group and I am seeing it when I work in high school. Many of them hated Obama and support conservative policies economically.

  8. Posted by jay masters, at Reply

    generation z will tear down liberal progress.

    • Posted by Osman Cardona, at Reply

      jay masters They are going to be Libertarians

    • Posted by Connor York, at Reply

      jay masters that’s not true

    • Posted by FistFightsEverywere, at Reply

      jay masters yes we will

    • Posted by mosin nagant, at Reply

      Some say generation “Z” stands for Zyklon B

  9. Posted by Reality Searcher, at Reply

    Historians of the future:
    “After 600 years of single-handedly leading the world into previously unimaginable prosperity and technological progress, the West collapsed just a century after granting women the right to vote.”

    • Posted by Carolyn FX, at Reply

      Men will destroy the world, then women will start whatever world is next. That explains our late entrance. We’re getting ready to take over 😉

    • Posted by The Hidden Socialist, at Reply

      If I was so inclined, I could be tempted to troll you by saying “feminism” is a failed experiment, but I don’t buy the propaganda. See what i did there? 😉

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +Carolyn FX That’s not how the world works my dear……Open a history book.

    • Posted by Carolyn FX, at Reply

      The Hidden Socialist feminism is a failed experiment. Real women are soft, intuitive, receptive, caring. The feminists are women taking on the role of men. Its not going to work in the long run.

    • Posted by Jerry Smith, at Reply


      Sounds to me like some girl hurt your poor little feelings

  10. Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

    I use to think the slippery slope argument was non-sense. However after winning on gay marriage, progressives decided there’s 50 genders, and milk is racist.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      Lol Bill Nye’s “Sex Junk” is the future of progressive’s. Believe it or not, it can get more horrible than that, I know this only because no one in the past dreamed it would ever be as bad as it is.

    • Posted by Rick Sanchez, at Reply

      Mablak Duhhhhh, penis and vagina = 80,000,000 genders duhhh

    • Posted by Mablak, at Reply

      +Rick Sanchez That’s some strong willful ignorance. For one, gender is different than sex, so you’re not even talking about the right concept. But if we’re talking about sex, having a penis or having a vagina isn’t good enough criteria to determine sex. You can have male reproductive organs but female genitalia, and vice versa. Some people have both a penis and vagina. Even going by chromosomes, you can be XX but be anatomically male. So even going by sex, we can’t fully categorize people by just ‘male’ or ‘female’.

    • Posted by Jaxson Fanta, at Reply

      What exactly???

    • Posted by Futurism, at Reply

      The “slippery slope” isn’t even a fallacy, like libs want you to believe, even shillpedia admits this.

  11. Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply

    lol took you yanks long enough, the us is always so behind on civil rights

    • Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply

      lol hows middle school tho

    • Posted by I Hate Alert, at Reply


    • Posted by Sailor Venus, at Reply


  12. Posted by hyperboreean, at Reply

    Conservatism is the political equivalent of senility. Always living in the past and never being able to cope with new developments.
    Old people are conservative because their brains are dying and because they’ve spent a lifetine rationalizing their moral cowardice – i.e., sucking up to the boss.

    • Posted by hyperboreean, at Reply

      Which generation, idiot? Millenials who love Bernie and use the word Republican as an insult? Those who like the term socialism and hate capitalism?
      You wingnut imbecile think you can just make up facts? Or that your sexual inadequacy and fear work for sane people? Cuck, LOL.

    • Posted by Shabbos Shekels, at Reply

      You’re a clown OP!

    • Posted by hyperboreean, at Reply

      @Shabos Truth hurts, scumbags lie and cowards moan.
      I’d call you a whaaambulance, but I’m too busy enjoying your whines.

  13. Posted by Santiago Broncano, at Reply

    progressive is code-word for authoritarian leftist

    socialist Venezuela is their dream land

    • Posted by Man the Dude, at Reply

      Connor RB – As usual the reactionary insists on seeing his words in text without the necessary knowledge of simple language. What makes you think Venezuela is socialist? Are you just repeating second hand opinions. Hand-me-down pseudo intellectual.

    • Posted by Gaidex Viller, at Reply

      Venezuela is Leninist Marxist

  14. Posted by Steve Bottrell, at Reply

    You shouldn’t refer to the democrat party as progressive. They are not.

    • Posted by Daniel Burner, at Reply

      Steve Bottrell He didn’t. He knows better.

    • Posted by Steve Bottrell, at Reply

      Right at the beginning, he said “unfortunately, our party is the democratic party”. The democrats seem to me to be conservatives as interested in maintaining the status quo as the republican party is. I know, Cenk is just trying to make a point, but lumping progressive minded people in with the dems irks me.

  15. Posted by Gay Retard, at Reply

    Nah the progressives will be too busy getting their throats cut by islamists.

    • Posted by Gay Retard, at Reply

      Way to go Einstein! Didn’t vote for Trump so idc. Also why are you liking your own comment? lol

    • Posted by Way to go Einstein!, at Reply

      Davinity Violet LOL bahahaha

  16. Posted by Banjalukagimnazija, at Reply

    Classical liberals maybe, progressives and regressives are just too authoritarian to be the future. Remember freedom of speech is something we all should hold as the most important virtue of a civilized community.

    • Posted by dimo s, at Reply

      Ya, i believe it’s the Republicans who are trying to destroy that freedom on the internet. i also recall Donald Trump bitching and moaning about the media whenever they don’t massage his balls.

    • Posted by hooligan bubsy, at Reply

      It’s always interesting when the idiot is the one telling others that they’re ignorant. Progressivism doesn’t exactly come with a list of policy positions. Or does it? Like I said, I haven’t got my handbook yet.

    • Posted by types10000, at Reply

      “It’s always interesting when the idiot is the one telling others that they’re ignorant”
      – Your moronic question: ‘What is the progressive ideology’.
      – My concise answer: ‘Progressive ideology = Progressivism. See the encyclopedia reference’.

      “Progressivism doesn’t exactly come with a list of policy positions…”
      – You didnt ask about ‘policy positions’ you intellectually deficient troglodyte, you asked about ‘progressive ideology’ and I have answered your question. refer to above.

  17. Posted by RasakBlood, at Reply

    While i agree in general gay marriage was also one of those subjects where corporatism did not really care because there was no money involved. And so they did not whip the politicians into fighting it. When we win on issues that involve $$$$$ thats when you know we are winning for real.

    • Posted by Khemetian Dragon, at Reply

      not entirely true. Many ppl put millions into conversion therapy and other forms of mistreatment of gay individuals like the sec. of education and actually make money from those practices, would have been much more prevalent before it was legal obviously, but point is that its not about $$$$$$$ its about making power structures obsolete and unnecessary. Why are ppl so resistant to renewables? because the fossil fuel industry is aware that they will lose money over time when energy is being produced by the buyers they currently screw.

      Dont focus on stupid objectives like beating them in their playing field, focus on building the infrastructure that makes them obsolete so theres no need to fight

    • Posted by dimo s, at Reply

      If there is one thing corporations are against, it’s discrimination. They don’t want to alienate customers.

  18. Posted by Ben Althoff, at Reply

    Then Why is Generation Z the most conservative generation since The baby boomers?

    • Posted by Emiliano, at Reply

      Ben Althoff so you expect us to believe the media…? Both liberals and conservatives have learned not to trust the media hence you and so many others going to independent media ONLINE!!!!!! Chuck the shmuck…🤣 exactly what progressive policy do they advocate for? The only thing that this young generation is, is “anti establishment”. I don’t think that you’ll win a debate about the younger generation being more socially conservative…

    • Posted by Ben Althoff, at Reply

      Emiliano Literally none of those sources were foxnews,cnn , brietbart,or other “establishment news”. All those sources were independant media. And when you say “don’t trust the media” literally every news outlet is media even your precious tyt

    • Posted by 6chhelipilot, at Reply

      What are you doing here?

    • Posted by thec4ke, at Reply

      I keep hearing that from the right. The only thing close to actual sources I can find are polls and questionnaires with small sample sizes (<80000 people out of 70 million), yielding inconsistent results (as you might expect from a small sample size). I'd love to see a reliable source for this claim.

  19. Posted by VivalaFrida _, at Reply

    Progressives have always owned the future that’s nothing new. Just looking at our history we see that. Women’s rights, AA rights, gay rights it keeps on coming. Change is inevitable and the majority of us evolve. Each generation more liberal than the last.

    • Posted by af dadE, at Reply

      VivalaFrida _ I don’t recall naming you as the person saying those things. I remember making a claim on a large group of regressive imbeciles

      if you choose to identify as part of that group that’s your problem not mine. but I’d love to see you quote where claimed YOU SPECIFICALLY did anything.

      I won’t hold my breathe because it doesn’t exist.

    • Posted by VivalaFrida _, at Reply

      Lol okay, I’m not looking to fight I was just hoping to really speak to someone who knew the issues and could defended the conservative point of view with substance. It’s too beautiful of a day to continue this discussion any further. Have a great day and take care 🙂

    • Posted by af dadE, at Reply

      But you really weren’t. You were looking for unchallenged agreement to sate your own ego. there’s a reason you made a comment masturbating progressive egos on a completely misleading tyt story.

      You have no interest in differing viewpoints as shown by your inability to rebut anything i say. You get called out then run away back to the echo chamber for more propaganda. Have a great life darling and remember no matter how much you pretend you’re the protagonist in your own hero delusion you are just another feelings driven regressive who is ignored by the intellectual world.

  20. Posted by Kindell Armstrong, at Reply

    Wow so many trolls in here ! And most of the profiles are fake !

    • Posted by Shae, at Reply

      *”they won’t even use there real name”*
      Nobody with a brain would.

    • Posted by Kindell Armstrong, at Reply

      +Shae your right… no one with a brain would use their real name if they were ashamed about how they actually think and feel. You see when society deems your views as unacceptable you have to hide in the crevices and caves of the Internet like vermin.